The Rape of Europa — The Myth That Became Reality

The following essay by our Swedish correspondent Herr Larsson was originally published in Swedish, and has been translated by the author.

The Rape of Europa — The Myth That Became Reality

by Herr Larsson

“Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy,
and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.”

— Plato

In Brussels, outside the Council of the European Union headquarters, as well as outside the European Parliament in Strasbourg are statues with identical motif; a woman riding a bull. In this time of ignorance only few know what the iconic symbol really represents, and could care less. Thereby they are turning their back on the key that opens up to the insight regarding what the EU Elite has in store for Europe…

From traffickers on Africa’s north coast, to European teen girls and elderly ladies who no longer dare to leave their homes — all of them nowadays know the truth in one aspect or another; that the political establishment of western Europe deliberately opened up the gates for the Muslim invasion — evidently an army of testosterone-crazed Barbarians, who presently are free to violate the indigenous women and children.

Let us now, dear reader, therefore put this in perspective. The statues which have come to represent the European Union are not some modern abstract work of art, but in actuality a recurring motif throughout European art history, and known as “The Rape of Europa.”

According to Greek mythology, Zeus became so obsessed with the princess Europa that he shape-shifted into a tame white bull to lure her closer. To prove to her servants that the animal wasn’t dangerous she mounted the bull, which then instantly, with her still on his back, ran into the ocean and swam to Crete. Once there, Zeus regained his true form and proceeded to rape Europa…[1]

“And what, Socrates, is the food of the soul?
Surely, I said, knowledge is the food of the soul.”

— Plato

That symbolism matters greatly to the occult Elite is hardly debatable. The world witnessed this during the Olympic Games in 2012.[2] On the public who has been spoon fed lowest common denominator entertainment, “mainstream”, ever since childhood, the deeper meaning was lost however. More or less.

Symbolism in the occult is more concerned with affecting the subconscious, since it primarily communicates through that type of medium, which every psychologist knows, and is also the part considered by science to overwhelmingly control human behavior. Symbolism is furthermore used to communicate secret messages, which only those with special knowledge can decode. In short, symbolism is a power tool.

One does not have to be a conspiracy theorist to realize that the interests of the (real) Elite have always centered around a psychotic lust for power — so absolute that nothing else has been deemed more sacred. Least of all human life. And centralization is key for total power to work.

“Never discourage anyone…
who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.”

— Plato

The European Union, created by the secret Bilderberg Group[3], which in turn answers to the financial Elite, plays only a part in the grand chess game. Because, despite how the countries nowadays are controlled from Brussels by common currency and laws, national identities still exist — i.e. traditions and blood ties to the land.

The Count and Freemason Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi[4] is not only considered the father of the modern pan-European ideology, but was also one of his era’s top advocates for the extermination of the white people, through racial mixture and out-breeding. Furthermore, he was the first to be awarded “The Charlemagne Prize,” intended to acknowledge substantial service to the “integration” of Europe. Examples of other documented criminals who have received this are Pope Francis[5], the unelected former EU president Herman Van Rompuy, war criminals such as Henry Kissinger and Tony Blair, as well as the traitor Angela Merkel.[6] The prize has especially in later years come to be considered by the establishment as one of Europe’s most prestigious.

“He who refuses to rule is liable to be ruled
by one who is worse than himself.”

— Plato

One’s thoughts are naturally drawn to old Soviet propaganda films. The hammer and sickle and the generals with their vanity on full display on their chests — because Communism was another tool for the financial Elite, via a medaled proxy to rape nations.[7] Since Communism never has posed an actual threat to the real Elite, but in fact even has served their interests, the ideology has therefore never been truly exposed by propaganda media, i.e. the mainstream. Instead it has been popularized.

Communism, as an effective tool, may have fallen with the Wall. However, its wicked spirit lives on in another form and under another name; Cultural Marxism.[8] The difference is that the term “Proletarian” has been transformed to “Minority” and “Elite” to “White” — Especially, “white privileged men” who according to this doctrine have created these structures in order to oppress. The slogans about “Equality and Diversity” are in practice the method used to steal the rights from indigenous Europeans: their right to self-determination, their land; and to divide the people on even the most basic level. It is an attack on their identity.

In particular the “Third Wave” of Feminism, with its focus on “queer theory[9] is the fair-haired child of the Cultural Marxists, and ties it together with the LGBT movement. The enemy is the heterosexual (supposed) privileged male, who no longer shall have the right to criticize. And whose voice should preferably be heard as little as possible. Political Correctness was a Communist invention that the Cultural Marxists appropriated, and have turned into their weapon of choice.[10]

Due to the massive propaganda and marketing of the value in identifying oneself as “oppressed,” those who have been brainwashed now see friends in enemies and enemies in friends… In actuality, they are only preparing the way for their own demise, since Islam does not respect women’s rights, much less gay culture.

