“This is the Start of the Conflict Between Civilisations”

The following panel discussion took place last Saturday on Polish State TV. The topic was the recent Groping Jihad in Cologne and other German cities.

Green Infidel, who translated the program for subtitles, includes this introductory note:

The discussion was on Polish state TV’s TVP Info channel — in the “Po przecinku” (“After the comma”) program, shown on 9 January 2016.

The guests were Dr Magdalena El Ghamari, an expert on terrorism from Białystok University and Dr Ryszard Żółtaniecki, a sociologist and former diplomat.

Polish state TV has been the subject of some discussion recently. After the Polish elections last October, won by the right-wing, Eurosceptic “Law and Justice” party, the new government have proposed large changes to the state television broadcaster, which would see government ministers directly nominating TV chiefs. Previously, the board which nominated the heads of TV was largely composed of liberals, now in opposition. As a result of the proposals, there have been some protests by the opposition, also on the streets, by the “Committee for the Defence of Democracy”.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


01:34   In Cologne, demonstrations are taking place, in reaction to events on New Year’s Eve,
01:38   when groups of immigrants acted in the same way,
01:41   in several countries, and several dozen cities in Europe.
01:44   But it was in Cologne that the events were the most drastic,
01:47   immigrants attacked, insulted and molested women. There are also several reports of rapes.
01:52   Yet police, media and authorities kept silent for a few days.
01:56   Welcome to the program “Po przecinku” (“after the comma”).
01:59   In the studio are our guests.
02:02   Welcome, Dr Magdalena El Ghamari, expert on terrorism from Białystok university.
02:05   And also Dr Ryszard Żółtaniecki, sociologist and former diplomat, from Collegium Civitas.
02:12   A question. It may have seemed, that political correctness has some boundaries.
02:18   This may have seemed so, Dr El Ghamari, because after everything that happened,
02:23   before we discovered this, the chief of Cologne police said that New Year’s Eve was very calm.
02:29   [Dr El Ghamari] First of all, one must say that the barrier of political correctness has fallen
02:33   as the four or five days of hiding the facts about these events,
02:38   not only in Cologne, but also Hamburg, Berlin and other places,
02:42   signifies that unfortunately we cannot talk about this.
02:46   But something is starting to happen.
02:49   Firstly, if we can discuss this topic, as we are now.
02:53   It’s starting to happen…
02:56   And is this the turning point, when the tendency,
02:59   which we observe among European governing elites,
03:04   will change anything?
03:07   It’s probably not a turning point.
03:10   [Dr Żółtaniecki] I would be a little more sceptical. It’s not easy, after such significant declarations
03:15   of Angela Merkel and the Cologne chief of police,
03:19   it’s not easy to do a reset.
03:22   The politicians made out of the… I don’t know how to call them
03:27   immigrants — it’s the best description, a sort of ideological cult.
03:32   At the moment, it’s not easy to step away from this path. All of this could have been predicted.
03:36   People arrived of unknown origin, often uneducated, from deeply provincial areas, villages
03:41   from a completely different way of life and civilisation.
03:45   They found themselves in Germany, Cologne — a centre of European civilisation.
03:49   They are completely unprepared for this. I can say, perversely, I feel a little sorry for them.
03:56   Because they are acting according to the rules, which applied in their places of origin
04:02   Even worse.
04:08   The sharp restrictions if one breaks the law Here everyone knows — refugees, immigrants
04:12   — that they can get away with more
04:16   because there is democracy.
04:20   Another issue — they won’t be identified, as the question of their names, passports or identification
04:26   is difficult enough to make identification impossible.
04:30   Like we know, that these women’s mobile phones are being found in the immigrant reception centres.
04:34   So they feel like they can act with impunity. Let’s remember that to the attackers,
04:38   these women are “infidel bitches”. To put it politely… I’ll add, because I absolutely agree.
04:47   To put it politely, I can add one more description in Arabic.
04:52   In German the translations are even more offensive. Words which one should use to describe women.
