Well, At Least She’s Not a Racist

The young woman featured in the video below was harassed and assaulted by a culture-enricher in Cologne. Fortunately for her, her injuries were minimal — she and her friend escaped without providing their assailant with the “easy meat” he had been looking for.

The girl and her mother are interviewed by a Moroccan-German journalist. One of the first things he brings up with the mother is — surprise! — her potential “racism”, and the mother acknowledges that yes, she is worried that she might be a “racist”.

What if the “youth” had actually raped her daughter? Or severely injured her? Or even killed her? Would Mom still be concerned about how “racist” she might appear?

What extremity of violence has to take place before people abandon this fetishistic obsession with “racism”?

After interviewing the two native Germans, the reporter goes down to Enrichertown to talk to some of his fellow hyphenated-Germans. They express their shock — shock! — at what a North African did to the young ladies. They don’t understand how such a thing can be — no one back in Morocco ever does anything like that. But then again, they never seem to consider the fact that there is far, far less “uncovered meat” walking the streets of Rabat or Tangier than there is in Cologne…

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:06   In the last few days I have experienced a very emotional,
0:09   a very heated situation here in Germany.
0:12   It is not easy, especially the way we journalists have handled the situation;
0:16   it is a very complex topic.
0:19   That is why I have decided to present two aspects today.
0:22   For the first one, I want to meet Miriam.
0:25   She was sexually assaulted on New year’s Eve.
0:29   And the other aspect I am interested in:
0:32   how is the Arab community doing here in Cologne?
0:35   How are they dealing with this topic, and what do they think about it?
0:38   That’s what I’m interested in today.
0:44   Miriam, 18, was walking with a girlfriend on Silvester night. They were attacked on their way home
0:50   What exactly happened? I was on my way home —
0:53   I live right over there — girlfriend turned around and said
0:56   that a man was following us,
0:59   then I turned around and I saw him, too; he was directly
1:02   behind us and he held out his arms like this and wanted to put them around us,
1:06   … then he dragged her to the ground by her hair,
1:10   and then he punched her with his fist in the middle of her face.
1:13   She had a nosebleed, and when I wanted to help her
1:16   he punched me in the face, too, and I had a welt right here,
1:20   and then I went over there and he pulled my hair, and my scarf.
1:23   I fell to the ground and he was on top of me, and he tried
1:26   to get my cell phone, but he couldn’t get it,
1:29   and then his friend, who was only watching, said something in Arabic.
1:33   I didn’t understand it but from one second to the next he just let go,
1:37   and then they just walked away.
1:40   The girls filed a report with the police.
1:45   If you could look these two men in the eye, what would you say?
1:52   I couldn’t say anything; I would attack them.
1:55   Josi, 53, Mother of Miriam
1:58   What is hurting you the most in this?
2:01   That one now has the feeling, myself and many others,
2:04   that one can’t walk the streets alone anymore.
2:07   Aren’t you afraid then that you may be racist towards many others?
2:13   Yes sure, sometimes I catch myself how my anger is boiling up,
2:19   but then I tell myself, it can’t be.
2:24   I mean, they’re all humans, no matter where they come from.
2:30   Cologne-Kalk, about 60% migrant. What is the mood?
2:34   What do you think, after what happened in Cologne?
2:37   That is a shame, it is Scheisse.
2:40   So I was there too, at the train station, and I have seen what my
2:43   fellow countrymen have done.
2:46   What do you mean ‘fellow countrymen’?
2:49   Moroccans. I never even heard that they, that in Morocco now,
2:53   that they rape women or abuse or touch, that just doesn’t happen in Morocco,
2:58   so why they now, that mob, why they did that now in Cologne,
3:01   that’s something nobody knows.
3:07   He is afraid that racism will rise, and that young Arabs, just like him,
3:12   are now stereotyped, and that people will think they’re all, they’re all like that.
3:16   I wasn’t there, I haven’t done it, I am against it, and not all people who come
3:20   from North Africa do things like that.

22 thoughts on “Well, At Least She’s Not a Racist

  1. Sorry, for the most part we can’t depend on the vast majority of women to do anything about this, even socially defending rape victims. This is because most women are instinctively too frightened of being social outcasts to stand up to anything. This is illustrated by the fact that a “cave woman” is at much more of a disadvantage as a lone outcast than a “cave man” is, and these are the conditions that humans evolved under. We haven’t been outside of our caves long enough for this to have changed any, and even environmental factors like the social welfare safety net (being “married to the state”) aren’t sufficient to change evolved psychology in only a few years. Humans aren’t blank slates.

    The few women who are standing up to the Moslem rape onslaught are probably surrounded by the social support of like minded individuals. But pick a random woman out of the population? Forget it. She will always avoid whatever her TV set says will make her an outcast.

    For women to take a stand they must have enough social support from others around them. Not just men but other women. In fact the support of other women is probably much more important.

