I’ll Never Forget Ol’ What’s-His-Name

The poster below is a collaborative effort by Tundra Tabloids and Vlad Tepes. It’s a reference to last night’s post about Basil Hassan, the Forbidden Name That None May Utter — at least in Denmark:

If you see a man who goes by this name or resembles the fellow in these pictures, please contact the Danish Multicultural Police.

6 thoughts on “I’ll Never Forget Ol’ What’s-His-Name

  1. I read with much interest Hugh Eakin’s article “Liberal, harsh Denmark” published by The New York Review when I reached the paragraph:

    “But in Denmark, the police force is regarded as an extension of the social welfare system and Pedersen [in charge with Mjølnerparke immigrant neighborhood in northern København] also makes it clear, to the young men [of Palestinian and Somali origin] especially, that he works closely with law enforcement. As last year’s shooting reveals [Omar el-Hussein, the shooter in last year’s attack against the free speech meeting was a resident in this neighborhood], it doesn’t always work. But city officials in Copenhagen and in Aarhus, Denmark’s second city, describe some cases in which local authorities, drawing on daily contact with young and often disaffected Muslims, including jihadists returning from Syria, have been able to preempt extremist behavior.”

    Not really sure what type of contact with disaffected Muslims he talks about, but now I see what extremist behavior Danish police preempted.

  2. This insanity runs through every facet of the Western bureaucracy, the primary purpose of every department seems to be the destabilisation what is – little wonder nothing works. One wonders how many actually believe in what they’re doing.

  3. The guy seems to be riding a motorcycle. That’s a clue. But I guess since they’ve had the victim to court for a little heart-to-heart and applied a little vig to his wallet, justice has been served and that’s that. Can’t let ravening Justice go hungry.

    I’ve never understood the phrase “social justice”…since it’s about ordered (or disordered) relations between/among people, how is that term not a redundancy?

    Or maybe what we’re seeing here is anti-social justice? Yeah, that’s it…in Denmark, of all places.

    • I think it’s similar to public school where everyone is equally guilty, both the victim and the perpetrator. All the “teacher” knows is that some little [redacted] kids are causing them trouble, therefore the victim is the teacher and the real victim and perpetrator are both actually perpetrators victimizing the poor teacher. Therefore they are both punished.

      Replace “teacher” with “state” and you’ll get the idea.

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