Camp Dobova, Slovenia: “The EU Has Lost its Mind”

The following article from the Czech outlet describes the situation at Camp Dobova on the border between Croatia and Slovenia, where “Syrian” “refugees” are processed through into the European Union. True refugees, economic migrants, and terrorists are all admitted indiscriminately, without any vetting or verification of their identity.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation:

Eyewitness Report from a Camp: The Migrants Are Like a Time Bomb, EU has lost its mind.

It seems that the EU has lost all sound decision-making abilities and, when it comes to accepting migrants, it has given up on all the wise rules, says Martin Herzan, former member of the House Committee on Human Rights. For Thursday’s Pravo [a publication], he recounted his experiences from Camp Dobova on the Slovenia-Croatia border. According to him, dozens of radical Islamists have also entered Europe, without any actions against them by security services.

From December 2015 till the end of this January, I spent six weeks among the migrants at the transitional immigrant camp Dobova on the Slovenia-Croatia border, through which the Balkan migration wave flows into Europe.

About three thousand migrants passed through the camp daily — even whole families, but mostly just young men, alone.

“The migrants could have lied about anything — given any names, dates of birth , even nationalities.”

They came not just from the countries afflicted by war — Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq — but strictly economic migrants have been trying to take advantage of the situation, coming from regions where there is no war. Most of them did not have any personal documents — they had intentionally destroyed them, to conceal their true identity and country of origin.

Every day, many weapons were confiscated

As for the registration centres, which issued new temporary documents to the migrants, to those they were able to lie and say anything — using whatever names, dates of birth and nationalities. The task of these registration centres is to write down the information they are given, not to verify it.

In Greece the migrants did not even have to lie, because there they have been and are still issuing documents in which they put everyone’s date of birth as the 1st of January, whether the migrants agree with this or not. The most important parts of the work with migrants are the personal checks of the migrants and their luggage.

Under these circumstances, this is the easiest way to find out if this is a high-risk individual or even a former fighter for the Islamic State, al-Qaeda or the Taliban. Every day, several kilograms of weapons are confiscated. — mostly stabbing or cutting [weapons], but also tasers, nunchucks, and other dangerous objects.

In those six weeks, I saw dozens of radicals and Islamic fighters discovered among the migrants. Some had photos and videos on their mobile phones of captives, showing them brutally torturing or killing their victims. Others had child pornography or videos showing the torture of naked women.

These were handed in to the Slovenian criminal police. They [the police] usually just interrogated them, made a report, and to the great surprise of everyone, let them go further into Europe. All the while, under EU rules, persons like these are not allowed to enter the Schengen Zone, into which, strictly speaking, nobody is supposed to be admitted if they have presented invalid documents.

Is this about human rights, or government subsidies?

All the rules have been abandoned; they are admitting everyone travelling further into Europe, like a walking time bomb.

“At the border, I have also seen true refugees fleeing war, whether they be moderate Muslims, atheists or Christians.”

As a longstanding defender of human rights, I am ashamed that behind this curtain of sham humanitarianism — often in order to collect government subsidies — many non-profits, even human rights organizations, are taking part. Nothing changes the fact that at the border I also met real refugees fleeing from war, whether they be moderate Muslims, atheists or Christians.

Victims of tragic circumstances deserve to find safety in Europe. In contrast to the problem-causing, never satisfied economic migrants, or those who view their journey into Europe as an obligation to spread Islam, this minority of war refugees coming into hospitable Europe do intend to value this refuge.

“It is as if the European Union has lost its sound mind, as it recklessly feeds growing risks of terror in its territory.”

They really want to work and share, or, at least, respect, European values. We must not be indifferent to the tragedy faced by these people. But to mix in these fates, out of deference to the chimera of some artificial, “directed” multiculturalism, without any differentiation, into this wave of economic migration, together with many of the migrants on a potentially dangerous mission — this seems to me to be the height of irresponsibility and hypocrisy.

