Street Interview With a Woman in Hamburg: “Islam is Not Compatible With Christendom”

The video below from a German TV outlet shows an on-the-street interview on the topic of immigration with an elderly lady in Hamburg. Partway through the interview, three or four “youths” interrupt the interviewer and her subject, horning in, arguing, and offering their own unsolicited opinions. When the woman says, “Islam is not compatible with Christendom,” one of the culture-enrichers responds by putting words in her mouth — asserting that she said, “Islam is bad.”

The fact that Christendom and Islam are mutually incompatible should be unarguable, especially from a Muslim perspective, because that is exactly the reason why Islamic scripture and law demand the suppression and eventual eradication of Christianity.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   “Refugees, are they still welcome?” — No – No? Why not? No.
0:03   You know, the politicians, they do this from their throne.
0:07   They sit in their fat Mercedes, drive through the country,
0:12   and WE old ladies are harassed.
0:15   I sat waiting for the subway at Lübeckerstrasse,
0:19   and on the bench, a … refugee came and sat down next to me,
0:26   kept looking at me, babbling on, first in his language,
0:31   and then he says, “What you have in bag?”
0:36   I had a plastic bag I wanted to get to my seamstress.
0:41   I said, who’s business is this?
0:44   I shouldn’t have said that, was wrong.
0:47   One moment later: “You hot woman.”
0:51   I said, “What?”
0:55   In the meantime the train platform filled up with people,
0:59   and suddenly a young man came, positioned himself next to me,
1:04   a German, and he said “I see you are being harassed here.”
1:08   I stood up, and then he started screaming, the refugee,
1:12   “F you, f you, fickie fickie, (German slang for f***ing), and, it was just impossible!
1:19   I am 75 years old, then I sit in the subway, I can’t even tell you that.
1:25   Next to me a black man, with a, well I don’t know how you call those things,
1:30   “handy” or laptop, no, it was smaller,
1:36   I sit at the window, he sits there, all the time he had that thing in his hands,
1:40   and automatically one has a look,
1:43   there on the screen, he had an erect penis,
1:50   and he noticed that I was looking, and he said,
1:54   “Good? Is good?”
1:57   You know, I just jumped up, and left.
2:02   At our place in… five minutes from my place there is an asylum home.
2:07   There they’re stuck in a street of 250 people, or two streets,
2:13   490 refugees, one burglary after another, in the Elisenstrasse,
2:19   I can tell you names where within a fortnight, twice there was a break-in.
2:26   It is incomprehensible. The police, our street police officer, he walks through,
2:31   and he goes, “Yeah, well, what should one do?”
2:34   What should one do? They shrug their shoulders,
2:38   but one shouldn’t be surprised when all the old people vote AfD,
2:42   I mean, I experienced The War [In Europe, older people refer to WW2 as “The War”],
2:46   I don’t want it, but this is getting out of hand.
2:51   You are being provoked because you’re an old woman.
2:54   I ask you, is that not enough?
2:57   When you go shopping here, I drive to the city a lot because
3:00   it’s only ten minutes with the subway,
3:03   in rank and file, five- and six-man groups.
3:06   They stole my best friend’s wallet twice within four weeks.
3:11   One time at Lidl [Lidl is known for mostly foreign clientele], one time at Penny.
3:15   What is this all gonna lead to? Where is it gonna go, and then,
3:19   the mayor in Kiel says, I mean Cologne, why are they only speaking of Cologne?
3:25   What happened here, I went on Christmas Eve, no I mean Silvester,
3:30   I came from the “Michel” (St. Michael’s Church, Hamburg), our church,
3:34   and I thought, well you’re alone at home, just go by foot until Jungfernsteg,
3:40   Neuer Wall (shopping street in Hamburg) was already closed down, I came around the corner,
3:44   there they were all gathered, waiting to get to St. Pauli, there were at a minimum,
3:50   a hundred to a hundred and fifty refugees,
3:55   all of them these… these… yeah, well, okay.
4:01   A couple of them accompany me down to the subway,
4:05   because I couldn’t get through there, that’s where they met,
4:09   and then went on (to St. Pauli Reeperbahn), that was harrowing.
4:12   Youth: “The German laws are not being applied”.
4:15   The German laws! They are unfortunately not being applied!
4:19   Unfortunately they are not being applied. Why not?
4:24   But I already said, so much for ‘we can do it’, we will never be able to do it.
4:29   And every normal person knows, that… Islam is not compatible with Christendom.
4:38   Youth: “Well I have to disagree with you there, so, okay, you say now that Islam is bad.”
4:44   I haven’t, I did not say that, I said it is not compatible.