Using psychological abuse to demonize innocent men by falsely accusing them of sexual assault is nothing new. Even Julian Assange appears to have been attacked with this Cultural Marxist master-suppression technique. Stefan Löfven, traitor and Swedish Prime Minister (who claims to run the “world’s first Feminist administration”), gave expression of this in his now infamous interview with CNBC.[11]

Actual rape however, has been used as an important assault weapon by barbarian forces throughout the ages, with the purpose of spreading their own offspring and to humiliating the conquered men, as nothing eats at the soul more than sexual abuse. This is why the Red Army was ordered to rape the German women and children, by the Soviet propagandist Illya Ehrenberg[12]. And it is now what Europe and the Germans in particular are once again forced to live through…

This, while the victims through taxation must pay for the livelihood and housing of their conquerors. To call this “Jizya” is no exaggeration; that is, the extortion money which Muslims demand from conquered people, in accordance with the teachings of the Qur’an.[13] Dhimmis.

Muhammad is considered in Islam as the perfect example of a man. He was not only a prophet however, but also a warlord. He not only engaged in pedophile activities, but also sexually abused his captives. In four places in the Qur’an it is therefore made clear that a man owns the sexual consent of his slaves… [14] This explains, to a large extent the Muslim rape wave spreading through Europe like wildfire.

The cultural cancer that Islam represents for Europe is ultimately only one (of many) tools used by the Elite to break the indigenous European body and spirit, just as they did with Native Americans and all the other natives in history…

The retarded outlook on life which Allah’s most pious represent, with its totalitarian collectivist mentality, is in perfect goose-step with Communist ideology, which in turn equates to total oppression. That is what’s actually being imported…

“Ignorance, the root and the stem of every evil.”

— Plato

The Muslim invasion of Europe is planned. To believe otherwise is naïve, considering how the Elite openly discuss their vision. Goldman Sachs’ chairman Richard Sutherland, who also has represented the United Nations on the migration issue, has stated that the EU must do everything to undermine national homogeneity.[15] Monopoly man and billionaire George Soros has expressed similar wishes, that Europe should accept at least a million migrants annually.[16] Both are members of the Bilderberg group. Add to this that the EU has opened job centers in Africa, with the intention to import fifty million Africans to Europe.[17] President and Islamist Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s pressure on Europe to allow free Turkish migration is yet another problem.

As with 9/11, the Rape of Europe is also a so-called “false flag” operation. This time however, the occult Elite has switched tactics. Instead of selling the war-weary West on further bloodshed, they have managed to deceive the masses into believing that the present atrocities in Europe have something to do with “human values” and are about “saving lives” — in other words, Europe’s most ruthless politicians are pretending to be the Tame White Bull.

And from the ritual rape, “Eurabia” [18]shall be born, with “Chrislam” as its religion.[19] In Cultural Marxist Sweden, the Church is already collecting money for the establishment of mosques, and staying busy by taking down the crosses.[20] The Bishop of Stockholm’s diocese, who ordered the crosses to be removed, is none other than the Lesbian Feminist Eva Brunne.[21] That Cultural Marxism has infiltrated and taken over is apparent, from secular Lutheran parishes to the Vatican itself — which for hundreds of years has engaged in occult non-Christian activity.[22] Pedophilia, in other words, goes hand in hand with Muhammad, and is guaranteed to play an important, if not central role in the new Satanic religion.

The road to hell is already being paved with political decisions, such as the way in which Muslim pedophiles will be allowed to rape their child brides, since this is their “culture”.[23] The spread of pedophilia within the political establishment is in fact very severe, and has been exposed in Great Britain.[24] In Germany, the “Pedo-Sexual” movement is also very strong within the political aristocracy.[25] This is being expressed meta-politically as well. The Cultural Marxist online magazine “SALON” recently published the piece: ”I’m a pedophile, but not a monster,” in an effort to normalize it.

The children are the future. And that is exactly why the Elite are out to destroy them, also with the help of vaccines and technology. We have witnessed what the Elite, through the normalization process, have done through Cultural Marxism; a brainwash so severe that it rivals even the worst case of Wahhabism. #PissForEquality was a Twitter campaign intended to dupe Feminists to wet themselves in the name of Equality, and to post photos.[26] Sure enough, the non-thinking collectivists fell for it…

It is precisely also this group of blinded zombies — who call themselves “norm critics”, and with their gender-neutral toy campaigns, meta-politically are deciding the future of our children. Europe is riding on a wave of BULL-[ordure], to use modern terms…

According to the ancient Greeks, Zeus was the god above all others; the one who controlled thunder and lightning, which he used as his weapon. Together with Poseidon, and the King of the Dead and god of the Underworld, Hades, he ruled this world. According to Hesiod he was considered the “Lord of Justice” and “brought peace in place of violence.” Or in terms of Freemasonry; ”Ordo Ab Chao”, which happens to also be the motto for the New World Order…

Zeus was the Patron of Hospitality as well, however, and was said to revenge all wrongdoings to strangers — which is undoubtedly why the true protectors of Princess Europa’s virtue now seem to have both the Law and the Offended Choir against them.

