“We Are Coming and We Will Take the Country”

The following article from Die Welt concerns the appearance of a new culturally enriched motorcycle gang in Germany that aims to rival the Hells Angels and other established gangs in violence and criminal activity.

The biker gangs are called “rockers” in Germany, a leftover term from early-sixties Britain. Nash Montana, who translated the article, says: “These enrichers don’t even use bikes. They probably don’t even know how to hold up a bicycle.”

“We Are Coming and We Will Take the Country”

In the ‘rocker environment” [rocker milieu is German for “biker environment”], the Osman Germania Boxing club is the fastest-growing group. The police are concerned. The club shows itself to be martial — even towards the Hells Angels.

The muscular rapper boxes into the camera and yells: “Frontal attack now, understood?” Around him stand broad-shouldered, brutal-looking men. They wear leather jackets with the label “Osmania Germania”. They repeatedly direct guns at the camera.

The video was posted on Facebook, and right at the beginning the group formulates their aspirations: “We are coming and will take the whole country,” says the voice-over, while pictures alternate between wild hordes of horsemen in the desert and the posing rockers. “Men, who will stand their ground in the battlefield to the last drop of their blood,” the voice tells us.

The new rocker group Osman Germania Boxing Club is causing trouble for the police nationwide. The group was formed in April of 2015 in Hessen and is now considered to be the fastest-growing group in the German rocker milieu.

“We assume that the Osmans want to secure market shares in the illegal businesses of Rockers”

Among the estimated 700 members are many Turkish migrants. They met at a “World Meeting” in Duisburg in October 2015, and one month later they organized a “Germany Meeting” in Berlin.

Nationwide the group has already twenty locations. Among those, nine chapters are in Northrhine-Westphalia alone: Aachen, Bielefeld, Bochum, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen, Cologne and Münster.

Just how dangerous some of the members are was shown, when last end of January in Neuss and Duisburg 97 members were controlled by the police. “For a large number of these persons there is already criminal intel in the Police — mostly for brutality and the narcotics trade,” said a recent report by the Interior Ministry of the North Rhine-Westphalia state parliament.

Still there is a lack of precise knowledge about the Club among the police. “Concrete evidence concerning activities of the group or of individual members is only known in a few specific locations. The locations, however, of the individual chapters’ club houses are not known. The members often meet in restaurants and hookah bars,” it says in the report directed at delegates of the home affairs select committee.

On the Internet the group presents itself as adept at martial arts and combat-ready. This is to be understood as a declaration of war against established biker gangs such as the Hells Angels.

“We start from the premise that the Osmans want to secure themselves market shares in the illegal businesses of gangs,” says Dietmar Kneib, the responsible director for organized crime in the office for criminal investigations of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).

They are also active in other countries and possess “definite personnel potential”. The police are observing the group very closely.

In North Rhine-Westphalia the group has gotten the attention of the biker gang Brothers MC, which was established in 2014 by a former member of the Bandidos. They have chapters in five cities, and 74 members. Here as well, the police are lacking intel. It is clear, however, that this club as well has violent and combat-ready members.

“Members of the Brothers MC became known to the police by the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 through various conflicts, especially with members of the Hells Angels MC, in the Düsseldorf and Cologne area,” the NRW Interior ministry explains in its recent report.

“Zero Tolerance” for Combating Them

The NRW administration had established a central project to combat gang criminality under the name “Projekt 124” in 2010 with the State Office of Criminal Investigations: Thus did the NRW authorities exchange information with colleagues in other states and with neighboring countries, for instance. The LKA, State Office of Criminal Investigations, collects information about organizational structures of the gangs and has also increased the frequency of identity checks.

“Criminal rocker groups are told in no uncertain terms, that only the state possesses the monopoly on legitimate use of force. The North Rhine-Westphalian police tolerate zero use of force by these gangs in their self-proclaimed territorial and possessive fights, nor any lawless territory,” the NRW emphasizes. it is understood that there is “zero tolerance” when combating these gangs.

