A Polish Strongman Has His Say on the Hijra

Our Polish correspondent Green Infidel sends this report on a Polish strongman whose patriotic Facebook posts on Islamization and mass immigration earned him an accusation of “hate speech”. He successfully fought the charge, and became even more popular as a result.

A Polish Strongman Has His Say on the Hijra

by Green Infidel

Mariusz Pudzianowski is a Polish athlete. He used to compete regularly in the “World‎’s Strongest Man” competition, where competitors face challenges such as pulling Boeing 747s and lifting cars, in order to claim the title and “officially” become the strongest man in the world. Pudzianowski is a legend of the competition, winning it a record five times in the early to mid-2000s.

Since retiring, he’s become something of a celebrity on Polish TV, taking part in the Polish version of “Dancing with the Stars”, as well as becoming a fighter in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), although with less success — apparently strength and good fighting skills don’t always go well together (although, according to Wikipedia he still has a record of nine wins and four defeats to his name). Also he makes adverts for many companies, marketing products such as building materials.

Away from TV, however, he also runs a transport company called “Mariusz Pudzianowski Transport”, and has a fleet of lorries transporting goods all over Europe, including to the UK via Calais. Which is how Pudzianowski (known by Poles as “Pudzian” for short) became involved with the migrant crisis…

His first public statement was at the beginning of the year when he wrote a Facebook post complaining of migrants breaking in to his trucks in Calais and attacking his drivers, and posted a picture of himself standing next to (from what I recall) an axe, with the comment: “This is what awaits the next migrant to break into one of my trucks.” At this point, an organisation set up to combat “hate”, called “HejtStop” got involved. (in Polish, it’s pronounced “Hate Stop”). A woman from this organisation made an official complaint to Polish prosecutors about Pudzianowski’s post, asserting that it of contravened Polish law by “inciting hatred”.

Pudzianowski, however, refused to leave it at that. Rather than apologise as soon possible – as may have been expected of any British (or other Western) celebrity — he declared something of a Facebook war on HejtStop, and the lady in question, posting numerous memes against them, and gained many new followers of his profile. He has also become more and more openly critical of Multiculturalism and the EU’s migration policy. Meanwhile, on the legal front, prosecutors cleared him of any wrongdoing.

Above is a photo he posted in reaction to the Brussels attacks, possibly showing one of the Polish Independence Marches that are held‎ each year on November 11. The writing at the bottom says:

Belgium, England, Germany, Sweden, France are very weak countries. They surrendered without a fight and submitted to Islamisation. I am a POLE, I love my country, I will spill my blood over it and ‎give up my life for it. It is my home, and I make the rules, and no newcomer guest will force me to accept their rules and terms.

Don’t like it? Then get out of here; no-one invited you 🙂

I support and share this on my profile!

‎So far, despite its only being up for a short time, the photo already has 22,000 likes!

Update: Green Infidel sends a correction, and some additional information, with photos:

A correction — the original post which got Pudzianowski into trouble contained not an axe, but a baseball bat. See the first photo; the caption reads: “With this I’ll be waiting inside a trailer waiting to be loaded onto a ferry from Calais. In the trailer a brief lesson in assimilation will take place.”

Two other images from Pudzianowski’s official profile are below. The first one shows damage to his trucks:

The other is a cartoon, which shouldn’t need any translating. 🙂

Pudzianowski’s official profile is here.

20 thoughts on “A Polish Strongman Has His Say on the Hijra

  1. A strong man, and not just in muscle.

    Definitely not a bonehead!

    Keep on truckin’


  3. I remember him winning those strongman titles. That competition used to be really popular in the UK. Geoff Capes competed in it, back in its early incarnations. Then Jamie Reeves came along & did well … funnily enough I was walking along a street in Amsterdam one time and who was walking just in front of me but Jamie Reeves himself, along with one of the other competitors. They were big lads, let me tell you!

