Welcome, Infidel Whores!

An interview with the German sociologist Gunnar Heinsohn was one of the first translations posted here, almost nine years ago. Dr. Heinsohn returns in this report from Unzienzert.at, in which he is extensively quoted.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

“Welcome to the unbelievers: Your women will be our whores, your children our slaves”

The global trademark which propelled Germany’s train stations to fame in the summer of 2015 — downright dances of joy for the arriving refugees and helpfulness without limits — is gone. The attacks of Muslim men on women during Cologne’s New Year’s Eve celebrations has become a watershed moment in Germany’s Willkommenskultur (Welcoming Culture). And many are asking themselves the question: Was that scenario just the beginning?

Trafficking of women among young combatants

The sociologist and economist Gunnar Heinsohn, who teaches at the NATO Defense College in Rome, has drawn a dismal picture in the Neuen Zürcher Zeitung of what is coming the citizen’s way in the near future. Heinsohn flew to the Caliphate-home of the newcomers, of which he heard nothing good: the mass rapes of Yezidi and Christian women, the trafficking of women among young combatants, the beheading of European men, and over and over the proclamation directed at the kuffar, the unbelievers: “Your women will be our whores, your children our slaves!”

Youngsters in roam-and-loot mode

While in traditional societies a wife is gained through the earning of an income which can provide for the family, many unsuccessful youngsters, according to Heinsohn, are permanently stuck in a “roaming-and-looting mode”. In other words: When one hundred well-to-do men each have four wives, then there are three hundred men left with empty hands.

Therefore it is not the war, but more the lack of women in their own country that has driven these youngsters to Europe. For better or for worse, Germany and Austria have therefore to prepare for “aggressive migrants with reasonable basic primary care, and time without end on their hands, who — very well-connected with their smartphones — will hunt for females within their vicinity, who in turn cannot defend themselves and are left without protection,” says Heinsohn in the Neuen Zürcher Zeitung.

Lower class girls brutally abused

As Unzensuriert.at already reported, this is exactly what the town of Rotherham near Sheffield in England went through. The town has 250,000 citizens, of whom 8,000 are Pakistanis. The sociologist Heinsohn presented to facts again to NZZ readers:

Great Britain is still nurturing a Welcoming Culture without any consideration of the component of instinct and aggression. And so it finds its way naturally and uninhibited. And in this manner the city has pretty much approved that between 1997 and 2013, about 1400 girls from age eleven and up, most of whom grew up in Britain’s underclass, were brutally abused.

They had been made submissive for gang raping with alcohol, drugs and beatings. Since 2002, reports weren’t completely suppressed. But still, until 2013, everybody from the mayor to the janitor stuck together in this cover-up. If anything fell through the net, the talk was never of Pakistanis, but always of Asians. To avoid having to point out young Muslims, an entire continent was blamed.

Heinsohn knows why the police didn’t listen to mothers, and why feminists remained ironclad silent. The fate of the girls, according to Heinsohn, wasn’t as important as the progressive nimbus of these Ideologists. The Worker’s Party with 57 of 63 seats in Parliament was of course on the same boat with such internationalism. Professional social workers did not bring up these crimes into the public, “because that’s where the media people sit, that will portray them as neo-Nazis and therefore destroy their existence,” Heinsohn says to the NZZ. And the blanket statement was: “Only phobics could claim that 3,2 percent of the entire population could be a threat.”

State authority surrenders female citizens to their doom

That is why 18 years passed until, in December of 2015, Muslim offenders finally stood before the court. Therefore, what the women of Cologne so painfully experienced has been a long known fact in Britain. Heinsohn’s analysis about the events of Cologne:

State authorities, afraid of being accused of racism as well as being afraid for their own lives, had surrendered its female citizens to their doom. Public institutions concealed the situation for as long as possible. High ranking officials went along with it. But the more or less free internet destroyed the conspiracy. And still, the people from the Zweiten Deutschen Fernsehen (ZDF) got away with their omission of facts by claiming it was a misjudgment.

