German Mayor: To Avoid Being Molested, Schoolgirls Shouldn’t Walk Near Migrants

The following video is a reprise of the advice that Mayor Henriette Reker of Cologne gave to women who were molested by migrants at the Cologne Hauptbahnhof on New Year’s Eve.

In this case the mayor is a man (no name given), and the town is Bad Schlema. Instead of women, the victims of culture-enriching harassment are little girls, some of them ten years old or younger. But the tagline is essentially the same: “If you don’t get outta line, girl, he won’t have to hit you!”

That is: if the little girls would just take another route to school, there wouldn’t be any problem. Just pay the jizya with willing submission, and show yourselves to be subdued, and everything will be OK:

From the notes accompanying the video:

Last Thursday a worried grandfather voiced his concerns about the increasing incidents of sexual harassment of young girls on their way to school by migrants in a meeting in the German town of Bad Schlema. His own granddaughter has been victim of sexual harassment and he fears it will be much worse when girls will wear less clothing in the summer or dress for physical education. The mayor’s reply angered the over 100 citizens who were present: “It’s simple, don’t provoke them and don’t walk in these areas.”

The crowd went furious, some mocked the absurdity of not being able to walk to school in your own town, some demanded he step down immediately. Later the situation escalated and the Mayor threatened to call the police and clear the room because of incitement of hatred (sources below).

He said it’s “technically not necessary to walk near the refugee shelters, there are alternative routes.”

Later the citizens went on how government actions leave them no other choice than drift off to the Right political spectrum. In many cases the so-called “refugees” receive more benefits, better housing and more legal protection than natives. They also face very little legal consequences for sexual harassment, theft and vandalism. Because of the refugee crisis, Germany’s new Right Wing Party “Alternative for Germany” went from under 4% to 12.5% in latest polls.

In Islam, any woman not wearing a headscarf or not dressing modestly is considered “fair game” and is therefore free to rape. The number of rapes has increased dramatically ever since Germany has opened the flood gates to millions of young Muslim men. Police are instructed to cover up the nationality of rapists — this tower of lies collapsed after the huge scale gang sex attacks in Cologne with over 500 women being attacked simultaneously.

More and more reports emerge of “refugee” gang rapes of children as young as 3. Just a few months ago a 7 year old girl was brutally raped on a playground in Chemnitz in broad daylight by an African “refugee”.

German language source: Freie Presse

Hat tip: Politically Incorrect.

55 thoughts on “German Mayor: To Avoid Being Molested, Schoolgirls Shouldn’t Walk Near Migrants

    • You are talking about enemy occupied country here. Once they have your number so to speak you and yours are on the Gerislamotapo radar. How things have changed since 1936.

  1. I thought it was racist to treat others as “The Other.”

    For years now, we’ve had black men (in America) complaining that white women lock the doors of their cars when a black man is walking past. Now we’re basically being told to do this. “Stay away from them.”

    Why are you bringing people into the country that we have to stay away from?

    • Please cite evidence that black men are complaining about white women locking their car doors. Women in America are paranoid of men and being raped regardless of race or ethnicity. The evening news makes sure they are terrfied with prospect of being the victim of a statistically low probability crime. That’s not to down play rape in the US but campaigns for wearing your seat belt would be a better use of time by cable news etc. Conflating the plight European countries are facing from the very real threat of Islamic misogyny with the blatant racism and stereotyping of black males in America just confuses and muddies the issue. They are two completely different and unrelated problems.

      • ““There are very few African American men who haven’t had the experience of walking across the street and hearing the locks click on the doors of cars.”

        President Obama – July, 2013


    Are those applicable only to well-meaning, if out of line white Toronto cops?
    Why isn’t there a SLUTWALK in response to this MUCH WORSE outrage?

    A proper response, in my opinion, would be for the women of Germany to go out en masse, dressed like total sluts, signs stating “LOOK BUT DON’T TOUCH” in Arabic and German, armed to the teeth, and parade through “their areas” until they get used to it.

  3. “A proper response, in my opinion, would be for the women of Germany to go out en masse, dressed like total sluts, signs stating “LOOK BUT DON’T TOUCH” in Arabic and German, armed to the teeth, and parade through “their areas” until they get used to it.”

    Every day and every night with a substantial police escort (Germans aren’t allowed to arm themselves to the teeth or otherwise – so the social contract obligates the taxpayer funded police to provide the escort on demand. Or should) until the message is hammered home.