04:58   Due to the fact that they do not behave according to Islamic and Arabic conventions.
05:03   I don’t want to target these groups, but we know that the majority were Syrians, Algerians, Moroccans, Tunisians.
05:09   Also one person apparently with an American document.
05:13   Perhaps due to the time of the day, we could avoid a literal translation,
05:22   As we can all imagine how it may be translated.
05:28   I think that what happened in Cologne, Hamburg and Stuttgart is dramatic.
05:32   This is where we differ.
05:36   Our approach to women is where we completely diverge with this civilisation.
05:41   But that this is the start of the conflict between civilisations,
05:46   the most brutal and drastic symptoms of which are still ahead of us.
05:51   Very interesting is also the fact that we didn’t see any CCTV footage.
05:55   It’s difficult to imagine, that in front of the main station in Cologne there wouldn’t be any CCTV cameras.
06:01   While for the most petty crimes we often see recordings, here there is nothing.
06:06   Police officers claim that data from their protocols was deleted.
06:10   Yes, by their superiors.
06:13   So, political correctness… Returning to the initial question, I don’t believe that there will be a change.
06:18   It’s a change, from our point of view as Europeans.
06:22   It’s a change for the worse, because it will cause even deeper divisions in society.
06:26   If I may, I agree. Let’s remember that here is an incident which took place on New Year’s Eve.
06:32   Incidents in Cologne were already happening at the start of December.
06:36   Where on telephone pylons, notices were put up in German,
06:40   saying that if someone doesn’t convert to a certain religion,
06:46   if one doesn’t start behaving in a certain way, if women don’t start putting on hijab,
06:50   their children will be murdered, said very brutally and strongly.
06:54   All of this was kept hidden by the media and press.
06:57   So if we’re discussing the diagnosis, the issue according to you is clear.
07:03   The question is, in this case, what now?
07:10   Certain Dutch and Danish politicians are proposing mandatory courses for immigrants,
07:14   in how to behave themselves towards women.
07:20   This is a continuation of this stupidity.
07:23   The proposal would sound funny, if this wasn’t so serious.
07:28   In my opinion the only way is to confront [the attackers] with the law.
07:33   These were not incidents. The law was broken there.
07:36   According to German law, serious crimes were committed,
07:40   which are punishable by many years in jail in Germany.
07:44   Unless one is a so-called “refugee”, then that’s not the case.
07:48   A brutal, absolute confrontation, within the law, with our civilisation.
07:53   So that everyone who breaks the law will know that they’ll have to face the consequences.
08:00   On the other hand, I personally know two Syrian families that assimilated without any problem.
08:06   We cannot generalise.
08:09   They’re two doctors. Why can we not spread this model further?
08:14   I also don’t like putting all immigrants and refugees into the same box.
08:23   This is just as stupid as political correctness.
08:27   Agreed. But we’ve set the ball rolling. As the presenter says, we must think about how to act further.
08:31   But inasmuch as I know many people who assimilated, this is unfortunately a marginal number.
08:38   Maybe a solution would be to make the law harsher?
08:41   After all, why don’t immigrants go to Arab countries?
08:44   The answer is simple. Because there, if they broke the law, they would be automatically deported.
08:48   They are aware of this. That it’s easier for them in Europe, in a different civilisation
08:52   where they can get away with more,
08:55   than in a monocultural country with the same traditions, but with very strong restrictions.
08:59   That’s why they don’t go to Saudi Arabia, or other countries. But this is not about
09:03   making the law harsher. It’s about executing the law, which already exists.
09:07   Execution, certainly. But not leniency. So the first step would be
09:11   to do what Dr Żółtaniecki proposes, to execute the law?
09:18   Total execution of the law. So that all of us are equally punishable under the penal code,
09:22   which defines what’s an offence, and what is not.
09:28   We know that in Germany, this is frequently breached.
09:34   I personally know that in areas near asylum reception centres, such as Berlin-Tempelhof,
09:39   thefts of goods under €200 are not registered by police.