    • “This is because most women are instinctively too frightened of being social outcasts to stand up to anything.”

      Ain’t I a woman? 🙂

      Not just women. Most people are afraid to speak up, both sexes. But when you look at Judge Jeanine and other outspoken women willing to dress down whoever it is that’s getting out of hand… it does my heart good. But I agree with the need for mutual support. Groupthink is a miserable thing that serves nobody in the long run.

      The dynamic in the video, however, is more subtle. It’s covert bullying, and she is too naive to realize it. I do so wish she bit his head off instead. And the gall to go and interview smirking young Moroccans who pretend to be so shocked, because it never ever happens where they’re from! Riiight…

      • vera,

        I agree with you completely.

        There is a co-dependent personality trait, where a person focuses on the feelings of someone else, rather than their own self-interest. The appropriate response to the question of the Moroccan journalist is to look him in the eye and say “we need to protect ourselves by keeping out dangerous populations, even if it means excluding someone who might be safe.” In other words, people need to stop focusing on hurt feelings, and focus on objective reality.

        As for those faux-“Moroccan” interviews, the best that can be said is that one hopes the journalist will learn the art of skepticism, and perhaps will become a journalist worth following.

        • Ronald: Yup. It’s also called enabling.

          I wish she had said: How dare you to twist this interview into a charge or racism! This is about the public safety of all German women! But if you really want to talk about racism, tell me this. Men of color all over Germany are assaulting white girls. Aren’t these young women the victims of racism?

          • The neo-Marxist indoctrination is too strong for this. This can’t happen when everything is viewed as zero-sum class warfare.

      • The problem is not that individual women can’t come to their senses but that we still have a culture where women are considered morally superior to men because their conflict avoidance instincts are considered superior to men’s “warmongering” instincts. As evidence: books like In a Different Voice. When I read that book I came away with a much different interpretation than the one it attempted to force on me.

        There’s plenty of criticism of “warmongering” men but not nearly enough criticism of conflict avoidant women. Unfortunately it’s too late to do anything about this for any near term crises.

  2. The citizens have already lost, except for a handful of Eastern European countries (which could be re-absorbed by Russia).

  3. No doubt there are Muslims in Europe who are not maniacs – the so called ‘peaceful Muslim majority.’ Many of them may even be secular and not take their religion literally. What can they do?

    They can step up and shout from the rooftops that they are against Islamic jihad in all its forms. They can march in the streets waving the flags of the countries they are living in, holding signs ‘We love Germany’, ‘We love Democracy’ etc.

    Are they doing this? NO! They are not, so when push comes to shove, as it will sooner or later, unfortunately, they will suffer like hell. All Muslims will be tarred with the same brush and they will have no-one but themselves to blame, just as we will have no one but ourselves to blame unless we fight the traitorous Left elites and the barbaric Islamic fundamentalists.

  4. The universal riposte to a charge of “racism” should be “are you stupid?” Yes stupid. Tell them it’s better to be “racist” than stupid. Ridicule them to death with their stupidity. You call me racist, I call you stupid. Yes stupid. Get it, stupid? Now [depart in haste].

  5. These poor Germans are afraid to speak the truth, even when their daughters are in danger! The truth is not ‘racist’. It is just the truth.

    • If you watch Miriam when her mother is asked if her reaction is racist, you see that she bristles or braces herself for what her mother is saying. Even the possibility of hearing the truth is a cause for fear.

  6. Being “racist” towards Middle East men seems to be a very healthy survival strategy for women in Europe today. What a ridiculous reporter.

  7. It would help if they could rely more on their German men folk to rediscover their spines and step up to the plate and actually try to defend their mothers, wives, daughters, nieces, aunties, sisters, cousins, fiancées and girl friends too. The charge of “racist” from the left wing idiots just shows the paucity of their intellect, take it as a compliment instead.

    • “It would help if they could rely more on their German men folk to rediscover their spines…”

      Unfortunately, you’re looking at the result of a systematic effort by the national and mega-European governments to infantilize, pacify, and intimidate their population into docile sheep.

      A socialist government will attempt to attain control of all communication, production, investment, and defense. And ultimately, every government slides sooner or later into socialism, just through bureaucratic self-promotion.

      How are the German men to assert manhood? It is illegal to possess weapons, illegal to fight attackers, and any attempt at group defense will attract a vicious police crackdown. They have to assert themselves politically first, and the rest will follow.

  8. Decades of socialist governance in Europe has left the indigenous population with this cultural cringe, where they must apologize for who they are. This is the extreme opposite of the nationalist who values and has pride in his or her culture and nation. Unfortunately in Germany because of the Nazi past they have thrown the baby out with the bath water. They actually need to be re-educated as to why European values and culture is good.

  9. In a feminized society, women have much more to fear than they would have if they were protected by the “male chauvinists” they have been taught to despise.

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