Intramural Warfare in the Leopoldsburg Asylum Center

War broke out among different ethnic groups in an asylum center in the Flemish town of Leopoldsburg. The issue concerned a young woman’s refusal to wear a headscarf. The weapons of choice seem to have been wooden poles, chairs, and trash cans. The authorities had to intervene, and even arrested some of the brawlers among the culture-enrichers at the center. And now they may reluctantly be forced to separate the residents according to their ethnicity.

If Multiculturalism has failed inside the asylum centers, why does anyone expect that it will work in the larger European culture?

Many thanks to Vederso for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:01   A group of Iranians take on Syrians and Iraqis.
0:04   They throw sticks and chairs at each other.
0:07   You can see it on amateur images that VTM News has obtained.
0:10   A total of 100 asylum seekers become involved in the fight.
0:14   Seven of them are injured. The battle began when some Afghan youth
0:18   found that a Syrian girl was dressed too ‘Western’.
0:21   A number of Afghans, actually, had been observing a Syrian girl for a while,
0:25   a young woman, because of the fact that she was not wearing a headscarf.
0:29   At some point, when the woman became tired of this, a number of Syrian men rallied behind the girl
0:36   and a lot of Afghans backed Afghanistan’s young men and then actually escalated things.
0:41   The police took some Afghan men in for questioning,
0:45   but in the evening at 11 pm, tensions rose again.
0:48   There has been no second fight, but they have intervened and arrested a number of people,
0:56   that they have basically concluded were in any case involved in the conflict.
1:01   The center in Leopoldsburg contains a total of 500 asylum seekers.
1:05   Many single men, but also families with children forced to view the fighting and wounded.
1:10   The children become even more traumatized than they already were, says a worried father.
1:39   500 asylum seekers is an excessive concentration, says mayor Beke.
1:44   The number should be better distributed and would also, according to him,
1:48   be better distributed on the basis of their nationality and family situation.
1:52   Today is a bit of a “first in — first out” principle,
1:55   where they look at how the refugee centers can get packed with asylum seekers,
2:00   but too little attention is paid to the profile of the applicants, both nationality and family composition,
2:06   which is nevertheless important and required, because the people
2:09   have to live together with hundreds of others for months and months and months.

30 thoughts on “Intramural Warfare in the Leopoldsburg Asylum Center

  1. Wait. If the authorities KNOW these migrants aren’t Syrians, why in the world are they allowed to remain?

      • This is less a reply than a question. Are there articles I can go to to learn how long it takes for refugees and migrants in the Netherlands to be granted voting citizen status. Once upon a time one had to at least speak Dutch.

        • This is less a reply than a question. Are there articles I can go to to learn how long it takes for refugees and migrants in the Netherlands to be granted voting citizen status. Once upon a time one had to at least speak Dutch. Oops Belgium then. Really I would wonder that about all these inundated countries.

      • I meant what’s the presented logic? If the argument for letting this horde in is that it’s comprised of Syrians fleeing their war-torn homeland, then how are they justifying allowing in people who are known not to be Syrian?

        • They claim to be Syrian but the host countries cannot prove they are not so they are given the benefit of the doubt , so I presume .
          Remember that when they came into Greece without documents and Italy too , they were all registered as Syrians born on 1/1/19??

          • I doubt they have to claim to be Syrian in order to be there, this is just what they do to increase their chances of being accepted.

            I used to know someone who processed Cambodian refugee claims. As soon as one story proved to be successful, the news would get out and rest would start telling that same story.

        • I think the logic is that anyone who manages to show up and claim asylum, regardless of where they’re from, has to have their persecution claim taken seriously. While the politicians might be trying to make it out like they’re all from Syria, I don’t believe there’s anything in the law about any specific conflict. Therefore it’s up to rather arbitrary bureaucratic judgement, and unaccountable bureaucrats aren’t usually forced to publicly justify their behavior.

          Maybe someone in the area can tell us if this question has been asked and what the answer is, but it wouldn’t surprise me if no answer had been given, of if so its probably just a restatement of the asylum law.

  2. I can only agree. When these violent people get set loose upon the public real havoc will ensue.
    Will the natives be surprised?
    I say this not as a criticism of Europe because the same thing is happening in the US. The difference is that our country is so large that it will take many years of this same policy for it to be apparent to everyone.

    • And of course, the typical American is ARMED.

      And in some states carrying openly and trained, like my hubby these days, to use the weapon.

  3. Looks like someone, at least, is willing to form an ad hoc group to protect their women.

    Maybe some European men can learn by watching?

    Nah, too many men walking around wearing those “this is what a feminist looks like” shirts.

  4. Well, let’s see… we have a flock of silly sheep to round up and bring into the EU fold. Who can we get to herd them? I know… the wolf packs from the ME – but they end up attacking each other, before they’re let out of their pens to herd the sheep.

    Someone in Brussels is not THINKING THINGS THROUGH!

    • Mohammed had the same challenge so he banded them all together into one great big pillaging and plundering gang under the banner ‘Kill the kuffar and grab their loot. We can fight over the divvy up later.’ (Females are part of the kuffar’s loot.) so many cutbacks we don’t have the manpower / wo-manpower up and ready to go. No wait……

  5. This is a microcosm of what you will see once these various tribes, sects, nationalities, regionalisms, etc. get settled and organized on the ground.

    You would be hard pressed in searching planet for a more strife ridden, violent and backwards composite of humanity. Now put them in a 1st world setting where previously traditional passing of time consisted of searching for food, working for shelter and family, protecting them from your ‘neighbors’ – remove all those concerns and hours of the day.