09:44   The police don’t want to come — they are afraid.
09:47   Harsher measures, such as bullet-proof vests for police, changes of shoes,
09:54   These are measures being applied now, but let’s remember that this European system acts very slowly.
09:59   The process has started, but here the law needs to be completely applied.
10:07   German society will never be the same again, and this is the terrible consequence.
10:14   It’s deeply divided and fragmented.
10:18   I would even say wounded.
10:21   But this also causes reactions, just as absurd and harmful, on the other side.
10:25   In other words, aggression against every immigrant.
10:30   Not even immigrants — perhaps just people with darker skin.
10:34   And not fully shaven.
10:39   So naturally due to all this aggression on New Year’s Eve, we generalise.
10:47   German and European politicians have made these people suffer.
10:56   Dr Żółtaniecki, I remember, that in this studio a few months ago,
11:01   you used these precise words: this can all be predicted. This could have been predicted.
11:07   All your predictions are coming true. It’s the beginning.
11:12   The beginning of what? In which direction is all this heading?
11:16   Organised crime. Drugs, trade in women, children, organs, guns. This is all in front of us.
11:24   In Europe? This is a terrifying diagnosis.
11:28   I will agree. Yes, this could have all been predicted.
11:32   Let’s think back to the wave of refugees last summer.
11:36   European countries didn’t know what to do. But right now, we must do something with the people who’ve arrived.
11:42   But let’s remember. Four to five million people declare in North Africa,
11:46   that they’re waiting for the temperature to change.
11:51   The borders in Africa — the borders in Mali. Around twenty million people are waiting
11:55   to transit through Arab countries on the way to Europe.
11:59   On the other hand, there is a drought which exists.
12:02   If we add all the factors together — the economic, climate factors,
12:06   and also that, unfortunately, it’s so easy to get to Europe.
12:10   A passport costs $45 in Ankara or in Istanbul, you can buy.
12:15   In Syria and Libya, passports are printed. It’s not difficult.
12:19   And this is another element. This is a large international mafia business,
12:24   behind which, of course, stands politics.
12:27   Because I don’t believe, that Al Qaeda and ISIS would not be involved with this.
12:33   To finish, Dr El Ghamari, apart from these incidents which we discussed,
12:37   where you have a very clear idea how to change things,
12:41   to look at this from a bird’s eye view, because we know that among these refugees
12:46   are women and children, and it’s our duty to help,
12:55   but on the other hand, we see how this is starting to look. So what should be done?
13:00   I would have to be a visionary! But I have personally seen asylum reception centres
13:05   in Serbia, on the Hungarian border,
13:11   I travelled, and saw what was happening.
13:14   It’s not the way to put everyone into one asylum centre. Because there, rapes occur, thefts occur.
13:18   People are divided in these asylum centres.
13:21   The cultural aspect should have been considered so that at the very beginning, there would have been a reaction,
13:26   instead of escalating the problems further. For example in the park in Belgrade,
13:31   in the reception centres on the Hungarian border, in Macedonia or Albania.
13:37   What to do in such a situation? First, apply the law. Secondly, in my opinion,
13:42   maybe follow Canada’s example and accept only full families.
13:47   I’ll risk predicting, knowing their mentality, that families are easier to assimilate.
13:52   Also women to a certain age, with children.
13:57   Unfortunately, frustrated young people will very easily become radicalised.
14:03   Eighty percent of the immigrants are young, lone men.
14:10   Women and children we can defend and apply the law and conventions, and use solutions from NGOs.
14:19   If we will prefer women and children…
14:22   We also can’t do this. …these women will become victims of violence from the men.
14:27   They’re already becoming victims.
14:30   So it’s difficult to see a single solution to this issue.
14:34   I have the impression that we’ll be returning often to this topic.
14:41   It’s definitely a fact that we started to discuss this topic very seriously, at the European level.
14:47   After the events in Cologne during New Year’s Eve.
14:52   My guests were Dr Magdalena El Ghamari and Dr Ryszard Żółtaniecki. Thank you very much.

