Calais: “We Are Finished, We Are Dead”

The following speech was given at an event organized by Riposte Laïque in the wake of recent events in Calais. After being introduced by Pierre Cassen, a lifelong resident of Calais named Simone gives an eloquent and impassioned description of the catastrophic situation in Calais, and the daily horrors that she and other townspeople have to endure at the hands of the “refugees”.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (times based on the original clip):

03:18   Here I am, Pierre has introduced me, my name is Simone and
03:22   I live in Calais. I am a native Calaisienne.
03:26   my parents were, also, and
03:30   Calais is all my life. I grew up there, I have always lived there.
03:34   and Calais used to be a very nice town. I loved
03:38   strolling along, we had peace, we were in security, there were always a lot of people about
03:43   in summer and in winter, and God knows summers in Calais are
03:47   not very agreeable, the weather is not good, but OK, it was lively.
03:51   And then, some time ago there were
03:55   refugees in (Sandgate?) and Sarkozy (former French President)
03:59   decided to empty the squat
04:03   of Sandgate, if I can say it like this, and these refugees arrived in Calais.
04:07   Even I, at the beginning, I said they
04:11   are unhappy people, they are lost, they have nothing, maybe we could
04:15   help them. And I cannot tell you how it happened but from one day to the next
04:19   we found ourselves with thousands, I say thousands
04:23   of migrants, actually at the moment there are 18,000
04:27   in what they call the “Jungle”. Yes, 18,000.
04:31   It’s horrible, because they really made a city within the city.
04:35   They have discotheques, shops, schools, hairdressers;
04:40   they even have… er… no, I cannot say it…
04:44   because… but I think you have understood… for the needs of the gentlemen…
04:48   of course and…
04:52   They made roads; they gave names to these streets.
04:56   They elected a mayor, yes, the police cannot even
05:00   enter the — what they call the Muslim part; it’s prohibited.
05:04   Until then one could perhaps have
05:08   been able to bear it, but one cannot bear the unbearable
05:12   when one sees, incessantly, every day, every night,
05:16   there are riots. They come to the town centre
05:20   by 2 – 3 – 4 thousand, everywhere,
05:24   they bash cars with iron bars, they attack people,
05:28   they even attack children, there are rapes, there is theft, it’s
05:32   is unimaginable what we suffer. They enter private houses,
05:37   when the people are at home, they just enter, they want to eat
05:41   they help themselves, sometimes they also bash the people, stealing what they can and afterwards,
05:45   what they cannot take they destroy.
05:49   And when we want to defend ourselves, we have the police on our back.
05:53   The police have not accepted any complaints for a long time. My own son
05:57   has been attacked, he was walking quietly in the city centre
06:01   he was listening to his music, he had the earphones
06:05   in his ears when someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around
06:09   thinking it was one of his friends, he was facing
06:13   Three clandos… clandestins (illegals), pardon,
06:17   and he took a big blow to the face with an iron bar.
06:21   My son is quite strong so, he managed to defend himself,
06:25   and the three took some blows.
06:29   But, at one side he heard some noise —
06:33   there were about thirty migrants who came to massacre him.
06:37   As he is no kamikaze,
06:41   he fled, when I saw my son come home like that, frankly I told myself
06:46   they could have killed him.
06:50   He is not the only one. They attack children when they return from
06:54   school, or when they go to school or to the college. They go so far as
06:58   to take the school buses, enter the school bus with the children.
07:02   On the 23 January
07:06   they staged a big riot in Calais.
07:10   It was terrible; it lasted all afternoon,
07:14   all evening. They went as far as attacking the statue of
07:18   of General De Gaulle, they wrote on it: “F*** France”
07:22   with the IS flag underneath. What more can I
07:26   say than what we experience? They demonstrate because
07:30   of their conditions… but the more
07:34   one gives them, the more they demand; they have never enough, never, never, never.
07:38   When one comes across them, it’s: “give me the mobile…”
07:43   If you don’t give it to them, you get beaten. And don’t count on the police for
07:47   help; I told you they don’t even accept complaints any longer. If one wants to demonstrate,
07:51   one has the police on one’s back. When one is attacked, one goes to the police
07:55   station: “What do you want? They all look the same; we can do nothing.”
07:59   and I’m not telling you lies.
08:03   I promise you, I personally,
08:07   I loved very much to go to what I call the grave of my son;
08:11   it’s at the sea. I lost my son,
08:15   and we put his ashes into the sea; it was his wish. I respected
08:19   his wish. I said to my husband in the evening, “Take me to the grave of my
08:23   son, I need it.” I cannot do it any longer,
08:27   because even just to cross the town centre of Calais you put yourself in danger.
08:31   In the evening… as soon as it gets dark one is in danger, I cannot
08:35   go there any longer where I loved to go.
08:39   I cannot any more, it’s not possible, I am afraid.
08:44   I’m afraid and we are many like this in Calais.
08:48   Also, I don’t understand the Calaisians.
08:52   Even yesterday there was a demonstration; we were perhaps
08:56   a small dozen of Calaisians, and all the others, where were they?
09:00   But fear does not save you from danger. The government has
09:04   abandoned us. They have decided to make of Calais (unclear)
09:08   and if we Calaisians don’t move