It is as if the European Union had lost all sound judgment, as it recklessly feeds the growing danger of terror in its territory. New Year’s Eve violence in Cologne on Rhine and other cities, which has so changed the atmosphere in Germany, is just the tip of this problematic iceberg.

Then, when this growing wave of high-risk, illegal migration raises protests, which stress the rights of Europeans to maintain their human rights and freedoms, the dignity of women and European culture — they are then labelled as “xenophobes”.

Paradoxically, [this is done] often by the very defenders of human rights. Who seem to be protecting some completely different rights than those that belong to us.

Hat tip: VF.

28 thoughts on “Camp Dobova, Slovenia: “The EU Has Lost its Mind”

  1. ” Eyewitness Report from a Camp: The Migrants Are Like a Time Bomb, EU has lost its mind. ”

    EU has lost many things:

    EU has lost its morals, values, memes, faith, loyalty, sincerity, seriousness, morality, ethics, resisting evil, embracing goodness, discerning, observation, the difference between wrong and right, the Difference between girl and boy, between Christianity and islam, between aggressor and oppressed, between their own citizens and supremacist invaders, the difference between democracy and dictatorship, between one who is defending legitimately his/her own people, family, nation, and defending an alien country, between freedom of speech and gagging, the difference between koran and the bible, between pastor and imam, between a minaret and and a penis . . . etc.

    The result unlimited arrogance that walks pompously before self-destruction by the help of invaders.

    • Yes. In a word: the postmodern paradigm.
      In a more exact word, nihilism and the rejection of God, and with that the loss of the fear of eternal hell and torment.
      The Law is a curb to evildoers.
      Take away the Law of God, and all hell breaks loose on EARTH.

      • ‘There lies the fundamental tragedy and the fons et origo malorum. Mankind has deposed God and deified the state, while substituting a kind of sentimental philanthropy (which stops at the barrier of self-interest) for a code of morality based on religious principle.’ – John Colville, 30th November 1939.

    • More and more and more arrogant costumed in your face soldiers of Allah on the streets. Islam won and resistance is useless.

  2. What we are witnessing is the self-destruction of a civilisation.

    Future historians will say that the border defences were “overwhelmed”.

    The truth is that the cultures of Europe are self-destructing as we watch.

    A month of an Australian-like response, and the problem would have been over.

    • It’s not a problem with the PTB in Brussels. This is what they wanted; it’s just happening a little faster than it was supposed to. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

  3. What is clear to me is that the EU, most notably Germany’s Merkel, has determined that the least expensive warriors to arm against her own people are those whom she has embraced from dozens of countries who are willing to fight the hated white man, whether leftist or Christian.
    White men and women had better wake up or they will indeed be subsumed by the other, and that not in ways they may imagine, even in their worst nightmares.
    This is the goal of multiculturalism: to disarm and disorient the target.

    • I have puzzled over the goal of Multi-culti. At first I thought it was to buy votes, then to undermine democracy, but it is much simpler than that: MC is a transition state en route to Islamic mono-culture.

  4. Pardon me.
    Having just received evidence of our own invasion — I wonder how and when will Americans do something to stop it?

  5. On “NO FLY” list.
    And the man was, after “consultation,” breezed through in order to enter our country.
    A Somalian.

  6. We are being seeded with invaders, and it’s being done so slowly, that few will notice.

    Until they reach critical mass.

    My ideas about what to do about this are not printable.

    • It stopped being slow last July, however. That’s why the political crisis is here now, because the flow suddenly speeded up, thanks to a decision by Erdogan.

      • Its always a puzzle working backwards to the source and possible reason behind what is happening. Could an element of what is occurring be an understanding between Erdogan’s Turkey and Saudi Arabia? A “covert” action to push Sunni muslims into Europe – along with the detonators of this mass horde – the ISIS operatives? Could this be why Putin and Russia are being treated as a threat by NATO – he is against this?

        What are your thoughts?