An arm’s length distance from foreign men

“At the same time they started campaigns against citizens who just waited for the chance to increase anti-Muslim sentiments based on the behavior of only a few Muslims,” repeats Gunnar Heinsohn in the NZZ. But he failed to mention this peculiarity: Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker’s publication of a behavior manual for women. According to it, women should always keep an arm’s length distance from foreign men. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that women in Germany no longer dare to light-heartedly move around in public spaces.

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    • You mention leftism; fair enough, but what about people from the right like the Bushes who promote the idea of Islam as a religion of peace, and worse. Of the 9/11 hijackers, 15/19 were Saudi. Much of the funding came from KSA, and the wife of Bush’s dear friend Bandar bin Sultan, personally sent cheques to two of them. Radical mosques and madrasas worldwide are sponsored by KSA, and to this day much funding for terrorists comes from there. But the Bushes have collected almost $1.5 billion from the Saudis over the years, so they had to be protected and they were. The US continues to arm and support KSA. The Clintons also have collected huge amounts of Arab cash. The corruption is bipartisan and extensive.

      • Uncovering the full extent of Saudi infiltration among politicians would require some paid researchers. I wonder if Center for Security Policy has done any work on that.

        Saudi money in colleges is huge, including Georgetown, Notre Dame and DePaul. The latter prosecuted or fired a professor who objected to the very public presence of Muslim student groups,proselytizing on campus.

        The only way to determine whether or not a school has taken Saudi money is to look at their Arab Studies programs. IIRC both Harvard and Yale have been infiltrated heavily.

        • This is a key point where the West’s need for oil led it to co-operate with the worst of the worst. But taking on the role of changing the non-West has been proved a pipe dream (witness Iraq).

          Hillary is up to her ears in Arab money, so we know how another Clinton administration would proceed.

          It seems we are in the early stages of a massive destruction of our national cultures by Islamic aggression tied to the machinations of the jockeying for control of the global economy, which REQUIRES the ceding of national power to supra-national organisations.

          Strengthening the supra-national organisations are the Lefty Internationalists like Obama and Merkel. who see Government not as the servant of the people, but its master.

          This was tried by Communism (still alive in China) but it failed in the Soviet Union because it depended on the resources of a single state – Russia. This was a big lesson to the international socialists and global financiers.

          Only supra-national entities, with massive control over national resources, will be successful. The Left is USING radical jihad and immigration invasion to weaken national identity and usher in a world of international elites living a privileged life, and the rest of us, all mixed up together with the worst of the worst, so that every day is a walk of fear for our very lives.

          ‘Animal Farm’ is almost here.

        • Some good news at least for Atlantic Canada:


          It gives an idea of what happens. If you’re a small university desperate for students, an influx for a few dozen Saudis is enough for the administration to push “political correctness” (Saudi/Islamist style), I’m sure.

          I think that this is a phenomenon especially common in the English-speaking world, but lots of other places are vulnerable to it.

      • I mention Leftism as the corrosive agent in many forms that has plagued the West since the end of the French Revolution. As Dymphna mentions, the reach of Saudi petro dollars would take years to unravel. George W. Bush spoke about Islam the way he did right after 9/11 for a very good reason…to keep an enraged American public from burning down every mosque in the land and hanging as many Muslims as possible from light posts and trees all over America. Bush was also captive of that false notion that PC infiltration had wrought whereby there is a ‘moderate Islam’. There is not, he just could not say so. Islam is Islam. PC had done so much damage to our ability to recognize and speak the truth. It remains so today. That failure to address your points about radical mosques and madrassas around the world is directly caused by the corrosive suicidal effects of political correctness. All it will take is one American president-man or woman-who will stand before the world and tell what you have told here because you are right. Name names, places and amounts. Doing so will so unhinge the Left and their puppet governments to an extent that will reduce all of Leftist/Statist doctrine to the point of waste water.

        Then as a way to put an exclamation point at the end of these revelations, The US Navy can remove its fleet currently fetched up in Bahrain. That will upset all the apple carts.

      • Bushes of the RIGHT?????

        Yagottabe KIDDING ME!

        Bushes A, B, and now C–are ALL wholly-owned subsidiaries of Saudi Inc. and proud of it.