  4. This is the best way to protect yourself. Relentless, savage offense is the best defense. I am sick and ****** tired of being lectured to by politicians and the media, constantly telling me how to feel about some donkey-[molesting], baby-[raping] bearded desert savage who has just blown some gorgeous young girl’s face off…

    • In other words, these bearded savages do violence whether incited or not.
      It’s who they are.
      The sooner the precious little snowflakes of the West understand this, the better.
      The media narrative about the poor, lonely, Muslim immigrants trying as they might to integrate and failing — has got to be exposed as the lie that it is.
      The level of ignorance about Islam among Westerners is literally lethal to our well-being.

      • … and vulnerable! That is the most absurd adjective to apply to Muslims. There never was a group more able to take care of themselves.

  5. When the euroweenie politicians become victims of JIHAD! then maybe they will appreciate the Strongman of Poland.

    • Totally agree with this strong man in every sense of the word.
      He is quite correct, most EU countries have abjectly surrendered. How the Islamic countries must be laughing at the Pope, washing and kissing the feet of migrants in Rome, the very centre of the Christian world! What a symbol of total capitulation.
      In Scotland a Muslim shopkeeper is slaughtered by a Muslim, in full Muslim dress, described as religiously motivated! All the poor man had done was wish his customers a peaceful Easter.
      They (Islam) hate us and there cannot be any negotiating with these people, do not let anymore come and think about removing those already here, they have nothing to offer.

    • Sadly this is unlikely. Most politicos I know of are unlikely to travel in public transport, some have armed security, some live in gated communities, or in affluent parts with greater police presence. Several mayors I know of have properties in South America, a place to escape. Merkel, who has no family to leave behind, has a property in Chile to run to when the time comes.

      • A pattern we’ve seen before eh. Bring Europe to ruin, then skedaddle to South America.

  6. The European men were once fearless conquerors of the world. Now, they’re a bunch of quivering milquetoasts (apologies to those who are not).

  7. Mr. Pudzianowski, some of us in the USA have not forgotten Tadeusz Kosciuszko. Keep up the good fight!

  8. I think one of these days (or monhs or even years), the average (and above average)people will wake up to see what they have wrought. A society with little to no free speech at all. IMO, there is no such thing as hate speech, it is all free speech. I can hate you but it’s still free speech.

    I believe the Constitution guarantees free speech for all. Over the years, I’ve seen many instances wherein people were saying all kinds of ‘hateful’ speech due to their anger and depending on who they are, they get a free pass. Others, not so much.

    We are all too eager to guaarntee the free speech of immigants and other protected minorities, but so-called white people are monitored and then castigated (or worse) on free speech charges. Somthing is very wrong here.

    Everyone has a right to free speech but it seems to be a pick-and-chose thing these days. Somwhat frightening, to say the worst.

    If I think we’ve had enough immigrants for now, but everyone yells “hate speech” and it is so stupid and it’s going to get no better at all. In fact I see it getting worse.

    I could use a cooking analogy and I’ll pick a simple one. You’ve made soup for your family. Someone calls and invites themselves over — now you don’t have soup to go around. a classic solution is to a litle water. When that doesn’t do the trick, what do you do? Now it won’t be soup anymore. So you add some wine instead. You have just enough soup to go around and maybe the wine mellows your guest (although the alohol burns out just leaving the flavor, but many people don’t know that).

    Next thing you know, there’s a brawl over it. Good luck, America. and all you soup-makers who follow the above advice!

    And no, I’m not prejudiced or xenophobic but our country is beyond broke and I do believe we’ve had enough for now. The fact hat many immigrants don’t want to integrate (as my family did) tells me we are creaeting tribalism of a sort that will not end well.

  9. This reminds me of the movie once made (true story) of “Walking Tall” and he was the new sherif in town, it was so corrupt and he cleaned it out with a huge baseball bat. Wish this guy a lot of luck.

  10. Don’t mess with the Poles.

    Poland will not bow down to Islam, will not surrender to Islam, will not give in to Islam. Unlike the Western Eurpoean nations, Poland has not rejected the Catholic faith. Neither does Poland need lectures from the current pontificate.

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