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Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven says that his government is bracing for chaos when the next wave of “refugees” arrive. Sweden is preparing a new backup plan, but the EU is not cooperating — making future chaos that much more likely.

In other news, Chris Christie, a former presidential candidate and current governor of New Jersey, has endorsed Donald Trump for president.

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Financial Crisis
» ECB Ready to Act With All Instruments Says Visco
» Economic Recovery? 13 of the Biggest Retailers in America Are Closing Down Stores
» Essential History: ‘Forever Debt’ Federal Reserve System Invented to Pay Interest Without Ever Ever Ever Repaying Debt — Definition of ‘Ponzi Scheme’
» Italy Must Improve on Taxes, Jobs Says OECD
» Laid Off Disney Worker Breaks Down in Tears Before Senate Panel
» Boston Globe Breaks Ranks Over Syria
» Caroline Glick: Trump, the EU Crack-up and Israel
» Cops Mistake Innocent Man’s Seizure for a Crime, Beat Him So Bad He Was Hospitalized for Days
» Former Republican White House Hopeful Christie Backs Trump
» Intel Agencies: Clinton Emails Match Some of America’s Most Highly Classified Docs
» Kansas Gunman Kills 3, Injures 14 Before Dying in Shootout With Police
» Lombardy Health Scandal Man Arrested in Miami
» Rap Music Does ‘Encourage Underage Sex’, Claims University of Houston Study
» Twitter Now Uses ‘Stealth Blocking’ To Silence the Politically Incorrect
Europe and the EU
» Italy: ‘Gradually’ Close Rome’s Roma Camps Says Raggi
» Italy: Macedonian Arrested for Recruiting Jihadists
» Italy: 2 Moroccans Nabbed Transporting Hashish
» Italy: Juncker in Rome ‘To Mend Fences’
» Italy: Armani ‘To Sack 100 in Switzerland’
» Rome ‘Won’t Protest’ Against NSA Tapping as Italy is ‘Loyal US Servant’
» Swedish PM: The Government is Preparing for Chaos
» Total Chaos in the Swedish Police: ‘Minimal Risk of Being Arrested’
North Africa
» Military Occupation of Libya Unthinkable Says Pinotti
Middle East
» Oops! UN Aid to Deir ez-Zor Lands in Daesh-Controlled Territory
» Protests Against Sheikh Salman as Next FIFA Chief
» Tough Times Ahead: Russian Sanctions to ‘Bankrupt’ Turkish Food Exporters
South Asia
» Kyrgyzstan: Fight Against Islamic Extremism, 90 Per Cent of Madrassah Principals Unqualified
Sub-Saharan Africa
» Nigeria’s Anti-Christian Jihad in Numbers: 11,500 Dead, 13,000 Churches Destroyed
» South Africa: An Orgy of Violence
» Violent Protests Force S. African Universities to Close
Latin America
» Luis Fleischman: Bolivia’s Referendum on Indefinite Re-Eleciton of the President: a Welcome Blow to the Authoritarian Left
» “We Are Heading Into Anarchy”: Official Says EU Will “Completely Break Down in 10 Days”
» As FBI Works to Stifle Terrorists; Obama Tries to Resettle Them in America!
» German Govt: 3.6m Invaders by 2020
» German Government Admits They Have Lost 130,000 Migrants
» Hungary Has Sovereign Right to Hold Referendum on EU Refugee Quotas
» Hungarian Move Threatens EU
» Liberal: Harsh Denmark
» Opinion: Merkel’s Humane Refugee Policies Have Failed
» PM Orbán Interview: Mass Immigration Brings Terrorism, Criminality, Anti-Semitism and Homophobia
» Report: Thousands of Refugees ‘Disappear’ After Registering in Germany — Never Having Lived at Their Intended Accomodation
» UN Expresses Concern Over Austria-Balkans Measures
» USCIS Backs Up ICE: ‘God Forbid’ Rubio Gets Elected, He’s a ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’
» Won’t Accept Unilateral Migrant Decisions — Gentiloni

ECB Ready to Act With All Instruments Says Visco

‘To maintain accommodating policy’

(ANSA) — Rome, February 26 — The European Central Bank is ready to act “with all the instruments at its disposal to maintain an accommodating monetary policy,” Bank of Italy Governor Ignazio Visco told CNBC Friday. The goal is to maintain price stability and inflation prospects, he said. Visco added that the current global economic conditions justify a “monetary response” and emerging countries are “slowing down more than was expected”. ECB chief Mario Draghi has repeatedly said he will do whatever it takes to boost the economy, bolster the euro and meet inflation targets.

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Economic Recovery? 13 of the Biggest Retailers in America Are Closing Down Stores

Barack Obama recently stated that anyone that is claiming that America’s economy is in decline is “peddling fiction”. Well, if the economy is in such great shape, why are major retailers shutting down hundreds of stores all over the country? Last month, I wrote about the “retail apocalypse” that is sweeping the nation, but since then it has gotten even worse. Closing stores has become the “hot new trend” in the retail world, and “space available” signs are going up in mall windows all over the United States. Barack Obama can continue huffing and puffing about how well the middle class is doing all he wants, but the truth is that the cold, hard numbers that retailers are reporting tell an entirely different story.

Earlier today, Sears Chairman Eddie Lampert released a letter to shareholders that was filled with all kinds of bad news. In this letter, he blamed the horrible results that Sears has been experiencing lately on “tectonic shifts” in consumer spending…

In a letter to shareholders on Thursday, Lampert said the impact of “tectonic shifts” in consumer spending has spread more broadly in the last year to retailers “that had previously proven to be relatively immune to such shifts.”

“Walmart, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Staples, Whole Foods and many others have felt the impact of disruptive changes from online competition and new business models,” Lampert wrote.

And it is very true — Sears is doing horribly, but they are far from alone. The following are 13 major retailers that are closing down stores…

#1 Sears lost 580 million dollars in the fourth quarter of 2015 alone, and they are scheduled to close at least 50 more “unprofitable stores” by the end of this year…

Of course there are many factors involved in this ongoing retail apocalypse. Competition from online retailers is becoming more intense, and consumer spending patterns are rapidly changing.

But in the end, the truth is that you can’t get blood out of a rock. The middle class in America is shrinking, and there just isn’t as much discretionary spending going on as there used to be…

In order to have a thriving middle class, we need good paying middle class jobs. Unfortunately, our economy has been bleeding those kinds of jobs quite rapidly.

[Comment: The consumer is tapped out. Rising energy and food costs have taken their toll an obliterated the consumer PDI (personal disposabl income). Add off-shoring and in-sourcing and you have the PLANNED economic collapse. Destruction of the middle class a a prerequisite to implementing communism. Obama is serving his bankster masters well. Watch for the proposed Bankster solution to give more centralization and more power into the banksters hands. As an aside note the increase in the number of stores selling uber-luxury stuff… eg: women’s rain jacket for $850… Super rich and super more middle class…]

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Essential History: ‘Forever Debt’ Federal Reserve System Invented to Pay Interest Without Ever Ever Ever Repaying Debt — Definition of ‘Ponzi Scheme’

Ponzi scheme: criminal fraud of paying existing “investors” only and always from new “investors.” Collapse occurs without new “investors” and/or existing “investors” panic to cash-in.