      • Apologetist blah blah. But you are right, Europeans will be slaves and their daughters and mothers will be whores to the muslims.
        Which used to be daily business for 500 years in the Balkans, along with killing of male Whites. At the time, the “British” PM Disraeli supported the turkish rapists and killers against the Christians. Now Blair & Cameron do the same. Only difference is, white Brits will also feel the consequences, while some European Christians are armed e. g. Poles who once saved the Germans at the Gates of Vienna.

        • It always comes down to the Poles, in the end.

          Fortunately, they’re not showing any signs of giving in this time either!

      • You’re right. The entire Establishment is rotten to the core.
        That’s why most people has high hopes in Trump.

        Btw, if you look up the video, that shows Bush declaring that Islam is the Religion of Peace after 9/11, you will see that one of the leaders of CAIR, who has been named in connection to terrorism, was standing right behind him. It’s so funny, I could cry.

    • “Their”? It is a great big “Our”. All western countries, not just Germany, are purging democracy as fast as they can everywhere to accommodate the base instincts of the Christian and Jew hating unwashed brainwashed Muslim dead. It’s looking less dynamic and more like a dotty old west.

  1. “The Worker’s Party with 57 of 63 seats in Parliament was of course on the same boat….”

    Guunar Heinsohn is unclear here. Which country is he talking about now? There is no Workers Party in the UK and its parliament has far more than 63 seats.

    • It’s probably Labour, translated into German as Arbeiterspartei or whatever, and then back into English.

  2. The Labour party really have to change their name. No one who actually works votes Labour as they do not represent their interests. Labour are so concerned with supporting immigrants that they routinely betray the interests of working British people, causing wage deflation and societal stress. Labour now represents those on long term social benefits and immigrants.

    The feeder organisations for the Labour party are the Unions. The unions are directly responsible for protecting the working rights and conditions of their members. Which of course they, just like the Labour party, don’t do. Their lack of effectiveness and focus has seen the gap between rich and poor widen logarithmically. They are actively espousing immigrant rights whilst ignoring worsening pay and conditions for their members.

    The misrepresenting Labour party is destined for the scrap heap at the next election. They relied upon Scottish votes to prop their powerbase up. This has now gone and they will never be in government again in Britain. That’s Leftism – in the UK anyway.

      • It is. You can safely put a bet on Labour not winning at the next election based on this fact alone.

  3. Polygamy is toxic to civilization. I’m glad that the arithmetic of it was touched upon here.

  4. This goes right along with the program. All part of the plan to destroy the European Union and America with its own people. Created by the Frankfort School of Social Engineering and now the Travistock Institute in New York, all part of the twisted plan of the elite, check it out:

    Frankfort School of Social Engineering now the Travistock Institute at Columbia University, in 1951 published & designed the following you may recognize:
    1. The creation of racism offenses to divide peoples
    2. Continual change in all aspects of life to create confusion
    3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children (attack on morals)
    4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
    5. Huge immigration to destroy all countries identity
    6. The promotion of excessive drinking
    7. Emptying of churches, de-faithing the people (attack on morals)
    8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
    9. Dependency on the state or state benefits
    10. Control and dumbing down of media (to 6th grade level, no higher)
    11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family (attack on morals)

    Islam was built as part of the problem: https://gatesofvienna.net/2016/02/welcome-infidel-whores/

    In South Africa whites are being driven to extinction, by the government, look up “necklacing in south Africa”, you simply wont believe this!!!

    To show how the world is formed by the United Nations, 25 years have gone into the creation of the arab “CLONE WARS” against the EU and the USA by the UN. What a waste of people.

      • I have been recommending this book since I read it last April. It covers the bases and biases of the American intelligentsia starting more or less with the beginning of the last century.. Have been using it as a handy reference book on those worthies like Sinclair Lewis and H.L. Mencken, among others.

