Bitte nicht die Kinder zum Fenster hinauswerfen!

The German Interior Ministry has announced a new initiative designed to dissuade refugees from throwing their children out of asylum center windows. Signs will be posted in eight languages (German, English, Arabic, Turkish, Urdu, Pashto, Swahili, and Amharic) in refugee accommodations instructing residents about German values and customs concerning the treatment of children. To help any migrants who may be illiterate, the following pictogram will be included:

Yes, yes; I made all this up. But it’s not all that far-fetched, considering the recent “Do Not Poop in the Showers!” initiative we reported on a couple of weeks ago. This is simply the way Germans handle issues associated with integration of “refugees”: carefully worded signage accompanied by non-verbal visual instructions.

Last night we posted a video of a report about a “Syrian” father who allegedly defenestrated his children at an asylum center. Below is a more recent article from about the incident. Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating the article, and for translating the title of this post into German. This article was previously posted at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form:

His own children thrown out the window: Father admits brutal act

The family drama in Lohmar has been cleared up: The children’s fall out of the window was not an accident, but a crime. The 35-year-old father of the three was arrested on suspicion of committing the crime; he has confessed to it.

“Yes, it’s true. The father of the children has confessed to doing this,” a spokesman for the Police in Bonn on Tuesday confirmed to FOCUS Online. But what motivated the 35-year-old to do such a thing is still unclear. “The motivation for the act is probably a family dispute,” says the spokesman.

A 7-year-old girl and her 5-year-old brother received heavy injuries when they fell out of the window on the first floor. A one-year-old child seems to have received no injuries, but has nonetheless been admitted to the children’s clinic. At first it was unclear whether the children were pushed or fell out when they were playing.

The children were pushed

A witness alerted the police after seeing the children being pushed by a man. The Bonn homicide division immediately picked up the investigation and arrested the father of the three children. The accused at first denied having anything to do with it. But the prosecution and the police have in the meantime gathered evidence that the children were indeed pushed out of the window.

Back in January, the father of the children was reported for attacking his wife. He was cited for domestic abuse, and a ten-day restraining order was issued against him. He later moved back into the apartment with the agreement of his wife.

Attempted murder

At the behest of the prosecution, the man has been charged with attempted murder coupled with three counts inflicting serious bodily harm and has been arraigned before the magistrate.

Thanks and a tip of the baronial Pickelhaube to Jerry in the comments for the idea for the graphic.

13 thoughts on “Bitte nicht die Kinder zum Fenster hinauswerfen!

  1. Ah yes: the ubiquitous treating of the symptoms while kissing-up to the causes.

    Pardon the lapse: the spotty and rare acknowledgment of the symptoms of barbarism; oops — that is verboten in the German press.
    Not merely the symptoms but actual barbarism in your midst: courtesy of Angela Merkel and her co-conspirators.
    And don’t you know how she dances and glories in her power to inflict on her people the most base of humiliations.
    Time for quid-pro-quo.

  2. – Genau! Right.

    How utterly insane that it has come this far. Such a message – even made up – just shows us the deep divide between barbary and civilization.

    Now, barbary is on our doorsteps, and on our windowsills

  3. The correct procedure is to bend them over towards Mecca and than kick them George Blanda like thru the window.

    Much like Frau Merckel is doing to Germany collectively every day.

  4. Not that it matters in this case, but “Die Kinder bitte nicht zum Fenster hinauszuwerfen” or “Die Kinder bitte nicht aus dem Fenster werfen” might be better.
    Yes, they do love their signs, the Germans do, especially those forbidding stuff.

  5. The case against the man must be dismissed, as he is a victim of profiling.

    If it can be demonstrated that they only reason why they doubted the story that the kids fell out the window, the only reason why they suspected that the dad threw the kids out the window, was that the guy was Muslim and the police believed a Muslim might do such a thing, then this is evidence that if the man had not been a Muslim, he would not have been arrested (because he would not have been suspected). This means that this arrest and prosecution was purely due to profiling and a systematic bias against Muslims. In the US, this would be grounds for dismissal of the case against the man.

    Interesting thought — how many crimes can we think of for which US Muslims are (and, according to common legal doctrine, should be!) immune from prosecution by this doctrine? I’d like to see a list…

  6. In our enlightened age, had it been the mother who defenestrated those children, it would probably be blessed as “a woman’s right to choose”. [sarc]

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