The Rotten News From Rotten Denmark

The following video shows a segment from NewSpeek, a Danish alternative news show hosted by Jeppe Juhl. Mr. Juhl is being billed as the Danish Ezra Levant, but he seems to me more like a much younger Bill O’Reilly in the style of his presentation (although not the content).

This is the news that the Danish establishment doesn’t want Danish citizens to see, or know about, or think about. All the news that’s not fit to print!

Many thanks to Liberty DK for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:03   Welcome to NewSpeek’s news briefs,
00:06   where we look at what our established news should have done more of, and at their screw-ups.
00:11   My name is Jeppe Juhl. Let’s start with a screw-up.
00:15   Denmark Radio wrote with the following headline,
00:18   that the police have used 400,000 hours and over 100 million kroner
00:21   to protect Danish Jews since the terror attack on the synagogue last year.
00:26   However, they completely to tell us why we need to protect the Jews, and who they need protection from,
00:32   and they also forgot to tell us how much they used to protect so many others, e.g. embassies.
00:38   What an angle.
00:41   In the last 11 days the Russians have conducted almost 2000 bomb attacks
00:45   over Syria with an unknown number of civilian casualties as a result.
00:49   The Arab “street” in Europe has hit the streets and demonstrated like crazy…
00:56   ah…no, they haven’t, because the streets are completely empty…and that is actually also a story.
01:05   Take a look at this short clip with Denmark’s impotent Sheriff, that is, the Minister for Justice Søren Pind,
01:10   where he is interviewed about the threat to Denmark… try to see if you can even understand what he is saying!
01:14   ”But in my position one gets a bunch of information…and hears lots of rumours…
01:22   and it’s hard when you, yourself, have family members, not to worry about it…
01:29   but I have made a decision that I can’t do anything about it…
01:32   because if I begin to do something about it then…then there is nobody
01:36   who can trust anybody in this society…
01:42   but that is… that is… yah…
01:46   Gibberish… but if Søren Pind is saying what I think he is saying
01:52   then tell me, if YOU can’t do something about it, then who CAN?!
01:58   A Kurd was shot down on the open street in Stockholm a few days ago by perpetrators who shouted “Long live Daesh”.
02:06   ”Daesh” is the Arabic word for the Islamic State. IS clearly has representatives in Stockholm.
02:14   You have heard this story in the mainstream media? No, you haven’t.
02:24   Our NATO ally, Turkey, is bombing Kurds in Northern Syria as we
02:27   speak. In Europe we are keeping a low profile…
02:30   with small symbolic protests.
02:33   It *is* the Turks who are supposed to ensure that we don’t get too many
02:36   Migrants and we *have* promised them €22 billion.
02:39   You know what… I think I need to go outside and throw up.
02:46   You can find hundreds of documented attacks on Westerners by aggressive
02:50   asylum seekers from Africa on the net right now.
02:54   You just have to look. There is silence from the press… of course.
03:01   Last week was also the week where the judge Inger Ingerslev, in the court in Elsinore,
03:08   did away with criticism of religion when she convicted a man using
03:12   the racism paragraph, for comparing radical Islamism with Nazism.
03:16   The very same day the District Attorney chose *not* to indict the imam
03:20   who had preached hate against Jews the day before the terror attack in Copenhagen.
03:27   Wow, this is really going well…and I have to add that the verdict in Elsinore can *only* be appealed
03:34   if the convicted Flemming Nielsen gets permission to do so from the process licensing board.
03:39   Should that happen, the lawyer Karoly Nemeth, an honorable and decent
03:43   man, has promised both to take the case and to pay for it.
03:46   Thank you Karoly.
03:49   And last week was also the week where TV2 brought a piece of positive news about integration.
03:57   The solution to the migrant gangs’ ever-increasing looting of stores has been found!
04:02   The stores just need to employ young Muslim girls with headscarves.
04:07   I am going to stop here, I can’t handle any more. You have been watching NewSpeek.
04:11   My name is Jeppe Juhl. God protect Denmark… but not our press!

18 thoughts on “The Rotten News From Rotten Denmark

  1. More voices like this, main stream media at that, need to be heard. Just as in the UK a third world Muslim elite is being foisted upon the Danish public. We were told porkies by the porcine Cameron when he was first elected ” I will get immigration down to the tens of thousands no ifs no buts” LIES! Tough talking has also followed by the equally duplicitous Home Secretary Theresa May. MORE LIES! Governments are intent on the ruination of the European continent so just maybe they are the most dangerous barbarians within the gates.

    • My wife and I cancelled our trip to Merry England last year, reason: if we inadvertently did anything to offend your beloved moslems we knew we could not rely on your police to ‘get it right’.
      Yesterday, spoke to our financial guru who said he had just terminated a trip to visit relations in Germany and Austria for the same reason.
      We are surely not the only people who know the score–this is starting to cost European countries, whether they realize it or not.

