Mrs. Merkel, Enough Is Enough!

The Groping Jihad in Cologne on New Year’s Eve was just the tip of the iceberg. According to the following letter and the accompanying article, the “greater jihad” in Europe consists of rape and molestation by “refugees” of very young (often pre-teen) boys and girls in public facilities wherever Muslim migrants are present in large numbers.

Many thanks to Nathalie for this translation from Médias Presse Info.

The numbers of children sexually attacked by asylum seekers is growing at an alarming rate.

Here is the letter* addressed to Angela Merkel and posted on Facebook by the father of an 11year-old girl who, together with a friend of hers, was sexually molested by a group of “refugees” while swimming in the water park of Celle (a town north-east of Hanover).

Dear Mrs. Merkel,

Are our children still safe in Germany?

All we hear about is the refugee crisis, but what about respect for our people?

Mrs. Merkel, enough is enough!

Today, at 5 o’clock, my eleven-year-old little girl, and her young friend who is the same age, were sexually assaulted by a gang of refugees aged from 16 to 22 years, as they were swimming in the pool of the Badeland water park in Celle. Three men accosted them and then surrounded them, and then two other men molested them.

The young girls were crying.

Nobody came to their aid!

My daughter and her friend were finally able to escape and ran to the life guards who called the police […]

The police said that it was only the tip of the iceberg and that incidents of a similar nature occurred every day… that such assaults are not made public- that they cannot be made public!

Can you imagine, Mrs. Merkel, how I feel as a father? I am disappointed, angry and I feel powerless, and all this in Germany, when I am German!

Similar incidents are occurring more and more frequently amidst the general indifference of the media and political class:

  • Wilhelmshaven — On Saturday, January 23rd 2016, the police reported that two young girls aged eleven had been molested whilst swimming in the Nautimo swimming pool: about a dozen men, whose identity is unknown but who spoke in a foreign tongue and knew little German, groped the private parts of the young girls underwater. At this stage of the investigation, no other information can be given.
  • Dresden — Four young girls, aged from eleven to thirteen, were sexually assaulted at the Georg-Arnhold swimming bath in Dresden. The police are interrogating a refugee on suspicion of the sexual abuse of children.
  • Vienna — A boy of ten was raped by an Iraqi refugee at the Hallenbad swimming pool in Vienna last December.
  • Flensburg — Several girls were sexually assaulted at the swimming pool on the university campus of Flensburg. Their age ranged from 10 to 16, and they were molested on several occasions by a group of males aged 16 or 17, according to the police.
  • Hannover — Two girls and a woman were sexually assaulted in a water park in Hannover. The suspect is 17-year-old an asylum seeker from Afghanistan.
  • Hachenburg — A complaint was filed last Saturday against three young males who had been reported to the police for sexual assault in a swimming-pool. The three men are said to have immobilised and then proceeded to molest two young thirteen-year olds.
  • Munich — On January 11th 2016, two teenagers were subjected to a sexual assault at the Michaelibad swimming pool in Munich. The two adolescent girls, aged 14 and 17, were assaulted by a Syrian man and two Afghans. Those three men are asylum seekers. A police investigation is underway on grounds of suspected rape.

Source: MMnews.De

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* Translated into English from a French translation

57 thoughts on “Mrs. Merkel, Enough Is Enough!

  1. What he ought to have said that if she didn’t get the molesting migrants out of Germany within the next week, she would have civil war on her hands. Included in the letter he ought to have mailed a rope – to hang her!

    Why is not every street holding meetings and preparing protests? Why are the parents of all the molested kids not joining together and marching in the streets demanding the deportation of the Muslim scum? Is Facebook so censored now that they cannot contact each other?

    A lone voice is worth nothing! It is a cry in the wilderness.

    • “Why is not every street holding meetings and preparing protests ?”

      Because they have all been politically corrected into submission by a political class and a crooked media that has been silenced with large quantities of petrodollars.

      • Peter: Obviously, Germany, Sweden, etc (Western Europe) has been conquered. Lawlessness prevails, a symptom of the conquered countries, soon to be run by Muslims or converted current leaders. For being stupid, apathetic and decadent they get what they deserve- a third world dump. DiMu: If they are putting up with all this now, how many would protest in civil war? almost none because the cowardly parents of the victims don’t even care what happens to their children, even the incompetent authorities cower to invaders.

