The Bridge Jihad in Denmark

Unknown Danish Patriot sends the following update: “See this link (in Danish, suggest google translate).”

Our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc just sent this update on the latest Islamic invention contrived by culture-enrichers in Denmark.

The Gravitational Jihad
by Kepiblanc

For years Danish motorists have faced impending danger whenever they approached one of those highway ‘groutings’ — narrow bridges leading local traffic over major routes. Especially around culturally enriched neighbourhoods.

The wise driver will slow down and carefully observe whether there are any Muslims on the bridge before passing under. Otherwise, the chances are that he or she will be pelted with various objects such as pellets, rocks, bottles and whatnot. So far no lethal damage has been done, mostly due to the fact that modern cars are constructed to be somewhat Islamophobic — such as with unbreakable windscreens and safety belts.

Nevertheless, our diligent Muslims have carried on practising and improving their skills. And now they’ve figured out that speed alone isn’t sufficient to inflict lethal damage and carnage. Mass is another — and important — factor. Someone must have told them that mass times speed squared yields better performance. They can’t command speed, so consequently they’ve added mass — in the form of 30 kilograms [66 lbs.] of heavy, concrete sidewalk pavers. Last week they dropped one onto a tiny Ford, but — alas — without killing the entire family of four, causing only severe lacerations to the female in the shotgun seat.

The culprit here was their knowledge of falling objects. Being Muslims, they’ve inherited the law of Aristotle, which asserts that heavier objects fall faster than lighter ones. So they figured that a 30 kg concrete brick would fall faster than a pebble, and accordingly hit the windshield. It did not. It hit the roof of the car, dammit! Small comfort, though: the four cars following hit the broken pieces, ran off the lane and crashed.

So now they’re back to the drawing board, scratching heads. But — as always — help is at hand: our left-wing politicians immediately proposed that the entry requirements to college should be lowered in order to accommodate Muslims. That way they might have a chance — provided they’re present — to learn about Galileo and his law of falling objects. Which states that speed = ½ × gravity × time².

Well, I’m sure no Muslims read Gates of Vienna, but if they do, I’m quite confident they can’t do the calculus anyway. So maybe they’d better resort to ye good olde and proven RPG instead…

There’s more here (in Danish).

41 thoughts on “The Bridge Jihad in Denmark

    • “the authorities considered attempted murder not worth investigating when the perps wee Muslim?”
      You are correct. It is not a problem if a Muslim attempts to commit murder, because, straight white Christian male bigotry.

  1. Lifted straight from Instapundit at 4:30–
    “Alas, the time of the most despicable man is coming,” Friedrich Nietzsche warned Europe in 1885′s Also sprach Zarathustra, “he that is no longer able to despise himself. Behold, I show you the last man.” Nietzsche’s beta male last man — or “men without chests,” as C.S. Lewis wrote 60 years later in The Abolition of Man — must have made the Continent seem like easy pickings to its newfound immigrant horde, and college campuses on both sides of the Atlantic, where the Will to Power derives from victimhood, are cranking out lots more.

  2. Nowhere in the Danish story linked does it say the culprits were Muslims. The Danish just says sydlandsk af udseende–looking like southerners (meaning the same as the term does in German, which is “southern European or north African or Arab or Turkish or whatever only not Germanic”). I think your correspondent is jumping the gun here, unless there are other sources.

      • I don’t think that at all. I’m very clear that the rapists & gropers are overwhelmingly from Moslem countries. I’m very angry & concerned about mass migration from Moslem countries to Europe. I accept that the people throwing concrete from the bridges in Denmark are Moslem. But pointing the finger at behaviour that’s also shared by the natives does nothing for the counter-jihad cause. The focus should be on the new behaviours being imported into Europe, & how they will change the continent.

        • I’m with you Diotima. I would like to see a proven link, but with no information and plenty of cases where there is an intentional attempt to cover up Muslim crime, it has become rather natural to assume limited information = bureaucratic cover up = Muslim crime.

          The main thing that stands out as unusual is that, with a much heavier object than normal, it seems like a much more serious attempt to kill people than the usual hoodlums dropping rocks situation. Dropping such a heavy object makes it seem like someone was much more motivated than usual for some reason.

  3. This doesn’t really tell us much except that Denmark has ghettos too and not enough of the bridges in certain places have chain link fencing on the rails.

    • Well by all means submit your own first-hand reportage about whatever cultural enrichment you may have seen yourself??

      OTOH, sans snark, a suggestion or question as to why chain link fences – the kinds that lean in such a way that the perp is in danger of falling into the traffic below – would be welcomed.

      Perhaps the author knows why this hasn’t been done.

      After your having had more than 880 comments accepted on this website, I’d have thought you knew better than to belittle others’ efforts.