        • IMHO it all began with the 1973 oil embargo
          ALL of EUrope made their dirty deal with ALL of the oil-producing middle east to let in Muslims in an ever-increasing stream. The return for them would be no interruption in the supply of oil. That most of these came from nations that produced no oil made no difference as the goal was the subversion of the EU through Muslim re-population–and NOT assimilation.
          Turkey’s relation to Germany with ‘gastarbeiters’ was a related precursor, but with the same effects.
          SOMETHING happened last summer to open the floodgates and and thus betray the subversion and conspiracy.
          I am not sure what it was.
          The same thing happened in our Hemisphere–and most likely for the same reason.

          • I’ve spent a few months attempting to apply Occam’s razor to the sudden increase of “refugees” into Europe last summer. Here are my tentative observations:

            (1) The sudden increase began at about the same time as the first terror attack by the Islamic State on Turkish soil. It was against Turkish Kurds, but still it took place on Turkish territory. That could not be allowed to continue.

            (2) Erdogan had a choice: he could attempt to fight back against the Islamic State, or he could devise a way to divert them into leaving Turkey alone. The former would have been fraught with difficulty — he would have had to take the battle across the border into Syria, which would have aroused both the Russians and the Americans, although for different reasons (the Assad regime is a Russian client, and is currently under Russian military protection, while ISIS and its protean allies are at least in part a US creation, and are considered CIA assets against Assad, Iran, and the Russians).

            (3) Under a tacit agreement with the EU, Erdogan’s police and coast guard had been stopping the people smugglers’ boats from crossing the Aegean from Anatolia to the Greek islands. This is actually a shorter and safer journey than the one from Libya to Lampedusa, but only a trickle had been coming into Europe that way before last summer. All that changed during July and August, when the bulk of the flow shifted to the Aegean route. This could only have happened if Turkey deliberately stopped interdicting the boats.

            (4) Up until then the Islamic State had served the interests of the Erdogan regime. It is Turkish state policy to bring down the Assad government, and ISIS is working to achieve that goal. Turkey had been supplying the Islamic State with weapons and materiel, or at least turning a blind eye to such traffic and taking a cut of the profit. Erdogan’s family and cronies were also making big money from the sale of ISIS’ oil on the black market.

            (5) By opening the floodgates and emptying the refugee camps, Erdogan allowed an unknown but significant number of ISIS mujahideen to decamp and take up residence in Europe. It wasn’t enough to keep Turkey entirely free of Islamic State terrorism, but it may well have reduced the number of incidents. And it forced the EU to share Turkey’s ISIS problem.

            (6) The “refugee crisis” of 2015 was not a change of process, but only an increase in magnitude of an existing process. The “refugees” had been flowing into Europe steadily for many years, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands annually. But the summer of 2015 saw an increase in the rate of flow by at least an order of magnitude.

            (7) Before last summer, the rate of migrant flow was modest enough so that the vast majority of ordinary Europeans didn’t notice it and/or weren’t concerned with it. All that changed in August and September, especially when the craze for Dead Baby Porn hit the media in early September. Sudden public awareness turned the issue into a “crisis”.

            (8) The transnational globalists are encouraging and bankrolling the migration process, including the Aegean route. Someone is helping poor, indigent “Syrian” “refugees” find enough cash to pay the people smugglers so that they can cross to Greece. Someone is paying for the ferries to the mainland, the buses and rail journeys, the food, clothing, bedding, and other necessary supplies required to get those migrants all the way to Munich and Berlin from Lesbos and Kos. And someone is giving them €500 notes for spending money to be used when they arrive in the Promised Land. National governments provide some of the assistance, but a large chunk comes from New World Order NGOs, including but not limited to George Soros’ many sock puppets. There isn’t even any serious attempt to hide this fact; you can find multiple reports about various aspects of it in the MSM. Maybe not on the front page of the NYT, but it’s there — progressives love to brag about this sort of thing where other progressives can read it.