    Sometimes messages can be simply put ‘Citizen: “It doesn’t f***ing matter if there are other routes!”‘

    • Can they trust the police to aid them or for that matter, German men to do their proper duty?

      • The police seem much more likely to arrest German men doing their duty than they are to arrest “migrants” committing crimes. Violating the state monopoly on physical security is more of a crime (since it is viewed as a political crime targeting the state) than ordinary victimization of individuals.

        It’s also easier to arrest a civilized person than a violent barbarian, so guess who is more likely to get arrested first?

        The socialist monopoly on physical security doesn’t work. Europeans are learning this the hard way.

        • Very true Nimrod, this is the problem. What can a German man do if his wife, girlfriend,sister etc. is suddenly attacked by 4 or more men . Beat one up maybe, use a pocket knife on one, and then?
          In the dark and chaos of the New year celebrations it would have been impossible to mobilise other men quickly enough to help.
          Plus the likely event of indeed being arrested for knifing a migrant and for ” racism”
          “Resistance is futile ” ??
          Germany is seemingly once again under the brown boots and powerless against the system. Terrifying.

  4. So if they are migrants, which they mostly are, and not refugees that are going to return home when their country is safe, according to Mutti Merkel – then what does Bürgermeister Jens Müller suggest the girls do on a permanent basis?

  5. Next thing you know the parents will be told by the government that they should teach their children to sexually satisfy the “migrants”.

    That is the only way this could get any more absurd and it seems to be the only way that the left is headed.

  6. I am a legal migrant in Israel, vetting took about 6 months and before leaving UK I had a good knowledge of the country, its history and its culture. I am aware of some illegal migrants in this country; they keep a low profile.

    What has happened in Germany is the final outworking of socialist folly, the “but some are more equal than others” folly as defined by Orwell in ‘Animal Farm’.

    The Mayor has sucumbed to the ‘might is right’ stance of Islam. In a non-violent culture the guy willing to use a big stick rules, and when fear of being branded a ‘racist’ means that the authorities won’t touch him, then he becomes a king and above the law.

    At the heart of the problem is the blanket application of the leftist idea of ‘racism’ in all state transactions. The left sowed the winds of ‘racism’ as a weapon against Judeo-Christianity and so called ‘white supremacy’, and now we all must reap the whirlwinds of state backed Islamic 7th century barbarism.

    In most European cultures, and many world cultures, children are sacred and protected by law, but not in Islam.

    This presents the Mayor with an insoluble problem, and his solution is to bully the weakest and most vulnerable members of the community, the very young females, into changing their lifestyles to 7 th century Sharia compliance. We see the corollary in Rotherham, UK (and other places across Europe), those same young girls eventually abandoned to the muslim sexual predators.

    Sacrificed on the joint altars of ‘Equality’ and ‘Social Justice’ (to all but ‘white supremacists’)

    Thus dictate the lord god(s) of socialism.

    • Once again, applying socialism to an issue it has nothing to do with. Sort of like legislators adding a small but supremely impactful few sentences onto an omnibus bill in the US congress to sneak in something controversial. If you want to apply it to the left, than fine I would agree, except that it is the regressive left, not fair minded and reasonable liberals who see Islam for what it is at its core. An incompatible ideology which must be reformed. All countries incorporate socialism into their governments, and usually it is a good thing. I for one like having policemen, firemen, military, and I government infrastructure capable of handling natural disasters, improving roads, etc. I’m not sure where this utterly complete paranoia of socialism comes from. Maybe older folks, still clinging to the failure of communism? Let’s remember that communism is not socialism, fact. I cannot reconcile where this dread of socialism, which is absolutely necessary on some level for society and govt to function, comes from.

      • I don’t think you know what socialism is. It is not defined by simply socializing certain functions (military, police, fire department) by the state.

        Socilaism is the mentality by which groups always have greater rights than the individual. In the extreme, only groups have rights and not individuals. So if you need to kill off a few million bad apples “for the greater good” of the larger group then that’s no problem because those individuals don’t have any individual rights. Same thing if you need to let a few million little girls get raped “for the greater good”. The real question is always, greater good for whom?

        The other issue is statism which is the notion that problems can only be solved by the state. For example, nobody should start a charity because that’s the job of the state; the state should seize goods from people and hand them out. The state should have a monopoly on physical security so self defense becomes illegal. Etc.

