The Doorman’s Story

Ivan Jurcevic is a Croatian immigrant who works as a doorman (or perhaps a bouncer) at a hotel on the Hauptbahnhof Platz in Cologne. On New Year’s Eve (Silvester) he had a front row seat for the culturally enriched events that have now become notorious throughout Germany and the rest of the Western world.

In the following interview, Mr. Jurcevic gives an account of what he witnessed that night, and how he did his best to help women who were menaced, harassed, and molested by the “youths” who took over the main train station:

Below is an article from telling Ivan Jurcevic’s story. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

How a Doorman Experienced the Horror Night of Cologne

It all started right around 19:00 hours: “Groups of six, of ten, and of twelve North Africans. I have never seen anything like it in my life before,” says Ivan Jurcevic. “They looked like a real army.” Jurcevic has been a doorman since 1989. Every year at Silvester he protects the entrance to the Hotel Excelsior in Cologne. The hotel is located to the west of the Dome [cathedral] within eyesight.

“They came with beer and schnapps bottles in hand. Most of them were already staggering,” he remembers.

“Come with me”

Problems began immediately: hotel guests who were smoking cigarettes outside in front of the entrance were verbally accosted: “Give me cigarette,” they muttered. “Come with me,” they loudly propositioned women.

At the exact same moment, Peter Erkelenz and his wife were walking across the Dome plaza. Erkelenz is the brother of the CDU city council member Martin Erkelenz. He calls himself an original Cologne native. He was wondering about the mass of Arabic-speaking young men. The mood was aggressive. Erkelenz got worried, and he and his wife quickly moved away from the Dome plaza.

At around 10pm, as the situation escalated completely at the Dome plaza, fireworks and small rockets were fired into the crowds, and east of the Dome the owner of the “Kunstbar” bar, Paolo Campi, was watching: “It was totally antisocial,” he says. “There’s always chaos in front of the dome on Silvester every year. If it was worse this year, it’s hard to tell.” He also can’t tell if it was mostly North Africans who caused the chaos.

But where Ivan Jurcevic was standing in front of the Hotel Excelsior, things got increasingly bad: “Two women came running, they were fleeing a mob of North Africans and asked him for help.”

I’m not one to be tangled with

The men in pursuit of the two women threatened the experienced martial-arts trainer: “I am 1.98 meters tall (6’ 6”) and weigh 130 kilos (285 lbs). I am not the kind of guy you want to mess with,” the otherwise calm, collected and friendly Jurcevic mentions.

When one of the pursuing men attacked him, he drop-kicked the man off his feet and then immediately retreated inside the hotel. The men came closer. “So I went back out, and kicked one in the chest so that he flew back three meters. After that they retreated,” said the Croatian, who’s lived in Germany for forty years.

As the attackers retreated they verbally threatened him: “We will come back and ice you,” they called to him in English. At that point the director of the hotel had already told all guests not to stand in front of the doors anymore for a smoke. The guests accumulated on the first floor and were watching the chaos with horror written in their eyes.

Rioters were beating each other up

Meanwhile, a police force of a hundred showed up. Jurcevic could see how they were shot at with fireworks. Even the police officers seemed to be intimidated.

After midnight: Several fights in front of the hotel had broken out. Jurcevic observed one knife fight. The Arab North Africans seemed to also chase black Africans who came from countries south of the Sahara.

The rioters were also fighting amongst themselves: In front of Jurcevic’s eyes one man was beaten with a bottle until he passed out. When the man with the bottle started to kick the passed-out man’s head, Jurcevic and a doorman from the neighboring restaurant stepped in.

No time for filing police complaints

Police walked up and arrested the man — only to let him go again in a few minutes, because all of the police jail vans were hopelessly overfilled. As a farewell, the man spat on the squad car’s window. “ The police,” he yelled in Jurcevic’s face. Jurcevic lost his nerve and punched the man to the ground.

At 1:30 in the morning, Peter Erkelenz and his wife left the Silvester party they had been attending. They wanted to take the subway home. But the subway at the main train station was closed.

There was a policewoman who was standing right in front of Erkelenz. Suddenly a man jumped her from behind, grabbed for the pocket inside her coat, then fled. She gave chase and managed to wrestle him to the ground. Then she lectured him. And that was it. There was too much chaos to make arrests or police reports; the cops had to put out too many fires all at once.

