32 thoughts on “Those $10,000 “Refugee” Boats

    • I have read in multiple places that the inflatables are sliced and sunk on site when they reach shore so that the passengers aren’t refused landing. That and also that they are sometimes sliced further from shore, but in reach of coast guard boats so as not to be denied entry, since they are in imminent danger of losing their lives if not picked up from the water.

      • If you look, Matt shows a couple inflatables that are in the process of sinking – not just because they are overloaded, though they obviously are, but because they have been deflated. Those boats are actually pretty rugged, have a rigid floor, especially ones that size, and absent colliding into sharp metal or rocks, will stay afloat. They are not one big air bladder, but are divided into sections, specifically to avoid losing all the air and sinking, so for one to sink like that it is extremely likely to have been deliberaty puntured in multiple places.
        If I was in the business of bringing “refugees” across @ thousands a head, why would I spend 15,000.00 each time for a new boat and motor? I would use the same one time and time again. Someone wants to make sure at any cost that they will not be denied entry where they land. Someone with money to burn.

    • It is a common practice for the smuggler/pilot to hole the boat not far from shore. He is picked up by a smaller craft piloted by one of his fellow smugglers. The passengers, who have been provided with shoddy Chinese lifejackets, are left to their own devices. The smugglers know the Greek coast guard will pick them up.

      Obviously, this is not true of all of them, because there are many photos of the boats reaching the surf. However, I’m a cynic: I think those are deliberate exceptions, allowed to proceed to shore in order to provide photo-ops for the ever-cooperative Western photogs. Those are free advertising for the smugglers, helping to persuade more “refugees” to sign up and pay the fee.

      • It’s a thriving business. An industry really. Will have an index in the financial pages. Nothing personal. Cash and more cash from cash.gov. Where principle minded Christian fifth column and Muslim fifth column conspire and unite for cash for conquest. Once in a lifetime chance to be part of the new nouveau riche. Guns and ammo smuggling is another rising star of Islam. I imagine.

  1. The saying ‘follow the money’ is appropriate here. It would not take ‘Inspector Cluseau’ to scour the area for shipments of manufactured ‘Zodiac’ style boats and related equipment, IMHO the various ‘spy agencies’ already know who the suppliers and smugglers are, nothing absolutely ,nothing just ‘happens’ by accident.

  2. My friends who have a home in Lesbos and spent last Summer there told me that NOBODY was in rags among ANY “refugees” that they saw and all had fancy cellphones which were carried in nice waterproof containers… not some junky tupperwear containers either. Some kind of travel box.

    FANCY !! FANCY sneakers and even great looking backpacks.

    They saw this at food marts where the “refugees” bought food, GOOD food and took taxi rides all over the island checking out the local little girls…and BOYS!

    YES, SOMEBOY is financing this .

    OFF topic, slightly: My brother is a retired railroad executive and he says the Germans WILL NEVER admit it , but that train wreck was most likely, TERRORISM. He gave me a list of technical stuff, which I cannot exactly recall.

    However, the gist of it was, that ONE engineer KNEW he was OFF schedule plus he had to have had help in a control center to get re-routed to that lane. Somebody also HAD to disable the automatic STOP controls that allowed that WRONG train to keep going on that line and on that time schedule. He says at least 4 terrorists did the deed.

    The location was telling as it was a blind curve so that the engineers could not see each other.

    • I suspected as much. Somebody sabotaged the switches is my guess. German trains do not suffer head-on collisions. Please. To assume this was an accident beggers belief.

  3. Who is funding the invasion? We know George Soros is partly funding it. We know ISIS is funding it. We know the Italian mafia is making money from it. Saudi Arabia has offered to built thousands of mosques, so for them its a win-win investment because for as long as the ‘refugees’ are heading north, they’re not bothering the Saudis. We know the UN is agitating for more of it. We know the internationalists want it – the Merkels and Graham Sutherlands (Goldman Sachs) and Soros’.

    The only people who don’t want the invasion are non-socialist nationals who believe in democracy.

    • “We must do more to undermine the homogeneity of western nations” – Peter Sutherland, Migration chief of the U.N .

  4. Very low ballpark estimate 2000 dollars each. One million of them will cost two trillion if I can believe my simple arithmetic. And not any of them objecting to the costs. Other peoples money of course.

