The Forbidden Name Which None May Utter

Basil Hassan, the would-be murderer of Lars Hedegaard

The young man in the grainy photo above is named Basil Hassan. Three years ago Mr. Hassan allegedly dressed up in a fake postman’s uniform and attempted to assassinate the Danish Islam-critic Lars Hedegaard at the latter’s apartment building.

After the attempted murder, the alleged perp fled Denmark, and has reportedly been spending his time in Syria and Turkey. The Danish police would like to find Basil Hassan so that he can help them with their enquiries.

I can use Mr. Hassan’s name publicly because I live in the United States. If I lived in Denmark, I would be forbidden to mention it, however. Presumably I would be violating his human rights or something. But that doesn’t make sense — wouldn’t it aid the criminal investigation if ordinary Danish citizens knew the suspect’s name, and could call the police if they happened to encounter him?

But that’s too logical — that’s not how they do things in Europe.

Lars Hedegaard defied the law and published the name of Basil Hassan, and was subsequently prosecuted for it. Today was his day in court. Several of his supporters (including Tania, the leader of PEGIDA DK) wore T-shirts with the forbidden name printed on them when they came to court. They were ordered to remove the shirts or be thrown out. So they complied, and took off the shirts.

Later, when they went outside, three of them held up the shirts for a friend to take a photo. The police immediately arrested them, and charged them under the same law Lars Hedegaard was accused of violating.

Such is fate of infidels in Modern Multicultural Denmark.

Below is an interview with Tania about what happened today. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

Vlad and I batted around some ideas about how Danish “Islamophobes” could have some fun while testing the limits of legal absurdity in Denmark. I suggested that they make two sets of shirts, one batch with “Basil” printed on each shirt, and the other with “Hassan”. People could put on the shirts and mill around for a while, before finally casually grouping themselves in appropriate pairs. Could they be arrested at that point?

Or: Each shirt could have just one letter on it. Those who wore them could mingle in random sequences until the moment arrived to arrange themselves in a certain order. Could they be arrested at that point?

Vlad suggested that to add to the fun, they could make anagrams with the letters until they were ready to arrange themselves to spell the forbidden name. A quick look gave me “banish a lass”, plus a couple of naughty ones. But nothing really catchy.

There’s more about this absurd and dismaying case at

17 thoughts on “The Forbidden Name Which None May Utter

    • Reports in the UK this morning that Tony Blair secretly ordered an open border policy which let in 2 million plus economic migrants because HE believed there should be more diversity! Having ruined the Middle East with the equally retarded Bush, and his baton picked up by his acolyte the porcine, parsimonious, Bullingdon bully boy Cameron, the indigenous population is working longer, under worse conditions, for less pensions, public services have been decimated, the sick, the poor, the disabled hammered, he gets to strut his stuff ( with his awful wife Cherie) making millions Scot free. Should be in chains for war crimes and treason – democracy in the West is well and trul dead!

  1. Norwegian PM Erna Solberg said that her country would have to abandon the Geneva Convention and the Schengen Agreement if order broke down in Sweden, (hasn’t it already?) and the third world rabble headed for Norway; the Danes said they were watching very carefully.
    And that’s all they would do, for they would never have the intestinal fortitude to do or say something similar. The Basil Hassan case above is proof that the Danes, some of the nicest people one could meet anywhere, are ruled by a ‘loony tunes’ gang very similar to the imbeciles wrecking Sweden.

  2. Basil? The name still doesn’t sound too much like a cultural enricher. More like an Orthodox Christian from Moscow who’s ended up in Sweden/Denmark…

  3. This is insane, arresting, prosecuting a person who named the person who tried to kill him!

    These judicial systems have to be smashed and broken up, they are cancer, and these judges, prosecutors, must be de robed, and put on trial for crimes against humanity.

    We need a war, not only to get rid of islam, but to wipe and destroy this pc prison that our societies have become.