        • The same passivity was displayed by the French when Hitler’s troops marched in – but not by ALL the French. There were enough military officers and ordinary patriots, who were disgusted by the treachery of the Vichy regime and they formed small resistance groups all over the country and were eventually under the umbrella of de Gaulle, exiled in England. If course we will never know whether they would have been successful because, in the end, the Allies liberated France -but at least they tried.

          • I have heard from people who lived through WW2 that no population anywhere was a “solid” block of unity and resistance against the Nazis. It took strong leaders like Churchill especially who did keep it all together inspite of the many who might have been persuaded to ‘do a deal’. Plus ca change?

    • So strange. Unheard of. If a wild animal attacks my child let alone a Muslim they would be dead in their hoofed tracks. Why are molesting on a grand scale Muslim degenerates not subject to immediate mass retribution. Even peaceful Burmese monks get it. Methinks it is time for alarm, despondency and panic. Turn off the smart phones. Tune in.

    • “Why is not every holding meetings and preparing protests”. What [redacted] is that? Why is any Muslim not terrified to venture outside other than attempt to escape back to the rat hole sewers from whence he came? Why are mosques still open? The Koran legal pornography? Merkel still in power? Evidently we are not even up to seventh century standard survival yet. Better start in schools soon. ‘This is a Muslim. This is what a Muslim believes about you. This is what they have done about their sick beliefs – so far. This is what the Muslim has in store for you…etc’. You know like ABC. You can be damn sure the Muslims are teaching Muslims their version of ABC.

      • Matt: If there is ever a counter Jihad (Muslims are “invading” Scotland, Ireland too) it will be too little too late, if ever. I’ve been keeping up with other similar web sites (Geller, etc), and thought by now it would happen in Germany or Sweden. E. Europe is saying no more of this. There have been some protests, yet are ignored by leaders and other political folks. May be weapons hidden for planned jihad in various locations in Europe, some say.

        • “Why is not every street holding meetings and preparing protests?”

          laura m,
          Study the American Revolution sometime. This is how it began: Meetings in private homes, gatherings in local bars and under torch-lit lamps on street corners, conversations at the local dry goods store — always asking “why”? And then, at a small bridge, there was a confrontation. The British fired their muskets. This was the catalyst that started a revolution and ended with a nation being born. Nothing is impossible.

          • Let’s hope it happens, but the main thing I’m thinking now, is that the invaders are trained jihadists and there are more and more all the time pouring in these countries, crime increasing and so much apathy among the citizens refusing to stand up, allowing these countries to go down the abyss. There is way more communications now than the 1770’s was, (also the civil war 1860’s); seems they’d get it by now and act. Twenty first century warfare is a far cry from 1770 or 1860. Islamic agenda is world conquest.

    • A friend, Svetlana from Macedonia whose family left for Germany in the early 1990s, told me the story of WHY they left their village.

      Although her ancestors/ family had history of being muslim Turks, both her parents and her mother’s family were loyal communists and had no use for religion… atheists all. In 1996 she met and married an American soldier stationed in Germany and joined his Methodist church.

      She came to the USA in 1998 and worked with me in Florida in the travel agency owned by my cousins for several years. We still met for lunch at least once a month.

      She told me that in her small Macedonian village many Albanian muslims( perhaps 80 adults and numerous kids) had moved their entire families there, taking over huge chunks of the town and several business’ very quickly as the owners of those homes and business’ left very suddenly.

      Then “offers ” ( GET OUT OR ELSE) were made to other non-Albanians in the town. They were Serbs , Croatians and of course, ethnic Turks. That included her family and her families long time friends.

      There had been a large Roma camp near the town and it was burned to the ground… the Roma fled to who knows where??

      Very quickly after the offers to buy the homes and business’ in her town ( for LOW amounts of money) the children of the non-Albanian muslims started being attacked at play, little girls AND boys sexually molested. Stonings of older folks and kids and property damage ( autos) were common! There were even kidnappings with the bodies of a few children dumped outside the church doors with signs of mutilation and torture.

      The town police were idiots and the crimes were not solved. My friend believes they were paid off or their families threatened.

      Within two years …the entire town was emptied of NON ALBANIANS.
      Most had gone to Belgrade, Turkey or Germany . Her family are educated people she said: teachers, a doctor and his surgeon wife, accountants and so forth.

