Woman-on-the-Street Interview in Germany: “We Are Being Robbed of Our Culture”

The video below shows the latest in a series of man- or woman-on-the street interviews conducted in Germany. Make sure you watch this one all the way to the end, when the woman being interviewed — who up until that point has been saying eminently sensible things — in a final spasm of political correctness, denies being “racist”. She feels compelled to say what everybody else in Germany says, that anyone who is in need should be helped. Yet until then her opinions and observations highlighted the stupidity and futility of helping everyone “in need” by inviting them into Germany, because that is in fact what is destroying the country and the culture.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   In your opinion, what is Germany going to look like in five years?
0:05   We are being robbed of our culture, I would say.
0:09   …Because integration is very difficult, and I have the feeling
0:15   that we are the ones who have to subordinate ourselves
0:18   to the new culture, and those that come here don’t integrate into ours.
0:22   That is the feeling I have.
0:25   Topic Refugees, the TV is full of it. Do all these shows make even sense?
0:30   No I don’t believe so. I don’t believe that it makes any sense.
0:33   Why not? — Yeah well, because it is so one-sided, it’s too one-sided, in my opinion.
0:39   One should for once look all around, in daily life, and not those TV shows,
0:46   which are for the most part fake anyway, right. That’s my opinion, anyway.
0:52   Is Germany, because of all the refugees, going to become an Islamic state in ten years?
0:57   I wouldn’t say it so crass, but like I already said, we are being robbed of our own culture,
1:05   through the fact that others have the upper hand.
1:10   And they are already trying not to become subordinate here, but to push their culture on us.
1:16   I have a few examples there, but I don’t want to talk about them now.
1:20   Just one small example, please?
1:23   One small example, for example, I am not from Hamburg, we traveled here from Lübeck,
1:28   We have one of these refugee camps, yes, and the men for example,
1:34   they refuse to keep their sanitary facilities clean.
1:39   So volunteers from us have to clean that, and I find that outrageous.
1:46   When we are in a foreign country, we have to adapt, and we are doing it too.
1:52   When we go in a mosque, we wear appropriate clothing and stuff, but these men,
2:00   they think that because that’s what they’re used to from their home, being Pashas,
2:04   they can make everything dirty and we will then clean it for them, and on a volunteer basis to boot.
2:08   I find that outrageous. There should be more drastic measures,
2:12   and controls in place, everybody that goes in, check what it looks like, and then
2:16   when another one comes out and left it dirty to tell him go back and clean it up yourself,
2:20   or you’re not gonna leave, and that’s my opinion.
2:24   If you could meet Frau Merkel, what would you like to say to her?
2:28   She should give up her dreams, she should finally wake up,
2:32   because what she is dreaming of, it is not feasible.
2:36   My opinion.
2:39   Is there anything you wouldn’t say to her?
2:42   No. Not really, I am a very honest and open person.
2:46   I would tell her, if she asked I would tell her openly what I think of it all,
2:50   of her “we can do it”. We can’t do it. Not to this extent.
2:56   And not with this lax leadership, I’m gonna have to say that for once.
3:00   Super, thank you!
3:03   I am really not of a racist mindset, everybody that is in need, he should be helped.
3:07   And they do get help, but what happens here, I find that is just not OK.

32 thoughts on “Woman-on-the-Street Interview in Germany: “We Are Being Robbed of Our Culture”

  1. I am so sorry to be so politically incorrect/rude folks but the woman appears to have the face of one of those carved wooden Black Forest spitting wall hangings in addition to be a true PC IDIOT!

    • She seemed fairly restrained to me. I would be advising the good people of Lubeck to stop cleaning the toilets of the migrant camp. If the migrants won’t clean them, let them live in their filth.

      • But then you would deprive the kufar of their role. These are mostly young men with a superiority complex, who expect to be waited on hand & foot – in their own countries by their womenfolk, in the west by the kufar.

        In addition, cleaning their toilets after the moslems have made a deliberate mess sends an important message from the invaders to their new servants. That the Germans go along with this is incredible. Have they no dignity at all?

      • Having lived and worked in a Muslim country for over 3 years, they are quite happy to use filthy toilets.