The US Federal Reserve is based on the 1694-created Bank of England because this model allows government finance with debt that is never meant to be repaid. It is an “investment” model that pays interest guaranteed through tax collection. Its invention was to finance England’s government and military in a history of continuous centuries of war.

It’s cleverness allowed British finance to fund a short-term empire over rival European powers.

Although we can appreciate this historical manipulation, this is a Ponzi scheme because the system collapses without new “investors” of government debt securities.

This Ponzi scheme model is our US Federal Reserve System today:

not “US Federal” but admitted privately-owned,

without “Reserve” other than creating what is used for money out of nothing, not a “System” but literal criminal fraud because it doesn’t create its claimed “monetary supply,” but the Orwellian opposite of a “debt supply” that is adding negative numbers forever.

US Treasury securities of bills, notes, and bonds continuously mature and must be repaid if the owner chooses to cash-in rather than renew the debt security. The US federal government debt is now $19 trillion, having risen over a trillion each year of the Obama administration.

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Italy Must Improve on Taxes, Jobs Says OECD

Paris-based group sets priorities for Rome

(ANSA) — Paris, February 25 — The Organisation for Eonomic Cooperation and Development said Friday Italy must improve on taxes and jobs.

In its Going for Growth report, the Paris-based ogrnaisation that Italy must “improve the efficiency of its fiscal structure, reducing distortions and incentives to evade (taxes), reducing elevated nominal rates of taxation and abolishing several fiscal costs”.

The OECD also said that “mobilising a wide range of policies to improve work opportunities for the unemployed and facilitating their return to work remains a priority for reforms” in Italy, given that “unemployment remains very high, especially for young people and for the long-term unemployed”.

The report was presented at the financial G20 in Shanghai.

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Laid Off Disney Worker Breaks Down in Tears Before Senate Panel

“Your jobs have been given over to a foreign workforce,” Perrero recalled the executive saying. “In the meantime you will be training your replacements until your jobs are 100 percent transferred over to them and if you don’t cooperate you will not receive any severance pay.”

“The final period of the 90 days was the most disgraceful and demoralizing, as we had to watch the foreign workers completely take over our jobs. And we came to grips that the upcoming Disney jobs promise didn’t exist. Then finally on January 31st of 2015 we were forced to turn in our company badges, laptops and then ushered out the door,” he said.

Perrero noted that one of the only reasons he is able to speak out is that he has left the profession entirely.

“The situation at Disney is not an anomaly,” he continued. “This same abuse is happening nationwide.”

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Boston Globe Breaks Ranks Over Syria

The Washington DC “lobby” has coordinated the “shameful” and deliberately untrue controlled media reporting on the war in Syria in order to promote ignorance on the issue, the Boston Globe has finally admitted.

The article, penned by Stephen Kinzer, a senior fellow at the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University, was only published because the Boston Globe is owned by independent billionaire John William Henry II. No other outlet would have dared break ranks in this fashion.

The article, titled “The media are misleading the public on Syria,” starts off by saying that the coverage of the Syrian war “will be remembered as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of the American press.

It points out that “violent militants” have run the city of Aleppo for the past three years-but that “Many news reports suggest that Aleppo has been a ‘liberated zone’ for three years but is now being pulled back into misery.”

In fact, the Boston Globe said, the opposite is happening, pointing out that when the militants first seized the city from the Syrian government, their “rule began with a wave of repression. They posted notices warning residents: ‘Don’t send your children to school. If you do, we will get the backpack and you will get the coffin.’

“Then they destroyed factories, hoping that unemployed workers would have no recourse other than to become fighters. They trucked looted machinery to Turkey and sold it.”

As the Syrian army, backed by the Russian air force; militants from Hezbollah in Lebanon, and ground forces from Iran have started pushing back against the “rebels,” the city is now “finally see[ing] glimmers of hope,” the Boston Globe continued.

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Caroline Glick: Trump, the EU Crack-up and Israel

After his smashing back-to-back victories in the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries and the Nevada caucuses, going into next week’s Super Tuesday contests in 12 states, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump looks increasingly unbeatable.

What accounts for the billionaire populist’s success? And if Trump does become the next US president, what sort of leader will the former reality television star be?

Trump is popular because he has a rare ability to channel the deep-seated frustrations that much of the American public harbors toward its political and cultural elites.

Trump’s presidential bid isn’t based on specific, defined economic or foreign policy platforms or plans. Indeed, it isn’t clear that he even has any.

Trump’s campaign is based on his capacity to resonate two deeply felt frustrations harbored by a large cross-section of American citizens.

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Cops Mistake Innocent Man’s Seizure for a Crime, Beat Him So Bad He Was Hospitalized for Days

A man who was beaten by police while he was having a seizure is now facing charges from the incident. Javier Ortega Jr. was driving home one night when he had a seizure behind the wheel and crashed his vehicle.

Ortega stopped at a gas station just before the crash but doesn’t remember anything after that.

“I stopped at the Circle K just up the street. I don’t remember what I put. To this day, I don’t remember what I put. I had to check my bank account,” Ortega said.

When police arrived on the scene, they assumed that Ortega was drunk and became immediately aggressive with him.

In the police report, the officer said Ortega was “looking around aimlessly and appeared disoriented.”

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Former Republican White House Hopeful Christie Backs Trump

Former White House contender Chris Christie formally backed Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination on Friday, becoming the first major party figure to endorse the billionaire.

“There is no one who is better prepared to provide America with the strong leadership that it needs both at home and around the world than Donald Trump,” said the New Jersey governor, speaking alongside the real estate mogul in Fort Worth, Texas.

Christie pulled out of the White House race two weeks ago, after a dismal showing in the nomination contests in Iowa and New Hampshire, where he finished 10th and sixth, respectively…

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Intel Agencies: Clinton Emails Match Some of America’s Most Highly Classified Docs

From Reuters comes another twist in the Hillary Clinton email scandal, as intelligence agencies point out that some of her emails contained text that very closely matched America’s most highly-classified documents:

The agencies did not find any top secret documents that passed through Clinton’s server in their full version, the sources from Congress and the government’s executive branch said.

However, the agency reports found some emails included passages that closely tracked or mirrored communications marked “top secret,” according to the sources, who all requested anonymity. In some cases, additional classification markings meant access was supposed to be limited to small groups of specially cleared officials.

Under the law and government rules, U.S. officials and contractors may not transmit any classified information — not only documents — outside secure, government-controlled channels. Such information should not be sent even through the government’s .gov email network.

According to Reuters’ sources this is based on two reports submitted to Congress by the intelligence community’s Inspector General — one from the CIA, and the other from the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. Neither agency was willing to comment on the record.

This is not entirely new — we’ve known for a while about Clinton’s helpful little cut-and-paste house elves, who violated the “air gap” between secure systems and Clinton’s illicit mail server by copying information from classified documents and pasting it into her emails, with the security headings conveniently removed.

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Kansas Gunman Kills 3, Injures 14 Before Dying in Shootout With Police

A gunman armed with what police called an “assault-style” weapon killed three people and injured 14 others at a factory in Kansas Thursday before he was killed by a police officer who rushed into the building alone.