For those opposing them, the fast establishment of such a new group is proof of the large deficits in security. The CDU-representative Gregor Golland criticizes: “It is shocking how literally out of nothing several hundreds of members came together and built chapters nationwide. NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jäger says that every rocker will have his colors taken away. So he takes away the colors from one guy, while two other put on new colors. There is no way to master this situation with existing resources.”

In the opinion of Marc Lürbke, the interior speaker for the FDP legislative fraction, NRW is still a “feel-good oasis for rockers”. The state parliament still has no viable plan on how this type of organized criminality should be confronted. “The criminal potential of these rockers has hardly even leveled off,” explains Lürbke. There is “not enough control pressure” on the more than 70 known enterprises and establishments of rockers.

Afterword from the translator:

The video in the article is about hells angels getting their colors back. (There was a ban on biker colors, but it’s been lifted).

I also searched for the Osmans on Facebook and found various pages for them. This is a closed group page on Facebook, but you can see the members of the group.

Here’s their Facebook page that’s open.

And then they have a lot of Facebook pages for the local chapters.

38 thoughts on ““We Are Coming and We Will Take the Country”

    • “We Are Coming and We Will Take the Country”

      Muslims mean they will turn Germany into a Turkish/Otomman ( Osmanly) Province. Germany, my Baby, you have come a long way in that direction. Turks know it but Traitors do not.

      Integration, false statistics, lack of pension money, numerous old agers, PC, shariah, Hijab/Burka, Beating wives, arranged marriages, Human Rights FGM, . . . etc. all these are non issues and not worthy of discussion, or mentioning in any occasion.

      WHAT IS IMPORTANT and existential, deadly threat like Israel surrounded by deadly enemy, and they have no choice, while Western countries are choosing to be surrounded by deadly enemy.

      In the absence of God in the west, Satan has crapped the western mind making them see their foe (e.g Hamas, Palestinians, Iranians. . .) as friend and their friends (e.g. Israel . . . ) as enemy.

      If an ordinary citizen points out to the rulers of China that some Chines want to apply Sharia to all of China and that they have to be stopped. Chinese rulers will thank that citizen for being wise and alert and will consider the suggestion.
      On the other hand if a Tommy Robinson does the same in the west, he she will be condemned, ostracized, imprisoned with jihads to get rid of him/ her.
      Dictators are those who are elected to promote islam and torture their own natives.

      Now look at this irony: The west is so gentle, congenial, made compatible to muslim needs that 1.5 b muslims want to replace the natives with the Traitors’ blessing.

      At the same time with the help of so-called Human Rights, actually designed and interpreted to mean only Muslim Rights to invade the west, has made the west hell on earth for the Jews and Christians.

      Is anti Christ rearing its head in the west?

      • Well put RE Tommy Robinson… But why isn’t there more of a reaction, from the British people to his treatment by the police and establishment, which should be very worrying for anyone who believes in a pluralist democracy?

        Contrast this with how Egyptians react… Say what you like about the Arabs – but when Morsi was hurting Egyptians too much, 30 million of them took to the streets… Yes, that’s one-third of the country! That’s how much Egyptians care… how much do British care? A lot less than about the latest episode of Celebrity Big Brother, it seems…

        • I have noticed that any reference to Tommy Robinson in the UK papers is accompanied by a lot of left wing invective in the comments section and anyone who opposes, is abused. Of course, responding in kind is not permitted.

          The whole UK establishment is culturally marxist and until this is overturned, nothing will change.

        • A very good question plus you invoked very interesting points that I ponder over.

          “But why isn’t there more of a reaction, from the British people to his treatment by the police and establishment,?

          The British, and over the last 100 years have been taught to hate Judaeo-Christianity, their clergy. They hate what they preach. They have been taught individuality and what goes naturally with it : selfishness and Me Generation. They don’t allow anyone to tell them to look beyond their “self” and to love each other and “be their brother’s keeper.”