        Socialism-statism is also opposed to market economics because, despite the extreme computational power of a market, it is always considered to be doing “the wrong thing” and thus should be replaced with a command economy in which “enlightened” bureaucrats can decide what the most morally correct economic activities would be.

        This mentality always leads to things getting worse over time as computational and communication resources are lost (fewer and fewer people have input into economic and political decisions and are less connected). In addition, the bulk of the population ends up serving the interests not of everyone but of a small oligarchy.

        This kind of stuff always appeals to the intellectual elitists who believe that most people are too stupid to make any decisions at all and thus need to be told what to do. More knowledgable people understand things like complexity theory and realize that even the “stupid ignorant” people without PhDs are providing the bulk of the computational and communications resources that societies and economies need to operate. They also understand that certain things will only happen due to self-organization and emergence, not centralized bureaucratic control.

        As for what people are afraid of, see USSR, China, North Korea, Cuba, Nazi Germany, and more recently Venezuela.

        We have plenty of examples of why it’s best to err on the side of individual rights and individual responsibilities. The problem is that individual rights don’t work without individual reciprocation and individual responsibility. Inviting in millions who refuse to reciprocate is a great way of getting rid of individual rights. You will find out.

      • @dookert, I have lived all my life under socialism and I hate it virulently. “I for one like having policemen, firemen, military, and I government infrastructure capable of handling natural disasters, improving roads, etc” these things pre-existed socialism and are nothing to do with it.

        I dread socialism because it is a total failure and corrupts everything with which it comes in contact, and yes I still attribute Gulags to socialism and I also attribute Nazi death camps to socialism. Some 50 or so members of my family died in those camps and you just gloss over them as if they are ancient history, they are not.

        Communism IS socialism, Nazism IS socialism, its time to take off your rose tinted spectacles and read the real facts and the real histories.

        Socialism aids and abets Islam, its religion of ‘racism’, pseudo equality and social (in)justice means that the migrant problem cannot even be approached, let alone solved, our friends in Europe face socialist Gaol for even mentioning the FACT that Mo. was married to a 6 year old or that Moroccans are not popular in Holland, Socialists don’t face up to problems they evade the issues and lock up their critics.

        Hundred of millions of people were murdered in the 20th century by socialists, so please don’t troll this site with fantasies about moderate socialists……

    • No argument here; he, and a lot of others throughout western Europe.

      It’s way past time to pussyfoot around.
      ‘Love’ doesn’t work with moslems, never has, never will–time to [redacted]”consider counter-measures”. The only thing they understand.

  7. What ever happened to good old “tar and feathering”? This idiot mayor should be hounded out of office with immediate effect. Why do fathers, grandfathers, brothers, uncles, tolerate this in the first place? For God’s sake when are the men in Germany (and the rest of Europe) going to get off their knees? You have stood by as Mutti Merkel and her equally deluded acolytes have illegally created a new elite in Europe. They just happen to be foreign! Meanwhile you own European sick, poor, dispossessed, homeless and unemployed can go to hell. Shame on you all!

    • The men did come out, masked, and beat up a lot of ‘migrants’ and guess what many of the German women did?

      They came down on their own men and said: “Not in my name, you fascist Nazis!”
      Germany; just as lost as Sweden–perhaps even more so.

      • I read that very thing. But that is certain women, not all. Not all are infected with PC and uber feminism. Men are still obligated. They’re men.

        • The vast majority of people have trouble imagining the seriousness of situations that they haven’t experienced and aren’t familiar with. Then if you combine this with young people who are more interested in social inclusion and group identity, you get a massive disconnect between rhetoric and reality.

          Normally there might be more people who would challenge foolishness, especially older people challenging the foolishness of younger ones, but unfortunately ideas like tolerance and non-judgment have been embraced as a panacea that can be taken to an extreme. So there is too much social processing that isn’t happening. The best you might get is passive disapproval.

      • Remember the picture of the deluded woman a few days ago proudly displaying a placard stating she would swap racists for rapists? Or the men(?) donning mini skirts in solidarity with women victims of sexual assault or rape? Or the school homework in the UK asking pupils to select from 23 choices what gender they believed they were? Wake up Europe before it is to late, your enemy is learning how to behead Christians and Jews in kindergarten while you are navel gazing!

          • Our western governments permit the proliferation of Islam. Without their overt encouragement even as it violates the foundation of their own laws, Islam could gain no traction in a Western country.