All three victims and 12 of the injured were shot at Excel Industries, a plant in Hesston that makes lawn mower products, Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton said. Of those hurt, 10 were critically wounded, he said.

The shooter had been served a restraining order earlier in the day, Walton said Friday without elaborating. Authorities have not officially given the name of the gunman, but multiple co-workers identified the shooter to local media as Cedric Ford.

Investigators also withheld the name of the officer who killed the gunman, an officer Walton called a “tremendous hero.”

The shootings began at about 5 p.m. local time, when the gunman was in a car and shot a man on the street in the nearby town of Newton, striking him in the shoulder. A short time later, another person was shot in the leg at an intersection. Authorities said the shooter stole the vehicle the second victim was driving.

“The shooter proceeded north to Excel Industries in Hesston, where one person was shot in the parking lot before he opened fire inside the building,” the Hesston Police Department said in a release. “He was seen entering the building with an assault-style long gun.”

Martin Espinoza, who works at Excel, was in the plant during the attack. He heard people yelling to others to get out of the building, then heard popping, then saw the shooter, a co-worker he described as typically pretty calm.

Espinoza said the shooter pointed a gun at him and pulled the trigger, but the gun was empty. At that point, the gunman got a different gun and Espinoza ran.

“I took off running. He came outside after a few people, shot outside a few times, shot at the officers coming onto the scene at the moment and then reloaded in front of the company,” Espinoza told The Associated Press. “After he reloaded he went inside the lobby in front of the building and that is the last I seen him.”

The Hesston officer responding to the scene exchanged fire with the shooter, who was killed. The officer was not hurt.

Walton said as many as 300 people were in the plant at the time of the shooting and that the law enforcement officer who killed the suspect “saved multiple, multiple lives.” He said the gunman also had a pistol…

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Lombardy Health Scandal Man Arrested in Miami

Lorusso set to be extradited

(ANSA) — Milan, February 26 — An offshore partner of a Northern League regional councillor held in a Lombardy healthcare scandal has been arrested in Miami and will shortly be extradited to Italy, judicial sources said Friday.

Stefano Lorusso, 53, was picked up in a Milan probe codenamed Smile that has led to the arrest of 21 people for suspected kickbacks to get lucrative dental-service contracts from Lombardy’s regional government.

Lorusso is said to be a partner in several offshore companies of former Northern League regional councillor Fabio Rizzi, ex-chair of the regional health committee, and his fixer Mario Longo.

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Rap Music Does ‘Encourage Underage Sex’, Claims University of Houston Study

Students at a school in Houston who listened to rap music three hours each day in the seventh grade were 2.6 times more likely to have had sex by the ninth grade.

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Twitter Now Uses ‘Stealth Blocking’ To Silence the Politically Incorrect

Twitter has started to use “stealth blocking” to silence users who are politically uncomfortable, says a source within the company to Breitbart Tech.

Several users report that they have been subjected to the procedure.

Stealth blocking means that a user’s account remains active, but the tweets do not show up to people who follow the account.

It all seems to have started after Twitter earlier in February launched what it calls its “Trust and Safety Council”, where several leftist and Muslim organizations are included. The Council will, according to Twitter, ensure that users feel “safe to express themselves” on the micro blog.

According to the Twitter source, Twitter has drawn up a “white list” and a “black list” of users that are considered problematic and unproblematic. If users end up on the black list, the tweets are hidden in the search function and in the stream of their followers.

According to Breitbart, a long list of politically incorrect users have already suffered from this type of stealth blocking.

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Italy: ‘Gradually’ Close Rome’s Roma Camps Says Raggi

‘Cost 24 mn a year’

(ANSA) — Rome, February 25 — Rome’s Roma camps should be gradually shut, the Rome mayoral candidate for the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) said Thursday.

“There should be a progressive solution to the Roma camps in Rome,” said Virginia Raggi.

“They are a structural emergency, we’re spending 24 million (euros) a year to maintain them in very degraded living conditions, to maintain people who are of working age in the majority”.

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Italy: Macedonian Arrested for Recruiting Jihadists

‘One of most active ISIS recruiters’

(ANSA) — Rome, February 26 — Italian anti-terrorist police on Friday arrested a Macedonian national in Mestre near Venice for allegedly recruiting aspiring mujahideen to fight for Islamist State (ISIS) militants after being radicalised by a Bosnian imam. The man, Ajhan Veapi, was arrested after a probe into several people of Balkan origin in northeastern Italy who allegedly set up a network of recruitment and indoctrination of foreign fighters, police said. Venice Prosecutor Adelchi D’Ippolito said Veapi was “one of the most active ISIS recruiters in northeastern Italy”.

The probe has already led to the expulsion of another two Macedonians and a Moroccan, police said.

Police had also tracked three foreign fighters — one Macedonian and two Bosnians — who left Italy for Syria.

Two of them were killed in 2013 and 2014, police said.

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Italy: 2 Moroccans Nabbed Transporting Hashish

Street value 180,000 euros

(ANSA) — Turin, February 26 — Two Moroccan nationals were arrested in Turin Friday for transporting hashish.

Police said the drugs had a street value of some 180,000 euros ($200,000).

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Italy: Juncker in Rome ‘To Mend Fences’

EC chief in visit to smooth recent spats

(ANSA) — Rome, February 26 — European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker comes to Rome Friday to mend fences after a recent series of spats with Premier Matteo Renzi over economic flexibility, migrants and investments for growth, among other issues.

Juncker will see Renzi, with whom he has crossed swords frequently in the last two months, as well as President Sergio Mattarella and the two parliamentary Speakers.

The aim of the visit is building bridges after the recent rows, diplomatic sources said.

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Italy: Armani ‘To Sack 100 in Switzerland’

Services and logistics employees

(ANSA) — Milan, February 26 — Armani fashion house is set to lay off 100 logistics and service staff employed at a company branch in the Swiss town of Mendrisio, Giorgio Fonio from the Ticino Christian-Social Organization union said Friday.

“There were 130 employed in Mendrisio, and they fell to 100 over the years,” Fonio said, adding that two-thirds of the employees live just over the border in Italy and commute to work in Switzerland.

“They are willing to move to Milan, but the Swiss citizens (among them) can’t accept the offer,” he said.

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Rome ‘Won’t Protest’ Against NSA Tapping as Italy is ‘Loyal US Servant’

Even after finding out that the US National Security Agency (NSA) was wiretapping former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, the government in Rome, being Washington’s loyal servant, won’t protest against it, Italian journalist Mario Sommossa said.

On Tuesday, WikiLeaks released a batch of classified documents revealing how the NSA was tapping different world leaders, including former Italian leader Berlusconi. Later that day, the Italian Foreign Ministry called US Ambassador John Philips to clarify the uncomfortable findings.

However, Sommossa thinks it was simply a desperate attempt to “save face” amid the embarrassing reality, which shows that Italy is “nothing but a [US] colony, which has an illusion of freedom.”

“We all always knew that the Americans were spying on us and influenced our politicians, but we didn’t have evidence and that allowed us to pretend that such things never happened,” Sommossa said.

Now Italians know it. According to disclosed information, Italian “allies” threatened Berlusconi and quite possibly wanted to change the officially elected government leader using local opposition forces, the journalist said.

And what about Italian counter-intelligence services — how could they not prevent the wiretapping of the country’s prime minister or even worse — did they help the NSA, the author posed a critical question.

