The Groping Jihad in Hamburg: School Under Police Protection

More and more reports are appearing in the German media about the sexual harassment of young women by culture-enrichers, especially the recently arrived “refugees”. One of the latest is from the Wilhelmsburg district of Hamburg.

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Sexual Harassment: School under Police Protection

Wilhelmsburg — After St. Pauli there is apparently a second location in Hamburg, where multiple young women fall victim to groping and harassment. The targets are female students of the vocational school W4 at the Dratelnstraße, where about 2,000 mostly female students are in training to become medical, dental or veterinary professionals.

The truth only became known after the headmistress reported several cases in which students were hassled and sexually harassed. Apparently they were sexually solicited on their way to the train station in Wilhelmsburg by individual men and small groups of men. They were sexually harassed in different ways or prompted to kiss. To put it plainly: The path to the vocational school became a gauntlet for the young women.

The police speak of at least eight cases so far. But that seems to be only the tip of the iceberg. Inquiries by the police officer responsible for the school found that additional numerous similar incidents have taken place, even though only a small part of the students had been surveyed so far.

One student described how she was followed by a group of men all the way to the main train station, where they pushed her up against the wall while other men stood watch and laughed. “Many other such incidents were described,” according to Chief Inspector Andreas Schöpflin. Almost all incidents took place surrounding the school’s property. The descriptions of the perpetrators are all nearly identical. They speak little to no German, and apparently originate in the Middle East or North Africa. It is being investigated whether these men come from the nearby Initial Reception Center at Dratelnstrasse. About 1,400 refugees are placed there.

The school, because of the harassment and attacks, is now under police protection. It has been announced that the police presence will take be increased, which includes the deployment of riot police.

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  1. It sounds to me like protecting the school is insufficient. All possible routes to/from the school sound like they need much better protection than they are ever likely to get.

  2. The police can’t protect everyone, even if they wanted to, which they don’t. Learn martial arts AND firearms combat. You’re on your own.

  3. Germany should take this opportunity to undo some of the damage they have done. The migrants are not citizens yet (are they?) They can be removed for any reason. Anyone caught sexually harassing a local (or another migrant) should be deported.

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