4:49   Youth: “Uh, can you, yeah, but we are here in Germany…”
4:54   For the Islamists we Christians, we are the enemies. We are enemies.
5:01   And in these countries why are the Christians beheaded?
5:05   Youth: “Well, that may be from your side, but from my view, I am Muslim, Alhamdulillah,
5:10   I only say, she is in the wrong.”
5:15   Interviewer: “But you do have to say why now.”
5:18   Youth: “Yeah, uh, because, not all Muslims are bad, in other words Islam…”
5:22   I have said Islam is not compatible with the Christendom.
5:29   Youth: “can you please explain the word compatible…”
5:32   Well I thought you’re so smart, no? Interviewer: “not reconcilable”
5:35   Youth: “Oh all right, and why not, why not?” Old woman: No. Never. NEVER.
5:39   Youth: human is human, human is human. Old woman: Yeah that’s what YOU say!
5:42   Youth: “We are all people.” Old woman: Yes and why are Christians killed and beheaded?
5:47   Youth: “Why killed?” Old woman: Yeah! Youth: “When!” Old woman: And we are the enemies for you!
5:51   Youth: “No no no no no…”
5:54   So now just knock it off, we have gone through The War, we know what this all means.
6:00   So, and you, yeah, you laugh, I myself have packed bags in the beginning,
6:08   with clothes, with a big bag full of cookies and sweets, I brought all that to them,
6:16   but when this now, what we now experience, in our area,
6:22   that is not pretty anymore.
6:25   Youth: “So you are still wrong with Islam, you are offending a citizen of Islam!
6:30   Yeah, yeah, that is just how it is!”
6:35   Well, I have my opinion on that. War refugees? Okay, that’s why I helped, with clothes etc.
6:41   But when I now — this harassment day in day out, there is no consideration being shown.
6:48   Interviewer: “So you don’t believe that we can make the integration of refugees work?”
6:52   No! No. It never even stops! When you hear daily, ten million refugees are still fleeing.
7:00   Why are they not, why are other countries closing down their borders,
7:05   where is Europe? And they preach, yeah, right, Angela Merkel,
7:12   she sits in her glass house, she doesn’t experience daily life.
7:18   Youth: “Yeah but Angela Merkel, she is taking these refugees in.”
7:22   Interviewer: “Yeah, what, at her own home? For sure not!” Youth: “No no no, in Germany, Germany.”
7:25   And in Berlin not so much. There they are being placed outside of Berlin.
7:29   And here with us, they are placed in the middle of us, and our area, there are
7:36   only old people in the street, and my neighbor, I told you within four weeks,
7:41   twice they broke into her villa.
7:44   And then, three times she was… you go through Lübeckerstrasse,
7:49   where it, where they all live.
7:54   In broad daylight! Fickie fickie!
7:57   Youth: “No no no no no…” Old woman: Just stop it. I’m not even talking to you!
8:02   Youth: “That is not true!” Old woman: Yeah, you have no clue!
8:06   Youth: “No.” Old woman: What! I live this daily!
8:12   No, we will never, if this goes on like that…
8:16   Youth: “Children are dying.” Old woman: Yeah we all know about that. It’s war. We know it all, but…
8:24   Interviewer: “If we didn’t know that our borders wouldn’t be open and we wouldn’t have let them all in!”
8:28   And the refugees, okay, let them stay, but how many terrorists?
8:33   Yesterday evening, on television again, on the news, in Attendorn,
8:40   the terrorists again, coming with the refugees, they are being planted.
8:45   It’s not even being controlled, where is that going to lead?
8:50   War refugees, yes, but, lock stock and barrel, this will never end well.
8:58   Youth: “I just have to say that I find your…” Old woman: Never. Never. Youth: “Wrong.”
9:03   Interviewer: “I thank you.” Old woman: That was…
9:07   what we go through daily, and nothing from Frau Merkel, all the politicians,
9:13   they walk with five bodyguards, she walks with her bodyguards,
9:17   they sit in their cars — no.
9:22   But you know, when you are as old as I am, and you’re being daily…
9:26   in our area is Aldi (grocery chain); they say we can’t stay in business because of all the thefts.
9:32   That’s just, I am not saying that they all are like that, when the refugees, poor people,
9:38   and I helped them myself, but meanwhile we are at… and we say, NO MORE.
9:48   I am sorry that I vented. I just had — today, I just had a big writing pad out at home,
9:54   and I wanted to write a letter to the Hamburg Evening Post,
9:58   in the reader’s section I wanted to write about all those things,
10:01   things that just don’t usually come to light, and that’s why with Cologne,
10:04   here in Hamburg it was just like it. When you come from church service,
10:08   and you can’t get to the Subway, that a couple of them say, ‘Come, we will go with you’,
10:16   and even on the weekends, that’s where they gather, at Apple.