09:12   we will be lumbered with all the migrants of France here,
09:16   and we are finished, we are dead. And the Calaisians
09:20   are like sheep; I don’t understand them. And yesterday
09:24   I was at that demo, I was in the middle of it, with my husband
09:28   my son, and friends, and
09:32   there was General Piquemal, who was there.
09:49   and what I saw yesterday, I won’t hide it from you, I could not sleep
09:53   all night because I have reviewed the scene incessantly.
09:57   They did not talk about it on the TV, the radio, not even in the news papers.
10:01   We saw him arrested, manhandled, like a
10:05   thug, he who after all is
10:09   a French icon, an image of France, who deserves
10:13   respect and all the honours due to his rank,
10:17   like a thug, we saw him pushed to the ground.
10:21   The policeman put his foot on his neck.
10:25   I promise you, we saw it.
10:29   Afterwards they picked him up, they dragged him,
10:33   everyone by an arm, his feet did not even touch the ground.
10:37   And they charged us, of course. I am lucky
10:42   to be before you today, because my husband who was quite (unclear) made us
10:46   pass behind the vans of the gendarmes, the riot police.
10:50   If not, they would have picked me up.
10:54   I would still be in the cells today, and what bad things had I done? I had come there
10:58   to protest against the massive invasive immigration
11:02   which we suffer in Calais. Even the merchants have lost
11:06   40% to 60% of their income, whereas before, Calais was
11:10   a flourishing city; it was lively, animated, gay, there were always foreigners during
11:14   the summer holidays and
11:18   at the end-of-year celebrations. Today there is nothing left.
11:22   All the shops that had opened in the centre of town
11:26   have closed down one after the other. Calais is a dead town.
11:30   A dead town because of those illegals we have here.
11:34   And when they come into town,
11:38   into the streets of Calais, armed with their iron bars and their Molotov cocktails,
11:42   watch out. They were surprised making some of those.
11:46   I just don’t understand why they are not punished.
11:50   Why, when the police catch them, they immediately release them,
11:55   whereas when we,
12:03   as Calaisians, as French have the bad luck of making a mistake,
12:07   we are arrested immediately.
12:11   We are passed through the manger.
12:15   We have no longer have any rights to anything. And let’s speak about Madame
12:19   Bouchard, Natascha Bouchard (mayor of Calais).
12:23   I will tell you what I call her, Mme Bouchard, I call her
12:27   ”the slug”. Yes, because
12:31   the longer since she was elected mayor de Calais, the fatter she gets,
12:35   and frankly she does nothing for
12:39   the residents of Calais. She got millions in assistance for the residents of Calais;
12:44   it was for helping the Calaisians, to help them in finding employment.
12:48   the first thing she organised was the construction of containers to house the migrants.
12:52   she had them made in Brittany, not even in Calais.
12:56   The only jobs she created in Calais — I know it because
13:00   I have a friend who was offered one —
13:04   fifty jobs to clean up
13:08   the crap left by the migrants of the Jungle.
13:12   Voilà, the jobs proposed by Mme Bouchard.
13:16   It’s not difficult, to me she has not… (unclear) I cannot even make comments on it.
13:21   Well, it’s reciprocated by the way.
13:41   As Pierre said, I’m not an intellectual. I have not made advanced studies,
13:45   because having lost my father young, I was obliged to stop school very early
13:49   to help, but I’m not an idiot
13:53   because of that.
14:05   I’m not an idiot, I see clearly and I know what I’m speaking about.
14:09   We live it every day, and now there is also
14:13   something more: the “No Borders”,
14:18   the “No Borders”.
14:22   it’s the worst rabble you can have, because they are the ones who push the illegals
14:26   we have in Calais to create havoc.
14:30   Let’s call it “screw things up”, but it’s much worse than that.
14:34   They are at the four corners of town with their walkie-talkies giving orders.
14:38   I have seen the riot police retreat before the migrants.
14:42   This made me cry, because I told myself: that’s not normal.
14:46   It’s not normal; we are in our home, we are in our country we are in our town.
14:50   The riot police should rather
14:54   order the migrants to step back and not the reverse.
14:58   So they demonstrate because they
15:02   want €2,000 pocket money per month.
15:06   Personally, I don’t have that.
15:11   They want a car, and also
15:15   a house, of course.
15:19   Let’s speak about houses. When we see that Mme Bouchard
15:23   has evicted people
15:27   from their house in Calais, which was close to the zone of “Les Dunes”
15:31   because it was not viable for them because the migrants
15:35   were too close, they suffered attacks, theft and more,
15:39   she has evicted them even though they paid their rent.
15:43   Even I, they are evicting me from my house next month.
15:47   They are taking my house from me, and yet we have always
15:51   been honest. But it’s too long a story.
15:55   there was a judgment, and they will sell my house next month.
15:59   When there is nothing we can be reproached with.
16:03   My husband is sick; he has cancer, but never mind.
16:07   The French have to be crushed, they have to be evicted. One has to take everything from them
16:11   to leave the space to the rabble who want to colonise us.
16:28   And they tell us these are “cultural enrichment” for us.
16:32   I ask myself where their cultural riches are. Because if it is
16:36   to sack, to destroy, to steal, to rape and so on,
16:40   the French were fully capable of doing it themselves, one only had to ask.
16:56   I speak with my heart and my own words, and there you are.