Zeus watched over business life and was the one who punished — which he does to this very day, by taxes (to private banks) and seemingly never-ending laws.

Zeus was not only the weather god who controlled the climate, but also agriculture — which his servants still do, through HAARP[27] and cancer-causing GMO techniques.

Zeus, furthermore, was the bearer of the Aegis; a mysterious object which struck fear in his opponents. According to some early sources this was the head of Gorgon, a reptilian creature…[28] Which might explain why his most faithful servants seem to worship anything cold-blooded…[29]

“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture
will never be understood, let alone believed by the masses.”

— Plato

Even today, there are many occult secret societies in existence, with historical roots that go deep into the gloomy corners of history. The sex-worshipping “Brotherhood of Zeus and Kronos” is only of them.[30] Kronos by the way, happens to be Saturn, which Satanists also worship. For them the planet symbolizes Materialism, Power, and Worldliness.[31]

Regardless of what these psychopaths choose to call themselves, it is precisely this force which controls the world, like Zeus and his brothers — through abuse after abuse.

Princess Europa was Phoenician, according to legend, which means that Zeus therefore must have kidnapped her to Crete from the area of present-day Lebanon and Syria.[32]

It was the war in Syria, created by decree of the Elite, which gave the entire Third World their excuse to invade Europe — assisted with detailed maps, which appeared as mysteriously as the Twitter campaign “Refugees Welcome”, and which guided them en masse along the best routes into Europe… One of these was to the Greek islands, therein Crete.[33]

The Rape of Europe is a fact, and what awaits the indigenous European peoples is nothing short of an archetypal struggle of epic proportions.

“‘Love’ is the name for our pursuit of wholeness,
for our desire to be complete.”

— Plato

The Elite may outlaw the Truth and depict it as Hate, so let us therefore instead express our utmost Love — the love for our family, our way of life, and our future — it’s time we go native. That we stand up and be counted.

“Where you recognize evil, speak out against it,
and give no truces to your enemies.”

— Viking Proverb


— Herr Larsson

(Swedish readers are also encouraged to read En essä om hur Sverige erövrades)



53 thoughts on “The Rape of Europa — The Myth That Became Reality

    • Yes – and it’s causing much shock, outrage, grief and emotional distress to uber-tolerant leftists all around Europe…

      (but perhaps thanks to all that outrage, I got myself a copy of the magazine, upon arrival in Poland today! )

      • I bought five copies for myself, family and friends! As is typical, outrage over the imagery, not over the real rapes.

      • Merkel has organized a couple of million strong Turkish army to unleash with just a quick strip for Erdogan. Western Europe is caught up in one of the greatest leg overs in history. The EU is advising non resistance in the event of being robbed, raped and murdered. Otherwise you may compromise your human rights.

      • Yes and I am one of them. A few interesting facts.1) Most of the soldiers that are in combat roles are men of European descent. Around 60-70%. Then the Latino population. The disparity only gets worse as you go up the food chain. ( Rangers, Special Forces, Force Recon, Seals, etc.) 2) at last count 270 general officers were fired by the current administration. The ones that were not willing to go along with the globalist`s agenda. None of them are writing books, or appearing on news channels as talking heads. They are all really quiet….like they are preparing for something they know is coming. Approx. 1.5 million combat veterans ( now civilians) like myself are also preparing. We will not go silently into the night. I pray neither will Europe.

        • At least 5 yrs ago an Austrian politician whose name I forget remarked upon “the coming religious wars”. That tells you it was all planned a long time ago.

  1. “Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy,
    and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.”
    — Plato

    Thus. the reason I’ve always dismissed the Libertarians: a new perpetual slavery would be the consequence.

    • I was very active in the Libertarian Party (both national and state level) for about eight years, maybe ten, ending somewhere in the mid- to late ’80s.

      Libertarian rhetoric is long on the individual’s rights and freedoms, but short on responsibilities and obligations toward fellow citizens/human beings. Libertarians, by and large, don’t seem to have heard of the Social Contract or very much else other than “me me me.” Interestingly, this was the lament of each and every WOMAN active in the LP that I talked to during my period of party activity.