54 thoughts on ““This is the Start of the Conflict Between Civilisations”

  1. What drives Angela Merkel that she did not foresee,

    “German society will never be the same again.
    “(Germany) is deeply divided and fragmented.
    “Organized crime; drugs; trade in women, children, organs, guns.
    “This is all in front of us.”

    Very enlightening conversation. Thank you.

    • “I have the impression that we will be returning often to this topic”

      Oh yeah.

      How refreshing. One trembled at the prospect at what Dr El Ghamari was going to say, given her surname. The Magdelena first name offered a hint of what might actually come. It turned out to be a competition between two panelists who could only agree with and endorse the other’s position. Whilst the interviewer tried to inject a little PC guff into the exchange, the poor dear failed.

    • It was entirely predictable and I find it very hard to believe Merkel and fellow travelers in the EU did not know exactly what would happen- which leads to some very uncomfortable conclusions about which path our so-called leaders, wish to take Europe down.

      Die Welt published a leaked document last year, it succinctly predicts Germany’s descent into civil strife.
      Soren Kern reported that it
      “reveals growing alarm within the highest echelons of Germany’s intelligence and security apparatus about the consequences of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door immigration policy.

      The so-called non-paper (the author of the document remains anonymous) warns that the “integration of hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants will be impossible given the large numbers involved and the already-existing Muslim parallel societies in Germany.”

      The document adds:

      “We are importing Islamic extremism, Arab anti-Semitism, national and ethnic conflicts of other peoples, as well as a different understanding of society and law. German security agencies are unable to deal with these imported security problems, and the resulting reactions from the German population.”

      “The high influx of people from other parts of the world will lead to the instability of our country. By allowing this mass migration, we are producing extremists. Mainstream society is radicalizing because the majority does not want migration, which is being forced by the political elites. In the future, many Germans will turn away from the constitutional state.”

      • When you play dodge ball and you’re in the middle, you should realize that you are a target.

  2. Still too mild a response, even in Poland. Those interviewed responses of those interviewed do not reflect the gravity of this dire situation. Of course we must remember that these are academics and academics are notoriously removed from Reality.

    The man appears to be too timid to follow his predictions through to their logical conclusions. And the women is soft-pedaling her assessments; given her name, she might have a Muslim background and perhaps this is the reason.

    • Perhaps it may surprise you, but Polish TV has been overwhelmingly pro-refugee over the past year. A friend who travels often between Britain and Poland watches TV regularly in both countries. He says that while in Britain, the BBC sometimes showed images of rowdy migrants in Calais breaking down fences and the doors of lorries, in Poland (on Polish state TV) it was all about crying women and children just trying to find a safe haven. Yes – even the BBC were more objective!

      The overwhelming Polish opposition to accepting “refugees”, including its influence on recent elections (IMO the crucial factor), came in spite of overwhelming media bias, not because of it.

      Hence my friend was very surprised when I showed him this video clip, before I translated it. He said he would never expect such an honest discussion on Polish state TV.

      • Maybe that is the reason why Poland now is being threatened by EU – for tightening their media laws?

        • Funny because when the TV board was full of the previous government’s cronies, with the same happening to the constitutional court, the silence was deafening… and now, somehow all the liberals, leftists and PC pro-EU “modernists” want to defend democracy!

          Not sure why now Poland is in Brussels’ firing line. Some say it was because various liberal politicians and media celebrities went to Brussels and western media to wail about what was happening in their homeland. Or maybe the EU comission had it in for Poland. I don’t know – probably a bit of both.

          All I know, having spent 8 of the past 10 years living there, is:

          A) The liberals have a near-monopoly on public and private “mainstream” media (except for a few niche TV stations, papers and magazines).

          B) EU money is being pumped into the country (of which a lot is going to waste). Hence even un-PC, straight-thinking Poles are worried about the new government, fearing it will give the country a bad image, and that hence maybe the gravy train will stop.

          C) It’s the older Poles attending demonstrations against the government and for “democracy” – while younger Poles support “far right” parties (ie even more Right than the current government!). This bemuses older Poles, and makes them think that the young are “ignorant” – although I’ve noticed that, among my friends who support the “Far right”, a lot more have spent time in exotic Western places such as East London, Birmingham, Milton Keynes or southern Sweden, than those with more liberal views… hence I’m beginning to suspect that they may even get “radicalised” by living and working in such places!