      My friend said that also happened in Kosovo as well but over a longer period of time.

      Last Saturday she commented on what is happening with these sexual assaults in Germany by islamics. She said that the islamics go after the most vulnerable (the aged, children and teens) in a society in order for the rest of the population to be intimidated and then to give in to the SHARIA demands of islam.

    • If someone molested my nieces or other family members, there wouldn’t be a protest, because the perpetrators would no longer be among the living or turned into eunuchs.

      The old time pre-WWII Germans would not have played the protest game, they’d have hunted them down and killed them. That is the only real punishment for a molester, even criminals understand this.

      The German men are either going to grow a pair and let the Muslims know that every attack will be met by dozens of their fellow mu[slim]s being beaten to a pulp. And if the cops want to protect the mu[slim]s let them know there is a price for betraying their people.

      • This would trigger civil war. In the best case scenario.

        In the worst (and more likely) scenario, the muslims in question take swift action and target the able men of the community with full force. If they win that battle, the war would be looking very, very grim for those still living there.

    • En France, aucun rassemblement n’est possible dans la rue, à cause de l’état d’urgence. A Calais, on se fait arrêter quand on dépose une gerbe de fleurs sur un monument aux morts…

      [Machine translation:

      In France, no rally is possible in the street, because of the state of emergency. In Calais, one is arrested when depositing a wreath at a memorial …

      This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments.]

      • Dymphna & Baron

        I’m glad this was translated into English.

        The way I see it, some non-English speaking readers may feel akward trying to put together a comment in English, but still support GOV and would like to contribute, so they do it in their own language. I think this fine, even though the rule is comment in English.

        French readers may already have been severely traumatised by their own language with its orthography and grammar!

    • Angela Merkel does deserve death for her actions. She’s outright betraying her countrymen, and especially countrywomen, to the most horrible forms of abuse. I don’t expect any successor regime to ever put her to death for treason — but she deserves it.

      • She will be remembered as the most hated woman in European history – if European history survives.

      • Many believe that Frau Merkel is acting under orders. Whose orders remains unknown. But there are other players in this game with far more influence than Angela Merkel.

        • Acting under orders? Merkel has no children, no family, no future stake in Germany or Europe, in any form, and she has at least one getaway property in Chile should it become necessary. Mayors, higher government officials, all over Europe, have strategic relocation plans.

  2. Frau Merkel is totally indifferent as there’s a much larger agenda than the molestation of children. Women and children are collateral damage in the transformation of Germany into an “enlightened utopia.” In the United States, these Muslim “gropers” would be turned into a mass of quivering jelly — laws be damned. There needs to be a leader in Germany as defiant as Donald Trump is in the United States. Like Trump or not, he has awakened a sleeping giant that will not kneel. There is such a person in Germany yet to be found.

    • In the U.S., 1/100 would get shot, is my guess, often by the intended victim. A number of others would get a beating.

      That’s probably enough to dissuade the others and so the problem wouldn’t get that serious in the first place.

    • To Ingrid , you are right —laws be damned . If the crime is out of control , then it is as though there is no more law since the crime committed was not followed up by the police , merely taken down for record purposes . Without law you may operate or retaliate as you wish .
      Merkel also said —laws be damned — since she opened the borders and gave the invitation. Why is no one suing her or laying charges of treason , de-stabilization , rape etc , after all , she was the one who let the pack of hyenas in!

      • The question at a basic level is: What is the state for? What purpose does it serve?

        One of the reasons that has traditionally been given to justify the existence of the state is that it provides protection to its citizens, so that they can go about their business safely.

        By failing to perform this basic function adequately – by failing to recognise that it has the duty to do so – the German state has lost its legitimacy.

        • In counter-insurgency theory what you’re describing is called a security gap which as you say decreases legitimacy as long as it isn’t addressed.

          It’s sad but counter-insurgency theory needs to be applied to western countries because there is an “insurgency” going on, it’s just being caused by “migrants” (invaders) who have been allowed in due to a security gap which almost nobody recognized as such.

          • Here, the “security gap” is being directly caused by Merkel’s policies — she simultaneously refuses to employ force against the invaders, but does employ force against anyone who resists or even talks too much about resisting said invaders. This is either the most incompetent police policy in the world — or outright, deliberate treason.