If Italian security services helped the Americans to tap their own leader, then “[Italy] isn’t just a servant of America, but a slave,” Sommossa concluded.

According to WikiLeaks, the NSA had bugged meetings between UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Berlusconi, as well as talks of key EU and Japanese trade ministers on “trade red-lines.”

WikiLeaks is an international non-profit journalistic organization founded in Iceland in 2006 to disseminate documents, photos and video of political or social significance, according to the organization’s Facebook page. The website gained prominence when it publicized a trove of classified diplomatic cables between heads of state and government.

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Swedish PM: The Government is Preparing for Chaos

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and the government is preparing a backup plan for a new refugee crisis — which the EU refuses to cooperate with.

According to the Prime Minister, the time is running out for a joint solution between the countries.

– If the EU does not agree, there is a great risk of chaos, says Löfven.

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Total Chaos in the Swedish Police: ‘Minimal Risk of Being Arrested’

The Swedish police is in such trouble that the likelihood of being arrested now is minimal, something that is beneficial to both drunk drivers, drug dealers, petty criminals and extremists. However, it is not so outstandingly great for law abiding ordinary citizens, who will suffer.

A reorganization to make the police more effective commenced January 1, 2015, but a year after the largest police reform in the history of Sweden, the fiasco is a fact.

– As long as you know where traffic cameras are you can drive as fast as you want. You can sell drugs openly and these are good times if you want to be an extremist, says Bo Wennström, Professor of Law at Uppsala University, to the Swedish newspaper ETC.

The police reorganization has failed on almost all points. The Union warns that police officers are no longer allowed to be police officers and that all the special skills are filtered out as the 21 precincts have been merged into one.

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Military Occupation of Libya Unthinkable Says Pinotti

Only local forces can stabilise country, says defence minister

(ANSA) — Rome, February 25 — Italian Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti on Thursday ruled out the possibility of a military intervention to occupy Libya. “Libya can only be stabilized through the intervention of local forces,” Pinotti told Mediaset television. “A military operation occupying the country would be unthinkable”. Libya has been in turmoil since the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 and it now has two rival militia-backed parliaments, one based in the capital Tripoli and another, recognised by the international community, in Tobruk.

The chaos has allowed extremist Islamist group ISIS to gain ground in Libya.

Furthermore, given the difficulty the various militias are having in moving to form a United Nations-brokered government of national unity, there has been speculation the West could intervene directly to counteract the threat posed by ISIS.

The issue is particularly important for Italy, with Libya so near to its southern tip and the turbulence being exploited by human traffickers, making it a big factor in the asylum-seeker crisis. But Rome has taken a prudent line so far, aware that a lack of long-term planning before a NATO intervention helped topple Gaddafi contributed to the current situation.

For example, Premier Matteo Renzi’s government said this week that it would allow armed American drones to take off from a NATO-Italian air base at Sigonella in Sicily for operations against ISIS in Libya.

But the executive has stressed that authorizations will be given on a case-by-case basis and only for defensive operations.

Pinotti said Thursday that the first objective to achieve in Libya is stabilization, “which is hard to imagine without speaking to the Libyans themselves. “The failure of the vote for a national unity government is a negative sign and we are concerned about the constant postponements,” she added, referring by a delay in a vote in Tobruk on the national unity government. “When the Libyan government takes office it will be necessary to give a helping hand for security with trainers and protection forces, and 19 countries are working on this under Italy’s coordination.

“Over the past few months, ISIS’s presence has advanced, but this issue also is difficult to confront without Libya’s cooperation”.

The minister tried not to be drawn into commenting on press reports that French special forces are in action in Libya.

“I don’t comment issues that concern another country, but in the past unilateral expeditions have not helped Libya,” she said. “During official meetings, France has always recognized Italy’s coordination role as far as the situation in Libya is concerned”.

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Oops! UN Aid to Deir ez-Zor Lands in Daesh-Controlled Territory

The UN World Food Program’s (WFP) aid intended for the besieged Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor has landed mostly in territories controlled by Daesh, a source in the city’s administration said Thursday.

BEIRUT (Sputnik) — Earlier on Thursday, the United Nations said that the WFP had dropped 21 tons of aid into city on Wednesday.

“Planes dropped the humanitarian help sent by the United Nations into the territory controlled by Daesh. Just two containers ended up in the areas where the Syrian army [is located],” the source told RIA Novosti.

The contents of the containers that landed on the government-controlled territory has been badly damaged due to a parachute system failure, the source added.

According to earlier reports, the WFP has issued a statement admitting difficulties with the operation, adding that necessary adjustments are being carried out.

Some 200,000 people living under the Daesh-imposed siege in Deir ez-Zor are experiencing severe water shortages and a total lack of electricity, according to the United Nations.

Russia has also been providing humanitarian aid to the Syrian people, including through joint efforts with the Syrian government, particularly in Deir ez-Zor.

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Protests Against Sheikh Salman as Next FIFA Chief

Accused of repressing 2011 uprising in Bahrain

(ANSAmed) — ZURICH, FEBRUARY 26 — About 20 protestors gathered Friday in front of Zurich’s Hallenstadion, where the international football federation FIFA is meeting, to protest against the candidature of Sheikh Salman for head of the federation. The demonstrators held a large flag of Bahrain as well as photos of people suffering, chanting “Salman tortures” and Salman dictator”. The sheikh has been accused of taking part in the repression of athletes in 2011 after protests began in the small kingdom as part of the ‘Arab Spring’. He has vigorously denied all accusations. Speaking at the FIFA congress, Salman called for the unity of international football and stressed that he had always been elected democratically.

“It is normal and healthy that there be five candidates for the FIFA presidency. But starting tomorrow we will have to show our unity to the rest of the world,” he said. Salman noted that “the reforms adopted today are only the beginning and many others will follow.” While his main rival, Gianni Infantino, has never been voted on by the federations (as secretary general), Sheikh Salman noted that “since 1998, I have always been elected in my roles in football, first as the head of a federation (Bahrain) and then in 2013 by the Asian Confederation.” In his speech, Sheikh Salman insisted on the importance of helping small countries. He did not take a position on a possible widening of the World Cup to 40 teams. “The best overall solution must be found,” he said.

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Tough Times Ahead: Russian Sanctions to ‘Bankrupt’ Turkish Food Exporters

Messing with Russia has left the Turkish agricultural sector in shambles, as the country’s food exporters are losing most of their business as a result of sanctions, the newspaper Dunya said, citing a report by Mediterranean Exporters Union.

Sanctions have hit Turkish food exporters real hard: the export of agricultural products fell by 88 percent last month compared to January 2015, according to the Turkish newspaper.

The situation is so dire that the Turkish agricultural sector might be on the verge of full bankruptcy without the government’s support.

“If the government fails to extend a helping hand, the sector can bankrupt in all segments — from producers to exporters,” the newspaper said.

The Russian market was the main export area for Turkish food producers. Ankara has been trying to find alternative markets to sell its agricultural products, but so far Turkish attempts have fallen short.

Moscow imposed sanctions against Turkish goods, air travel and employment contracts after Ankara shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber in November 2015.