            (9) When the full scope of the increased flow became evident, Chancellor Merkel faced a hard choice. It would have been relatively easy for the EU to reduce the flow to a trickle — simply order the international naval task force already in the Med to stop the boats from proceeding and force them back to the Anatolian coast. However, to do so would have been a reversal of official policy, namely that every single poor unfortunate refugee be rescued and allowed to land in Europe, where he can then apply for asylum. The alternative policy would have inevitably involved more migrant deaths — some of those boats would sink — and Merkel would have had that much more Dead Baby Porn to contend with in the media, plus growing political opposition from the leftish side of the coalition that keeps her in power (and some from the rightish side — Dead Baby Porn induces the abandonment of reason and the embrace of sentimentality even among putative conservatives). So the chancellor chose what seemed the least damaging option: “Come on in, boys! There’s plenty of room for you here in Germany!” This decision looks like it may cause her political demise, but in all likelihood, so would the alternative.

            (10) The result of all this is that a far higher proportion of the European population is aware of what is being done to them, and who is responsible. This may cause various governments to fall, enhance the chances that “right-wing extremist” parties will increase their share of the vote and even form governments west of the Elbe. If those parties are successfully suppressed by the European establishment, then the real extremists are waiting in the wings, would-be fascists and neo-Nazis of various types who, unlike Tommy Robinson, Geert Wilders, and Tatjana Festerling, do not shrink from violence, but rather embrace it. Civil unrest, with open street warfare between the nationalist-fascists and the antifas, would then become a distinct possibility.

            OVERALL CONCLUSION: The above observations tell us that the current mess was not what the NWO/EU Powers That Be intended. Population replacement was supposed to proceed much more slowly, over another decade or so, so that the general public would not become aware of what was happening (if indeed they ever did) until it was too late.

            Erdogan changed all that. His ends are not the same as the EU’s, although he collaborates with them when it suits his interests. His aims are ultimately Islamic: he intends to be Caliph, or at least ensure that his son achieves that office, with a revived Ottoman hegemony over the Middle East and Europe.

            The Islamic State is a rival Sunni Caliphate with its own ambitions, and is at least partially funded by Sunni interests in the Gulf.

            Iran is a regional Shia rival of both, with a state interest in bringing on the Islamic Apocalypse in the region and eventually the whole world.

            Such are the divers and conflicting currents of political ambition that are contending with one another to create the current mess. It’s hard to say who will prevail and reign supreme over the ruins of Europe. The only certainty is that there will be far more suffering, violence, rape, and bloodshed before this is over.

    • In the U.S. this seeding is deliberate, strategic and being done with as much secrecy as possible. Creating insular immigrant communities is being advanced on two fronts using both Latinos, advanced by such racists organizations like La Raza (The Race), and with Muslims through the U.S. State Dept. and the UN High Commission on Refugees (essentially, the OIC). These seeded communities are typically placed in communities with little or no notification to the locals and seldom located, if ever, in affluent, “liberal” areas. Quite often rural areas that are typically more conservative are selected for resettlement and this is done for electoral advantages, as immigrants generally favor the Big Government party that’s already subsidizing them. Immigrants are also encouraged to retain their native cultures and not to assimilate. A similar strategy is undoubtedly being followed in Europe.

      Make no mistake — this is a conspiracy! This is a conscious, well thought out plan.

      This was proven in 2015 when Sue Payne of the Pat McDonough Show (WCBM) called into the Mark Levin Show of Feb. 26, 2015 and reported what she learned from listening in on a conference call with White House Task Force on New Americans that laid out this strategy in specific terms. This is intentional subversion to destroy the traditional American way of life and usher in a one-party, authoritarian state to be ruled by Democrats. And it is all being planned at the highest level of the federal government.

      Muslim immigration to America and the U.S. government’s and UN’s role in it are explored in detail in a monograph by Ann Corcoran, Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America, published by the Center for Security Policy.

      For an article reviewing the monograph, a link to Amazon, and a downloadable PDF go to:

      Also visit Ann Corcoran’s Refugee Resettlement Watch at:

  7. What is staggering is the insolence with which Merkel and her Brussels minions have inflicted this murder and rape on old European cultures in the most cynical and brutal way possible and yet they assume that they – the elite- will be immune from all its devastation!