        The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class

        Hicks’ book is free for Prime members who join their books unlimited. I’m planning to rejoin as I miss being able to borrow books like this for as long as I want…

        Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault

        I loved this one-star review:

        When I picked up this book up, I was hoping to learn more about the intellectual tradition and development of postmodernism. But, in my judgment, this book is not interested in “teaching” readers anything. It’s a one-sided polemic against postmodernism. The title of the book is profoundly misleading and should be changed to “Attacking Postmodernism: How to Discredit Ideas You Don’t Understand.” This book consistently misrepresents postmodernism in an effort to discredit it. That said, the book is perfect for non-critical thinkers who are unconcerned with little things like accuracy, evidence, reasoning, and analysis. If you don’t know anything about postmodernism other than the fact that you hate it, this book is perfect for you. It will confirm your worst (groundless) suspicions.

        Makes me want to read the book, the same way the one star reviews of Diana West’s “Betrayal” did (some of them dinged the book while admitting they hadn’t read it).

        The top five star review of Hicks’ book says,

        […] I have read several hundred books on philosophy from Plato to the present and I cannot think of one that I consider to have been more clearly written than this. The exposition is admirably jargon-free and straightforward, although some terms might be unfamiliar to some folks. This is the only book in many years that I began re-reading and marking up as soon as I had finished reading it the first time – I think it’s that good…

        That’s the fate of books good enough to re-read: they get marked up…


    Skåne University Hospital, South of Sweden, seeking African and Arab sperm donors for single women

    Skåne University Lund/Malmö claims to expect a baby boom among single women after the new controversial law on assisted reproduction for single women. Now call for more donors – but preferably no white ethnic Swedes but donors from the Middle East, Asia and Africa are mostly desired.

    • Swedes cutting the throats of Swedes.
      Going for the super races from MENA, svartefa’en!

      • Shame on the recipients of the sperm donations, the agencies which made it possible, and Swedish society for letting their nation die in front of their eyes with barely a whimper!

      • I sure hope so. Racism is universal. Just like everyone has a navel (if they feel like gazing into it – most never do), everybody’s got racism. Some just like to pretend they don’t. Just the way some wymym pretend they never pass gas, that only men do.

          • You’re the only man I’ve ever heard say they knew all about women…that statement is usually uttered only by men whose environment has had more than its share of mean girls so they conclude that all women are like the ones they know.

      • I do not believe so – I am all for tolerance and respect so I am looking forward to the first fertility clinic opening in an Arab or North African nation which will inseminate their infertile women with sperm taken from white, Christian, Caucasian men.

  6. For at least 50 years – possibly more – White men have been portrayed as the Evil Oppressors, all others as sexy angels.
    If this is the intended result – congratulations, mission accomplished.

    • Do you live in Sweden? That’s where this is happening…and more than 97% of those babies will be in daycare at six weeks.

      Sweden has been a strange outlier ever since Swedish women were given control of the culture. We are seeing the results. They could not have gained control had men not abdicated. The cultural demand for ‘niceness’ rules Sweden and ‘nice’ is a feminine value.

      BTW, the worst, most abusive emails we rec’d after the Breivik massacre were from academic Swedish men. Included in the insults were suggestions about how they’d use our bedroom. Crude? Yeah…

      But there are many more normal Swedish men who fight back even while being demonized – i.e., those who join SD in spite of the abuse they endure for doing so.


      There is a growing insurrection in the West and its being filled with populists. The left (and those in power on the right) prefer to call us “extremerightwingers” but we’re populists, whether in Sweden or America.

      Our political elites fear most the normalizing (as compared to demonizing) of a political culture based on sovereign boundaries, smaller government, and support for ‘family’ values. They have caused Trump and can’t see why.

      Whatever the real Donald Trump is remains a mystery. But his crucial function at the moment is the way he reflects people back to themselves. He’s a mirror.

      You seem to think you bear no responsibility for the current mess, but you do. We all do. It’s way past time to quit the blame game. Not only does it not excuse you from having to shoulder any responsibility, blaming others stunts *you*.

      Climbing off your skateboard and joining in the fray instead of taking cheap potshots at women would make you part of the solution. After all, it was largely Swedish MEN who started SD and some of them have paid a huge physical and emotional price for doing so.

      And a man started the Tea Party. Had it not been for his cri de couer the spontaneous combustion that lit the fire wouldn’t have been sparked off.


      I suggest you watch the whole thing. And then join in the fray. If we can do it, you can too. The incoming (and bitter) ‘friendly fire’ you consistently employ here helps no one, including yourself.