      The weekend in November 1978 when Congressman Leo Ryan and other members of his staff were killed by Jim Jones and the People’s Temple members in Guyana was a very bad early experience, but I thought I must have heard only partial statements or something.

      Scene: There was a state Executive Committee meeting that weekend. One of the attendees, upon hearing this shattering news, said something like, “Good. One less to deal with.” I was stunned–the assassination of a congressional representative was “good”? But, even worse, others around the (large) table agreed with him. The other two women and I looked at one another with expressions like “What the H*LL?!”

      So, rather than a “perpetual slavery,” I think we’d experience perpetual chaos and gang warfare under a Libertarian regime, regardless of whether it was supported by “minimalists,” “anarchists,” “gradualists,” or “abolitionists.” (These four terms have specific meaning in Libertarian rhetoric rather than their commonly accepted meanings.)

      When I *finally* woke up and realized that every single ExeComm meeting left me with a migraine because the smokers on the committee refused to cease their aggression (during sessions) against the lungs and circulatory systems of those of us who did not smoke and I was voted down yet again on a smoker/non-smoker partisan basis, I resigned my office and that. was. that.

      I had been one of the rare Libertarians who came in from the left side of the party rather than the right–based more on access to marijuana for medical use (yes, in the ’80s) and other “left”-oriented objectives,* even though Wm. F. Buckley supported that one!–but *ingesting* tobacco never seemed to appeal to the smokers. They just wanted to spew their exhaust in the rooms at us while making us nauseous and giving us migraines.

      Obviously, this was *before* California started passing laws about not smoking in various places…. Hotels finally figured out that they attracted more guests with non-smoking policies in place than without, but it was too late for me in the Libertarian Party.

      Gang warfare and chaos. Guaranteed, if what I saw coming out of the LP is to be believed. Some current LP rhetoric has changed, but not much….

      *”other ‘left’-oriented objectives”–not just medical marijuana, but such “radical” stuff as not losing one’s job because of one’s sexual orientation (it was still called “preference” then), and allowing children (humans under 14 years of age and, in some circumstances, those under 18 years of age) to be children; that is, protected from full legal consequences of their actions by NOT being able to make/sign legally binding contracts, and other adult responsibilities. In the LP, this was a radical stance. “Children’s rights” didn’t revolve around the usual belief system of non-abusive, supporting parenting; “children’s rights” was a code phrase for giving even the youngest children (barely literate, e.g., 5 or 6 years old) contractual standing, hire-ability, etc. It was as if the “children’s rights” supporters hadn’t ever heard of the outrages of the Industrial Revolution…or maybe they wanted those outrages to return? It was never made clear, but it sounded quite evil then and, if it’s still part of the dogma, it would still be quite evil.

      • I came to similar conclusions but was never that involved.

        From what I can gather, the breakdown in the link between rights and responsibilities seems to have started with women’s suffrage, which was opposed for a very long time by many women who were very aware of the historical connection between the right to vote and the responsibility to serve in the military during wartime. They didn’t want that particular responsibility so they didn’t want the right that required it. I assume they took for granted that this link couldn’t be broken.

        It seems as though the right to vote was eventually granted to women without any formalized corresponding responsibility, thus breaking the strong generalized right-responsibility connection. This connection seemed to be totally destroyed after WWII with the baby boomer generation, though the Greatest Generation appears to be the one that allowed it to happen.

        I don’t know at this point if there’s any way to reestablish the link between rights and responsibilities without civilizational collapse or at least major social/political disaster like a WWIII. But if it was women you saw complaining about the “me me me” attitude maybe women would be better problem solvers in this area.

        • Women should not be allowed to vote.
          Look at what their emotional outlook has done to politics?
          Look at how they’ve segued from relying on their husbands for moral guidance and maintenance to the state.
          The state has no real interest in women’s welfare except as a constituency to manipulate — and oh, how easy it is to manipulate women who would prefer totalitarian government to the God-ordained loving counsel of a man who loves her. In her escape from her ordained role, she has successfully emasculated men and made of herself a slave to an uncaring tyrant.
          That’s the truth.
          That is my opinion.
          Thank you for letting me voice it.

          Europe slides into cataclysm because both men and women have forsaken their God-given roles. Buying into the cultural Marxist, post-modern narrative, they have NO defenses against the wicked designs of the elite who are using and abusing said naifs — and emasculated men — as fodder for Islamic carnage.

          • There is empirical data to support your point regarding women’s enfranchisement, the state as a surrogate husband, and the expansion of government (a never-ending expansion which will inevitably lead to a totalitarian dystopia).