        On the flipside, while being unable or unwilling to maintain a decent water closet, they absolutely demand 4K UHD TVs and iPhone 6es.

        It’s quite pitiful to see in practice, and makes it doubly distressing to realize we are allowing these types to overrun Western Europe.

    • So frightened of the racist word! The invading young men of the Muslim faith are the racists, openly sexually assaulting and raping young western, Caucasian, women and children as they appear to believe they have a divine right to do so. I just wish someone would confront and “OFFEND” Merkel who is still strutting her stuff on the European and World stage as if
      This migrant crisis has nothing to do with her. Shame on the paralyzing impotence of the other European leaders for not simply walking out every time she opens her mouth!

    • Germans just don’t know how else to express themselves and their opinions. It’s been beaten out of them for 100 years, if EVER they knew it.

      They don’t live on the concept of Freedom of Speech embedded in their Constitution. They live on the concept of ‘enlightened common sense’ and ‘social contract’, so basically you can’t say anything that could offend anyone else.

      Most german speaking europeans are repressed in that sense. It’s very frustrating. It’s nearly impossible to have an in depth conversation about politics or race or anything really, with anyone there.

      Trying to talk to my family in Switzerland is an endeavor of epic uselessness. I can only tell you of two people I know, a couple, who feel as open and free to say what they think. Because they have both been victims to migrant crime.

      Americans are so refreshingly open and opinionated. It took a while for me to understand and value this very specific american trait, and now I would never want to do without it. It’s the best.

    • Neither is true Attackcat. Her face is strong but caring and you should consider her age, and her opinions are not PC. I didn’t read the subtitles, as I can understand her, but unless there was some translation problem (which I doubt), I really don’t know how you can call her a PC idiot.

  2. Sad that she couldn’t let the interview end without ‘I’m not a racist though!’

    • I saw that too. Disgusting they have to live under the shadow of Hitler when they had nothing to do with it.

    • Agreed but waht she actually said that she is ‘not of a racist mindset’.

      I find that an interesting concept when applied to the race issue because the entire race debate has been dominated by a ‘cut and shut’ attitude in that if you say this, that or the other then you are autmaticlly a racist by default – no further analysis required. That was done by design to shut down debate.

      By framing the subject as a mindset what she has actually done is to allow herself the freedom to have an opinion that goes against the liberla dogma, on topics that could well be seen as verboten no less.

      Imho it is a concept that could shut down the race card as a weapon in public discourse if cultivated properly as a concept.

  3. Merkel has already replied to this woman in how to protect German culture.

    …Journalist:- So I am asking you, how do you want to protect Europe, and in that regard, how do you propose to protect our own culture from this?…….

    Merkel:- ……So if I am lacking in something in that, I am not suggesting that someone who practices Islam is at fault for that.
    We should have the courage as Christians to enter a dialogue then, and while we are talking about tradition, maybe please go to church every once in a while, after all; traditionally you all help clean the church voluntarily

    or become a tad more versed in the Bible and maybe be able to just explain a painting in the church, or at least be able to explain what the meaning of Pentecost is.
    so serve others and keep on doing your duty and keep on cleaning

    So there I just have to say that a lot of people’s knowledge about the Christian Occident leaves a lot to be desired.
    to serve, work ethic, share, and keep things clean

    But then to come back and complain about how Muslims know more about the Koran than they do about the bible, I find that very curious.
    stop complaining and keep on doing your duties and keep on cleaning, as something will rub off onto muslims

    Maybe this debate will make us want to go back, and encourage us to gain more knowledge about our roots.
    work will set you free

    So far I find this debate extremely defensively-minded.
    cleaning will protect you
    Sure one has to prepare against the terrorist danger, but let us all also not forget just how rich European history is of dramatic and gruesome conflict and war.
    and again, cleaning is peaceful, and will set you free

    We should be really careful when we complain if somewhere else something bad is happening.
    stop looking around and complaining, keep on cleaning

    Sure, we have to stand up against that, but we have absolutely no ground to stand on, to show haughty arrogance towards others,
    racism ! !, then work will set you free, so keep on doing your duties and keep on cleaning

    and I have to say that as the Chancellor of Germany
    and many other organizers will say it is ok for you. Work will set you free ! ! Just what do you not understand?