52 thoughts on “Street Interview With a Woman in Hamburg: “Islam is Not Compatible With Christendom”

  1. a) If the teens and 20-somethings react similarly, all is not lost.
    b) You can’t argue with them. There’s only 1 type of argument they understand.
    c) If Mr. Youth is concerned about dying children in NA/ME, he should have stayed trying to save them.
    d) What’s up with the sexual harassment of grandmas ? Desperate much ?

  2. I would have given my left [body part] to come up behind that punk, grabbed him by the collar and thrown him through that plate glass window. He is obviously German, so would it have been racism for me, a white man, to have done that? Those morons have no idea who they are dealing with, just like the lefties in post-Shah Iran didn’t. What a bunch of useful idiots.

    • His German language skills are good, but I’m guessing he’s of Turkish roots given that he claims to be Muslim.

      I took 5 years of German in high school and middle school together and today (it’s been a long time, I’m 54) thank God for subtitles. I have a fairly strong German background in my family and that’s why I chose German to study as a language. My German ancestors left Germany in the late nineteenth century and my paternal grandfather who was my last purely German ancestor was a doctor in the US army during WWII (pacific theater) so I have no shame to bear for what came later from Germany. I have pride in my German heritage, just as I do in my Scotts and my Irish but I should have taken five years of Spanish. I live in Los Angeles…it doesn’t take calculus to figure out Spanish would be more useful than German here.

      • Speaking of German language skills, I still remember watching a WWII movie where 2 or 3 Germans were working with some field artillery and as they loaded shells into the breach of their field gun one turned to the other and in German he asked “which way to the kitchen”. I guess it sounded good for the movie, but I was kind of surprised at how lame it really was.

        Now I’m supervising a couple of Mexicans working on my house for a few days and “Welchum weg zum die Kuche?” won’t get the stucco done properly.

        • The ‘German’ used in US, British and other non-German movies ranges from laughably ridiculous to downright gibberish some script writer thought ‘sounded German’.
          “Wie komm(e) ich zur Küche?” (how do I get to the kitchen) or “Wo geht’s zur Küche?” (which way’s the kitchen) is what an actual German might have said.
          Similar goes for the portrayal of what they think is the ‘typical German’, which usually means someone dressed in traditional Bavarian dress who yodels but sounds like a Prussian drill sergeant.
          The US equivalent would be a NY hipster wearing a Sioux headdress who says stuff like ‘Howdy, y’all’.
          You take your mostest favoritest stereotypes from each far-flung corner of country X and mix ’em all together in 1 person.
          I’m guessing German-Americans know little or nothing of their own heritage because of well over 100 years of demonization (starting in the 1870’s, kicking into super-extra-mega high gear in the 1930’s).
          Well, Frau Merkel’s about to fix all that, there will be no more Germans when she gets done.
          Nor will there be any Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, Icelanders, Finns, French, Belgians, Dutch, Brits, Irish, Italians, Swiss, Austrians……
          Maybe a few in Australia, some in Utah.