    Max Weber’s “iron cage” theory comes to mind.

    We are all prisoners of these state bureaucratic tyrannies, all of them operated from within by little stalinists, out to terrorise and crush the citizens without any fear or favour.

    There’s compassion.

    Bring it on please so we can get rid of these traitor communist scum.

    • Civil war. Nothing else will suffice to break the chains.

      I feel ashamed saying this from the relative safety of relatively free America, but unless the people on the ground in Denmark, Sweden and Germany find the courage to revolt they will lose….everything.

      • Couldn’t agree more–it has to come.
        It’s either civil war or Eurabia converts to islam. No other possibility. (unless Eurabia’s leaders turn around and expel the rabble, and you know that is NOT going to happen!)
        BTW, Denmark Sweden and Germany? Why stop there, it’s the whole of Western Europe.

        • Someone told me that England is divided 50-50 on the Brexit move. I hope it is not like our large cities here, with fraudulent voting.

  4. Are these cases presented before a jury of citizens or only judges? Shouldn’t the people be the ones making judgement? Maybe if ordinary citizens see the unlawful laws being prosecuted, and they can do something about it, there would be hope.

    • @William – only judges of the court pass judgement, the Danish legal system is generally in the tradition of continental Europe, where they rely heavily, or even at times, absolutely on police evidence which can be flawed.

  5. This is really hard to even understand. In the US publishing someones name is not any kind of CRIMINAL offence. It can come under tort laws. Which means that Hassan could sue for defamation of character, but he would have to prove this is not true.

    Even if not true there are no criminal laws against false statements. I wonder what Danish politics is like. I guess you couldn’t say something like “Obama was not born in America”, for example.

    Daniah politics must be very truthfull, if the above is correct.

    • I’d love to have input from some of the Danes who know their own history.

      Is this practice new since they were inundated with 3rd world peoples? Is it a new and reactive law arising out of their experience with the Mo cartoons? Or is it a stultifying part of the cultural command not to stand out?

      Every culture has its own fatal flaw. Scandinavian strictures about ‘niceness’ and keeping one’s head down so as not to stand out from the crowd seem to be part of the culture of all three countries. Think what it has cost them in terms of originality and curiosity. No wonder so many of the men have to flee.

  6. The people of the West need to be armed with the right concept.

    Counter-jihad is not it. Liberal clearly isn’t it. Freedom Fighter has been squatted by the genocidal Left.

    People need to grasp that we kuffar in the West are already living under “the conditions of Omar”.

    Dhimmitude is not the right concept behind which people can gather and fight back. The only concept I can see working in this regard is Kuffarphobia. Half the battle is won because people understand the concepts of Islamophobia and Homophobia. The only half of the battle left is to explain what kuffar means: “it is the only position offered to non-muslims: accept subjugation or be killed”.

    We in the West are already in this situation. We accept subjugation, or we are killed. Examples of this are Theo van Gogh, Pim Fortuyn, Geert Wilders, Salman Rushdie, Tommy Robinson, Lars Hedegaard, etc.

    I could list a number of very minor people in the UK who have resisted islam, and they have been visited by the police and told that their lives are in danger, but that there was nothing the police were going to do to protect them.

    The banning of demonstrations, art shows, TV shows are all attempts to prevent the Conditions of Omar, the implementation of Kuffarphobia, being made manifest in riots, murder or terrorist attacks by Muslims. Or by their Ansar helpers, such as the Leftist who murdered Pim Fortuyn.

    If we who are seeing far into the future and far into the past do not work out this conceptual framework and get it publicised, we leave the other ordinary members of our society with a huge task to grasp what is islam, what are the implications, what is the history. We need a single word which silences critics, the way the invocation of “Islamophobia” is used to end debate and information-sharing.

  7. Any country that stupid, evil, duplicitous, absurd, etc., is in it’s death throes. Shouldn’t be long now.

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