    I do not think that video of Merkel went viral in Germany and that would have bought the populace up to date with her thinking.
    That way Germans and many in Europe would then have better debated the immigration issues, particularly the opposition parties.
    Whoops I do not think there is many in opposition.
    Perhaps they agree with her as we see with the welcome committees and there are just a few little hiccups.

  4. I’m sorry to day that I’m not impressed at all. She’s way too nice and to top it all off, at the end comes the inevitable “I am not a racist”.

    I’m SO tired of that line that I’m starting to think I shall end MY discussions on the topic with a “yes, I AM a racist. Yes, I AM. ‘Cause the immigration waves are coming our way, right?? It’s not that we disgusting whites must fight the irresistible urge, on a daily basis, to emigrate to Sierra Leone, Bangladesh, Mali and other Club Med resorts, right? It’s the other way round.”

    So, there’s got to be something that we whites do better. If you disagree with that, show me please the latest tech gizmo from Burkina Faso or the most recent indigenous top notch SUV Made in Yemen, and I will listen.

    I AM a racist. Soooooooooo sorry to say it. Not.

    • Paul Weston of PegidaUK made a video called ‘Why I am a racist’. It’s on the LibertyGB site.

      • Back in the 60’s before the Common Market (EU) there was an often heard expression in Britain ‘Wogs begin at Calais’. (WOGS = ‘Western Oriental Gentlemen / Warriors Of God’. Could anyone have ever imagined in the wildest of dreams how things would work out?

    • She’s an elderly woman. In my country they express themselves in a restrained way too, however strongly they feel. I thought she was pretty good.

  5. Maybe there is a plan to put end to ethnostates and the leaders including Merkel are pure evil or mind controlled puppets. Fortunately I have had the luck to see all German Germany and all Swedish Sweden. For now on it is not possible. As Abe said “a house divided cannot stand” so will the EU meet its end. Alas this happens through a cruel war.

    • But will there be a war? Or will internecine strife become the new normal? Will escorted women become the new normal? Will lack of trust become the new normal? Will future generations never know there was once a different reality?

      • Destroying your country by importing millions of amoral cowardly alien low life trash and saying it’s the moral thing to do is immoral. Aren’t these ‘refugees’ doing what is so Muslim – running. They will run again.

      • Yes, as Merkel received a prize from one of those societies, that agrees to Couldenhove Kalergi philosophies.

        Many of the EU leaders and backers received prizes like Merkel happily accepted in a speech, http://tinyurl.com/pjzto4z at the Federal Chancellery.

        The philosophy as espoused by Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove Kalergi,and his book “Practical Idealism” where you will find this quote

        “The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.”

        which then created “european society Coulden Kalergi” You may have to find on the page to language translation at the top right corner

        Another flow on “pan europea” Again may have to find on the page language translation

        All of these raise Couldenhove Kalergi philosophy.
        Many of these societies interlink in education, media, business, politics all through Europe, and have been pushing this for over 70 years and more.

        It is all pushed as a way of peace for Europe and so further and now world wide, by pushing for “no borders”.
        There does seem a parallel with another claiming peace, but first you must totally submit.

        It seems hybridism in breeding is an essential aim and particularly in the first cross you will gain hybrid vigour.
        Many farmers practice this with sheep and cattle, to gain faster growth rates, earlier maturity, and a larger size.
        There the farmer has total control over his livestock.

  6. The Leftists have spent decades telling us we have no culture, that the only legacies of the West are colonialism and slavery and oppression of the rest of the planet, that there is nothing decent that distinguishes us as a culture, no decency in our existence, so what do they expect? How can we keep our culture if nobody even understands it exists? Why would our governments help us defend something they’ve invested so much time and effort into denying?