  3. The problem is not difficult: just say no to Muslim immigrants and expel those there.


    Criminal prosecution for all who facilitate this trafficking. It’s not exactly hidden.

    If the come over on boats, shoot them out of the water.

    Prosecute journalists who bypass the law.

    • You’ve got my vote! All Europeans are still far, far too lovey-dovey with these invaders, they still don’t see what is needed.

      We are NOT our brothers’ keepers; masochistic Europeans seem to have this ridiculous guilt complex which demands they take in, feed, house and lavish benefits on these most useless of people, failures in their own countries, but not too stupid to take advantage of moronic, naïve, Europeans.

      We all know by now (or should) that there is no way out of the present situation without violence, ergo, better now than later, when the enemy will be even stronger, as the late, great Winston told us; on the other hand, the European need to be armed, and that may take time.

      It would be nice if European police would remember who they are and protect their own people–not happening. And the big one–what about the military in Europe, if indeed they still exist.

      • The NATO members in Europe won’t fire one round into the invaders. I’m scared that the French nukes could end up in jihadi hands.

        • The Germans have no no intention
          of fighting,,,
          My son was in the US Navy in 2010 and went into joint US/Med drills with the German Navy. You could eat off the floors of the German Mavu as they have never been deployed.
          Do you think they would actually employ themselves to stop the invasion? Do you actually think the German Navy would step up to stop this? I don’t

          • Perhaps this is the excuse for Germany to fight at the front of N.A.T.O.’s future operations globally, seeing off the “threats” to Huntingdon’s West?

            I am not sure that necessarily is a good thing i.e. more war.

            Be careful what you wish for.

        • Yep. If the worst comes to the worst, I hope that the last sane European “turns off the lights”, including making sure that any nukes are useless to the new rulers.

          Alas, I fear that’s not likely, and that any “takeover” may happen more in the style of Michel Houllebecq’s book “Submission”, rather than through any shots being fired.

          Why fight when you can take power through elections? And in the case of London, such a “takeover” may happen as soon as this May – with Britain’s postal voting system also “enhancing” the importance of the Muslim vote.

      • The worst aspect of this Islamic take over is that our own leaders enable it, Police acquiesce to political instruction ignoring national law; not that muslims try to take over – their cultural background and beliefs predestine them to this course of action.

        • I doubt that your scenario is possible. If they can’t manage in their own 3rd world nations, I don’t think that miraculously they will be able to transform into levels befitting the German football team.

          • No, they are in general too big o an uneducated rabble to take over Western societies in any meaningful way. But, in their delusion of thinking of themselves as ‘the best of people’ – they will give it a good old go. Until they realise the futility of their actions.

    • And yet the British are more concerned with banning Donald Trump than banning fake, dangerous ‘refugees’!!

  4. Anarcho-Tyranny.

    The acts of evil men are ignored by the law while trifling infractions by the innocent are crack down on.

    That just about sums up the situation from Ferguson to Cologne from San Bernadino to Bataclan. From Governor LePage to Mayor Reker.

    • The first port of call should be to hold to account those who created this calamitous situation, negligently or otherwise. We cannot have such civilisation destroying events as this happening repeatedly to humanity. After this the external threat could be dealt with once, rather than remaining a potential threat. Get our own house in order, then deal with the threat. Then humanity can get on with – human progress.

    • The German Jews who would not listen. In 1939 it was still time as usual in the hotels and wherever. “This will all blow over.” The Germans and everywhere else is still brain lock. Mass protest just amuses the Muslims as do the fools on the Hill.

  5. Matt, I really appreciate your thinking, writing and expertise. So this is not meant to be provocative: but I vaguely remember that during the 1970s the PLO was exploding bombs in Parisian cafes; the French managed to appease them in part by turning against Israel.

    I’m just thinking out loud so to speak. I suppose it’s a very different situation now due to the overwhelming numbers of migrants and the expressed intentions of carrying out violent Jihad by ISIS and others. But I never underestimate the ability of the French (and now perhaps the Germans) to appease.