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  1. The refugee camp was called Sangatte… for many years, Brits wondered why the French had opened one of their main refugee camps right next to the channel tunnel, and the main port for reaching England 🙂

  2. I remember going to Calais on day trips from England, and a “booze cruise” while I was at university – as well as passing through the port many times by bus, on the way to/from Poland. The hypermarkets were always full of English, buying beer at up to 10 times cheaper than in England. It seemed quite a prosperous place. Now, people I know avoid it, when they go to the continent. Sad what’s happened to it…

    • The reason this is happening is because of the ignorance surrounding Islam and its 1400 years of aggression. As Muslims they feel superior and believe the Kaffir’s duty is to serve & supply their needs. This includes sex. Unlike people with a Judeo Christian cultural background whose governments don’t encourage or praise mass slaughter and atrocities, (even Hitler & Stalin tried to hide their atrocities), these people come from a culture where it is admired, the more barbarity and fear they can spread, the more their rotten god Allah is pleased with them – it leads to submission. Those who don’t know that this is ‘the way of the prophet’ who behaved in a similar fashion terrorizing towns and cities in Arabia before taking over, are doomed to continue to believe that they will learn to love us.
      One thing we know as surely as the rising of the Sun, these people will not give up , ever. They will never stop hating us.

      • This is great info for 2001. It’s close quarter fighting now. The alpha males are still hibernating. Meanwhile the Muslims are feasting away on the socialist side of life. Hopefully they will stop for a rest to digest. When nature awakens the Amales to action there will be a lot of natural rebalancing and catching up to do. They will be starving. I imagine.

      • It isn’t all about Islam. To the elites this might be the end-game — to conquer Western Europe with Islam. But these “migrants” are violent trash. They come from parts of the world where mob violence unlocks doors of opportunity. These are nothing more than criminally insane thugs who have been programmed with a deep hatred and contempt for anything that is beyond their reach. Couple this with elitists that sanction this mob rule and the time bomb is lit. Is Trump the answer for USA? Is Marine Le Pen the answer for France? No. Words will no longer overcome what is happening.

      • Very true! C’est bien vrai! To know what to expect with Muslim Brotherhood taking over; read or listen to “Political Islam” hosted by Bill Warner, an expert about political Islam and educate us about this religion.
        Écouter ou regardez “Political Islam” de Bill Warner dont le but est de nous éduquer sur cette religion et savoir à quoi s’attendre…

    • It seems they are arrested even for demonstrating. For whatever reason, the authorities are protecting the refugees and not the citizens. I think the only choice they have is to leave. So sad.

    • Jordan: People of Europe are decadent, lazy and apathetic, believing in nothing. Apparently, the book Camp of the Saints by Raspail was never read in France by the French author several decades back and passed down to the younger. All Western Europe soon to be under shiria law with tyrants ruling because citizens elected neo-Marxist leaders. Hellish nightmare soon to be full blown, so where are the real men today?

  3. Weapon of choice in this kind of war: AK-47 — Russians make guns that are very low maintenance.
    Better to die standing than crawling on your knees in the face of a vile and corrupt government.
    This is your future — if you don’t do something about it now.

    What will you do?

      • No it is around 18,000. I know because I have seen them in and around the town. Local authority figures confirm too.