          In the 1970’s & 80’s, there were the occasional problems with (mostly Turkish) ‘guest workers’ as they were called before anyone realized (or was willing to admit) that they were never going to leave, but it was mostly Turk-on-Turk, like the odd stabbing at a pub.
          Pretty much the only way the ‘autochtone’ (fancy Newspeak for native White European) population ever came in direct contact with them was if you were working in construction, where most of them were employed.
          Maybe the occasional wolf whistle from one of them at a woman passing a construction site, that was about it.
          They were even then pretty heavily represented in the underworld of drugs, prostitution, extortion, theft and similar fun stuff that has nothing to do with Islam, but the overall crime level was so low (and/or underreported) that this didn’t really make any waves.
          Now it’s a tsunami.

          As for learning languages, Spanish is, of course, the no.1 most logical choice for an American, unless you’re thinking along more global lines, in which case French becomes no.1.
          Spanish doesn’t go very far outside the Americas.
          German is (still) useful in central and, to some extent, eastern and southern Europe.
          I recommend children’s books, comic books and songs as good ways to learn any living language as actually spoken by real people today, regardless which one.

          • Actually, Germany was widely admired in the USA and Britain before 1914. It was the model for progressive pedagogy in this country. Its science, literature, and philosophy were held up as exemplary. The British royal house was unabashedly German, Saxe-Coburg. It was only officially changed to Windsor during the Great War, when the German ceased being an admirable figure and was converted by state propaganda into The Hun.

            German was the first language of a large number of Americans well into the late 19th century, and possibly into the 20th. All those “Germantown” names for roads and hamlets in Maryland testify to that. You also see them in the Appalachian regions of Virginia, and in West Virginia.

            No, the routine demonization of Germans didn’t start until 1914-18. It was greatly intensified after 1939.

      • 70% they are Turks, 30% Balkan boyz. That’s my guess.

        It’s been my experience, growing up in Switzerland, that the balkan boyz are the worst. They have no respect, they openly ridicule and even spit on elderly people.

        In Switzerland, Turks were not a big problem until about ten years ago. But the people from the Balkan always were. Even growing up, I remember having been harassed by “Yugos”. Now it all makes sense, looking back, of course they were all muslim. Back then, so many years ago, I didn’t think in terms of ‘religion’, I thought in terms of where they were from and hence, that’s from whom we stayed away as young girls and young women.

        In Germany Turks have always been a huge problem. Honor killings have always been an issue, and turkish gangs.

        • Nash, I was a frequent visitor to Switzerland in the 80s – I loved the country because it was so clean & graffiti free. But in the 90s the place became covered in graffiti – even remote mountain railway bridges & boxes. Can you say what caused this sudden change? Did the native children suddenly change, was it immigrant children, or a combination of both?

        • “In Switzerland, Turks were not a big problem until about ten years ago.”

          Not because there’s anything good about Turkish Muslims; and everything to do with the temporary expedience of an overwhelmingly stronger Kuffar all around them, and a global revival of Jihad that had not yet begun to gain traction throughout the spiderweb grapevine of the worldwide Umma.

        • As a Belgian guy living in Antwerp I honestly feel like 50% of all people in public are potential harassers.

          I’m lucky to be part of the small demographic that is the least troubled by them. I’m 26 and in shape. There’s plenty of easier targets out there. The thing is, I feel almost ashamed for who I am, knowing how horrible I would feel were I part of a different demographic. Elderly and females face regular harassment. Sure most of it is subtle, but it’s definitely enough to make you despise the area you live in.

          Frankly I find it digusting and horrible that it has gotten to this. The fact that it will get worse and possibly never better isn’t needed to add to the sadness of it all.

      • Doesn’t he say something about Albania near the end of the video, when about to leave he’s making some kind of bird sign with his hands?

      • So, I’ve learned something today. The sign the youth makes at the end of the video is a common Albanian hand sign (example here) : it represents the double-headed eagle of their national flag. So that’s a nationalistic pride symbol. However, the youth is supposed to be German, ain’t he?

