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  1. A refugee worker in Tennessee some years ago reported many Somalis did not know how to WORK A DOOR KNOB.

    • See, those are problems that actually can be solved.

      While they’re disturbing TODAY, they’re not really long-term problems. Take the case of Israel with Yemenis in the 1950s (fully integrated), and Ethiopians in the 1990s (well on the way).

      That doesn’t make them ideal immigrants for an advanced society, OBVIOUSLY. But it’s not the core of the problem.

      The core of the problem is a culture of superiority, of violent religious fanaticism, of oppression of women, etc. This is the kind of thing that is MUCH MUCH harder to unlearn. The Yemenites and Ethiopians in Israel didn’t come with *that* baggage and so things get sorted out.

      A lot of “refugees” (a/k/a “rapefugees”) in Germany come with the CULTURAL baggage that is a problem.

      In other words, what I’m saying is, you can teach someone to crap in a toilet, but you can’t teach them respect.

      • The real core problem is the insistence of the liberals in infantilizing all brown and black adult males by claiming they are not responsible for their actions. It’s been the modus operandi of NGOs and charities in Africa for decades and it makes them feel soooo superior. It’s the worst form of racism.

        • What you describe is, “the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

          Sadly, the left has applied this concept to all 8 years of Obama’s reign. He has carried out actions and policies that other Presidents would have been excoriated for.

          But, according to the left, it’s all good when Obama does it because his skin is the correct color.

          Their hypocrisy on this point is utterly vile.

  2. This is probably being posted in all EU countries (motels, college dorms, etc) since the EU will soon become a caliphate. Europe is soon to be a third world nightmare. Americans and anyone with common sense need to stay away from Europe and from any Muslim country for safety. It’s too late now, the EU is over and done, will change the course of history forever. We may soon become a third world pit as Muslims pour in the U.S. The politicians care nothing about their offspring or trashing of their countries. Women will be forced into slavery.

  3. They poop in showers, elevators, sidewalks, parks, trains.. even in bathrooms they prefer to defecate anywhere around the toilet bowl or they squat on the bowl and.. well imagine what happens! I’ve talked with furious cleaning employees who are tired of cleaning the messes left behind by muslims, that’s why many restaurants, bars and clubs here in germany had to install latrines in their toilets. I’ve see how muslims inmigrants trash the toilet bowls in the houses they are given here.

    • By “latrines” do you mean the sort of primitive hole in the ground used by military, and also by nomadic 3rd world people always on the move?

      From what you say, it would appear they don’t like western plumbing. Either that, or it’s too advanced.

    • Maybe that explains the hole in the floor I confronted in a train station in Lausanne several years ago when I didn’t have cash for the facility advertised as super-clean.

      I had made a quick trip into Switzerland to visit a relative, and since my local bank in the States didn’t have Swiss franks, I thought I would just get some in loco. But my relative paid for everything I needed. My stopover in Lausanne on the way back to France was four hours, and nature called. I wondered: How bad could the not-so-sparkly facility be? It is Switzerland, after all.

      Well, it wasn’t terribly filthy (and I have gone backpacking, etc.), but it was dreadfully embarrassing to emerge from that place afterward in my nice clothes and pulling my suitcase. Who would expect to find that the plumbing was a hole in the floor — in Switzerland?

      • One of the ironic things about living in North Africa is that there are not many footbaths around for the locals to splash water on their feet prior to prayer. They expect to lift their feet into the sink and make a mess.

        However, you can take a 1h30m flight north to Lyon, France and find multiple, purpose-built footbaths in the restrooms at the airport there.


  4. On the plus side, the position required by a hole in the ground does discourage the development of hemorrhoids.
    Yes, really.

  5. Kinda worth a thousand words really. Welcome to the 21st century, where crazy politicians will help drag the western world centuries back.

  6. Elsewhere on the internet – showing a North African evacuating his bowels onto the seat of an underground carriage in full view of other horrified passengers. This is what Merkel is bringing into the once cultured and civilised country of Germany despite two judges confirming that she has BROKEN CONSTITUTIONAL LAW by side stepping parliament and acting contrary to the citizens wishes by opening German borders to the third world. Plus the Chancellory has ignored thousands of emails requesting her removal as Chancellor on the grounds of treason. The last example of such a high handed grap for personal power at the expense of the country was one certain Mr Adolf Hitler. For God’s sake Germany wake up!

    • Maybe she’s trying to play match maker.
      Her VC, Herr Sigmar Gabriel, was once married to a Turkish lady, he doesn’t look like the type who would be very successful either in bars or on online dating sites (plus, he’s over 30, so…..you know….dead), so she’s attempting to supply him with a broader selection of middle eastern beauties who might be charmed by his youthful looks, imposing height or athletic physique.
      Too bad they’d rather stay in Turkish refugee camps, sending their hubbies, bros and sons instead.
      Which may not have been Frau Merkel’s original plan.

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