            The following is the precis to John R. Lott, Jr. and Lawrence W. Kenny paper “Did Women’s Suffrage Change the Size and Scope of Government?” from The University of Chicago’s Journal of Political Economy, vol. 107, no. 6, pt. 1, pg. 1163, ©1999:

            “This paper examines the growth of government during this century as a result of giving women the right to vote. Using cross-sectional time-series data for 1870–1940, we examine state government expenditures and revenue as well as voting by U.S. House and Senate state delegations and the passage of a wide range of different state laws. Suffrage coincided with immediate increases in state government expenditures and revenue and more liberal voting patterns for federal representatives, and these effects continued growing over time as more women took advantage of the franchise. Contrary to many recent suggestions, the gender gap is not something that has arisen since the 1970s, and it helps explain why American government started growing when it did.”

          • Show me. Organize and dispatch all women infantry regiments to the front instead of the behind. Period.

          • It’s easy to blame the voters (vast majority have no clue, both male and female), but what about the responsibility of the elected elite to decide and serve what is in our long term collective best interests? This is in my opinion where our society has totally failed.

          • MHB, the point is not that women should be drafted and sent to the front lines. I also wasn’t trying to suggest to women “you broke it so you fix it” (with regard to the rights-responsibility link).

            I also wasn’t trying to start another “women shouldn’t be allowed to vote” discussion.

            What I was trying to suggest is that women are much more concerned with cooperation since a “cave woman’s” survival depends more on cooperation with others than that of a cave man.

            One of the key things that enables cooperation is the connection between rights and responsibilities which is related to reciprocation. Therefore they should naturally more interested in such things than men, and research seems to suggest it. So I’m not surprised at what Cynthia observed.

            In WWII men hadn’t written any laws that I know of forcing women to work in factories, but the “Rosie the riveter” types did so out of some combination of a sense of responsibility and the desire to get paid.

            Just as women have the greatest incentive to oppose Islam, which turns them into slaves or nearly so, women also have the greatest incentive to find some solution to the rights-responsibility issue since failures in this area affect them more.

          • dhans: you’re talking like a European who still has an underlying cultural belief in monarchy. Let me explain what I mean.

            In a monarchy, virtue primarily lies with the monarch. In a republic, virtue primarily has to lie in the population for it to work.

            You seem to be suggesting that regardless of which “monarch” the population elects, that “monarch” should just always be enlightened and virtuous, doing things based on tradition etc.

            Unfortunately that’s not what happens. If the population elects a virtual communist then they’re going to get subjected to the “enlightened virtue” of communism for example.

            The core of what you’re saying seems to be “no matter who we elect they should act more according to, or limited by, tradition so it’s not our fault!”

            Unfortunately that’s not the case. The elected “monarch” can’t be expected to observe limits “just because” (tradition). Maybe some will but this just can’t be depended on.

    • I have come from libertarianism to a more nationalist/conservative position as I realised civilisations and cultures which don’t defend themselves get overrun.

      I suspect there will be many libertarians who will come to the same conclusion over the coming years.

      • “I have come from libertarianism to a more nationalist/conservative position …”

        Yes. I agree with you.

        Libertarianism is based on the premise, first developed by Adam Smith, that the pursuit of individual selfish interest will have to optimal social benefit.

        This is true to a point, but this point of view discounts the effect of racial and cultural politics. This point of view is optimal in a homogeneous culture, but breaks down in the face of diversity, where people vote with their race or culture.

        Also, a special-interest voting bloc has highly disproportionate impact on the political process, as opposed to a diverse group focused on their individual interests.

        The concept of the free market, and individual liberties is not unique to libertarianism. Libertarianism is not a political philosophy, as it has no prescription for functioning process or structure of government. Libertarianism contains nothing not found in free-market economics and enlightenment philosophy on the rights of the individual.

        I myself believe in a “live and let live” philosophy. Obviously, there are questions on the age of consent: our society has decided that children under a certain age do not have the right to give sexual consent, and therefore sex with them is a form of rape. I think this is a community wisdom, probably derived from long empirical experience. It is perfectly legitimate for a society to make this form of law. A libertarian would deny the right of the community to prescribe relationships between “consenting” individuals, even if one of those individuals does not have the experience, or perhaps the capacity, for independent judgment.

        Within the framework of law, and cultural identity, there is plenty of room for debate. The age of consent might vary between states, and also the severity with which statutory rape is dealt. The point is, contrary to Libertarianism, it is the right of the community and culture to set their own enforceable limits.

        • Life without idealism is not worth living. But life without common sense does not survive to live. So we ought to have high ideals and also at the same time have common sense when it comes to survival questions, which do not submit themselves to ideals the way we might like. I apply this idea of balance by thinking of my self as a “libertarian” who believes in the importance of traditional morality. Many if not most “libertarians” are hostile to traditional morality, but I think that’s because they are overly idealistic and insufficiently practical with common sense.