  8. I just LOVE these ordinary German people. They’ve got it! Why should they or their daughters and granddaughters have ‘no go’ areas in Their Own Country? I wouldn’t want to be their mayor at the moment.

    • Yes, I noted their furious response to the mayor. If that meeting had been in England the people would have almost certainly remained quiet, polite & resigned, whatever their inner feelings. Merkel et al should not poke their people with a stick. The Germans may love order, but they also have a record of erupting when on the receiving end of too much injustice.

  9. This sounds rather like Neville Chamberlain in England in the 1930s. “Peace in our Time” Sigh, it never works to appease an aggressive bully, these Muslims want to turn the world into a Caliphate, that’s what The Peace of Islam really means. Why shouldn’t ANY child walk to school, any damn route they please? Why are the establishment protecting these scum over their own people? We have a contract in the civilised world. We behave, and wont turn vigilante, if the establishment polices the wrongdoers, arrests and prosecutes them. This contract has been broken.

    • “We have a contract in the civilised world. We behave, and wont turn vigilante, if the establishment polices the wrongdoers, arrests and prosecutes them. This contract has been broken.”

      I’ve been thinking along these lines for quite some time now. The key seems to be that if the law is not applied, and applied equitably, then the Rule of Law no longer exists and, as you say, the Contract has been broken. Thus we have anarchy.

    • “This contract has been broken”

      Yes, nicely put. That should release the people from adhering to their side of it. And we all know what that means. Merkel may end up with two tigers by the tails – both the invaders and the invaded.

      I believe Churchill, who superceded Chamberlain when the latter’s appeasement of the enemy so abjectly failed, described appeasement as “feeding the crocodile in the hopes it will eat you last”.

      From the BBC – “Churchill believed that Hitler could not be dealt with because his aims and objectives were not rational. As such, no amount of appeasement would satisfy the man – he would always want more.”

      This is the sort of man we need to deal with encroaching Islam, not some hand-wringing lefties who will lie, dissemble, manipulate and cover up revolting crimes against little children just to avoid admitting that their vacuous dreams are quite unsustainable in the cold light of day.

    • ” Why are the establishment protecting these scum over their own people?”

      Because it’s the path of least resistance. The German governments, local and national, have control over the police, the justice system, and the news media. German citizens are not prone to senseless, impulsive violence, but the invaders are. Therefore, the bureaucrats and politicians feel safer in addressing Germans rather than the invaders.

      I think there’s a momentum right now: the bureaucrats and even Merkel might have thought twice about facilitating such a mass invasion so quickly, but it’s now a fait accompli, and most bureaucrats look forward to a cushy retirement before things really deteriorate to the point they absolutely can’t get away from the chaos.

      The bureaucrats are banding together to enforce the common approach, because any dissenting voice threatens their tenure. The people are forbidden from arming themselves or fighting back in even the most rudimentary way, because any trace of self-sufficiency threatens the stranglehold of the bureaucrats.

      The biggest danger, in my opinion, is not the police or national military, who always have great hesitancy in turning their arms against their own people, but outside military or international forces, who have no investment in the local people.

  10. If I were Jens Mueller, I’d start thinking about resigning and moving….

    Then again, if I were a German, he’d already be in a coma right now. I have daughters. As Mr. T said: “I pity the fool….”

  11. I imagine that same mare (sic) will follow this advise soon enough. To avoided his own being beheaded or shot – or worse. The beginning of the by force two country solution. Imagining again.

  12. Teenager in Germany admits making up migrant rape story that led to angry protests

    A 13-year-old girl in Germany admitted she made up a story about being kidnapped and raped by migrants in a case that led to protests in the country and tension between the Kremlin and Berlin.

    The Russian-German teenager, named only as Lisa under privacy laws, was reported missing by her parents on January 11 when she failed to turn up for school in Marzahn, Berlin.

    When she turned up 30 hours later she had injuries on her face and she said she’d been attacked by someone of Middle Eastern or North African appearance.

    The allegations caused uproar in Berlin, particularly after reports of mass sexual assaults allegedly carried out by migrants in Cologne.

    Protests were held in Marzahn by the ‘International Convention of German Russians’ supported by the Islam-critical group Bargida movement and the far-right National Democratic party.

    Many claimed that police were responsible for a cover up in the wake of the Cologne incidents.

    But ‘Lisa’ admitted she lied about the alleged rape, prosecutors said in a statement on Sunday.