The list of products Turkey is no longer allowed to sell to Russia includes frozen chicken and turkey parts, fresh and frozen tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, peppers, oranges and tangerines, apricots and strawberries.

With the full set of Russian sanctions against Turkey in place, the country’s exports will keep going down even faster.

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Kyrgyzstan: Fight Against Islamic Extremism, 90 Per Cent of Madrassah Principals Unqualified

In 2014, the government tightened controls over religious education, school principals, and teachers. Now the latter must show they have the necessary qualifications to be certified. This includes support for traditional Islam and a secular education. Out of 101 madrassahs, 72 registered for the certification process. Of these, 92 per cent of principals and more than 200 teachers out 483 failed to be certified. Scores of mosques, cultural centres and associations are financed from abroad.

Bishkek (AsiaNews/Agencies) — More than 90 per cent of principals and approximately half of the teachers in Kirghiz madrassahs (Islamic schools) have not been certified because they lack the secular and religious higher education needed to teach in the country’s religious schools.

Because of this, most of the country’s madrassah principals will lose their teaching licenses, said Abdulla Asrankulov, head of Kyrgyzstan’s Religious Certification Commission.

This is the result of regulations adopted in 2014 to curb Islamic extremism among young people, who are often taught by unqualified religious teachers.

Yesterday, clergymen, principals and teachers underwent the process designed to vet their qualifications.

Over the years, Kyrgyz authorities had become concerned about the growth of radical ideas in the country and the recruitment of young people by extremists.

In mid-January, the Kyrgyz Interior Ministry said that more than 30 Kyrgyz nationals were killed fighting alongside Islamist militants in Syria and Iraq in 2015.

Increasingly, young Central Asians are being recruited via the Internet. Recently Russian authorities said that some 3,000 Central Asians, including 500 Kyrgyz, have been recruited.

For this reason, the Kyrgyz government tightened controls on Islamic schools, often hotbeds of extremist propaganda.

In 2012, Kyrgyz security officials also accused the country’s highest religious authority — the Muftiyat — of illegally sending Kyrgyz children to religious schools in Bangladesh, where teachers allegedly propagate the views of the extremist Tablighi Jamaat movement.

The measures passed in 2014 require all Islamic school principals and teachers to undergo certification in order to determine their level of knowledge of Islam. This includes showing their support for traditional Islam, and having an adequate religious and secular education.

Out of Kyrgyzstan’s 101 madrassahs, 72 have registered their staff for the certification process that began yesterday. Ninety-two per cent of principals and more than 200 teachers out 483 failed to be certified.

Kyrgyzstan has a population of almost 6 million people. It has 2,400 religious organisations, more than 2,000 of them Islamic. There are also 2,300 mosques, as well as cultural centres and associations, often financed from abroad.

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Nigeria’s Anti-Christian Jihad in Numbers: 11,500 Dead, 13,000 Churches Destroyed

A new report offers some startling statistics on the devastation wrought by Muslims on the Christian population in Nigeria, with 11,500 Christians killed, a million displaced and 13,000 churches destroyed or shut down in the last 15 years.

The 48-page report titled “Crushed but Not Defeated: The Impact of Persistent Violence on the Church in Northern Nigeria,” documents the extent of Christian persecution in Nigeria due to targeted violence by Islamic extremists as well as other more moderate Muslims. The document was released after extensive on-the-ground research by Open Doors, a non-profit group devoted to assisting persecuted Christians throughout the world.

The comprehensive study reveals that decades of religious violence directed at the Christian community has had an even larger impact on the Church in Northern Nigeria than previously thought. The violence against Christians in the region has resulted in the deaths of “between 9,000 to 11,500 Christians,” which the report calls “a conservative estimation.” A large number of Christian properties and businesses have been destroyed, the document continues, “including 13,000 churches that have either been destroyed or closed down.”

Moreover, according to the report, 1.3 million Christians in Northern Nigeria “have become internally displaced or have settled in other areas of Nigeria in search for safety and security” since 2000.

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South Africa: An Orgy of Violence

“Bullet proof vests in the suburbs; universities trashed; rector’s office petrol bombed; artifacts burnt; farmers murdered; land grabs increase; ‘burn the building and those inside’: ANC Member of Parliament; highway shootings and robberies; 87-year-old bludgeoned in home-twice; restaurateur shot dead; police report 7,000 firearms ‘stolen or missing’; panga attack severs B.Sc. student’s hand: Just another week in blighted South Africa!”

So begins the latest situation report on South Africa issued by the TAU-SA, the oldest agricultural union in South Africa. Founded in 1897, the TAU describes its mission as the promotion of a “productive and safe existence for its members on the land they own,”-an objective, the organization notes, which is currently not achievable.

The situation report, part of the TAU-SA’s international news service, continues:

The ANC and its followers have reverted to type. Violence gets them what they want or what they think they want. The more compromise and concessions given, the more demands are made and more violence ensues. Violence works for the ANC-it always has. It’s a tried and tested recipe that delivers every time. And after the violence, after the lust has been satiated, after the racial hatred has been slaked and the resentment played out, then what?

This question is being asked by many South Africans as they witness yet again the mindless Khmer Rouge-type vandalism that has become the hallmark of many young Africans “demanding” everything under the sun, whether they want it or not.A free-for-all lawlessness has gripped the country: unbridled mayhem has become a modus operandi, and everyone and everything is fair game.

The seeds of this mindless fury were sown many moons ago. Historically the ANC used violence as a means to obtain the political rights which they declare were denied them by the British and later white South Africa. South Africa has been particularly convulsed by revolutionary violence since the early sixties. Late seventies and mid-eighties’ terrorism increased in barbarity and brutality. It was hallmarked by its own particular savagery: the relentless intimidation of blacks who would not join their revolution and a grotesque cruelty which out Mau-Mau’d the Mau Mau. The ANC called it “a people’s war”. It targeted not only policemen and soldiers but also local councilors, “collaborators,” “informers” and all “puppets of the regime”. The aim was to render South Africa ungovernable and to ultimately overthrow all authority. The seeds of violence as an effective political tool were planted…

In any sane country, farmers would be cherished. After all, what is more basic than three meals a day? In South Africa, the malice shown towards the commercial farming sector is so patent that it can only be attributed to an illogical animosity and resentment rooted in a huge (but justified) inferiority complex. After all, what sort of agriculture existed before whites arrived in South Africa? The ANC cannot face an “inconvenient truth”, as the movie title says. Can the ANC feed SA’s population of 53 million?

From 1990 to 2015, 1785 farmers were murdered and 3,745 farms were attacked. In January 2016, six farmers were murdered and there were 26 attacks. In many of these cases, the murders can be termed atrocities. Newspaper pages are replete with reports of knifings, hackings with pangas, suffocations, rapes of farmers’ wives and daughters, burning with hot irons, and worse.

In addition to this onslaught, the government tinkers with expropriation legislation, with plans to take 50 per cent of many farms to give to “the workers”, and farmers are burdened with the myriad legislative inhibitions already placed on them. Land grabs have increased as squatters take possession of “unoccupied” land.

[Comment: Google the reports of what horrors white farmers in South Africa face…white farmers in South Africa are being systematically and brutally exterminated. WARnING: Disturbing Content —,, Whites who are not communists or useful idiots should leave communist South Africa.]