    That is two trillion dollars in order to acquire a million new unemployable people to subsidize for as long as they live. I see no possibility of a good reason for this.

  5. I am a marine engineer by trade, and have had many family members involved in different aspects of maritime life, including several who have been members of the RNLI (which uses inshore lifeboats at some of its stations). I can attest to the fact that such boats are semi-specialist gear and that they cost a considerable amount of money. It is not possible to simply nip down to a local harbour and jump aboard one of those things.

    • Well, maybe it is – if someone else has bought a whole fleet of these boats, and has them tied up at the pier all handy-like, and that party is waiting for all those destitute refugees wearing designer clothes and carrying iPhones to come looking for a berth.

    • Quite so. “Rubber raiding craft” as they are known in the military vernacular constitute a very small % of an inflatable boat factory’s output. I am speaking of conventional inflatables with removable floors, not RIBs, rigid inflatable boats, (or RHIBs if you were trained in the US military.) Non-RIB conventional rubber boats over 6 meters long capable of carrying more than 20 men are a specialty order item, and would cost over $10,000 in the USA, with a long order time. Somebody has opened entire product lines just to fabricate these boats for the well-organized and well-financed Moslem invasion of Europe.

  6. Other peoples money. Here is a hypothetical for consideration.

    When I showed up at Marble Mountain Air facility in the first week of January 1968 the first job I was given was to be supervisor of the progress and validity of the highest priority supply requisitions. The highest priority was almost never needed. I had nothing to do. I objected to the job and was soon given a more active one.

    A year or three after l returned home from Vietnam I saw a small story in my local newspaper. Whoever wrote it thought it was funny. Marble Mtn A.F. was having a problem. It was being delivered an urgent supply of 6000 radiators for douce and a half trucks.

    Not much chance a helicopter unit needs 6000 radiators. I did not know the details but I could more or less guess what had happened. A prankster and a mindless bureaucracy….

    And nowadays we have hackers and perhaps more mindless bureaucrats than ever. If you have read this far you know where I am going.

    The massive migration into Europe of people spending other peoples money which has been given to them by people who may not have been giving their money either. Here it is…the money may have been electronically looted from European banks and treasuries.

    It seems impossibly stupid. You have to review the radiator story to get it.

    • I suspect it is a combination of several elements coming together, a bit like the “perfect storm” in the meteorological sense.

      * Criminality intra & out of EU – Just look at the profile of mafia in different countries, Albanian, Turkish, Vietnamese etc… They do tend to work together at a high level. So within this framework is cyber crime. It is significant.

      * NGOs specially created to seed a certain narrative, no questions asked. Trails usually lead back to National Democratic Alliance & Soros backed affiliates.

      * Naive technocrats plus an element of deliberate skulduggery at the Europe Commission, add in an element of blackmail.

      * Network initiated and spread out by Muslim Brotherhood. Look how well this has expanded considerably in the last 30 years or so.

      * A zillion grains of sand in the form of unwitting & not so clueless ‘do gooders’, & arrogant middlemen to help push along the ‘narrative’.

      * The continued existence of NATO & creation of other military alliances throughout the world to stage next new phases, bringing about more chaos.

      * Put all of these together

  7. Invasion is an act of war.

    The day that governments in Europe admit (or a government admits) that this is an invasion, is the day that Europe must go to war.

    Governments in Europe can turn a ‘ blind eye’ to the invasion only as long as they persist in saying that this is about ‘asylum seekers’ or ‘illegal immigrants.’

  8. If one of those boats carries 30 people the smugglers would only need to charge $500 per person to break even on the boat.

    Is there any reason to suspect Soros etc. are funding them? Not that it would surprise me in the slightest, not much does anymore.

    • Yes, there is strong evidence that Soros organizations provide at least part of the funding.

  9. 54% Men
    17% women
    68 023 arrivals so far in 2016

    55% are said to come from Syria. But we know that ID can be faked or destroyed in order to hide true nationalities.
    There are huge jumps in the estimated arrivals into Greece, mainly due to the weather conditions, but possible also spasms in Turkish law enforcement in stopping some.

  10. do you intent to write an update on the Tet-scenario or
    do you have no new data/insights ?
    do you believe in the possibility of a best/medium-case scenario?

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