Erkelenz then learned why the subway wasn’t operating: dozens of men were walking on the tracks. They attacked subway passengers, and were chased around by the police. The subway was not going to operate anymore that night. Erkelenz and his wife, who emerged from the chaos without harm, took the streetcar instead.

“I was very afraid,” Erkelenz said. “Especially now that our annual Spring Festival is coming up, and what all could happen then.”

It was only between five and six in the morning that the chaos started to die down. The vandals started to disappear. Only a few drunks remained. In the meantime, the police had gotten the first nauseating reports of women who were molested and harassed. One woman was raped. Many didn’t immediately go to the police because they were in shock. It took until Tuesday for 90 reports to be registered. Apparently only a handful of perpetrators have been arrested.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

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  1. This what happens when you let MUSLIMS into your country! You were forewarned, but you did not listen ! These people are Barbarians, they don’t belong among civilized people! I Hope your people learned your lesson ad will kick them out before is too late !

  2. Who needs the bouncer when it’s “always” possible to stay at least an arms length away from rapists? Everyone knows that rapists can’t move very fast, sort of like zombies.

    Maybe that’s where this advice comes from…. Watching zombie tv shows. Maybe the next advice or even the police response will be based on fantasy entertainment.

  3. This is the vile new normal our “leaders” have planned for us.

    You just know that if the plaza had been filled with German youth singing hymns and waving flags the “leadership” would have responded with a division of riot police, tear gas, water cannons, the works, etc.

    • German youth these days don’t meet up to sing hymns or wave flags. Unless the flag is that of Antifa, and the chant is “No more Germany”.

  4. The people to blame for this are our governments. Normal citizens need to join social media groups that monitor such incidents as this and respond directly – the Police cannot cope and will not be resourced to – unless governments are embarrassed by normal citizens doing their job for them.

    • Good question. Even if he doesn’t, will the Muslims look for him next New Year’s Eve, or perhaps earlier, and try to exact revenge?

  5. At one moment there will be angry German fathers, husbands, boyfriends and brothers who will show no mercy. And they will have worked up such rage, that the invaders will forever regret that they went to war on foreign ground.

    This is wintertime. What will happen when the springtime comes, one can only imagine, when some of the invaders won’t be staying indoors because of the cold.

    Statistically, how many European fathers, husbands, boyfriends and brothers will get very angry and take action? Most societies do take action against invading forces. That is universal.

  6. How many German – and European – girls have to be converted to meet the need for wives to these Arabian and African “refugees”?
    Is that specified in the EU’s, and Angela Dorothea’s, program for this replacement on European ground?

  7. Sounds like a precise situation where guns held by a few scattered good guys would have been an ideal preventative…just what guns are for.

    • Agreed. What does a German, or Austrian, or Dutch, or French native need to do to gain LEGAL possession of a firearm? Hunting is supported in these countries, yes?

      Maybe there are different regulations for long guns vs. handguns?

      Anybody know? I’m not sure where/how to look it up for myself; sorry. 🙁

      • I have read on the internet, but I don’t know where, that in Austria it is nearly impossible to legally own a handgun but long guns are still allowed. However there has been a run on ammo there and it is hard to get in Austria these days. Good luck finding more but this should be a start.

  8. Imagine the carnage that awaits Germany once the lawless Muslim invaders illegally arm themselves with automatic firearms and grenades, plenty of which are available on the European black market (there’s that open borders thing again) along with improvised explosives.
    Meanwhile, some law abiding Germans will struggle mightily through a tangle of laws and regulations to arm themselves with less able firearms. Too little, too late.
    The momentum is entirely with the Muslims and The State. Germany is lost to Islam unless the security services live up to their duty to protect the German people and the nation. Please note that the German government should no longer be considered part of the German nation.

    • – Germany und Ottoman Empire
      – Hitler und Gross-Mufti Husseini
      – Angela und Sultan of Turkey

      What is it with Germany and the will to submit to islamic forces not only today, but, as we know, down through history?

  9. Actually, perhaps this is Germany’s divine punishment for Auschwitz. You have to wonder… If the good Lord will deliver His people Israel into the hands of their enemies from time to time to starighten them out, imagine what He does to His enemies…

    It does make me wonder, you know. What is happening to the West is so incomprehensible to me, that divine intervention seems a plausible explanation. The West turned from Him, so he has delivered them into the hands of the Mohammedans.

