Woman Dismembered by Imam for Wearing a Bathing Suit

An imam named Muhammad Zulkifal is on trial in Italy for murdering two of his fellow Pakistanis for the crime of wearing bathing suits at the beach. At least one of the victims, a woman, was dismembered.

The case has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

One of the chilling side-notes in this article from Il Giornale is the fact that Mr. Zulkifal’s terror cell, which is based in Italy, has significant influence in Pakistan — the opposite of what you’d normally expect. Does this mean that AQO (Al Qaeda in Olbia) will use their Italian stronghold as a base from which to launch terror attacks in Pakistan?

Many thanks to par0 for the translation:

He had condemned a Pakistani couple to death because they wore bathing costumes to go to the seaside. Today the imam goes on trial.

In 2011 in the area of Gardone Val Trompia (Brescia) two Pakistanis were killed because they had violated Islamic law: they had worn swimsuits on the beach. Condemning them was the imam of Zingonia (Bergamo) Muhammad Zulkifal, a member of a cell of Al Qaeda with its operational base in Olbia. Zulkifal has always claimed “the role of moral guardian of the community and the right to inflict exemplary punishment to enforce divine law.”

The double murder was accidentally discovered by investigators, thanks to an interception in 2012. Two foreigners, never identified, had asked a Lodi photographer to extract images from a mobile phone. Once at work, the man had found the photos sought by the two, depicting a young Pakistani woman with her face swollen, her arms amputated at the elbows and legs to the knees. The limbs were placed close to the body, “according to the technique used by the Taliban” the investigators had highlighted.

The imam was only arrested in April last year and today the trial was reopened in Sassari before the Assize Court. The investigations have uncovered that Zulkifal is part of an organization responsible for the bloody massacre in 2009 in a market in Peshawar (Pakistan) that caused the death of 100 civilians. The terrorist cell to which he belongs, despite being based in Olbia, also has great influence in Pakistan.

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  2. I really don’t care what Pakistanis do to each other, provided they do it in Pakistan. What does interest me though is how this creature had managed to worm its way into Italy.

    • There are millions and millions more just like this throwback to the Bronze Age in the West. Westerners need to rally around their seemingly forgotten cultural traditions. We also need to deport all Moslems like him and vet closely all Muslims who seek to immigrate to the West. Our own skins demand that we defend ourselves from individuals like him.

  3. The Il Giornale article has a comments section, and the online translation is pretty comprehensible. The comments are quite strong!

    Can anyone tell me: where is this paper politically: left, middle, right? Is it the equivalent of ‘Daily Mail’?

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  5. Just look at this sick ugly creature. The Koran mental illness and inhumanity written all over it. How can any sane society allow these devils and their mob of crack heads to roam free. Not difficult to figure out what this piece of Islamic work has between its deaf ears – wherever they are located.

    • Inhuman – no doubt some slick lawyer will attempt to mitigate this hideous creature’s crime though.
      Under Sharia Law couldn’t the poor woman’s family inflict the same punishment on him? Then the punishment would fit the crime!

      • Some of them, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood operatives and spokespeople, are attractive and well-spoken. I’m sure you must know that but it’s worth saying.

        • Oh yes. Some are even presidents who get voted in for second terms inspite of giving wide access to all government departments to the Muslim Brotherhood fifth column. This of course is the norm across the political spectrum(s) and especially Western Europe due to the love of Saudi money over everything else. This would make any savage “attractive and well spoken”. There is a gigantic price for not calling a spade a spade.

        • They offend me by pushing their cult on me and for my part they picked the wrong enemy to mess with as I will fight them till the end. But you can placate them all you want as this is what they want and to you’re detriment. [Obscene ad-hominem invective redacted]

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        I do hope you feel better soon. I am sure you’re aware that RageBoy comments don’t make it through.

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          Bless your heart, you totally missed the boat on that one. Obviously you’re not familiar with Col Bunny?

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  6. Be should be executed but I suspect, like many European countries, no longer has a death penalty. They need to execute him to send a message to these Muslims: othwrwise, they will view the Catholic Kafir Italians as weak. Islam only respects strength not weakness. The Arabs during the Crusades believed the only virtue the Franks had was their courage in battle. If they don’t wake up and yes fight back they will lose to Islamic dominance. The Leftist in Italy will call me a bigot hater but fail to realize that the Islamist also consider them Kafir and the Muslims will eventually murder them unless they convert to Islam.

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      ISLAMANAUSIA; A ‘cancerous’ death cult.; Objective; The path to Armageddon..
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    • Muslims don’t get messages. I would take tens of thousands of executions to get their attention.

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    • Wonderful. I entirely agree. Russia buries Muslim terrorists in pigskin as their 600 AD barbarous beliefs tell them they cannot go to Paradise in such a situation

  9. I don’t know what I can and can’t say here, but there is a solution for this. It doesn’t involve community cohesion, cultural enrichment or tolerance and understanding.

  10. That Imam Zulkifal is such a cut up! (pun intended) Good thing he was not at a”Nude” beach!

  11. Im Italian and i never heard of this, i read newspapers everyday. This tells a lot about how the media here are trying to hide all the bad news related to islamist immigrants.

  12. Muslims in Pakistan are every bit as extreme as ISIS, with government support. The horrors are documented on the British Pakistani Christian Association website. Yet the west still gives billions of dollars in aid to this monumentally failed state, knowing full well that the Pakistan security forces have been aiding and abetting the Taliban. Pakistanis settling abroad – and they are well represented among the thousands of ‘refugees’ entering Europe – are, with the Somalis, the most dangerous of all migrants. In the UK there are ongoing investigations and trials into the serious of the gang rape of thousands of very young indigenous girls in dozens of towns and cities. Ninety-nine per cent of the accused and jailed are Pakistanis. Shariah courts abound among their ghettos in which marital rape and domestic abuse are regarded as normal. Imams, many of whom cannot speak English, approve child marriage. The government agencies do nothing for fear of hurting the sensibilities of the perpetually offended. If the POTUS has his way this is the future for the US.

    • Because Pakistan has nukes and the west doesn’t want them to blow them off. So they bribe them every year with billions and turn a blind eye to their barbaric society. Hell, the US even turns a blind eye to Pakistan’s support of the Taliban.

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