Tommy Robinson: “This Has to Stop”

In this excellent rant, Tommy Robinson — the former leader of the EDL, and now one of the leaders of PEGIDA UK — talks about recent events in Cologne, as well as what happened in Rotherham and other culturally enriched locations in Europe.

In this clip Tommy talks about his plan to participate in the Silent Walk in Birmingham on February 6. However, given today’s announcement that police plan to re-arrest him, chances are he will be sidelined until after the Europe-wide demonstrations that day — after which the charges will undoubtedly be dropped:

20 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson: “This Has to Stop”

  1. A passionate, straight talking and factual presentation from Tommy who unfortunately, like Nigel Farage, will continue to have his reputation traduced by the left wing media who are in thrall of the porcine David Cameron. As he states where are the feminists stating their views? Where are the gay community stating their views? Our Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Nieces, Aunts and cousins have all been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness by the odious mutti Merkel and her minions. These thugs CANNOT be allowed to repeat these dreadful sexual assaults on western women ever again. I cannot believe that we in the West have become so emasculated and neutered by a clearly deranged, sociapathic, middle aged former communist who would appear to believe that she is the (de facto) Emperess of Europe.

  2. He should lead Europe ! Has more sense than what we now must accept and very unfortunately also endure as our “leaders”.

    • I’m sharing this in America! We understand, and are trying to fight against this from becoming our reality also! Bless your hearts, if there wasn’t an ocean between, I would be there to stand with you against this madness! May you all overcome this! Love from America!

      • Appreciate that
        Love from the pond to our American Friends!
        Glad you understand his accent

  3. Find out more. Spread the news, 6th of February 2016, Get out there, Make the change !
    A leader like Tommy can not be left swinging in the breeze! and the same goes for the other leaders of UK PEGIDA, who all have a long term deep truthful understanding of islam and Mohammad.

    A stand, a beginning, a movement, must be made.
    There are many fronts to be worked on, and as Churchill said, “blood, toil, tears, and sweat”

    Even Chamberlain had to admit, despite German propaganda, that the line had been crossed into Poland and so declared war.
    Already many lines have been crossed today though out Europe.

    WW2 proved that the peaceful people of the UK and colonies, could change understandably from “never again” after WW1, voting and acting out pacifism” for 2 decades.
    Despite calls to surrender, and they just about did, after 8 months of defeats and losses, the UK then changed to a leader; a passion filled Churchill that inspired united , and kept the people going through another 2 years of defeats (ok Battle of Britain victory), until the tide of war began to change at El Alamein.

    For the Americans it was ultimately that famous day of infamy, Pearl Harbour, that raised the passions.

    Passion to painful sacrifice is evident in Tommy’s words.

    At all costs we must know the enemy, islam as lead by the “perfect man” Mohammad.

    Already some have been wrongfully sacrificed on the altar of appeasement, as also occurred in pre WW2, such as Czechoslovakia, and cities such as Nanking in China.

    Thanks be to Tommy, and the tremendous dedication and work of Baron and Dymphna to inspire us.

    • Tommy has a passion so real, for the common people of the UK and Europe like Churchill.
      Unlike the faux passion story about gun control by a leader recently.

      I will admit that, that leader has got a true passion, when he talked about “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.” when called to prayer.
      New York times March 6th 2007

  4. In the same week that Nigel Farage’s car was sabotaged (wheel nuts loosened), which could have caused serious injury or death, Tommy Robinson is picked up the the Police.

    Seems the British State is endeavouring to eliminate the leadership of any protest movement, whether via the ballot box or via peaceful demonstrations.

    The referendum on EU membership is drawing close and the savagery of the invading Moslems isn’t helping the ‘stay in’ argument at all.

  5. Finland’s capital Helsinki had the pleasure of experiencing a similar event on New Year’s Eve. Seven-eight muslim “refugees” were detained before the event in their shelter under suspicion of conspiracy to gather a mob to disturb peace. On New Year’s Eve the events in Helsinki didn’t get out of hand, and the police arrested tens of “refugees”. Since the German press has withheld the information, as has the Finnish media for several days, one can suspect that similar events have taken place in other places in Europe as well. We now know that women (and men) were attacked in seven major cities in Germany. These attacks have been centrally co-ordinated, that is for sure. Feminists say in today’s papers in Finland that the white man has a monopoly to rape and commit violent acts towards women!

  6. I forgot to mention that the number of “refugees” at the Central Railway Station in Helsinki was (in proportion) enormous, by estimate over one thousand. I say “in proportion”, since Germany let about 1 million into the country last year, Finland about 30K.

    Germany: population 81 million, land area 357,168 km2 (63rd) (137,847 sq mi).

    Finland: population 5,4 million, land area 338,424 km2 (64th) (130,596 sq mi).

  7. The most frustrating thing for Tommy to deal with must be the collusion of the police with the leftist thugs running the government, who are promoting the Islamization of the UK. But for what purpose?

    • It is an opportunity for Tommy to show up the “police collusion”, and maybe even the police genuine fears of riots etc., and really critically to expose any connection to higher political connections.

      So I hope he complies with their requests, but with an understanding of where he can get around the ends.
      He can through modern technology, use big screen tv, smart phone video, twitter etc. all in sync. to a crowd. I am sure some one knowing more of this tech could be able to run rings around authorities and get the peaceful, but thoroughly knowledgeable message about islam out that Tommy espouses so well and so articulately.

      Although frustrating, the same time Tommy will remain safe, and any hassles in trying to control/disrupt the tech will be very visible, to all and sundry.

      I believe Tommy has the understanding of the system, though the training was tough, to get round many points of ” pc hate speech, law speak” and cut straight to the chase.

      After all Churchill was very effective with his air time on radio,,, that would reach deep through out Europe, and point out and needle the tyranny.

      For what purpose? .. a difficult question, and perhaps the “thugs” view of the world is that they consider they know better which leads to…
      “The path way to hell is paved with good intentions”.
      That morphs into being control freaks, though everything of men and mice plans does not meant it goes right, leading to the feelings of the need of “only if more power” that leads to the thuggery that “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.
      Then it seems that “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad” It is up to us, unless we are mad too, to remove them from power, so they do not drag us down.

  8. Tommy Robinson is a moral giant in the mould of Geert Wilders. They put the ruling class (or the rest of it) in their respective countries to shame.

  9. Let us hope that in 2016 that Europe will wake up and fight the dystopian hell created by mutti Merkel and her acolytes. However much the left wing media traduce the reputations of this gentleman, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilder’s, Nigel Farage, the truth is now out there for all to see. These dreadful attacks were intentionally flagrant, co-ordinated and calculated to strip what shreds of dignity left to once proud European nations. When Police forces admit that they cannot protect women from such attacks yet the political elite are still more concerned about the reputation of refugees you are seeing failed sovereign states. Get Merkel in the dock for treason!

  10. Right On
    Direct and to the Point. This is an invasion it has been tried time and time again by the Islamic community

    Islam is a death cult and if you don’t comply you die!!//

    Go Trump then Europe!

    Keep going and fighting. As Churchill said after the Blitz. For all, we know .now to is: this is not the beginning, but this is the end.of the beginning!///

  11. Great to see “Tommy” has lost none of his passion for the fight. Speaks from the heart with not a teleprompter in sight. He is authentic, passionate and devastatingly logical in his argument. No wonder he is feared by the political classes.
    One day the people will erect a statute in this man’s honour.

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