          In a “democracy” you beg people to like you and vote for you: The result, over decades, all the laws have been watered down and criminals, offenders, young offenders, are not punished, or punished lightly, and the victims try to avoid contact or even eye contact with “others” lest any misunderstanding arises and become victims of bullies and criminals, who are never punished. These attitudes dampened the relationship among individuals on the buses, trains . . . etc. Everyone has a book or magazine whereby is a means telling others ” I prefer to be left alone.” I am not interested in anything you say.

          On the other hand in Egypt for example people casually talk to each other and thus form attitudes: Over one year of Morsi’s rule people discovered that Muslim Brotherhood had nothing significant to the people except to rule and hate Copts and burn their churches.
          We all know western officials carried water for Morsi’s Party and a check of $200 m, just from one senator, took it by himself to Cairo, bought meat, sugar and tea during the elections to buy, shop for voters. How low is that? The result : 30 m strong protesters against Morsi and hatred for those western creatures who tried everything to get Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood at the helm. So shamelessly interfering in Egypt’s political affairs and call it democracy.

          • “On the other hand in Egypt for example people casually talk to each other and thus form attitudes”

            I think you might be on to something there… I’ve noticed that Arabs in general love to sit around in cafes, doing not very much, apart from discussing… what they’re discussing I don’t know – sadly I don’t know the lingo. It could be the terrible rule of Morsi. Or perhaps it could be how to take over the West – or how to get themselves some “uncovered meat”… or something else.

            Although in Britain, people also do “talk”. It’s just that the golden rule in Britain is never to discuss money, religion or politics. So they discuss, err, Big Brother – or something along those lines. And hence their main source of information becomes the media.

            Btw, another part of the world that loves talking – and not just about Big Brother, but especially the big 3 “forbidden subjects” I mentioned earlier, is Eastern Europe. And from some of those conversations, it seems that many people there have stopped believing anything written in the mainstream media… Could this then be one of the reasons for the massive anti-“refugee” sentiment there, seemingly untouched by months of endless images of the suffering of the poor women & children refugees?

          • It’s the most obvious example I could think of…

            During previous Islamic attacks and invasions, the Europeans learned to beat back the Muslims, by adopting some of their characteristics – principally aggression and a will to fight and kill. Perhaps, if we’re ever to prevail against the Religion of Peace nowadays, we will need to do the same – eg learn from them? And we could do worse than follow the example of the Egyptians who turned out against Morsi in such big numbers. Although granted, some of what went on there, such as Lara Logan’s experience in Tahrir square, we should reject outright.

  1. The Muslims have been infiltrating/taking over/forming their own ‘bikie’ gangs in Australia for some time now. One major criminal motorcycle gang is actually called Soldiers Of Islam. The various gangs run drugs, prostitution and protection rackets, and often coalesce around gyms. A favourite racket is to target tradesmen who work out at the gyms. They steal a tradesman’s work vehicle with his tools and equipment then tell him they know who took it and they can arrange to get it back for several thousand dollars. If he pays, there are soon ‘added extras’ – more money to pay or the ‘loan’ of his girlfriend or wife, with ‘late payment penalties’ such as beatings and home invasions. Really.

    • If the Western European countries continue to believe their own lies then they had better check in for Armeniaization after Islamization. “The man who lies to himself and believes his own lies becomes unable to recognize the truth either in himself or anyone else.” From Russia with Love

    • And your countrymen are so proud of themselves for allowing your government to confiscate your weapons

    • And Aussies allow this to happen in OZ? And if you know they steal tradesmen’s vehicle and tools, why don’t the police?

      The Aussies I worked with 50 years ago would never have allowed this to happen, they would have ‘sorted it out’, permanently!

    • Given that these “bikers” can rap in German, I’m not sure this has so much to do with Merkel’s recent invitees. Although their sheer numbers may have encouraged the “Osmanen” to think that they really are on the verge of “taking over”…

      • The “refugees” are joining up with established tribal operations; whole battalions of young men are being admitted by the gov’t to … do the dirty work of dispatching the senior citizens, who after paying in to gov’t care for a lifetime, are only seen as cost centres, as far too expensive for gov’t to care for in old age.

        These young “vibrant” Muslims are ideologically prepared to indulge in violence. They are fit and many may be battle-hardened; beheader-ready. They are proud to be in your face; the more strife they create for the kaffir, the more Allah likes it.