    When she was questioned by trained specialists three days later “she immediately admitted that the story of the rape was not true”, said the spokesman for the state prosecutor, Martin Steltner.

    Police released a statement via Facebook on January 18 saying they had disproved the allegations but Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also accused Germany of hiding details.

    “The news that she disappeared was kept secret for a very long time,” he told a press conference, blaming “political correctness”.

    It emerged that she had spent a night at a friend’s house because she did not want to go home after an incident at school.

    Her mother told Der Spiegel on Sunday that Lisa was “doing very badly” and was having treatment in a psychiatric ward.

    German media said a family conflict could have prompted the girl to disappear.
    Last updated Mon 1 Feb 2016

    • As someone who was hospitalized at age 16 in a place with teenage girls (including ones like a 13 year old who previously had a 30 year old “boyfriend”) I can tell you that this whole situation still doesn’t make sense.

      Whatever is going on may not be similar to the kind of stuff I’ve encountered but something is still not right.

    • And where would they go?? How would they fidn the money to set up with job, housing, school, etc. in another place that wasn’t any worse than what they’re leaving.

    • Jeff E., are you offering any material support along with your advice?

      Do you have suggestions as to where they should go?

      How would they learn a new language?

      Without several languages, how would they earn a living when they “leave Europe ASAP?” How about their kin network? They simply cut the strings and leave?

      Any suggestions regarding employment or housing or schools?

      How about the money it takes to relocate?

      Or the immense damage such forced relocation does to families and children?

      Seriously. Why are you offering this “advice”? It reminds me of my situation as a kid: my mother couldn’t find childcare ANYWHERE (and learned later that some of what she did find, which seemed so nice on the surface, wasn’t). A helpful neighbor said to her, “Take my advice – raise rabbits. Slaughter them and sell them to butchers’ shops.”

      As for taking the mayor’s advice…that’s best? Day in and day out the child walks miles out of her way to avoid these people? Would you do that to your child? It’s not like they can homeschool in Germany.

      Put yourself in their shoes: pretend you’re facing something horrific re your kids and you can’t get any help for the situation. How blessed would you feel if someone said to you, “take my advice – leave”. Having military training as you do, how friendly would you feel toward this person suggesting that you uproot your family and go live among strangers? And that with no guarantee there won’t be another “camp” where you’d be going?

      I suggest these issues because such things are happening on a smaller scale in this country. Our commenter, Babs, mentioned the other day that in a nearby small town (in NY state) a passel of immigrants had been dumped on the town. The whole infrastructure was overwhelmed: schools, welfare, no doubt the Health Dept., and HOUSING. Would you tell your fellow Americans in NY, who may have lived in that town for generations, “take my advice – leave New York ASAP”?

      This advice to parents also calls to mind the advice I used to get when I lived with a violent husband – “just leave”. And do what with our children, whom he promised to hunt down and hurt if I left..? He could do it, too, being an experienced Marine. Not one expert in that wealthy town could figure out a safe exit for me and my kids. Not one. But at least none of them said, “just leave”. Instead, they gave me support for learning how to defuse crises. A long learning curve, that.

      • What would you have told European Jews in 1939 ?

        Those who saw the signs and left with the clothes on their back had a better chance of survival than those who stayed.

        I say this as a woman who did flee a bad situation in a foreign country with my two children, two suitcases and two hundred dollars.

        But I had something that most Europeans do not have…faith in a loving God who made provision for me.

        • I think that’s a categorical error to compare the invasion of one’s country with the experience of being pushed out of it based on official, enforced laws against Jews.

          If you were able to flee safely, with no one in pursuit, you are fortunate. When I worked at a shelter for battered women the hardest thing for many to accept was that in order to be safe they would have to break their ties with their families. It was too hard to give that up. But that’s how you get found by a psychopath. I chose Dymphna’s name because she fled a dire situation: a father who wanted her to replace her dead mother and marry him…she was eventually found in what is now Belgium because she used coinage that could be traced. Her insane father was obsessed. It was either return with him or death. He kiled her and the old monk who had accompanied her.

          • I think k the categories are more fluid than you think.

            The law is now stacked against the native Europeans.

            There is an insanity at the root of this.

            Best to leave the asylum.

      • The current EU invasion vs. small NY town inconvenience is like comparing stage 4 liver cancer to a a stubbed toe.

        The EU appears to be under threat from an aggressive form of cancer where the host will surely be consumed. So there are three choices:

        1. Stay and fight
        2. Submit
        3. Get out of Dodge

        Option 1 – not viable because most EU citizens have no guts.