    How else do you explain a wizened, childless old crone like Merkel bringing down Europe single-handedly?

  10. If the forces of law and order don’t crack down HARD and SOON, Germany will develop a network of NO GO areas with FERAL POPULATIONS.

    Oh wait, it’s already partway there.

    Ask yourself the REAL reason why they put so many people in jail in the USA.
    Ask yourself what would happen if they didn’t.

    Soon, Germany will give the answer to that question.

    They probably have about a year to get things under control, which would mean 5-10 year sentences for people involved in these kinds of disturbances and who engage in sexual assault at the same time, and 1-2 year for the others. It would take the willingness to put THOUSANDS in jail, for real sentences, enough to scare the others into behaving better.

  11. When they start kicking each other in the head, please don’t intervene. This is the [ethnics’] way of working themselves up to a hooting, ooking killing frenzy. You are simply saving an Orc that will be raping or killing a White at another time. This is a War, not a rugby game. If the enemy is making a mistake, don’t help them. It will be one less to deport in the future. Your healing gifts ad bravery should be reserved for your racial Countrymen who are in battle with you.

    Good Luck

  12. It isn’t a coincidence that the Progs’ full court press for restrictions on guns comes right when the Dear Leader is importing a tsunami of feral Uentermenschen to teach Whitey a lesson.

    I would love to see the first time one of them gets a blast of lead and hot smoke in his perplexed face from the intended victim. This ain’t Europe.

  13. I just want to comment again to point out that Mr. Jercevic is the type of immigrant that is doing it right.

    I spent a week in Croatia this past summer, and I found them to be welcoming and easy-going people.

  14. Excuse me?!! This bouncer is 6 feet 6 inches and 285 pounds?! Trained in the martial arts!! And these culture enrichers tried to fight him?!!! These Koranic madmen need to be incarcerated for insanity!!!

  15. Having spoken with a great many observers of the muslim situation in India, there is something that everyone recognizes: the amazing ability of muslims to gather a mob at short notice. In this department, they are miles ahead of any other community. For example, in a neighborhood in India that is, say 80% Hindu and 20% Muslims, the muslims can still gather a mob that is much larger, much quicker than the Hindus ever can. Several explanations have been offered for this phenomenon. Some say these mobs are gathered using mosques as “control centers” and there is lot of evidence that mosque loudspeakers have helped gather mobs in the past.

    It seems to me that Europe is now facing a similar phenomenon. Some of these girls describe how suddenly a large crowd of muslim men gathered.

    The mob control aspect of policing muslim communities will be a major issue for European countries in the future. In India, there are areas where police dare not go, because the muslim mob will not only gather suddenly, it will be very strategically placed so that all roads into and out of that area are blocked so that no help can arrive (not even medical help). This has been documented time and again.

    I dare say Europe is only getting a taste of the appetizer. The main course awaits them.

    • Thanks for that, please share the evidence that you have with us for mosque loudspeakers in India.

      • Hi David,

        Perhaps the most thorough recent documentation would be the thorough Nanavati report on the attack on a train at Godhra station carrying Hindu pilgrims returning from Ayodhya, in which 59 Hindus, including 22 women and children were burnt to death, their bodies charred beyond recognition. The commission (from wiki):

        The commission, during its six-year probe, examined more than 40,000 documents and the testimonies of more than 1,000 witnesses. The initial term of the committee was three months long; however, it received 22 extensions, till June 2014, to submit its final report.

        I have read most of the report, and there is a good deal of documentation on the use of mosques both to incite, and then to direct mobs towards strategic places. In this particular case, towards the roads from where fire-trucks were blocked from entering.

        The other point that is apropos here is that what, at first, might seem like a “spontaneous mob event” actually is anything but that. It is highly planned and coordinated. True, it does rely on some mob elements, but its core is planned, almost like any other act of terror. At Godhra too, the Hindu pilgrims “suddenly found” that a mob of 1500 or so gathered, started stoning the train, and finally set fire to it. The Nanavati commission clearly documented that this was a well planned attack. In particular the fuel to burn such a large train coach had been procured in advance, and stocked in a convenient location.

        This will come to Europe soon. The MO of muslim gangster communities everywhere are similar. The aim is to keep the Kafirs in a constant state of terror and siege.

        Let us join hands, otherwise we are all doomed to an Islamized planet in another 100 years.

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