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Violent Protests Force S. African Universities to Close

Violent demonstrations and arson attacks that burnt down campus buildings forced at least three South African universities to shut their doors on Thursday in a new wave of student protests.

Universities have been a focus for unrest in recent months over issues including rising tuition fees, allegations of racism and a dispute over the use of the Afrikaans language.

Several buildings at the North West University’s Mafikeng campus were torched on Wednesday including a science centre and an administration building which held student records.

President Jacob Zuma condemned the destruction of property on campuses including at University of Free State, University of Pretoria and the University of Cape Town…

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Luis Fleischman: Bolivia’s Referendum on Indefinite Re-Eleciton of the President: a Welcome Blow to the Authoritarian Left

After three days of uncertainty and attempts by the Bolivian government to undermine the results of the recent referendum, Bolivians rejected a constitutional amendment aimed at securing indefinite reelection of the president. The amendment, initiated by President Evo Morales passed Congress by a two-thirds majority in September but in spite of that Morales did not win the support of the majority of Bolivians.

This referendum took place 7 years after Hugo Chavez of Venezuela won a similar referendum and at a time when Venezuela is now facing the worst political and economic disaster in its history. Indeed, Venezuela’s hyper-presidentialism and “Ceasarism” has led to ade-facto authoritarian regime, unaccountable to its’ citizens and with an economy that is heading towards default. The current state of oil prices, the polarization and mismanagement of the oil industry, the destruction of the private sector, the lack of transparency and corruption have placed the country in a state of chaos.

Before the election, Morales claimed that by asking the voters to run for a third term and remain in the presidency until 2025 he was simply following the will of the people. But the people proved him wrong.

Morales remained popular thanks to his polices of government expenditures and redistribution of income. The high prices of Bolivian raw materials in the international market have allowed Bolivia to enjoy economic growth of 5% per year. This enabled Morales to redistribute and reduce extreme poverty from 38% to 17%.

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“We Are Heading Into Anarchy”: Official Says EU Will “Completely Break Down in 10 Days”

Solberg is effectively prepared to turn everyone away and go into lockdown mode.

Norwegian PM Erna Solberg doesn’t want to have to skirt her country’s responsibilities under the Geneva Convention and she doesn’t want to trample over human rights either, but she will if she has to.

“It is a force majeure proposals which we will have in the event that it all breaks down,” Solberg said, in an interview with Berlingske, describing new measures she believes Norway may have to take if Sweden buckles under the weight of the refugee influx which saw some 163,000 asylum seekers inundate the country last year.

Solberg is effectively prepared to turn everyone away and go into lockdown mode should everything fall apart completely, causing Europe to descend into some kind of lawless, Hobbesian, free-for-all.

If that sounds far-fetched or hyperbolic consider that on Thursday, EU migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos warned that the bloc has just 10 days to implement a plan that will bring about “tangible and clear results on the ground” or else “the whole system will completely break down.”

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As FBI Works to Stifle Terrorists; Obama Tries to Resettle Them in America!

As the FBI works to force Apple Computer to cooperate in unlocking information generated by terrorists on Apple digital devices, President Obama presses full steam ahead with his despicable agenda to surrender American values and history to the barbaric executioners of global terrorism by relocating GITMO detainees to “kinder, gentler” facilities in American cities and towns. This conflict can best be summarized as a genuine effort by the FBI to protect the lives and wellbeing of 330 million Americans versus the selfish, narcissist, fairy-tale notions of a failed ideologue who seems to favor Islamic terrorists over American citizens!

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German Govt: 3.6m Invaders by 2020

The German government today voted in new asylum “rules” which it claims will restrict family reunifications for “rejected asylum seekers”-while at the same time its Economic Affairs ministry issued a report says that at least 3.6 million new invaders will enter the country by 2020. Under the new rules, passed by 429 votes for and 147 against in the German Bundestag, the right to “family reunion” for rejected asylum seekers who still cannot be expelled because they “risk torture or the death penalty in their own country” will be “restricted.”

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German Government Admits They Have Lost 130,000 Migrants

German authorities do not know the whereabouts of 130,000 migrants, the government confessed today. It means that more than one in ten unvetted new arrivals from the Middle East have disappeared, somewhere in Europe.

Of the 1.1 million migrants who registered as asylum seekers in Germany in 2015, “about 13 per cent did not turn up at the reception centres to which they had been directed,” the government said in a written reply to a question from a lawmaker from the Left Party.

The official government admission follows a previous calculation suggesting that the number of missing migrants could be as high as 600,000.

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Hungary Has Sovereign Right to Hold Referendum on EU Refugee Quotas

Hungary’s decision to hold a referendum on the issue of migration quotas is the country’s own internal affair, Dutch Migration Minister Klaas Dijkhoff said on Thursday.

BRUSSELS (Sputnik) — Earlier this week, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban decided to hold a referendum on the EU mandatory quotas on refugee relocation, under which the country would be obliged to take in 2,300 refugees.

“Every country has a right to organize such a referendum […] It is up to every country to organize its own internal deliberations,” Dijkhoff told reporters.

Every EU member state has the right to react, issue its own statements and develop its own policies and tactic, but everyone should remain conscious of the fact that decisions that concern the bloc as a whole should be taken at an EU level, the minister added.

Last year, European interior ministers adopted, at an extraordinary meeting, a mandatory quota scheme to relocate some 40,000 refugees residing mostly in Italy and Greece throughout the bloc’s 28 members on an equitable basis.

Hungary is one of the four Visegrad Group (V4 group) states, along with Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The V4 group opposes the implementation of the mandatory EU quota scheme to relocate thousands of refugees throughout the bloc.

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Hungarian Move Threatens EU

The news that Hungary will vote on whether to let the European Union (EU) forcibly resettle thousands of nonwhite invader “refugees” in that country poses the single most serious threat to the future existence of that organization yet.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban made the announcement about the referendum after it became clear that there was a massive groundswell of opposition in Hungary of earlier reports that the government had agreed to the EU “resettlement plan.”

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Liberal: Harsh Denmark

by Hugh Eakin

In country after country across Europe, the Syrian refugee crisis has put intense pressure on the political establishment. In Poland, voters have brought to power a right-wing party whose leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, warns that migrants are bringing “dangerous diseases” and “various types of parasites” to Europe. In France’s regional elections in December, some Socialist candidates withdrew at the last minute to support the conservatives and prevent the far-right National Front from winning. Even Germany, which took in more than a million asylum-seekers in 2015, has been forced to pull back in the face of a growing revolt from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s own party and the recent New Year’s attacks on women in Cologne, allegedly by groups of men of North African origin.

And then there is Denmark. A small, wealthy Scandinavian democracy of 5.6 million people, it is according to most measures one of the most open and egalitarian countries in the world. It has the highest income equality and one of the lowest poverty rates of any Western nation. Known for its nearly carbon-neutral cities, its free health care and university education for all, its bus drivers who are paid like accountants, its robust defense of gay rights and social freedoms, and its vigorous culture of social and political debate, the country has long been envied as a social-democratic success, a place where the state has an improbably durable record of doing good. Danish leaders also have a history of protecting religious minorities: the country was unique in Nazi-occupied Europe in prosecuting anti-Semitism and rescuing almost its entire Jewish population.