    • The nasty trick that progressives have put over on the rest of us is that they have redefined “race’ as ideology. That is how we got the first black president, Bill Clinton, and why progressives agreed with the decision. It is also how we got a “white” supreme court justice named Clarence Thomas.

      This is also how we got “people of color” who are always aligned with progressives and how the only old angry people are white men.

      Most important, this is how progressives can continue in power, because whenever you disagree with them or are able show how dangerously wrong a progressive policy is, you are obviously a H8R and a racisssst. Who wants to be a racesss H8R? Not me. And then progressives roll on unopposed.

      • They so over-used the ‘racist’ bit that it often makes their targets ROTFL. That one has long since jumped the shark, along w/ the expression ‘jumped the shark’. When any coin gets debased, even the coin of debasement, it loses its punch…those who don’t laugh, yawn. Or…sigh.

      • also, when you say “the only old angry people are white men” you obviously haven’t met my [black] neighbors. The preferred word for Obama is “triflin'” – the ultimate polite insult usually reserved for women.

        You never need to disagree with a progressive policy – you build work-arounds and keep on going. “Discussion” is a waste of time. Targeted dissent is another matter and is equally NOT discussed.

  7. No western politician has ever made a good case for more of this:

    1) Female genital mutilation
    2) Punishing rape victims
    3) Honor killing
    4) Strapping bombs to children
    5) Sexually enslaving women
    6) Punishing homosexuals
    7) Murdering homosexuals
    8) Child marriage, Child Brides, and Forced Marriage
    9) Domestic Violence
    10) Disciplining or Punishing Wives
    11) Beating Wives
    12) Violence Against Women
    13) Sharia law

    Also, the belief that flogging, stoning, beheading are appropriate punishments for adultery, apostasy, witchcraft and blasphemy.

  8. If the European men IMHO do not ‘man up’ and ‘take care of business’, The situation will soon spiral out of control , they must not wait for the police or government help, the globalists have ‘controlled’ the police, and the feckless and spineless political class is doing the bidding of their ‘masters’ from the ‘Throne In Brussels’ the seat of the EU dictatorship. The ‘new arrivals must be ‘put in their place’ or all is lost.

  9. Commenting on the Rotherham case of mass rapings : It should be noted that Rotherham was (is) an extreme case but similar happenings occurred in many towns and cities in Britain where there is a muslim population. The Rotherham case was first investigated by a woman named Marlene Guest – a Labour Councillor – who reported her findings to the Council. They simply didn’t want to know. She resigned her Labour membership and joined the British National Party. She and the then Chairman, Nick Griffin, outed the findings. Nick Griffin was arrested on Race Hate charges. He was found Not Gulty in court. All this happened fifteen (15) years ago. The Council, police, Social Workers and the media covered up everything that was happening. They continued the cover up. Girls would go to the police and report the rapes. They were told “not to cause trouble”. Fathers were arrested when trying to get their daughters out of the clutches those muslim vermin. Sceptered Isle ? Septic Isle. Generally speaking, muslims here are hated and despised by the bulk of the population – but our wonderful government will not upset the muslims at any cost. They prefer to defer to Islam – ask Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. Submission to Sharia. We must “pay the Jizya with willing submission and feel ourselves subdued”. Subdued, my arse.

    • Even British people who had no particular view on Islam are changing. Friends of ours said they would no longer patronise curry houses (Indian? I think not, Pakistani or Bangladeshi) after Charlie Hebdo, they said it just didn’t feel right. Recent news reports that curry restaurants are closing in record numbers, because “they can’t get the staff” Bulls testicles! I think the man on the Clapham Omnibus is finally awaking from his coma. And no I wont be politically correct and say woman/her. It is a generic term referring to Mankind. Personally, I never shop, buy petrol or in any way patronise any establishment run by Moslems. If we all did that, maybe we could stricture their funding supply lines.

  10. We will totally destroy you, your culture and your way of life if you continue down this
    Evil path. We will NEVER Surrender to the likes of you no matter what…….This will escalate and I promise you. YOU WILL LOOSE

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