    As a sideline I work with young adults with substance abuse issues – the parallels to the addict and alcoholic in Europe’s behavior are striking. And yes you can avoid reality for a time, but the dinner check eventually arrives.

    • Oh please… Don’t you know all these brown people are the same? They all get along great with each other! The only threat is the evil colonialist white people!

      Such is the thinking of the authorities which shows where the real racism lies.

    • Things like the above are like what my friend told me. He lived in the middle east for many decades. He said they “just like to fight”., and other such things that sound racist to me.

      I mean this is the way Arabs are shown in ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. But reading things like ‘fighting over headscarves’, and other articles on this site proves it to be true. What other culture group of refugees would think of fighting over this?

      I’m a Liberal, multiculturist, but that doesn’t mean I want people who are trying to destroy secular democracy.

  6. More trouble in paradise thanks to mutti Merkel and still they come, 110,000 in the first six weeks of 2016!
    Unfortunately third world young men bring their third world mysogonistic habits with them along with violence, a pack mentality and a staggering, arrogant sense of self entitlement. Unless someone, somewhere, starts to take hard headed decisions, ignoring the bleeding heart liberals and feminazi, decides to send these invaders back from whence they came the whole of Europe will become a third world hell hole in less than a decade.

    • There were 1,000,000 in 2015*. So 110,000 per month or so sounds right.

      *CNN report quoting official United Nations figures.

    • Not only that but if 70% of them are young men, you will have the same problems that happen with an occupying army even if the men aren’t mysogynistic and tribalistic. But these two things serve as what the military types like to call a “force multiplier” except in this case the force is rape, theft, murder, and other crimes.

  7. Syrian migrants standing up for a girl to not be forced to abide by Sharia… that’s good. But were they defending her because they’re against Sharia, or because she’s a Syrian?

    Either way, those Afghans look like they’re gonna make a wonderful contribution to Europe’s marvellous melting pot…

    • Many Syrians are actually more secular than you might imagine.
      I know a VERY liberal muslim family with Syrian roots… family been the USA for over 55 years.

      Before all this civil war mess, they used to have family from Syria come for a visits. They were muslims the same sect as Assad. That being said, NOBODY in the entire group dressed Islamic. IN fact, these folks were ALL doctors, teachers and Professors…nice and friendly people . They even had Roman Catholic relatives too.

      I think the SUNNIS in Syria were for a MORE strict ISLAMIC code in Syria and got the Saudis to help to try to make Syria MORE like SAUDI ARABIA.

  8. As a Flemish inhabitant I’m glad to see that at least one of our major politicians had the right response to this incident. Unlike the guy seen in the last section of the video, he said that these people should learn to get along with eachother or leave the country. If we start to separate them in the camps, how would we expect them to behave in society? Form ghetto’s?

    He also mentioned the naive view of the whole immigration influx and how it’s blowing up in our faces. He’s the only politician I still have some faith in. Unfortunately, despite his knowledge about Islam, he still refuses to acknowledge its intrinsic incompatibility with our society, unlike Geert Wilders.

  9. First off, this was not in The Netherlands. It was in Belgium and it happened last week. Other niceties from around the same time include another fight in an asylum center in Zwijndrecht and the rape of a female employee of a caterer to the asylum center in Moorslede, IIRC.

    Pay close attention to the guy at 2.25, Wouter Beke. This is a SC**NDREL first class, I am sorry to say. It is multiculti aficionados like HIM who we have to thank the calamities for in the first place.

    Not only that, but in autumn 2011, in the course of one of the longest government formations Belgium had ever know, he, together with another young politician, Alexander De Croo, was responsible for breaking off talks with the center-right N-VA and closed a deal with the Parti Socialiste, which led to Belgium being ruled for 2 1/2 years by the worst coalition ever AND with a Parti Socialiste PM to boot – Elio Di Rupo.

    The results were as predictable as catastrophic and in a mere span of 2 1/2 years, tens of thousands of jobs were shredded and the concept of class warfare was reintroduced in Belgium. My very own business suffered accordingly. To everybody who pays only slight attention, it should be obvious that whenever socialists run an economy, things go downhill.

    Now, Wouter Beke himself is not a socialist, at least not in name. He is one of the leading personalities of the Flemish “Christian” “Democratic” party CDV, but that means NOTHING anymore.

    If time permits, one of these days I will post a propaganda movie from the CDV website which tries to paint a rosy picture of the muslim “refugees” flooding Europe.

    As for this brawl in Leopoldsburg, the place Beke is a mayor of, he only reaps what he and his ilk have sown. But if you thought things like this are going to wake him up, I have a bridge across the Scheldt to sell you.

    • The politicians in European Union …. the real socialist/commie ones, now act like the ROYALS of old. Dictating what IS good for ALL the citizens. ONLY THEY make the decisions. You peons, decide NOTHING!!

      Too bad there cannot be ANOTHER FRENCH-STYLE reign of terror.

      I get a chair, bring the knitting and cheer with the bellowing crowd as yet another “ROYAL” gets… a shellacking( this time, no need for messy blood) … oh well… for the really BAD ones…maybe some honey and feathers.
      Bring on the bears. LOL

  10. Apartheid comes to Belgium . Now people are starting to understand it better .
    ” you Syrian ……….this door , you Afghan………that door , you Pakistani ………….the last door .” And so they separate them and relocate each nationality to a different town or location whilst promoting multiculturalism ? What a contradiction . And they expect the locals just to integrate easily ? Total madness .

  11. Cool. In another six month ‘downtown everywhere’ should look like this. Athens, Piccadilly Circus, The Champs Elysees, Rome. We need to invest more in nuclear submarines. Demand more under the table Saudi cash for speedy paper flow for mega mosques for mega microbes.

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