    But the opposition will be useless for as long as we do not have a plan to deal with the situation beyond anger and protest.

    • Well the Merkel types know too well that they will never have worry about coming to an ignominious end like Colonel Gadaffi or WW2’s Mussolini. I can’t imagine Merkel bolting down the road half naked in her high heels.

      • I am desperately trying to get the “vision” of Merkel as described in your post out of my head. However I do believe that should this situation continue there may well be a ferocious reaction to the cupidity of Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, Tusk, Sutherland and others with the same leftish, open borders leanings. If you keep prodding a wasps nest with a stick sooner or later you will get stung!

  8. Is anyone else having this problem. First,all words together, then,totally wiped out? More than a sentence? 3 websites just tonight,see?

    • Justica–

      Obviously you got through on this attempt. But did it happen previously today on GoV?? SAre these all Word Press sites?

  9. There is much condemnation of this outrage but nobody with solutions. And THAT is the real problem. Even on conservative talk shows there is verbal chest-pounding and interviewing of “experts” but nobody offers a sound, comprehensive plan to stop this carnage. It’s always “the American people” (whoever that is anymore), or “we” must take action (again, who is “we”?). A few possible solutions:
    1. Elect Trump, Le Pen (and her daughter), and other ultra-conservatives
    2. Take to the streets in numbers so large that arrests by police are pointless
    3. Individuals (that’s the “we”) get actively involved in the political process
    4. More investigative reporting in blogs like GoV.

    If “we” don’t get actively involved and in the trenches the worst will happen.

    • Ingrid , I believe the masses know what is the problem but few have ever been trained in how to deal with it or resist it . Everything on a grand scale is collective . The collective should be able to decide individually, without disclosure to anyone, what actions they will take to make a difference to the outcome . Do you have one ? Some people do and it can range from anything like [intemperate examples redacted], and the list of possibilities goes on for ever . Not that any of that is new , just how to actively get started and orientated . Few have a clue and people generally feel safe in numbers .

    • A good ol’ coup d’etat may be in the offing. The French have a good deal of experience with that in their various departments. Nations threatened by aliens tend to turn with a vengeance. Surely no one will be even a little bit surprised at such a natural progression.

  10. I think it’s great that this article does give recognition to a minority of genuine war refugees – especially Syrian Orthodox Christians, but not excluding moderate Muslims – who are genuinely trying to flee from Syria. It’s tragic that their situation is being exploited by tens of thousands with fake Syrian passports. However, in order to get to Slovenia by land from what used to be Syria, one needs to pass through Turkey, Greece and one or several Balkan states… all of which have made the same decision to let people through regardless of their authenticity or what weapons they’re carrying. What makes no sense is the idea that reasonable people would choose dangerous crossings or exit the EU into the Balkans just to re-enter, when they were already out of immediate danger and out of the war zone and in a relatively first-world country like Turkey or even Greece. Clearly something is amiss.

  11. JS, it’s the jizya welfare from the wealthy eu countries they want, not refuge.

    A moderate muslim following the meccan koran (nice guy) can turn on a dime into a violent medinan koranic jihadi. Due to the dualistic ethics of islam, we can never be sure of a muslim’s mindset until they declare themselves an apostate. Also there’s the major problem of taqiyya, lying in the cause of allah.

  12. Islam is a symptom, the real disease is socialism. To be effective we must treat the disease not treat with the symptoms.

    Anybody who votes for a mainstream political party is part of the problem.

    We must flex our muscles starting with local media, we start organising BDS activities against local TV, local newspapers and local radio, everytime they print or broadcast the lies we counterattack by boycotting their advertising clients, and let those clients know why. If you have local media which tells it like it is, then promote it.

    Please don’t rely on messiahs, Trumps and Le Pens can be knobbled. Name a politician who kept his election promises…..

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