  4. It is so unbelievable it is unbelievable. If the wanna be new Caliphate clown Turkey dropped in a few thousand “NATO” soldiers of allah like they did in Cyprus would the French just stand there and “negotiate”? From what I have seen so far in Western Europe I believe they would. What is France or Europe with its stark raving dopey “unity” psnts down going to do when the enemy arms, ammo and leadership are in place? Surrender?

    • Yes….

      The Elite are disgusting,. They make Hitler seem mild.

      • Kinda understand the French Revolution better now. It’s like this generation has learned nothing about anything from everything. In the United States one can legally purchase a real weapon and look the Muslim in his lying eyes and say “Try me”. Ever closer union? Brothel bred over indulgence.

        • Self-assured destruction need not apply to the nuclear penis. As I hope Europeans are now getting clearer on “Strict gun laws” will greatly reduce your freedom of worship and movement. Ah those really smart-[…] ones. Love n peacemaker man. The US gun laws are looking smarter every day this tragedy plays out.

          • The British will rebel…..I just hope it is not too late.
            Look at history. Hitler invaded three countries before they finally “got it”. The Penny is dropping now and deafening. The “Elite” are sitting ona large social bomb; as are their clients and pets. Ignore our “Media” (Not ours actually but “theirs”).

            Watch and wait……

  5. Keep these types of stories coming. That was Reagan’s secret, he could tell a story that the common man could relate to, and it brought forth that great emotional response. Now if only the lying media would do this.

  6. Seriously impressive. I left Europe 5 years ago, imagining these developments, but i cannot imagine it would be so fast. I AM so sad.

  7. Government won’t protect you? It’s called socialism. People from former communist countries recognize it rather easily.

    Wonder who “Simone” voted for all her life?

    How many of the people who voted for this have managed to put two and two together yet?

    • At least people from former communist countries got the red plague openly. As they saw western betrayal then, they are able to recognize it again now. Western countries have been put to sleep and brain washed by generations of traitors who thought their socialism was more humane, as per Marx and the social democracy ideology. France politicians struggled to find a line after The War and effectively took power with Mitterand, but all the way the upgraded Republique was socialist. Democratic, as they claim. Whether they voted with one side or another, the French were non the wiser…

  8. These people have no arms for defense, no recourse with their government, and lose ground every day. Yet the news reports that hundreds of mosques are raided and weapons are found!

    • Ever been to France? It’s a huge beautiful underpopulated country. A general uprising of the Muslims could do a Hanibal for years. With or without the elephants, going by the ever closer union building and building in Maria Calais .

  9. This video is the beginning of something.

    I speak French. This lady sounds like she is telling the truth.
    She doesn’t sound mean, racist or unreasonable, either.
    The type of person I’d like to have as a neighbour, actually.

    I expect that it will break out into a local semi-armed conflict following something along the lines of a rape incident.

    This needs to be dealt with SOON, else the left-wing “nightmare” of fascists will become everyone’s nightmare, BECAUSE of the left-wingers preventing any kind of reasonable resistance to the point that fascists will look like a good alternative.

    • Yes, that’s the problem. If Europeans aren’t willing to consider someone like the “fascist” Geert Wilders, then they will eventually wind up living under the REAL fascists. At that point the only other alternative will be violent anarchy, and in a situation like that, people will inevitably turn to violent non-anarchy and its brutally enforced order — in other words, fascism.

      • Many of us HAVE voted for Wilders, for Le Pen, for the Northern League party in Italy but there are simply not enough of us. We need more massive numbers. The social/cultural engineering of the EU citizen is pretty far advanced. Most citizens are misdirected, brainwashed, too busy with the fluff and idiocy of modern trendy European living slowly being debased. Ever since the Lisbon Treaty, that three-card trick on the European people, it’s been a steady loss for all of us. And with TTIP around the corner and migration follies it will get worse. Many of us ARE armed to defend while many of us have left. I am of two minds.

        • Germans are fighting back subversively with arson attacks on newly built assylum (“invasion”) centers. One person alone risks losing his/her livelihood, freedom when demonstrating or fighting back. Tommy Robinson is the prime example. PEGIDA marches help to unite and network like minded people against the
          cultural cleansing and takeover. Victory will not happen overnight. Progress in baby steps one march and counter insurgence act at a time.

          • Yes, this is exactly right. It’s a pity, though, that we have so little time left in which to accomplish the necessary transformation. “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”

    • My heart went out to this poor lady who was obviously bewildered and hurt by the plight she finds hersel in. I totally agree with the comments in your post. When ever strong man emerges out of the mist as a “saviour” of a nation you risk another Hitler, Mao or Stalin. All this has been caused by political pygmies in the west, Cameron, Hollande and especially Merkel worried about their so called “legacies.” These will be brief, Quislings! Not that this is of any help to the once proud nations they have irreparably damaged.