      • Sorry, I wasn’t intentionally trying to belittle. I guess I’m in a bad mood. Some of types of events lately have been particularly disturbing to me.

  4. To be fair, this little trick was already practiced in the past by Europe’s (and America’s) own juvenile delinquents… but as we know, cultural enrichers love taking someone else’s invention and taking things to a whole new level… so yeah, more wonderful benefits of cultural enrichment to enjoy.

      • Green Infidel is absolutely correct. I made a similar point higher up & also got flack for it. I have picked a side, the counter-jihad movement, & I suspect GF has also. Does that preclude speaking the truth & support distorting reality? I truly believe that the counter-jihad movement isn’t helped by this, which is why I commented myself.

    • I was almost victimized by “this little trick” one night here in California, but I looked up in time to jam on the brakes. If I hadn’t looked up, I might not be here writing this.

  5. The Islamic physics here (“heavy objects fall faster”) is bad. The Galilean (actually, Newtonian) formula “speed = ½ × gravity × time²” is just as bad. The correct formula is d = ½ × g × t² , where d is the distance fallen by an object in t seconds, and g = 9.8 m/sec² = 32 ft/sec² is the acceleration due to gravity.
    The bigger problem is how to determine, from a distance in a moving vehicle, the Islamicity of loiterers on an overpass. One possible countermeasure:

  6. Infidel, you too suck at physics, Galileo apart. Velocity is equal to acceleration*time. The formula that you give there means nothing. Unless it was put there for infidel sarcasm.

  7. They are all most likely minors, so there will be no question of lawsuit.

    Using minors in the war against the infidels means more total damage to infrastructure, and at the same time, no soldiers temporary lost to prison time. Two, or more birds, with one stone… All age groups seem to be involved in the warfare, psychological and physical.

  8. In the past, this was also a problem in the West Bank. There, it was “improved” by putting nails in the concrete blocks. The Pallies are at the forefront of innovation! Maybe because they have lots of universities (all opened AFTER the Israelis took over, incidentally).

    Somehow, it doesn’t seem to happen any more.

    • Palestinians stoning cars with Israeli number plates continues to be endemic in the West Bank & has caused death & serious injury.

    • JB You would be very surprised, it is in fact Basques and Sicilians (and Catalans) who are causing enormous trouble in The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Did you not read of the suppressed Koln police report regarding Sylvester Night? They have established that all references to “Southerners” by the victims of gropings and sexual assaults in Koln were references to Basques, Catalans and Sicilians. So we really have nothing to be concerned about with migration from MENA countries.

      And GoV can now close down because we’ve all been under a terrible illusion that there was a problem emanating from MENA countries.

  9. Is that a Ford Sierra? That could be the reason for the attack. Rocks dropped by miscreants onto cars even happens in New Zealand.

  10. Something like this almost happened to me once. But after seeing a bunch of delinquent on the bridge about to dump their load, I swerved into the next lane and changed speed. This was in Poland. I hear in America, trucker’s sometimes like to personally deal with the culprits (if there’s an exit to the Interstate nearby).

  11. Brainwashed sleeping Western Europeans and Muslim settlers. Which will wake up first. Or, will it all end with a nuke or multiples thereof launched from any one of thousands of secure jehadi locations within the stark naked Dhimmilands.

  12. Stuff happened in Philly also when I lived there 30 years ago. So, you put up a high foot fence topped wit concertina wire along the walkway on the bridge and stuff stops.

    • The lack of an edit function is a sound choice. If one were present folks could edit the content of their comments after certain responses had shown where their logic of position was deeply worthy of criticism. Comments could disappear entirely leaving readers to wonder just what had been stated. I think we can all look past fat fingered typing.

      On another blog I once made a comment, it received several well thought out responses, and then someone responded suggesting edits to make my thoughts resound more strongly. I could have made the edit, but I had said what I said and it belonged out there, especially after a response.

      Perhaps an edit feature that is disabled after a reply would be appropriate, just to let folks catch bad typing, spelling, or grammar. It’s hard to do your best writing in a two inch tall box. One could, I suppose, write a comment offline, spell check and grammar check, and run it by their own personal editor for review, but who takes the time?

  13. There is a simple solution which is to encase the overhead bridge with strong steel mesh. If that fails, demolish the bridge.

    If the authorities fail to implement such measure they obviously want their taxpaying citizens to run the gauntlet.

  14. American kids of my generation were known for hanging out on overcrossings and waiting for a convertible to spit on. We were brats, but not out to hurt anyone. I remember one night we were drinking beer on the overcrossing for golfers on a course that straddled the boulevard and one of our group, (not myself), took a few steps off the group to relieve himself over the middle of the roadway. I’ll just say that the fellow passing under the bridge in his MG with the top down was not happy!

    I’m not sure what teenagers today are up to…I’m sure it’s still up to no good, but I generally try to stay clear of teenagers.

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