          • It is treason alright. There’s no way that the people who let this happen don’t know what they’re doing. The only reason for a government to intentionally delegitimize itself by intentionally creating a security gap is to replace the system of government with a different one.

          • I agree, and in Eurabia only four countries seem to be resisting; unbelievable.
            Moreover, in ‘Merry England’ the ‘Brexit’ crowd are only very slightly ahead of the EU crowd–also unbelievable.

        • And hence a gap yawns open, for the German state can no longer claim any right to rule other than firepower. The day that some ambitious general realizes this, and puts superior firepower in the right place at the right time … the regime will fall.

          This is not really a good thing. It would be far better for Germany to become a liberal democracy again.

          • It’s not far better for the ruling class, who always benefits from totalitarian government.

            The population is too ignorant and brainwashed with Utopianism to be able to hold anyone accountable. Liberal democracy requires widespread realism among the population and the parents allowed their children to abandon it.

        • In a democratic state the people are sovereign but delegate the task of physical security to the state, which holds a monopoly of armed force for the benefit of the people. If the state fails in its most basic function, then this task reverts to the people.

          • But it doesn’t simply “revert”. This is not a passive process. The people must actively take it back.

            And they don’t. Have you noticed that? Not so far, anyway.

          • Nobody is sovereign when they fully delegate the task of physical security. You’re expressing underlying European cultural beliefs, the problems with which are now becoming apparent.

        • In a civilised state, there is a contract. The police and judiciary uphold the law without favour or bias. In return, people do not take the law into their own hands.
          When any contract is broken by a party, it is broken, there is no obligation for the second party to continue with the obligations they held under the now defunct contract.
          It seems to me that the social contract has been broken, the police have had pressure applied to deal with certain matters in a less than just way. The media is a mouthpiece for the government line, and whatever colour they are, the message is the same.
          I stand in bewilderment at the non-action of the v parents of these molested children. I can tell you now, if anyone had hurt my daughters when young, they would have been urinating through a small hole in their perineum, and they could audition for a boys choir. This wouldn’t have been coolly thought out, I would have grabbed a very sharp kitchen knife or two and simply gone out and done it. Prison be damned!

      • Michael: because the masses don’t care much about anything, not even their families. Ingrid: I don’t foresee a so called “sleeping giant” emerging, not at this late date. An enigma to those with thinking ability.

    • Indifferent? I actually believe that this self-loathing socialist, long schooled in the deluded philosophies of cultural Marxism, actually believes white privileged Germans deserve to be the victims – for the past sins of their forebears. After all, have we not unleashed so much suffering upon the poor brown-skinned peoples of the world for centuries, and plundered their resources? Isn’t it only fair that we now suffer and atone for those sins. So think the socialist useful idiots like her. Just watch that video on Youtube of her standing on a podium with her party, when one of them pulls out a little German flag. Her reaction speaks volumes. She hates Germany, hates her people, and has made it her personal mission to make Germany pay for it’s past sins, even though those sins were committed by people long dead. Whoever is pulling her strings, the same powers that own the puppets Cameron, Hollande, Obama etc, are flooding Europe with 7th Century savages for their own reasons. And I doubt it has anything to do with crafting a “utopia”. On the contrary, if not stopped it will utterly destroy Europe, turn it into another Islamic cesspit, and result in the biggest mass genocide the world has ever seen. And I believe that is exactly what these “elites” want. Europe is too wealthy, it’s people enjoying too high a quality of life. Much better to have a world in which they alone have all the wealth, they alone have high technology, and the rest are living in medieval barbarism. Then they can finally rule like Olympian God’s. Let’s hope Trump does win, though I’m sure they’ll use every dirty trick in the book to destroy him. Cos if the socialist islam-pandering Hillary takes over next year, then the US is going down the same path as Europe.

      • You have figures out the Elite’s game plan, everything for them as lords and ladies and serfdom for the rest of us. In a way what they want is already here. Our yoke of bondage to them is the debt we owe. 2008 was the watershed.

      • But…if you follow this to a conclusion… a few white people left living as pariahs in society, the West will resemble any Muslim country you care to mention. They do not invent, they do not create, they do not think independently. Within 20 years the clock would have wound down and we will return to an agrarian economy. We will most certainly have no health service, anything resembling education, no science, no technology, no art, no free thought whatsoever. A dystopia in every sense of the word. I’d rather be dead. Which I very well may be!