  10. For what it is worth, every time I want to talk about this on breibart,it is swept away. It is very easy to just give up..

  11. Europe no longer has a backbone; the erosion of Judeo-Christian culture started in France, and that is where the resulting deformity will be most dire. We thought that the civilization was the result of ‘reason’ and the prowess of (socialist) ‘man’, but it wasn’t.

    The age old barbarism now faces us full in the face, and we have no defence, we beat our individualist swords to (collectivist) plowshares, now we must face the consequences.

    We look to the collective to deliver on their promise to defend us, only to find that they are part of the problem, they too support the return to barbarism and enslavement.

    We, stand accused of ‘white supremacy’ a blasphemy to the religion of ‘equality’, so we must be made to submit to the ‘brown’ man until we too are engulfed into the New World Order of (equal) Slavery.

  12. What an admirable woman! I’m so happy that people like her exist and hopeful that many more will do a U-turn regarding this invasion. The muslims hate us, they won’t change, they’ll take or destroy everything we have to offer, even our laws and lives, until we have nothing left.

  13. Muslims are trained in their mosques to think in a global Jihad way. I had an 11 year old boy say to me that his family had more rights to Australia than me. I said that was amazing as my family go back to the 1870’s (which is quite a way in Australia) and he said that even though his family immigrated from the Middle East just last year it didn’t matter because “Allah made it”.

    • Yes, I’ve heard this before. I’ve seen Moslems claim that as allah made the world, a Moslem can live wherever he wants. Borders are man made & therefore illegitimate. Now isn’t it interesting that this view corresponds with the western no-borders movement? And throws a new light on the violent gate-crashing of borders & Moslem entitlement once arrived in the country of their choice. An unholy alliance between Moslems & left/liberals to demolish the nation state.

    • You would have had the same answer even if the said Muslim old boy was 90. Did you sense an immediate drop in your energy level after the attempt at communication? Did your head start to ache? Did you back away?

  14. Looks like the video was taken down from Liveleak. I tried accessing at 8:40 MST. It could also be that it’s not available in Canada.

  15. I wonder what the “elites” actually think. Do they think none of this could happen to them simply because they are elite (at least in their tiny minds)? Do they think they are immune to the results of what they have wrought? History tells a different story.

    I’m glad I’m old but hope to live long enough to see how this stinking mess will turn out. Obviously they are way past the Gates of Vienna. Where will it end?

    • With what they are fomenting, we can only wonder at their thought processes. Certainly, at best they are irresponsible; at worst certifiably insane.

    • We’ll never know what the elites are thinking and it’s a waste of energy trying. We need to focus on the facts.

  16. FEB
    The courageous general changes his tune…

    General Piquemal has said in no uncertain terms that he is sorry he went to the demonstration in Calais because he wasn’t aware that PEGIDA would be there and PEGIDA is an organization of the “extreme-right”, even “fascist” and he is not a racist or xenophobic, bla bla bla… He just wanted to look at the situation in Calais to see if there wasn’t a permanent solution to the problem, bla bla bla…

    Below, an audio of his statements to RTL, preceded by statement from his lawyer who sounds as befuddled as the general.

    In short, he has been bought by the thought police. Some on Twitter pointed out that in the past the general had worked for socialist governments, implying that his basic philosophy was socialist, not nationalist.

    As always, I need more information, but right now I am thoroughly disgusted. The audio does not say much more than what I have provided. I used the label Ethics/Morals because I feel it applies. He did a moral thing, a patriotic thing, and then he reneged. This to me is immoral. Is he afraid for his life? No. He is afraid of being called racist.

    • Yes, I heard about this a few days ago. However, he may not have been bought, but rather threatened. Maybe his own pension, or that of a loved one. Or maybe he has a son or daughter in the civil service whose career could be put at risk.

      He was put in the hospital for a while. I suspect someone from one of the relevant ministries was sent to have a little chat with him during that time, to persuade him of the error of his ways.

    • This man is 75. He has served his country honorably. He owes no excuses to anyone. He had the guts to show up. The cops disrespect for neither his age or rank was very Islamic.

  17. Whenever we analyse current events the only real resolution to Western nations existential threat is the use of force against our invasion. Not the type of force we have used in a long time. Complete use of force. This is what it will come to if we are to save humanity from an Islamic cultural regression. How have our leaders let it get to this?

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