“Refugees” Get Free Admission to the Hessenpark Museum

On of the consistent features of the “refugee” crisis in Europe is that the new arrivals get a better deal than the natives. Whether it is housing, health care, public transport, or education — you name it, the migrants get it for a reduced rate, or for free, while natives have to pay. They have to pay twice, actually — once for themselves, and once for the “refugees” they subsidize.

The Hessenpark is a state-run open air museum in Neu-Anspach in the German state of Hesse. Native Germans have to pay the entry fee, but the “New Germans” don’t. This is not only unjust, it’s absurd — I mean, how many Somalis and Afghans really want to visit a German museum, except maybe to loot it or molest the female employees? Is this simply another example of an initiative that makes the Gutmenschen feel good about themselves?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Netzplanet:

Open-Air Museum Hessenpark

Free admission for “refugees”, everyone else pays — even dogs.

A lively debate is taking place right now about the pricing politics of the open air museum Hessenpark. Hartz IV recipients (unemployment benefits), people with handicaps, yes even dogs have to pay admission, along with everybody else, except of course “asylum seekers” and “refugees” and their companions who get completely free admission. And that is exactly what drives citizens up the wall; they feel that this type of preferential treatment is nothing but discrimination and they feel as though they are second class citizens. And now the open air museum complains on their Facebook homepage about the incredible amount of hate mail and ugly comments made in regards to their pricing policies [pdf].

But this has nothing to do with hate. People are rightfully complaining about an injustice, The guests receive free wifi, clothing, housing (including washing machine and dryer), heating, food, cleaning, bus and train tickets, recreational activities and much more, add to that welfare benefits and extra pocket money of €143. And from this pocket money a “guest” could easily spend €2.50 for an admission to the museum.

Of course all train-station-clappers and refugee fetishists immediately conglomerate and babble out their usual moralistic drivel in commentaries: Super campaign for “refugees”, great for the integration and a chance for a peaceful get-together; briefly put, all the usual general empty phrases of the Gutmenschen.

We will see how the Hessenpark acts in the near future when paying clientele cease to visit because they are unable to come up with the admission fee. Either everybody pays or everybody gets free admission.

6 thoughts on ““Refugees” Get Free Admission to the Hessenpark Museum

  1. It would appear that the German Politicos are determined to impose a new elite upon their indigenous population which is made up almost entirely of illiterate, misogynistic, Christian hating, lawless, young Moslem men. They have given up on the pretence that these economic migrants are all nuclear scientists, brain surgeons and chemical engineers as all of Germany are now fully aware of what they are the events of NYE. Merkel is showing her true colours and her naked contempt for her own people and the rest of Europe too. This is the woman seen publicly binning the German flag at a political rally! When are the German folk going to stop navel gazing, muttering, eye ball rolling and actually going to do something practical about removing this deluded woman?

    • I don’t know if true, but nothing would surpise me,to hear that she, Merkel and van Rompuy received ” white genocide” prizes at some Kalergi whatever institute, name escapes me now.
      It is hard to get our heads around what is really going on as the Muslim invasion of historic proportions was “sprung” upon us really without much warning. Maybe all should have been even more discerning years ago, especially those of us knowing many years ago Islam would be a huge problem for the West.
      It is one thing to be knowlegeable and discerning however, it is another to be able to fathom , get our heads round the diabolical nature of what I refer to as pure demonic deceptions thrown upon unsuspecting Westerners dulled through so-called democracy, freedom and immense prosperity.
      It is so diabolical, surreal , nightmarish, it can only be satanic.

      • Anna: You said it better than I could. Soon Europe will fall, many citizens will convert to Islam to go along, saying a short prayer and the women will fall into slavery willingly. Mayhem and killing the everyday norm. Demonic deceptions controls the masses . Real Alpha males hardly exist as the men stand by stuck in stupid and apathetic, not knowing their history and don’t care. The whole thing is baffling to normal people that understand globalist agendas the leaders are pushing incl genocide and shiria law.

  2. Western Europe is committing a slow methodical suicide, there is no other way I can express it.

    • As an aside, it isn’t Western Europe commiting cultural self-annihilation but Westernized cultures in general. The common denominator is liberalism. When “progressives” take over then feel-good antics abound and at any cost. Pick the poison and study it closely: Germany, Sweden, France, UK, California, New York City, Detroit, or any sanctuary city or state. Tactics and results are the same. Violence is rampant, governments are broke, school systems are ineffective with high dropout rates, locals are terrified, areas are closed off as migrant zones, ad infinitum. Some say this is a transition phase and everything will even out. I pity innocent victims who don’t make it that far.

      • I recall from not so many years ago, a very angry white New York subway traveler who delved out retribution on the spot to a group of jokers doing their daily preying on the public. He was very fair and generous making sure each one got what he deserved. The citizen with the gun was recognized for his public service. Will we ever see such dedicated public service again? I almost doubt it. There is still hope though.

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