        • This. A million times, this.

          Vote with your tourist dollars and spend them in Central and Eastern European countries that are standing fast against tide of filth that is washing over Western Europe.

          People will be pleasantly surprised how much there is to see and do in Central and Eastern Europe. Another benefit is that the exchange rates are very favorable to Americans, and you can negotiate above and beyond that with certain vendors who are more than happy to accept US hard currency.

        • I can really recommend going to the south-western part of Poland, that used to be Germany. Beautiful old buildings, nice, moderate mountains, and moderate prices, too.

          One also gets to see some relics of Communism, and how intensely ugly things were under that system. History 🙂

  2. The Muslims eventually should have no real problems supplying their frontline voters and fifth columns in Western Europe with heavy rapists, arms, legs, munitions and any other supplies. I imagine the dhimmi populations may just give up – unable to call anything by its real name – and just stay indoors and wait. The BBC and others will run a series to keep the asses, cats and dogs mooed to their TVs and TVs. Previously unimaginably bizarre bending over. Help.

    • MHB: The masses have already given up, they are allowing their countries to be invaded constantly (by doing nothing). Western Europe soon to fall under Islamic caliphate with few speaking out. They are staying indoors most the time. This whole agenda has overtaken the stuck in stupid masses who are unable to think logically, and will soon line up for forced conversions or executions and go willingly. An enigma to the normal thinking person.

      • Do not bet on it…look at European history whichis not all that the Germans say: der Krug geht zum Brunnen bis er bricht !

      • I don’t think the masses have given up. However, the masses are only as strong as their leadership, which at the moment is practically nonexistent…

  3. Pockets of insanity within an insane world.

    The radio-legend Bob Grant used to say, “It’s sick out there and getting sicker.”

  4. Have a look on thiw news from a Greek Blog.

    It is the or;iginal in Greek and the Goole translation in english.

    Σοκαριστική είναι η μαρτυρία-καταγγελία του Μητροπολίτη Κω και Νισύρου Ναθαναήλ ότι ξένα κανάλια πλήρωναν μετανάστες για να κάνουν τους πνιγμένους.
    Ο Μητροπολίτης Ναθαναήλ, μιλώντας στον ραδιοφωνικό σταθμό Alpha 9.89, κατήγγειλε ότι «μπροστά στα μάτια μου ξένα κανάλια έδιναν 20 ευρώ σε ανθρώπους για να κάνουν τους πνιγμένους».
    Υποστήριξε ότι αυτό που εισπράττει ως εικόνα είναι εντελώς ψεύτικο και δεν ανταποκρίνεται στην πραγματικότητα και χαρακτήρισε πόλεμο εντυπώσεων αυτό που γίνεται, το οποίο όπως είπε «δεν ξέρω γιατί κατευθύνεται έτσι».

    Shocking is the witness-complaint Metropolitan Kos and Nisyros Nathanael that foreign channels paying immigrants to make them drowned.
    Bishop Nathaniel, speaking to radio station Alpha 9.89, complained that “before my eyes foreign channels gave 20 euros to people to make them drowned.”
    He argued that it received as the image is completely false and does not correspond to reality and featured impressions war is made, which he said “I do not know why so directed.”

  5. Definitely more like Ezra. (or Brian) Bill O’Reilly wouldn’t dare; just listen to him crawl to Obama! Perhaps better when he was younger.

  6. I am amazed. In the US going back 50 years we have had KGB defectors warning us about the straightforward way our societies are being subverted. Ideological subversion, the perestroika deception. I can’t prove any of it but it all appears to be the things that are just happening. You have defectors saying liberation theology is invented by the KGB and it still exists. SJW is not a new term. So Europe really is being put into a crisis. At what point will you beg Russia to save you? If the perestroika deception is real – Obama was probably the best president to help it along. Isn’t it funny how Eastern Europe isn’t as self destructive as Western Europe. One aim of the PD is to get the US out of Europe and discredit the US so we are not someplace to turn. I’m just throwing this out there.

    • @One of the Quiet Ones:
      What do you mean by “PD” ? Could you explain your hypothesis further?

      • “Perestroika” is world domination of Communism and the method includes, if not in totality, deception–and one would not expect “smoking guns” in the fashion of indisputable treason because of deception. Exclusive of those people, there are some unknown “fellow travelers” who don’t practice or perpetrate treason but do much to affect that end–the so-called “useful idiots” are part of this type.

        Also, The Perestroika Deception is a book.

  7. Typo?

    00:26 However, they completely to tell us why we need to protect the Jews, and who they need protection from,

    They completely forget to tell us?

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