  2. Dear Baron,
    I hope you do not mind me repeating my comment on this post, as it seems even more pertinent here.

    Merkel received a prize from one of those societies, that agrees to Couldenhove Kalergi philosophies.

    Many of the EU leaders and backers received prizes like Merkel happily accepted in a speech, at the Federal Chancellery.

    The philosophy as espoused by Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove Kalergi,and his book “Practical Idealism” where you will find this quote

    “The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.”

    which then created “european society Coulden Kalergi” You may have to find on the page to language translation at the top right corner

    Another flow on “pan europea” Again may have to find on the page language translation

    All of these raise Couldenhove Kalergi philosophy.
    Many of these societies interlink in education, media, business, politics all through Europe, and have been pushing this for over 70 years and more.

    It is all pushed as a way of peace for Europe and so further and now world wide, by pushing for “no borders”.
    There does seem a parallel with another, islam, claiming peace, but first you must totally submit to its religion and politics.

    It seems hybridism in breeding is an essential aim and particularly in the first cross you will gain hybrid vigour.
    Many farmers practice this with sheep and cattle, to gain faster growth rates, earlier maturity, and a larger size.
    Live stock have to totally submit to the farmer (controlling elite).
    Any troublesome animal is culled.

    • No, speaking as someone with 2 degrees in genetics, an F1 cross does not always result in hybrid vigour. Only half of each parents genes can carry into the next generation, so half are lost. If you have a person say will an IQ of 150 and breed them with a congenital idiot with cerebral problems and an IQ of 60. You will not get an offspring superior to both parents.
      If we do have some sort of Eurafrican, it will be inferior to that of the White Western European.

  3. Dear Baron, again I wish to repeat this comment here on this post as it is apt.

    A part of it is the third wave of feminism. Yes the “Queer theory” and also the “Patriarchy theory”
    That is well explained in this video that I only saw last night, and relates very well to this post.

    Very current as posted 18th Feb,2016
    “CALM DOWN!! Restoring Common Sense to Feminism” – Milo Yiannopoulos and Christina Hoff Sommers
    1 hour 57 minutes

    I surprised myself, watching the whole 2 hours
    In the introductory minutes of the video it was a bit distasteful, trying to joke , but gets down to business quite well, explaining and defining how things have built up through education systems, reaching out through media/politics, then new agendas are needed, the queers and patriarchs, then right through to the end with the Q&A
    Covering the issues in Europe, USA and the differences, then solidly why in Europe, making very strong warning of things to come.

    That video makes me reflect, that as knowledge of these problems are becoming more widespread, that also everything is on a knife edge as well.

  4. Can we expect the Rape of Columbia to be forthcoming in the not too distant future? Columbia’s chaperone was killed off last Saturday.
    Yes, may we all live in interesting times, and these times are becoming more interesting by the moment.

    • Please, I beg you,find another cliché besides that one. We are not living in “interesting” times and I wish to God and all his heavens that another term could be found to replace that shop-worn, tattered and, yes, mindless phrase. We live in frightening times, or we live in uncertain times, or we live in the shadow of a police state. But “interesting” times?? NO!!! Somebody read that in a fortune cookie and now we have to endure it. I began gritting my teeth somewhere around iteration # 7326.

      Here, my thesaurus has some alternatives for you. PICK ONE or ten…

      alluring, amusing
      attractive compelling
      engaging exotic

      Warning: if you find yourself residing in I.T., don’t tell anyone. Let it be your secret. Go here instead, I beg you, and pick another word. Any other word

      • I agree. It’s like playing the same song over and over again until you start to get nauseated from hearing it.

        • OK, I was being facetious. I was trying to giggle so I wouldn’t start to cry over what I see coming. As far as these times are concerned, how about “End Times” as I don’t see a future for us apart from a return to feudal serfdom, which in some ways is already here.

      • I guess, someone didnt realize the sracasm the chinese put into the word “interesting”. I for my part appreciate this kind of black humor. 🙂

        • The sarcasm was always obvious. In each of the three million iterations of this “joke” the black humor was obvious. But after 2005 it became increasingly irritating to see it so predictably appended to someone’s otherwise useful comment.

          Humor depends partly on the element of surprise, an element that left the scene of this ‘witticism’ many years ago. This “Chinese” aphorism needs to join the other ‘clever’ sayings that have been repeated to the point of mindlessness.

          Another one seems finally to have hit the trash heap: “Europe is done. Stick a fork in it”. Back when the Baron posted on Breitbart’s “Big Peace” it seemed commenters trampled one another in their effort to be the first to use that clever bon mot. Repeatedly. Endlessly. It was never clever but when it reached the level of reflexive ignorance, I kept voting for GoV not to post at Breitbart anymore.

