Tommy Robinson Outsmarts Al Jazeera

Tommy Robinson, one of the leaders of the newly-launched PEGIDA UK, was interviewed last weekend by Al Jazeera TV from Qatar. As insurance against having his responses tendentiously edited, Tommy used his cell phone to record his end of the interview, and made all of the footage available later.

First the interviewer tried to trick him by reading from the Old Testament, with a deliberate attempt at misdirection to make him think the source was the Koran. Notice the sly way the fellow, without actually telling a lie, made it seem as if he were describing the text of the Koran. It didn’t work — Tommy sussed him out immediately.

Next Tommy discussed Mohammed’s marriage to Aisha when she was just six years old, and the prophet’s deflowering of her when she was nine. That was too much for Al Jiz — they cut that segment out completely. But the clip below shows the missing section, as recorded by Tommy’s cell phone.

In order to make it difficult for Al Jazeera and other dishonest media outlets to manipulate their audience with selectively edited footage, please publicize this clip as much as you can. If it goes viral, their efforts will have been in vain:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

9 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson Outsmarts Al Jazeera

  1. Videos like this one can bring smile to the face of every single freedom lover(:
    We have been at Birmingham demo with family and friends and will do our utmost to attend every single one this year. Hopefully next time it doesn’t look like aftermath of swimming competition and weather is more clement so people have more time to talk to each other afterwards and make healthy connections.
    Thanks Baron

  2. Hasn’t Tommy matured so much as a speaker?

    He is incisive, well-informed and dogged in his speech.

    Part of the presenter’s problem with Tommy, I think, stems from Tommy’s accent and obvious social origins. That pompous [epithet] feels affronted that Tommy should have the gall to question his understanding of Islam or his motives for whitewashing Mohammed’s deeds.

    Slightly OT but here in Australia, I have noticed a sharp rise in people familiar with and able to argue using quotes from the Koran, much as Tommy has so obviously expanded his knowledge of Islam. Any apologetic put forth decrying “Islamophobia” or “racism” is usually met with Koranic quotes, references to the hadith and explanations of taqiyya and kitman. It is heartening to see that knowledge of Islamic precepts and mores, and their effect on non-believers, is growing.

    • Yes, Lucy. I am in North America. What I notice is that Mr. Robinson’s only ‘crime’ is being white and lower class.

      If he had gone to Oxford, he would be running a think tank. His political knowledge, experience, and awareness is first class.

  3. At 0:27, is the interviewer saying “our holy book”, or “a holy book”? Likewise at 0:30, is it “a holy book”, or “the Holy Book”? “One of the holy books in this [Islamic] part of the world” is a giveaway: how many holy books does Islam have? I can think of only one. At 0:46, he says, and is captioned as saying, “a holy book”.

  4. I thought Tommy was superb. He has improved immensely as a speaker. I am currently reading his book. He has come a long way from his Luton persona.

  5. People who underestimate Tommy because he’s a working class lad make a huge mistake. He knows his subject and just made that pompous prat in Doha look like the fool.

  6. It’s worth noting that the interviewer (Peter Dobbie) learned his “craft” at the BBC, that well known bastion of reporting integrity.

  7. Before anyone can speak wisely about the ” religion of peace “, it is critical to read the Koran. I have read thousands of books, but 2 stand out as the most difficult and poorly written, the Koran and Mein Kamf, as difficult as these books are to read, and they both are obviously the works of deep disturbed people (not gods), these books are vital to understanding our enemies. The Koran is self contradictory and hateful, it doesn’t offer philosophical guidance, it offers incitement to slaughter, unless you submit to Islam, if you cross any lines you are to be punished, the very idea of man made laws, treaties or borders is forbidden. For me, it is impossible to believe that any intelligent human being could confuse Islamism with anything peaceful, or morally defendable.
    It is a system of beliefs that was somewhat acceptable in the 7th century and never since.

  8. Thanks for posting. Combined with the earlier version which I replaced when I got a decent capture of the original Al Jazeera show, this clip has had almost 60k views since Sunday night. So it has gone viral. It was picked up by quite a few of the big sites after Breitbart did a great write up.

    I’m wondering if it isn’t a good candidate for a Rosetta translation project? I’ve done the English subtitles and have an SRT file.

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