        • No. Note that he said ” I am a citizen of Islam”. Every Muslim in the West is not a citizen of whatever country they or their parents have chosen to become the parasites of, whatever passport they have managed to acquire, they are and always will be “Citizens of Islam”.

          • Exactly my take on this exchange. These punks were very concerned about the woman saying anything bad about Islam. You get the impression that this wouldn’t have gone well for her if there wasn’t a camera in their face. I strongly suspect that these “Citizens of Islam” are potential recruits for ISIS if they aren’t already. I hope for Europe’s sake that this Pergida movement grows quickly in numbers and sophistication.

        • It doesn’t matter where he lives, benox. He will always be Albanian. Same with Mexican migrants to the U.S. who fly the Mexican flag over the American flag, trash American values and culture, and consider Mexico “a great country.” They will always be Mexicans first. Economic migrants are mercenaries who bow to the highest bidder. Didn’t Merkel know this? This will only end in carnage.

          • Yes. Sadly, that’s what our schizophrenic society currently expects of us: while we’re effacing our borders, eroding our cultures and forgetting our core values, we are to believe that anybody from anywhere can and will adopt that same culture and espouse those core values.

  3. This is why I call these barbarian invaders Orks. (Orcs belong to Tolkien, and they are a separate species from humans. Orks share our human DNA, more or less, but they are hardwired for savagery, intolerance, brutality, rudeness, and violence. Just imagine these “youths” in the local swimming pool with younger children. Or at night on a dark street, coming upon a girl walking home from work, and with no cameras running.

    • Uruk-hai? But although Orcs are described at one point as bearing scimitars they speak like urban English lower-working-class street-toughs, don’t they? I’m thinking of the ones whose conversations are overheard by Merry and Pippin when they’re captured and even more so the ones whose conversations are overheard by (and who converse with) Sam and Frodo in Mordor. Tolkien’s anti-modern sentiment seems to define the politics of the series. Although Minas Tirith does remind me of Vienna under siege in 1683 — Minas Morgul would correspond to Istanbul. So maybe the Orcs are sort of Muslim Urban-White-Trash?

    • Interesting you brought that up, Mr. Bracken. There are many references to Islam in Tolkein’s trilogy; none of the references are complimentary.

      • Ingrid, I’ve read and reread the trilogy, and seen the recent films, but can’t recall the references you mention. OTOH, the location of Mordor to the SE of Middle Earth is likely a geographical reference to Nazi Germany’s position relative to Britain (Tolkien’s son served in the RAF in WW2).

        Tolkien and CS Lewis were friends and colleagues, and fellow-Christians; in the Narnia chronicles, Lewis also places the enemy to the south.

    • Matt: Tolkien wrote Lord of the Rings as a metaphor for the rise of Hitler and Mussolini in WWII, and sent them as a series of letters to his son in the British army stationed in South Africa. That being said, if the metaphor fits, I guess they have got to wear it.

  4. Too white to be Turkish… perhaps “Muslim… with Christian mother”?

    However he asks what “Compatible” means – so his German language skills are broadly in line with other “Muslim Germans”. Not that this will worry him – he’s probably thinking “yet another bigoted old woman”. Which is sadly how elderly people are dismissed all too often – when they are a fountain of knowledge and have experienced a world of which know only a small cross-section, from films and books…

    • You’re right: he’s too white too be Turkish and had a Christian female ancestor at some point in his lineage. Indeed, he’s Albanian. I wondered earlier) about the sign he waves with his hands: it turns out to be an Albanian symbolic gesture.

    • It could also be that his question about “compatible” was rhetoric and he was really asking in what measure Islam and Christendom were not compatible. But he’s also about sixteen years old, so I’d rather say nay after all. Not likely.

    • Might be from the Balkans somewhere.
      There are many Muslims, some of them ethnically European.
      A few hundred years ago, the Ottomans might have taken him from his family and turned him into a janissary.