    The older generation could have pushed back against the insanity and saved their children from this, but it was “cooler” to rebel and now look at where we are. My generation (Millennials) are so far lost in the rhetoric of the Evil Western White Man that they pen editorials forgiving their Third Workd gang rapists and collaborate with the “immigrants” who are here to wipe them out… at this point, I don’t even think it’s a matter of making the other side’s motivations clear. My generation doesn’t care about saving itself and probably won’t be stirred until some latent survival instinct is triggered by total war. And even then, what are we going to hold onto? What identity will we accept as a unifying force? Christianity? Nationalism?

    I’n sorry. I’m in the military, and there are people in my unit who believe there’s nothing wrong with the West dying. “What difference does it make? Why should we survive? Doesn’t matter in the slightest, you’re being paranoid, there’s no way these people are raping European women and if they are who cares…” and this from people who have been deployed. It makes me so angry.

    • Nan, this is horrifying. I will understand if you don’t want to say, but I’m curious which country’s military you’re referring to.

      • I’m in the Air Guard in a conservative Southern US state. I met people like this when I was on active duty too, but the apathy seems to be getting worse. The people who believe in national defense are being squeezed out and this is what we’re left with.

        Of course, the Guard has a bit of selection bias; Big Daddy Air Force doesn’t just automatically send you people to fill vacancies, but commanders exercise a lot control in the hiring process. So they can select the people they like. Our commander is a die hard liberal; he blithely ignores his responsibilities to maintain order and discipline, while planning an LGBT celebration for our next big squadron event. I think that’s why our unit’s so stacked with these type of people, but I don’t know.

        I do not understand what’s happened. Why wear a uniform if you don’t believe in your own people?

        • That is extremely disturbing. I would have expected this in Europe but not in any part of the US military.

  7. People are being too hard on this woman, to say what she has said in Germany is already a risky, rebellious act. I mean, look at Viktor Orbán (the Hungarian president) being called a dictator in many newspapers because of his refusal to meet refugee quotas. Of course she isn’t shouting nor insulting anyone directly, but in my opinion that adds to her credibility in front of the PC people who would immediately disregard what she has to say because of the way she says it. Sometimes if you show respect and kindness, people are more willing to hear you. Otherwise, they pull the “racist card” (which she was already expecting) or think you have ulterior motives.
    Sorry to tell you that I don’t believe many of you have ever said publicly what you think about Islam, with or without camera. Were it so easy, PEGIDA would be much bigger by now.
    I’m from Sweden and I know how your whole life can be destroyed by the people and the media if you dare to voice certain opinions. Here there are journalists who have gone to people’s houses to harass them because they left a pretty mild comment in a supposedly “anonymous” comment section. Totally unethical, but who cares, right? So I’m not going to be the one to beat this woman down because she isn’t saying exactly what I want her to say, while so many who think the same are totally silent.

    • Completely agree. Some comments are very uncharitable. And it’s easy to be brave sitting in an armchair behind a keyboard.

  8. “Chairwoman Merkel’ could care less what anyone thinks with the e of exception of her EU masters at the ‘Throne In Brussels’ the seat of the dictatorship, and of course let’s no leave out the globalists who are plotting,planning and financing this ‘migration.

  9. Women in Germany and Sweden face rape every day. Why aren’t they screaming to the high heavens that this invasion be stopped? Women at every level in the society now face this horror. So why aren’t they haranguing their men to stop the invasion? Why aren’t they demonstrating in the streets en masse to stop the invasion?

    Maybe all of the above sounds naive to you. If it is please explain why to me. If I were a woman in Germany and Sweden I think I’d be out of my mind with fear and rage. How can there not be an explosive reaction, a huge counter wave?

    • A part of it is the third wave of feminism.
      That is well explained in this video
      “CALM DOWN!! Restoring Common Sense to Feminism” – Milo Yiannopoulos and Christina Hoff Sommers
      Almost 2 hours
      In the introductory minutes of the video it was a bit distasteful, trying to joke , but gets down to business quite well, explaining how things have built up through education systems, reaching out through media/politics, then new agendas are needed, right through to the end.
      Covering the issues in Europe, USA and the differences, then solidly why in Europe, making warning of things to come.
      Very current as posted 18th Feb,2016

    • My question exactly. If this was to happen here in Australia, I think we would be a whole lot of people, men and women alike, demanding immediate change. We are maybe less PC here than in Europe?

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