    • The problem is you can’t “appease” without compromise, and what are you ready to compromise, with the kind of people that are opposing the western world these days? You’d have to let go of some of the most important things in western civilisation, particularly concerning women’s rights or the right to have any religion you want. Those people do not want compromise anyway, they come from a totally different perspective on things and want express domination.

    • Italian PM Aldo Moro had a deal with Yassir Arafat to let PLO ops move and store weapons freely in Italy, in exchange for no attacks in Italy.
      In the mid-80’s a wave of bombings prompted France to demand visas from everyone who wasn’t an EEC or Swiss citizen.
      I think it isn’t so much a desire to appease as just plain fear.
      Many of those politicians have probably been threatened, personally and directly.
      And none of them are made from the kind of stuff that could stand up to something like that.
      Just look at them, and you know.

      • The Turks accuse the French of similar things with regard to Kurdish & Armenian terrorists.

    • > the French managed to appease them in part by turning against Israel.

      So, to appease the “New Europeans”, who will the ruling elites turn against this time . . . their native populations? Oh, wait! They’ve already done that.

      There is nothing left to sell out.

  6. Conflict? Yes.
    Civilizations plural? No.
    An ideology that authorises daughter-killing, stoning, amputations, genital mutilation, forced child marriage at nine, bestiality, deception, and more is not a civilization.
    The conflict is between civilization and barbarism.

    • This conflict is not new, either, it has been raging since the very founding of Islam. All of the areas now dominated by Islam (except for Indonesia) used to be Christian. They were conquered at the point of a sword.
      Islam is yet again attempting to invade Europe yet again after being repulsed the last time outside the city of Vienna by the King of Poland in 1683. This time around they are invading with refugees, who in large part happen to be military age males. And the countries of Europe are welcoming them (at least officially they are).

      • Not just Indonesia. Persia was Zoroastrian. Afghanistan was Buddhist. India was Hindu and Buddhist. And Africa south of the Sahel was a hotch-potch of pagan beliefs (exception: Ethiopia, which was Christian).

  7. Yesterday a senior German Constitutional Judge ruled that Frau Merkel had committed an “historic breach of the law” in throwing Germany’s borders open to the third world. Under German Constitutional law German citizens can defend themselves and most importantly the nation too. Her actions, either through sheer stupidity or sheer cupidity, therefore should result in severe consequences for her.
    Should she be impeached?
    Can the victims of the NYE sex attacks sue her and her party/govt?
    Can the rest of the EU nations now bill Germany for costs incurred in defending their own borders due to her rash statements?
    Can the rest of the EU nations now bill Germany for costs incurred in for
    Hosting third leeches already in their countries they cannot get rid of?
    Will she now stop lecturing and threatening the rest of the EU for not accepting anymore third world young male chances?
    Should the EU and in particular Germany not take this golden opportunity to rid themselves of this stupid woman once and for all there is indeed a hidden agenda to islamise the continent which we need to be told about.
    For more info see Breitbart News.

  8. “They’re not refugees. This is an invasion.”
    Bishop Laszlo Kiss-Rigo, Hungary

  9. I’m surprised how circumspect they are. They won’t even utter the word ‘Islam’. They won’t describe what the ‘Muslim’ animals did. They seem more politically correct than the most virulent feral Leftist. What gives? Why aren’t they calling a spade a spade? Are they terrified of being disciplined? I’ve watched 10 minutes and nothing is stated unequivocally. This is ridiculous, pathetic. I thought Poland was different.

    • Polish media is not different.. if anything, Polish mainstream media is more pro-refugee than in, say, Britain. Yes, 95% of Poles may be against the country accepting “refugees” (as recent polls suggest), but it’s not because of the media.

      • I actually laughed when the news host said he knew two Syrians, doctors, that had assimilated…

        I guess he met two of the four Syrian doctors in Poland!

        Really, the idea that the best and brightest are coming out of the MENA to assimilate in European culture is laughable. Actually, not so funny but, that leftist meme is pure twaddle and the people know it for the lie that it is. What was the old Soviet saying?”We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us?”