When it comes to refugees, however, Denmark has long led the continent in its shift to the right—and in its growing domestic consensus that large-scale Muslim immigration is incompatible with European social democracy.

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Opinion: Merkel’s Humane Refugee Policies Have Failed

By Christiane Hoffmann

Last September, Angela Merkel opened Germany’s borders to hundreds of thousands of refugees, mostly from Syria. Her calculation that the rest of Europe would support her backfired. She now finds herself isolated at home and abroad as conditions worsen for asylum-seekers.

From today’s perspective, Sept. 5, 2015, feels like an eternity ago. That was the day when the chancellor made the decision to allow refugees who had been detained in Hungary to come to Germany. It was the day when she decided to adopt a humanitarian refugee policy — and the beginning of the erosion of Angela Merkel’s power.

“The world views Germany as a country of hope and opportunity,” she had said only a few days previously, as part of her annual summer press conference. She also evoked the universal civil liberties that are part of the founding principles of the European Union. It was the day when Angela Merkel decided to follow her convictions, to replace pragmatism with idealism and to emphasize the “Christian” in the name of her party, the Christian Democratic Union. It was the first time in a long while that she didn’t think things through all the way to the end.

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PM Orbán Interview: Mass Immigration Brings Terrorism, Criminality, Anti-Semitism and Homophobia

Hungary “does not want migrants to arrive to the country”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in an interview with the German tabloid newspaper Bild, published in the paper’s Thursday edition.

In the interview, bearing the title “The Voice from Germany is Coarse, Brusque and Agressive”, the Prime Minister argues that the EU’s migrant quota would change the ethnic, cultural and religious profile of Hungary and Europe, pointing out that his decision not to support the quota “is not targeted against Europe but rather at the protection of democracy”.

Mr. Orbán also revealed in the interview that he has initiated a popular referendum to derail the EU’s “mandatory quota”, which he said also violates community law. In explanation, he said that “loyalty to the nation is the principle of democracy, and Central Europeans have learnt that if they fail to represents citizens’ interests, they lose their freedom”. “We want to protect our citizens instead of dividing them”, he added, “Why should we import Western countries’ problems?”, he concluded.

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Report: Thousands of Refugees ‘Disappear’ After Registering in Germany — Never Having Lived at Their Intended Accomodation

Germany’s “Süddeutsche Zeitung” daily reported on Friday that last year 13 percent of registered refugees never went to their planned shelter, equating to more than 130,000 people.

The newspaper based its report on a response from the federal Interior Ministry, on request of Germany’s Left Party. The ministry listed possible reasons for the refugees’ disappearance as asylum seekers continuing their journey to other countries or submersion into illegality.

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UN Expresses Concern Over Austria-Balkans Measures

‘Negative consequences for human rights’, High Commissioner

(ANSAmed) — ROME, FEBRUARY 25 — The UN Human Rights Commission on Thursday expressed serious concern over decisions made last week in Zagreb by police chiefs of Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. The agreement for a new system of checks, selection and registration of migrants that will be conducted a single time — on the border between Greece and Macedonia — will impact negatively on migrants’ human rights, High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein said in a statement.

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USCIS Backs Up ICE: ‘God Forbid’ Rubio Gets Elected, He’s a ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’

Ken Palinkas—who served as the President of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Council during the Gang of Eight fight and is now a local chapter president for USCIS officers—weighed in on the fight between America’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers and Sen. Rubio.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Palinkas detailed the dangers a Rubio Administration would pose to national security and U.S. sovereignty—perhaps adding more trouble to an already embattled Rubio campaign.

“He’s the wolf in sheep’s clothing,” Palinkas told Breitbart—explaining that Rubio would “absolutely” represent President Obama’s third term on immigration.

“If God forbid he gets elected, I don’t see any change going in the direction that the Republican Party really professes to believe in. I think he would go in the opposite direction. Absolutely,” Palinkas said.

USCIS is the agency responsible for processing all immigration paperwork in the United States—including visas, green cards, and amnesty applications—and, therefore, is the backbone of America’s entire immigration system. During his time as former-President of the National USCIS Council, Palinkas represented 12,000 USCIS adjudications officers and staffers.

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Won’t Accept Unilateral Migrant Decisions — Gentiloni

Says this is ‘basis’ for next week’s EU summit

(ANSA) — Limassol, February 26 — Italy will not accept unilateral decisions on closing borders at next week’s extraordinary summit on the migrant emergency, Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said in Cyprus Friday.

“We can’t accept unilateral decisions that crack a European edifice that has been built over decades,” he said at a meeting of seven Mediterranean countries. Gentiloni said yesterday’s alarm voiced by European Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos on the future of the Schengen area was “understandable”.

Gentiloni added that it was “too early” to say if Italy would be sending men to Libya.

He said Libyan authorities needed to request that.

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13 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 2/26/2016

  1. Sweden is preparing for “chaos”… that will only exist thanks to Sweden. After all – why don’t the “refugees” want to stop at nice, peaceful and friendly places like Croatia, Slovenia or Austria along the way? Why is even the super-welcoming Germany not enough for these poor people fleeing war and brutality? Why do they just HAVE to continue their journey North?

    Yet Sweden will want “quotas”, to send all the “refugees” to less charitable places, like Lithuania… and when they got there, how would they feel about receiving Lithuanian-style benefits, rather than Swedish ones? How would they feel about those refugees who “won the lottery”, and got themselves permission to go to Stockholm? And how would they feel about the Lithuanians around them, treating them so “terribly”? But it’s Lithuania that would have to live with the consequences – not Sweden… or alternatively, they’d get themselves some trains and taxis (somehow they always seem to have money for taxis), and try their luck again in heading North across the Baltic… either way, surely the proposed quota system is an utter mess?

  2. The USA will never allow Britain to leave the EU. Nasty things will happen if we attempt it……

    UK and rest of Europe are but vassals of the US Federal Reserve.

    • I believe that Britain WILL leave the EU. Consequences be damned! It`s a matter of survival and it will happen. I say that as an American. I pray for the EU to be dissolved, or as many as can to get out. I also pray for the CLEANSING of our corrupt government. Corrupt is too mild…EVIL is more what I have in mind.

    • I’m *only* a U.S. voter; I don’t have billions of dollars in my banking accounts. But I, too, hope that the U.K. votes to leave the EU!

      Maybe I haven’t paid attention in the right places (I think I *have* paid attention, though), but…why would the U.S. “never allow Britain to leave the EU”?

      Sorry if this is a question with an “obvious” answer. thx!

  3. Not sure if this is important, but I was interviewed by a young lady from Austria Public Radio yesterday. She was interviewing early primary voters in Houston. She was taken aback when I mentioned that we do not want the same problems with Muslim immigration that they are having in Austria

    • That’s very important. When someone comes down with a virus, it seems that it inevitable to take its course.
      Now we go to the western brain, mind… it will take its course: i.e. the west will invite invaders call them “refugees” until pavements/sidewalks are Red and pieces of bodies are strewn everywhere. We see signs of that already, except Traitors are blind, but they are not blind to fabricate “hate crimes” AGAINST those who alert others of the islamic deadly looming danger.

      Can you change perverted minds by books and articles in Vlad TEPES AND GoV.? Only governments can do that and the media and both are the enemy of the people and islam friendly.

