The Land of Ice and Snow (Again)

Well, we’re in for another one of those wintry mixes here at Schloss Bodissey. According to the forecast, it will start as snow and then switch to sleet later tonight, with 1″-3″ (3-7 cm) of the mix by morning. There will be more of the same tomorrow, adding another 1″-3″, with the possibility of a layer of freezing rain on top of it.

It’s that last part that made me fill up the bathtub tonight and top up the drinking water containers.

The snow has already started. It’s very cold here, and the snow is dry. The rain is not supposed to arrive tonight, so I doubt we will lose our electricity before the sleety dawn peeps through the clerestory windows of the Great Hall in the morning. However, if we seem to have made ourselves scarce here tomorrow, you’ll know why.

10 thoughts on “The Land of Ice and Snow (Again)

  1. It really upsets my friends in colder climates when I email them a picture of the big Christmas tree that is erected by the lifeguard shack at the Hermosa pier with shirtless guys and girls in bikini tops skating by on the boardwalk.

    Stay warm you two and I hope the weather doesn’t bring you any troubles.

    • Thank you. It’s raining now, and the temperature is still below freezing. So we shall see.

    • Wouldn’t bother us. We like “seasonable weather” as the petition in The Book of Common Prayer puts it. Here,that means four seasons, each of them with their own wonders, and each of them with a worm in the apple. Right now it’s lovely and white outside…just as February should be. Soon (in a day or so) it will be mucky and warm enough to go outside in shirt sleeves.

      I grew up in Florida and couldn’t wait to get to a tolerable climate. When I experienced my first Canadian high pressure system in New England with its clear, deeply blue skies and low humidty, it made me feel euphoric. All those years as a kid when I’d thought I was lazy and it turned out to be the horridly humid and endless heat that made me literally ill.

      Southern California is drier and far more pleasant than Florida but the semi-arid climate means too much water consumption so the wealthy can keep green their swathes of imported grasses.

      When I think of an “eden” it is surely the Muir Woods or something similar.

      • You have that right about the water here. I had hoped all the talk of an El Nino would come true but so far only two or three rain cycles have come through. I have a 5 gallon bucket in the shower and I catch the water that comes until it runs hot to water some of my plants. My grass, well I don’t really have any. My yard is dirt – that’s a sign a California patriot.

        Having grown up further North, I do miss the seasons, however I can go North about 360 miles to visit my mom, and freeze my butt off for Christmas. And there are mountains with snow just a couple of hours from home. In fact my ski buddy was an LA County ocean life guard for a number of years and one weekend we went skiing locally (90 minutes from home) on Saturday and he went surfing on Sunday.

        Today it’s clear blue and 87 degrees. That’s not normal for this time of year – probably about 20 degrees above normal. Some like it, I wish it was cooler.

        There are certainly other places to settle down but I’m not sure where I would go that I might prefer. I know a lady in Las Vegas, but I don’t think that’s a good choice and she wants to get back to San Diego anyway. I have a summer cabin in the Rockies in Idaho so I do get a change of scenery each year. There might be a better place for me, but I haven’t found it. My brother likes the Ozarks, but I don’t think that’s for me. I think I’ll stay put for a while.

  2. It’s winter! That’s what winter does. Be thankful you don’t live in downtown Verkhoyansk where the temp. has many times this winter been between -50C and -60C. Or in Bragg Creek Alberta, where our temp. once hit -48C.

    But here in beautiful B.C. daffodils are blooming, as are snowdrops and other flowers, and our feeder is being buzzed by hummingbirds! (well, it’s tough, but someone has to do it!) LOL, Baron and Lady D.!

  3. Baron, Dymphna, sorry to hear that it is so cold but it will not last. Our temperature in Thailand went all the way down to an unprecedented 11 degrees centigrade a few weeks back and I was going around wearing not one, but two Marks and Spencers lambswool sweaters. Outside it is now 30 degrees, the dogs are crashed out in the driveway and the cats are curled asleep on the chair.

    So much for global warming.

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