        • Yes, horrible isn’t it. Just like most Islamic countries on earth today – a literal return of Europe to the Dark Ages. And just 16 years ago, at the turn of the millennium, we all thought we were entering a brave new era, one of great progress and technological development. But sadly the “elites” had other plans. The only “whites” left will be the uber-wealthy who will control all wealth and all science and technology. They will live in secret palace-fortresses, or on secluded islands, far from the barbarous horde. They will have their private jets and private armies, and private engineers, pilots and servants. They will appear as God’s riding their shining chariots (private helicopters) to the unwashed masses. That is of course if things go according to their plans. But that won’t happen. Even they can’t predict the future, and have not factored in the Law of Unintended Consequences.

        • This is what we see all over the islamic world already. Total destabilization, and then the islamists come to “rescue”, offering full sharia – to “stabilize” society.

  3. The “Elite” like children too……That is why so many like Islam perhaps?

    • They like anything that expands their power. Doesn’t matter if it’s communism or Islamic theocracy. I’m sure they’d be thrilled to have a bunch of servants like this:

      Paul-Desire Trouillebert: The Harem Servant (NSFW)

      People who don’t understand the child exploitation cases need to see that, and the corresponding parts of Reliance of the Traveler that make it sharia compliant.

    • Socialism is a political religion akin to paganism, and yes, its children too must be sacrificed; they are huge sources of spiritual energy (see Ghandi & Mao’s sexual proclivities).

      It is the orchestra (media) playing happy welcoming music as the trainloads arrive at the platforms for ‘resettlement’ still ignorant of their impending doom.

      Socialism has always been about a return to feudalism, its public face is “caring and sharing” its inner core belief is “all power to the soviet (the elite)”.

      Exactly what does a country ‘need’ a million unattached fighting men for? To rip apart the fabric of an unarmed and settled society?

      Here in Israel we are in the next phase, open street violence; stabbings, shootings and auto rammings, but we shoot back (much to the chagrin of the socialista). Imagine the same scenario in Europe with the police more interested in defending twitter and facebook than 10 year olds……

  4. Better still, those who claim to be Syrians should be deported to regime-controlled areas, even if it means that Assad will have them executed.

    • Assad SHOULD have those men executed, THEY ARE ISIS on a mission to destroy GERMANY and all of Europe.

  5. I very much doubt that he will even get a reply. Merkel is an overtly irrational, inept leader aided and abetted by the equally useless, politically neutered, German representatives both in The government and in opposition. The German folk are in a state of paralysis for fear of being labelled RACIST! This administration will NOT defend you or your children EVER. They have settled on creating a new elite class of citizenship in Germany all of whom happen to be Muslim. It would appear that they can rape, sexually assault, mug, shop-lift, fare-dodge, spread disease, defecate where they please, access hospitals and Dentists FREE and before they have paid one euro into the system. The question is what are the German citizens going to do about it? Frau Merkel is never going to resign of her own volition so Impeach and hopefully jail her for her treacherous betrayal of her own people.

  6. “There is such a person in Germany yet to be found.”

    Not without 1st and 2nd Amendments there isn’t. If one attempts to arise he will be sqashed like a bug on the windshield of the state.

    Nowhere else on the planet except the U.S.A.

    The Europe you know is gone without a very bloody war. And, if it it happens, you may once again thank Germany.

    • I don’t think it’s gone ‘without a very bloody war’ as such. I think it’s gone more like the Weimar Republic went. An inevitable descent into chaotic, unsettled, darkness. That’ll come first, I’d warrant, and maybe then the ‘man of lawlessness’ will arise and there’ll be a ‘very bloody war’.

      But … first things first.

  7. I live in a small town in Bavaria and the muslims are terrorizing us since Mrs. Merkel started to inflic this punishment on Germany. I work in a Retirement home and we must be extremly careful when we go to take a walk to the park with the elderly, muslims think of them as easy preys, they also target lone women and children, the weaker the better. they act like hyena packs, they occupy all benchs in the parks (they lie on them) and no one can use them, they sit down on sidewalks on both sides of streets and seem to enjoy the fear of women and children who must pass by them, this is a nigthmare and seemingly it’s just the beggining of something worse.

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