      Why this servility and self-imposed enslavement to islam no one can know?

  4. It’s the end of sweden as we know it! And I feel fineeeeeee.
    I am moving back to australia ! where they know what to do with illegal immigrants.
    Sweden will be no place to raise a family in 10 years with this current moronic government. Unless you want your children to be raped at the pools or anywhere really……..

    • Ah yes…the I am moving back to toos. Relating your Swedish experience should create lots of alarm and despondency Down Under. I imagine you will be talking to lots of “dumb Swedes” there too. Unless of course you and all your mates are independently wealthy, unemployed or want to be. PC is a real bummer in the air you breathe now in all western countries. Clearing the way for the Muslim tax.

    • Ah, now hang on a minute there, mate; isn’t OZ the place where every 2nd or 3rd item on supermarket shelves is halal?
      My brother who lives just south of Melbourne says so, he and his better half were amazed at how ‘halal free’ we are here on Vancouver Island.
      Has to be said, I’m amazed Aussies allow that nonsense—I thought they would have been the last people to fall for that moslem scam.

  5. You are are the only site anywhere to quote the Transvaal Agricultural Union. Afriforum is South Africa’s main right-wing group which supports farmers and farming communities. I have a smallholding in a small Afrikaans farming community in the Karoo and when a (white) municipal manager stole about $50 000 from the coffers a couple of years ago, Afriforum is the one to take up the case for us legally and at the end they sent someone with some moral clout down to the coastal idyll where Mr Crook spends most of his time, and persuaded him to give the money back, which he did. So while the TAU is clearly affiliated with the AWB, the nazi-types here and has no platform at all, Afriforum behaves impeccably and its political affiliate is the Freedom Front, also condemned as a right-wing fascist group but in truth nothing of the sort. Otherwise, I don’t know what the vibe in Joburg is like right now because I can’t stand the taste of exhaust fumes that settles in the throat and yes the ever-present threat of smash-and-grab artists is also bad for my health, but I was up for 3 weeks last year and as ever people are wonderful and smiling and tough and on a lot fewer antidepressants than the Swedes or Yanks for that matter. But there is no doubt that the Soros-funded agitators are here and having a field day within the idiotic community that styles itself the “intelligensia”. This week TUKS, one of two Afrikaans language universities and the one in the erstwhile Transvaal, capitulated to demands and promised to switch all lectures over to English, thereby putting the same restrictions on Afrikaans students the old government put on Africans. That’s what sparked the riots in ’76 and played a pivotal role in the events leading up to 1994. I believe the angels cry when history repeats itself so closely because as a Christian I know that victims who proclaim their innocence before Gd know their worth to Him and step into their power and this is ever the challenge. That has ever been my prayer for South Africa. Victims who can’t see fit to realise this become perps, as we know. And we know that the purpose of the Soros evil is to foster this sentiment everywhere in direct attacks on our Lord. For all the right-wing condemnation of the old ANC and Mandela because of their links to soviet communism, Mandela, Luthuli and the old Mbeki understood the Christian principle and in the early days, there was hope it would prevail. It’s worth reading the freedom charter in this respect. What they didn’t understand was that under no circumstances are Africans fit to lead in this age. They simply do not have the fortitude, eatheric structures built up through generations exposed to the horrors AND the cross. I don’t care if any leftie says this is eugenics, it’s not. Hardy plants are adapted to life on earth. Hardy conscious being are adapted towards psychic mastery on earth. And as a hardy conscious human being, I am under no illusions that human yearning for self-determination and freedom trumps reason and you’d be surprised at how many ordinary black South Africans have a clear-eyed view of this too, and there is humility and, settled into the heart, it is like steel that might just protect all of us going forward. In fact, western governments weren’t ready to let go of their African assets when black nationalism started to rise and these naive young men were sitting ducks for the commies in the greatest tradition of tragedy. An ageing Mandela was more duck sport when he signed up with the globalists at Davos in 1997 and the ANC at least tried with its succession management, putting the anointed, Thabo Mbeki, through the paces at London School of Economics. Unfortunately the western forces attempting to to guide South Africa were themselves guided by the ideals of socialism. While it’s true that the country is a nightmare to do business in and people are fatalistic about violence, which is quite normal in terms of human history, the fact remains that there are far more opportunities here than anywhere in the west. I run two small businesses with ease. The only business spam I get is from the US. I havent bothered to register my companies and I don’t pay tax. I don’t want an empire so flying under the radar is easy. I can’t stand the idea of all that paperwork. So comment recommending people leave the country needs to come with a caveat. What if you don’t want to go to silicon valley with all the lefties? What if you don’t want to work at McDonalds and vote for Bernie Sanders. Daily Mail ran a piece recently on some 80 “white squatter camps”. These are the people who were protected under the previous government. Sheltered post office work for idiots. I feel nothing for those people. And a fabulously entrepreneurial Zulu friend rolls up her window when she sees them begging on the streets and tells her children, you see those people, you don’t give them money. They had their chance when their people ran the government, now it’s your turn. Your job is to take advantage of every opportunity you have and make a success of your life. Thandi knows the time is short and she tends to invest in land. But a lot of white South Africans are really smart, like Jewish smart. Africa will always need whites to run their businesses and whites who plan on staying have a fiery spirit. There’s no future for people who can’t navigate intelligently and who aren’t tough, squeemish about paying bribes, etc. There’s the sad picture of former zim farmers sitting in miserable flats in england and there’s farmers who laughed at the invaders, shook their hands, said, come bhuti, I will slaughter you a cow and delivered a bakkie-load of beer crates to the places that matter. They live relatively safely on their farms, the fear of that council flat looming large in their minds. It doesnt take much if you know what you’re doing and perhaps if Reagan’s statemanship extended to this kind of savvy, things might have been different. It’s the only thing that could have made a difference. I had lunch with a dear friend last week who had a fabulous Christmas holiday. She flew to meet her (newish) hubby off the rig in Aberdeen and enjoyed the festivities in Edinburgh before whisking him off to try on a pair of skis for the first time in his 62 years in France. Then they did a bit of roadtripping and flew out of Vienna. I was keen to ask her how she found things. (I have also been grilling all the european tourists the past couple of months, but that’s another story…) She had a brother who died when she was a teenager she speaks about often and I wasn’t finished with my first counterjihadleft sentence when she interrupted and told me that her brother had some comic book when she was a kid all about how a one-world government took over and used the Muslim Arabs as foot soldiers to torture and kill everyone, back in the early 80s. She’s a very stylish doting grandmother with kids who, if they’re not pitching city-wide wifi network development ideas to the city of Cape Town, they’re starting a sort of pan-african uber in the sky. She runs a decor business and hubby’s vast property portfolio and suffers fools never, and there are a lot of people living incredible lives like hers in these parts. She looked me in the eye and said, you know, we South Africans think we’re so backward in so many ways, but compared to the Europeans we have our heads screwed on straight. The End.

    • Thinking about what I wrote, I thought I should add that most Afrikaaners from for the DA (Democratic Alliance), the main opposition to the psycho ANC, as do I for necessity, without great understanding that the DA is totally in the pockets of the globalists ho-hum. The Freedom Front should otherwise have much greater share of the vote, around 10%.

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