          All of us have pet peeves. What you “appreciate” I find annoyingly predictable.

      • As I fully agree with what you are saying, Dymphna, it may also be that people are confused as to what to say as there is PC, moderating, censoring and clashing expectations of what to say and what not to say.

        Then, ending up with saying “interesting” may seem one safe way to say what you for so many different reasons cannot say precisely.

    • What particular event are you referring to? The FARC visit to Guiajara? As a Colombian resident I would like to know what I’m missing.

      • Antonio Scalia’s untimely demise under some very suspicious circumstances in which all forensic protocol was abrogated and set aside. The refusal by the POTUS to attend the funeral only made the intended agenda more obvious. Now that “Columbia” as the goddess represented by the Statue of Liberty no longer has someone to stand for her, those who raped Europa are free to have their way with her (us Americans ) as well.

        • Thank you for answering. I, of all people should have caught the difference between Columbia and Colombia, but I guess that this whole business with the “peace process” here, which has the approval of Obama and the U.N. (How is that for giving a person confidence?) has been making me nervous, along with plenty of Colombians. The latest incident, FARC got permission from the government to do some politicking, and showed up fully armed. Not nice, especially given how many poor country people those _____s have murdered in cold blood (including women and children) when they have come riding into small towns that are not offering any resistance.

  5. The disaster now unfolding across the EU is the result of industrial reliance on petroleum products, and a revolt of the elites — that is, the money elites. Diversity, “freedom”, one worldism – that’s the PR mask covering the economics of this revolution (or suicide).

    • Advanced, civilised nations need energy independence from mentally regressive peoples sat upon hydrocarbons, certainty of the highest level of education for all of our citizens and input into our political choices via direct democracy and effective military defence.

      These measures would resolve and prevent such pre WW3 scenarios as are playing out now upon the world stage.

  6. Some time ago, I explained the art work in a letter to my local newspaper and compared it with the current Rape of Europe. They refused to print it. They also ban the word Dhimmi. Ah, the sweet smell of censorship.

  7. Another interesting “theory” behind 2016 being chosen by the “elite” for Islam’s all-out war on Europe , that hasn’t been mentioned is this – it is exactly 333 years since the Battle of Vienna . 33 is obviously the “perfect number” in freemasonry & the esoteric arts , so this is a historical year for them . Note that “33rd degree” Freemasons include coudenhove-kalergi & the infamous Albert pike (this also ties in with the Pike “Third World War” theory

  8. What a horrible article. Thank you for posting it.

    The mind reels, at least mine does. I’ll have to read it again and then follow up on all those links. Ugh. What a homework assignment.

    I have disliked the Davos elites for some time and I despise George Soros. What I don’t understand is what “they” think they will achieve with all this?

  9. articles like these do disservice to Counterjihad.

    persistent referring to this obscure “The Count and Freemason Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi” – makes it all laughable, – why not Alistair Crowley or some other clown.
    the guy was mixed-race and uncomfortable because of that, so he tried exporting his mixologist views to politics, – it was his personal story.
    and BTW the phrasing “.. [he] was also one of his era’s top advocates for the extermination of the white people, through racial mixture and out-breeding.” – is misleading because mixing presumes “extermination” of both whites and non-whites.

    look – for me, it is hard to object to the “beauty of the white woman” argument, as I myself like white women more than any other kind – this is biology.
    but – let it remain biology, [deleted], don’t drag it to politics.
    practice your preferences privately.
    yes I know, some of these chaotic leftis do consider racial mixing a virtue – they deserve ridicule, but that isn’t a thing on which you can build vialble political platform.

    also the author’s mentioning Ehrenburg (a Jew) has clear anti-Semitic overtone.
    ref.12 only contains this – “Ehrenburg’s persistent but implicit approval of looting and ape against civilians by Soviet troops” – very vague and unsubstantiated claim.
    is it really equivalent to this – “..Red Army was ordered to rape the German women and children, by the Soviet propagandist Illya Ehrenberg”?

    briefly, – this article is full of classical right-wing myths presented as facts, and posting it will attract real nazis to the GOV. in my opinion.

  10. The problems is that the West is full of young people who are deluded and ignorant of recent history. Open borders is the cry, tear down statues that offend they cry and most of them have never had to fight for anything, let alone freedom, in their lives! Porcine Cameron states that ISIS will take a generation to defeat yet the racist Axis of Germany, Japan & Italy were destroyed in six years. Merkel has been assessed by an eminent psychoanalyst as being insane ( As was Tony Blair & George Bush before her) & her open borders policy has broken German Constitutional Law according to at least three constitutional judges. Yet she is still kow towing to the ” Sultan” of Turkey and selling Europe’s soul in the process when she should be in chains for TREASON! European folk are watching their lives unravel with barely a whimper, they have become so “open minded” that their brains have fallen out. Whilst neurotically avoiding upsetting minority interest groups and feminazis they have have overlooked the enemy within,the viperous Obama, the Muslim apologist John Kerry, the treacherous Merkel, Hollande, Tusk, Sutherland, the EU, NATO and the Muslim dominated United Nations! Establishments are selling their citizens down the river with utter, naked contempt and the question for now is what price are the citizens prepared to pay to rectify the situation.

