More Corsican Resistance Against Islam, This Time With Heavy Weapons

Back in December we posted about a series of “Islamophobic” incidents in the Corsican town of Ajaccio. After firemen were attacked by culture-enrichers in a no-go neighborhood, local residents took to the streets, entered the Muslim quarter, and proceeded to vandalize an illegal mosque. There were additional angry demonstrations later (see posts here and here).

According to the following report from a lefty French TV network, the anti-Islamic action has ratcheted up a notch, with an attack on a halal business by unknown gunmen using “heavy weapons”.

Many thanks to Nathalie for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:17   You will remember that a Muslim prayer room was vandalised in Ajaccio between Christmas and the new year.
0:22   This time, a butcher’s shop located in the town centre, Guillaume Chièze,
0:26   has been sprayed with bullets shot from heavy weapons, with about 30 bullet rounds found in the shop window,
0:30   but fortunately there were no casualties. The shots were fired last night in a busy commercial street in Propriano .
0:34   There were no witnesses. The gendarmerie are there,
0:38   and are examining the window of the butcher’s shop as well as the kebab shop next
0:42   to it which was also sprayed with bullets from heavy weapons. The owner of the kebab shop,
0:46   whom I was able to contact, describes an atmosphere of tension and violence
0:50   against the Muslim community. The mayor of Propriano talks of “stupid racism”.
0:56   So far nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack; there were no inscription on the walls.
1:00   You will remember that this butcher’s shop was previously targeted in a similar attack
1:04   two and a half years ago, when it first opened.

15 thoughts on “More Corsican Resistance Against Islam, This Time With Heavy Weapons

  1. Corsican mafia owns the island, and traditionally the mainland too. The Maghrebi ( North African Berber muslims) mob took over parts. I could be totally wrong but spraying a kebab shop with bullits sounds more like mafia sending a message then anti- migrant/ muslim vandalism.

    • imho. As a former employee of the mafia and also a Jew, and also a friend of both good-natured Muslims (the ones who don’t have a beard, and who’ll have a drink if not eat pork with me), and of guys in FN and the Spanish right, and of Zionists — I try to consider myself a friend of everyone who’ll have a drink and talk politics with me as long as it doesn’t come to blows, which sometimes it does. But in this balance of weight, this particular matrix of benefit, I believe that by turning this into essentially a turf war the Corsicans have already lost the moral high ground or the upper hand in their position. They’ve essentially admitted that it’s a numbers game. They have numbers now and so can put pressure on the local illegal mosques. But in turn they’re attracting disproportionately heavy attention from EU states that want to stamp out any sign of anti-Islamic sentiment, especially along the southern Mediterranean frontier. And they can’t have that; it’s bad for business. And Germany knows it. So truth be told, there is nothing better for Merkel than to have the Corsican mob show a bit of resistance only to be labeled “islamophobes” while at the same time, the Corsicans make an arrangement with the local Muslims to funnel lots of immigrants through the island and into mainland France. That is the strategy when two warlords with different but not mutually exclusive objectives come into conflict with each other. And that is what is happening here.

      Corsica would be better suited by a rule of law and internment camps for Muslim asylum seekers, than by random attacks on mosques while under-the-table dealings allow the poison to spread further; as with everything the mafia does, it is about short-sighted profit and attention, not about fixing a problem.

      • it’s worth saying that the Corsicans could still make this a religious war for Christianity, or even just a war for the rights of women (haha, as if)… and still come out smelling like roses. But they’ve already allowed it to degenerate to a block-by-block urban battle for turf before the rest of Europe was prepared to accept that. And that might be noble and good, except that the Corsican mob is surely providing most of the fake Syrian passports necessary for transit to Germany now, for those looking for one in the western Mediterranean. “Make the problem go away” is the mantra of the mob, and this is the best way to do that from their point of view: Send the problem to Germany! So, maybe if it came down to it their heart is in a couple kilometers of the right place. But they are no ally, nor ever can be, when it comes to fighting a vicious ideology. They only want to protect themselves.

        • Actually, according to what I read, fake Syrian passports are being printed by the thousands by the Islamic State itself. Some reports say that the printers used were supplied to the Syrian “rebels” by the USA. But that part could just be Russian disinformation.

          • I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that IS was printing fake syrian passports at all, but regardless of that, fake passports are made in Europe every day. I did some investigation of my own into how easily I could get a fake passport, a couple years ago in france. This was for a completely other set of reasons involving my own travel needs. Naturally, the first guys I asked were the arabic guys who managed the local whorehouse, who handily provided the right contacts. Nonetheless, the real business and the printing itself was under the auspices of the local white french guys. In spite of the fact that I’m not personally a bad actor — you’ll need to take my word on that — and I had no reason for doing it other than to give myself a certain latitude of travel, to me that cooperation speaks to a level of willingness on the part of the french and mostly therefore Corsican mafia to do business with the wrong people, most of whom have truly bad intentions, without care for the consequences. I’ve often wondered how many terrorists have infiltrated Europe via the same group of gangsters I dealt with. Sketchy situation, that.

            It would be nice if these Corsican guys could be impressed with the idea that certain groups are not worth the coin and trade, but I’m not sure if you could do that without paying them off massively somehow. Otherwise they will live and let live, and pass the problem on to the rest of Europe.

            So that’s my basis for the comment, take from it what you will.

      • “I believe that by turning this into essentially a turf war the Corsicans have already lost the moral high ground or the upper hand in their position. They’ve essentially admitted that it’s a numbers game. ”

        But it is a numbers game. The Corsicans are wise to act while they still have a small chance of winning. Corsicans only have a small chance of success because their own government is facilitating turning Corsica and the rest of Europe into part of the Caliphate.
        The “rule of law” currently in place is not designed to protect Corsica or Corsicans. The “rule of law” is working for Islam’s conquest of Corsica and the West.
        Our governments will not save us from the existential threat they have deliberately created.

  2. I wonder what her definition of a heavy weapon is? Something more lethal than a .22 gallery short? In any event, when your own government is facilitating the death of your own nation, what do they expect citizens to do? Convert to Islam?

  3. Best part of a magazine from an AK47 or similar is not heavy weapons fire.

    Any response the Corsicans choose to utilise in order to resist their ethnic cleansing will have to go up a calibre or two before it could be described as ‘heavy weapons fire’.

    Just sayin’, on a wing and a prayer and with hope in my heart.

    S III.

    • Methinks Bazooka has a much more fitting use in such scenarios,of which are aplenty these days..Take care Seneca. Thank you for your posts..

  4. “..about 30 bullet rounds found in the window”
    As in embedded in the glass, absent sufficient energy to penentrate through and through? Ah yes, truly spoken like one of those anti-gun folks who are convinced they know so much better than anybody else.

  5. It has been known for Corsicans to call houses on the island bought by Parisians as “Maison Plastique” owing to the propensity of Corsican nationalists to blow them up.

  6. The mafia are up to their eyeballs in the racket of ‘settling’ the barbarians, so who knows who did this. What is most irritating is the sanctimonious little [lumps of bodily waste] condemning it as though two thousand years of Corsican culture can be wiped out overnight – and the same for the rest of the West. Over two thousand years of effort, war, blood, sweat and tears to bring us to a minimum standard of civilization where people can enjoy personal freedom and determine their own lives – should all be kicked underneath the aggressive, inferior Islamic culture which is not only oppressive but entirely worthless.


  7. Looks like Corsica will successfully resist the jihad but will be part of the problem for France.

  8. Behavior modification works if it is firmly applied,. It;s all about the ‘Muslim Community ‘getting the message’.

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