        The vast majority are benefit shoppers as anyone that has watched the countless videos here or at Vlad’s site knows.
        I do have to say that taking people from a desert environment and placing them in Lapland, now that is funny! Let’s take a population and place them in an environment where the sun doesn’t shine for months at a time and let’s see what happens… You couldn’t make this stuff up!

        • Lappland is the right location for when Ramadan falls in the summer months

        • There’s quite a few foreign doctors in Poland. Also from the time when the Communist bloc considered “non-aligned” 3rd world states, including Baathist Syria, to be “brother countries”. During those years, a lot of Poles also went to work in places like Iraq (hence during Gulf War 1, Polish special forces were able to “blend in” with these workers and rescue some US prisoners).

          These though are actual doctors – not the masses of “doctors” that the likes of the Guardian report as being among the “refugees” (somehow, they always manage to find doctors!).

          Back in September, there was an interview in a Polish online magazine with the head of one of Warsaw’s largest chains of Kebab restaurants – a Syrian. He warned Poland against taking in Syrian refugees, as he was worried that they’d ruin Syrians’ image. He also mentioned that actual doctors, and other intelligentsia, could easily have a far higher standard of living if they went to other parts of the Arab world – eg Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia – not to mention the Gulf states! Hence, the question – why would they need to risk their lives aboard a dinghy to Lesbos?

  10. I’ll never understand this. Entering a country without permission is illegal. Detain the first few thousand for a day & immediately deport them. Fine them and expropriate the funds from whatever they’re carrying. If they can’t pay the fine, put them to work on chain gangs. Make it painful! Make it unappealing to enter Europe. Grow a spine and start acting like people with basic common sense. Fight back.

  11. Bring back the death penalty and make many offenses punishable by execution. Watch attitudes change overnight. ANY sort of bodily assault should be immediately punishable by execution. Relax the rules of evidence. This could be stopped very swiftly, very easily, very morally. But it won’t be. Maybe this is what Europe wants, in a passive-aggressive self-hating psychodrama sort of way. If they won’t even pass sensible laws and take normal precautions … such fetid weakness invites aggression.

    • Bringing back the death penalty would diminish the civilisation we Europeans hold dear (well, some of us). No offence to Americans here, but on this issue you are really behind the times by several decades.

        • Yes, you’ve missed A LOT. Try reading the New Testament. Start with Matthew Five. Jesus says to love your neighbor…NEIGHBOR.

        • Ha ha. We are already massively diminished as a civilization. Hadn’t you noticed? Maybe when the cars, trucks and buildings filled with true believers in the wisdom of all the great teachers – Jesus included – start blowing up , you will give the death penalty and whatever it takes a second thought.

          • Good people everywhere would stand up for civilisation everywhere i.e. not destroying cars, trucks & buildings in any place.

            Treating the “Other” with dehumanisation makes it easier to destroy them, & it turns the vicious cycle faster & faster, till we are all spun off our respective mortal coils.

      • No offense to Europeans, but your repeal of the death penalty is working about as well as disarming your citizens. Not all crimes are solved by serving time in prison. Ask any father whose child has died horribly at the hands of some pervert…

        Europe is unmanned, except for a small minority which the governments are busy hunting down. The obedient ones are searching in their underwear for the missing family jewels. They certainly aren’t passing them on – unless you count those they let immigrants steal.

  12. “Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła,
    Kiedy my żyjemy.
    Co nam obca przemoc wzięła,
    Szablą odbierzemy.”

    “Poland has not yet perished,
    So long as we still live.
    What the alien force has taken from us,
    We shall retrieve with a sabre.”

    “Mazurek Dąbrowskiego” (“Poland is Not Yet Lost”),
    the national anthem of Poland

  13. “It’s our duty to help these immigrants” Why? what islamic country ever helped anyone who was not islamic. When they do help they supply weapons to help muslims slaughter their enemies. Of course the Gulf states fund mosques and islamic universities to promote islam. Nothing is done by them to help non-islamic people anywhere. Nice muslims can turn into monsters very quickly have you ever see an extremist Jehovah Witness or Amish now they’re peaceful, I don’t agree with them but they’re peaceful, unlike the religion of peace.

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