  5. Good on the elderly lady, she was spot on with her remarks about Merkel and politicians. As for the youths, all inane grins and smirks but dead eyes. This is all going to end very badly.
    Of course this pensioner should be able to travel wherever she wishes, by any mode of transport she wishes and at any time of day she wishes but unfortunately those days have gone now. Until folk heed the words of people like Geert Wilder and “not look the other way” this lady is very vulnerable to say the last least.

    • Lying about the spawn of Hell Muslim monster that stalks the land encourages the rape and plunder agenda they have.

  6. Is it just me, or do you just wanna grab the yuts and give them some real discipline? What a travesty. The result of pathological altruism. Deutschland schafft sich ab, indeed.

    • No, it’s not just you. One waited keenly for the old woman (what a wonderful woman she is) to demonstrate some unexpected martial arts skills and land a debilitating blow upon the smirking Albanian’s windpipe. (See “Better Call Saul”, the episode where Mike Ehrmentraut so deals with a half-witted, bravado saturated, thug in an Alberquerque multi-storey carpark). Then do the same to the stupid looking congenital defective to her right. The one with the ridiculous haircut and the eyes too closely spaced.

  7. Don’t forget, it was the generation of the old lady that rebuilt Germany. They made it what it is, so that all those “refugees” want to come to her country. Lets see what they can accomplish.

    please watch this video. Look at these women. The mother of that old lady was probably among them. and think about it. 15 million German refugees came into this bombed out country. In winter. No place else to go. Nobody helped!!! Not until the middle of 1946 did the USA allow the first of Care packages to be sent.

    They have something to bitch if there country looked like this, and they had to stay there, and more refugees came for them to take care of.
    When they have done that, they have a right to open their stupid big mouth.

    • Can you imagine going through WWII in Germany and then having to go through this in your old age (see the movie “A women in Berlin”)? Unbelievable, don’t these people learn anything in school? (ans: yes, a lot of feel good, socialist BS)

  8. This young guys were very disrespectful when they invaded the interview with that old lady. I don’t know if they were born in Germany but if they were, their German was bad! On top of it they were stupid since they did not even know the meaning of “incompatible”… They treated that lady with contempt even though she remained polite and made very good points. I don’t think these youngsters will ever make a positive contribution to society…

  9. 4:38 Youth: “Well I have to disagree with you there, so, okay, you say now that Islam is bad.”
    4:44 I haven’t, I did not say that, I said it is not compatible.

    That was where it went south. The asymptotic spasm, even in the person waking up to the problem of Islam.

  10. Where’d that kid get the idea that everyone is just human? It sure didn’t come from Islam.

    If the nice lady had been a little better at responding in this situation she might have asked “are Jews human too?” The reaction to that might have been interesting.

  11. I wish I had been there. I would have questioned the youth about the Koran and its relevance in Western culture. Such as,
    “Tell me, Youth. What are your beliefs about homosexuals? Should they be eradicated?”
    (Look of confusion in his eyes and silence.)

    “By the way, Youth. Should women be subjugated? Is it okay to rape non-Muslim women? Tell me about the Global Caliphate. Are you looking forward to 72 virgins?”
    (Youth’s smile disappears. He grows restless.)

  12. A few posts above mention German language and heritage besides commenting on the video. If it is suitable for this topic, here are a few links that some might find useful. (I have no involvement in these sites, disclaimer to share.) These might help renew someone else’s strength.

    Society for German-American Studies

    German Life magazine

    German Roots genealogy

    German Immigrant Culture in America

    German-American Heritage Center

  13. Does anyone else think the reporter was actually frightened of these punks?
    She had no stomach to take control of the situation of course, can’t really blame.

  14. I wonder, if Albanians were to become a majority in any part of Germany (or of any Western country for that matter), would your govts allow them to get their independence like you did with Kosovo? Or what about Mexicans in California? Funny that those same govts oppose Russian Crimea.
    Sorry if I sound bitter, but I’ve met too many Western hypocrites who continuously bible-thump Serbs and Russians for their treatment of their respective minorities and cheered for their lost territories that (despite I genuinely hope you win this battle against Islamisation) I’m glad if some of you do learn a lesson and get off your high horse.

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