    • Young people aren’t just ignorant of history, they’re also actively manipulated. The strategy revolves around pushing ideas that deny any need to take individual responsibility for things that matter while pushing the idea of taking “social responsibility” for vague abstract things that are either useless, of very low priority, or counterproductive.

      In short, the strategy is encourage them to behave irresponsibly toward individuals around them while supporting anything that can, of course, only be solved through increased central government authority. Therefore “social responsibility” is redefined so that it no longer refers as much to individual behavior but refers more to supporting centralized authoritarianism which is of course pushed as the only way to solve the problems that they are being encouraged to create.

  11. I’m afraid this article is an unsubstantiated rant. That doesn’t disprove its assertions, but they are not proven either, particularly the conspiracy aspects.

    Let me bring in some particulars:

    “As with 9/11, the Rape of Europe is also a so-called “false flag” operation. ”

    So, are we back to the accusations concerning 9/11:

    it’s the Jews,
    it’s Mossad,
    it’s the CIA.

    Any article with this as a throwaway line has got to be suspect.

    “That Cultural Marxism has infiltrated and taken over is apparent, from secular Lutheran parishes to the Vatican itself — which for hundreds of years has engaged in occult non-Christian activity.[22] ”

    I looked up the reference cited here, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the Vatican engaging in “occult non-Christian activity”, now or in the past centuries.

    “Zeus was not only the weather god who controlled the climate, but also agriculture — which his servants still do, through HAARP[27] and cancer-causing GMO techniques.”

    Again, we can disagree on the value of genetically-modified foods: but, as part of an unsubstantiated rant, it does little to add to the useful knowledge of the reader.

    “war criminals such as Henry Kissinger and Tony Blair”
    It is a common trope of the left that Henry Kissinger is a war criminal for his handling of the Vietnam War and other diplomatic matters. A primary accuser of Kissinger is Christopher Hitchens, a far-leftist for most of his life:

    Again, using this as a throwaway line in a generalized rant does little to add to the knowledge of the reader.

    I don’t disagree with many of the assertions in the article. For instance, I think there is much to be said for the conclusion that: “The Muslim invasion of Europe is planned.” Apparently it is part of the outlook of oligarchs such as Richard Sutherland and George Soros. Now, what do I do with that viewpoint?

    “The children are the future. And that is exactly why the Elite are out to destroy them, also with the help of vaccines and technology. ”

    Are we to believe that vaccines are the result of plots to weaken our population? Would our children really be better off without being vaccinated against measles, mumps, smallpox, tetanus, rabies? This is a kooky assertion, if ever there were one.

    In point of fact, there is a pressure from some drug companies to force children to be vaccinated against a lot of rare diseases which they are highly unlikely to encounter. This is abusive, and a proper subject for investigation and condemnation. But, a blanket rant against vaccination is simply weird.

    On the whole, the article is interesting as literature, and suggestive, but not to be taken seriously as evidence.

    • RonaldB: You took the words out of my mouth. The 39th comment at last notices that the emperor is naked! Disappointed to see such low value articles reproduced here.

      • Apologies to AY whose comment I missed when I posted. I whole-heartedly agree with your sentiments.

    • I think it it’s worthwhile to look at all of the admissions of past kgb defectors about techniques they have used such as ideological subversion. Look at Yuri Bezmenov, General Pacepa, Goi… something. The technique is what people already accuse the left of doing. That was effective enough for the Soviets to put their money behind it. I think those admissions are key to getting people to rethink what they are allowing. Even if there are no connections today to the fallen USSR, the process is real so why should the outcome be different.

  12. Conspiracies are by definition secret. This means that very few people can be party to them, or they will be exposed by someone’s indiscretion, and no longer secret, so no longer effective- or am I missing something?

  13. HAARP was disbanded, and GMOs do not cause cancer. Second, the Red Army rape was a myth conjured by Goebbels, not Ehrenburg. I would expect some myths to be popped, but alas, I think the author was too busy riding the tide of the moment.

  14. excellent article. reference 25. paedophilia being encouraged by the state in Germany. the link is to an unreliable online newspaper. it seems unbelievable. can you provide the original scource and perhaps a translation. this if true needs to be shared widely and create the absolute outrage it deserves.

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