      • They look and sound liked ducked up products of a ghetto. Out of place and out of time. Unfortunately the sizeable wanna be loved liberal baby minder can’t see beyond the sexual fantasy of it all. Yes you can!

  2. Bikers without bikes? or Beer I assume, and probably enjoy being massaged by other men in saunas. The Hell’s Angels will be quivering with fear.

  3. I assume the first reaction of the German government will be to crack down harder on the possession of legal guns by law-abiding German citizens. It’s like the Chicago newspapers calling for stricter gun control regulations when one black gang member shoots another black gang member.

    The stated assumption is always that once the guns are taken away, a single, law-abiding citizen without a gun can resist a violent gang with baseball bats.

    I notice the article is very agnostic on whether there is Muslim involvement in the gang formation. Of course, the waves of invader immigrants will provide much fodder for the gang activity, but the question is, will they participate as criminals or as Muslims?

    The end game, of course, as always is that the street gangs provide the acid to dissolve the bindings of constitutional society. A government interested in transforming itself into a dictatorship or oligarchy (or theocracy) will have an interest in keeping the population disarmed so resistance to the street gangs will not be possible.

    There’s another interesting possibility, which is that the criminal element of the native European population will form their own gangs, which seems to be what already happened. But, in an environment sufficiently chaotic, the native street gangs might actually provide the only security for the native population. These street gangs would take on the forms of a militia, sort of like if the Mafia were actually protecting the native Sicilians, rather than simply extorting them.

    • The native gangs will do what the state doesn’t, and do it much worse than a functioning state would, namely, they will provide minimal security for maximum extortion – but it will be slightly better than living under the “Osman” gang, and that will be that.

      It’s a sad day when one is cheering for the Hells Angels, but one can’t help but feel that at least *those* bastards aren’t going to go down quietly…

    • I imagine, based on the bunny rabbit responses so far, that the German government will be cracking down on Hells Angels for being rude to the Turkeys on camels.

    • You can never rely on criminal gangs to protect your best interests. They exist only to protect their own interests. Either the German people act in a concise matter and elect responsible leadership, or it is all over for them. A failure to do that invokes a revolution and all the misery that entails.

  4. So we are facing Mad Max gang warfare. What this speaks of is not only the treachery of the International Marxists, who’ve joined forces with the ever greater monopolies of the financial cartels, but the rise in organised crime which grew exponentially after the collapse of the Soviet Union and is now embedded in the ME conflict.

    We are in for a very rough ride ahead.

  5. *** Criminal rocker groups are told in no uncertain terms, that only the state possesses the monopoly on legitimate use of force. ***

    This will come as bad news to the AntiFa clubs around Germany.

  6. EVIDENT is that

    1: they wear colors but their colors do not say MC
    2: They are muslim because they are not tattooed
    3: They don’t pose with bikes, because they don’t have any.

    These culturally enriching Turks have found yet another niche where they can infiltrate, the biker world, and take over.

    The Hells Angels and the Bandidos and the Outlaws and the Nomads and all the others better get their s**t together.

  7. A few weeks ago there were also the Kamikaze Riders in Brussels. It was interesting some time ago to read how the Hells Angels in Sweden(?) were fighting Muslim gangs there too. I’m sure I’ve read that some of Kurdish descent even went to Syria to fight with the Kurds against IS. Also of note, in Tommy Robinson’s book “Enemy of the State” he mentions criminal gangs of Muslims in East London get aligned with Jihadi groups – both seek to benefit from the cooperation.

    About 45 years ago we had a problem down here with outlaw bikie gangs. One night the Army sealed off the town square and gave them all a beating – no more trouble with bikie gangs (a bit like the days when I was a kid and the local cop would kick your backside or belt your ear if you got out of line). Wouldn’t happen today of course, we are far too enlightened for that sort of thing – we must now protect the human rights of these land pirates…

  8. These kinds of people always thrive based on chaos, so they are lovin the situation. They probably have shrines to Merkel in their “clubhouses”.

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