        Option 2 – is not an option for me.

        Option 3 wins. Heck, even the Romanian gypsies figured out how to get on a boat, plane or a train and relo to CA.

        If Discovery channel made a reality show “Survivor – Euristan” option 3 would win every time.

      • Well, I don’t think you want me to respond to each question. However, I don’t need to take the advice of anyone when it comes to safety and security. I’m responsible for 5 people; if the situation in my neighborhood were to approach the current EU level of problems I would’ve long ago hatched the escape plan from my neighborhood, county, state, nation, hemisphere in order to protect my family. Fretting over where to work or get educated is peanuts compared to funeral home expenses (I grew up next to a funeral home so I know the margins!).

        • I started a reply to you Jeff, but the computer ate it. Will come back to it later. You make good points and I know fellows who’ve done exactly what you say. But they find a group of ex-pats ASAP in order to make life livable. More later.

          • My neighborhood is stacking up with Italians, Germans, Norwegians, Poles etc. Some admit they left due to a deteriorating security situation. Oddly, the Italians wanted to move to Maine??

  13. Someone upstream likened the plight of the West Hempstead NY school district to a “stubbed toe.”
    Try to imagine your child’s education completely overturned by an influx of non English speaking people with a completely different culture.
    We experienced that. 2/3rds of my children’s peers were performing below grade level. My children were enlisted as free tutors on a regular basis without our consent.
    Our first reaction was to place the children in private school. When we realized that high school would mean either boarding school or the local Catholic school in the middle of a ghetto (with armed guards at the entrances) we moved…
    Not everyone has the financial power to make the choices we made. Certainly the working class of West Hempstead don’t have the financial power to do what we did. And yet, you call it a “stubbed toe.” I call it a tragedy.

  14. As an aside, we were members of a swim team. One of the families on the team were the Greenburgs. Both of their sons went to Catholic high school. I asked Mrs Greenburg how she could send her children to Catholic school when they were clearly Jewish. She responded as follows:
    “I want my children to get the best education possible. I give them full permission to forget all the Catholic teaching once they get an A on the exam.”

    Pretty crazy what parents will do for their children. We decided to move but, I will never forget the Greenburgs.

    • Babs, you often supply the most interesting material – e.g., I’d love to investigate that “pocket of diversity” near you – iirc, you described a more-or-less lower middle class town that found themselves swamped with migrantal chaos.

      No doubt these non-English speaking third worlders were brought in by one of the nine bureaucratic bloats that subcontract with ORR – get paid by the head for the people they dump on towns like you describe.

      Here’s the deal (since I can’t draw a flow chart):The first line of authority is Homeland Security, that behemoth which should be on George Bush’s headstone since he started it. And under DHS’ aegis is ORR – Office of Refugee Resettlement. Moving down the food chain you come to nine approved (so far “nine”) subcontractors, mostly faith based and covering every major religion in the US from Jewish Relief to Catholic Charities to Lutheran Family blah blah. The Baptists must be in there by now…no Quakers yet, but they love this kind of thing. IIRC, there are two agencies that aren’t vaguely affiliated with a religious denomination. They are all paid per-head to invade these towns with their group of “refugees” and set them up for six months; they make a VERY tidy profit. The Lutheran CEO draws a six figure salary and only God knows what in the way of perks. [Yeah, they’re NON-profits. Unh huh. And I’m a unicorn with a rainbow tail]

      After six months the NGO’s contract is fulfilled and off they go to get another group, another sucker unsuspecting town.

      Towns that fight back are labeled by ORR as “pockets of resistance” – a term they learn to wear proudly. A few years ago, some NH town yelled ENOUGH! They were coping with 60 – that’s SIXTY – languages in their schools, health dept, welfare department, etc.

      Taxachusetts used to lose a fair amount of citizenry to “Live Free or Die” New Hampshire, which had a far less extortionate tax system.Don’t know if that’s still true.

      [Heh. John Kerry of Massachusetts hid his yacht in Rhode Island to avoid the max tax, Until they caught him and he did the “Ignorance Dance”]

      Note: All my “IIRC”s are there to indicate that If I Remember Correctly’ means I’m relying on memory from the studying I’ve done on this phenomenon.

      I don’t know if you could find local news outlets who’ve reported on this, but I’d love to have some links. Local news often supplies the best information. And their comments’ sections are indicators of community attitude.

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