Sunny Says “Guess Who…?”

Sunny talks about the yellow star:

I realize the risk of this conversation is fraught. But what the heck: we only live once (if we’re lucky).

By the way, her contention about the origins of the Yellow Badge are backed by the wikipedia entry. 8th century…hatred goes back a long way.

[The Baron is away for today. He’ll return this evening. So meanwhile, the mouse will play – at least as long as our connection stays good.]

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  1. Also it’s 333 years since the siege of Vienna.

    333 has significant occult and religious significance.

    Interesting that the Koln Dome is attacked in that new year.

    • So does 666 (except it’s apparently a misreading).

      Most forms of numerology I’ve seen, including this, are Christian-centric. I’m not a believer, but I’m pretty certain that if there is a is a divine creator, (s)he has no favourite people (sorry, devout Jews)- anything else would be unjust, which a benevolent deity cannot be, by definition.

      • There are far more Numerology beliefs/structures than the Christian ones – and they mostly follow from eschatological literature from the early A.D.s

        The snipe at devout Jews wasn’t necessary, especially since that’s a belief in many other religions…the idea of being “chosen” is as old as the first group of families/tribes.


      • The Jews do not consider themselves to be God’s “favourite people.” Chosen People means chosen by God to be representative of all humanity and as such the focus of God’s love and wrath. Which is to say when the Jews walk in the path of God He smiles upon them with particular warmth and when they fall away from His path His wrath at them is very great. You may dismiss this as a mere expression of tribal egotism but isn’t it interesting that the Jews are always zeroed in on, as God’s representative people, each time an evil tide rises on earth.

        • This is also my understanding. The ancient Israelites (“Hebrews”) were CHOSEN by God after Abraham made the covenant with YHWH that each of his sons forever would be circumcised unto the lord.

          Later, the Ten Commandments were revealed to Moses, who was leading the Israelites out of Egypt. While Moses was on Mount Sinai, the people below–with the help of his own brother, the high priest! Aaron–donated their jewelry and melted it down into a Golden Calf, legacy of their centuries in Egypt. YHWH then said that no one who had worshipped the Golden Calf would be allowed to reach the Promised Land. 40 years sojourn, etc., etc.

          “Chosen” isn’t always fun, and it’s not necessarily “favorite.” The Israelites and God had joined in a sacred covenant, and God kept holding them to it. Take a look at almost any book of the Christian Old Testament (Jewish Scripture/Bible) and see for yourself. Definitely not fun. Nope.

        • If one considers how Jewish and Israeli groups reach out with great alacrity to help people in need anywhere, it’s hard to sustain the notion that “chosen people” is taken to mean “favorite” in a narrow sense.

          It’s evident to me (a non-Jew, as my screen name may suggest) that the “chosen” status in Judaism has always been seen to carry a great moral responsibility to be worthy of it.

        • My understanding of “Chosen” is similar to that of Cynthia’s and Radegunda’s. It’s not a synonym for “favoured”, it’s more akin to “burdened with greater, more onerous, responsibilities”. I only have to adhere to the seven (I think) Noahide Laws and I’ll be deemed to have done okay by God as conceived by Judiasm; your Red Sea Pedestrian has to adhere to 300 plus laws to be deemed to have done okay.

      • If you think numerology is Christian then you’re obviously not familiar with eastern numerology. I’m pretty sure the I Ching has nothing to do with Judaism or Christianity. And, really, numerology in the west has much more to do with Judaism than Christianity. See They have spent much more time on this than Christians ever did, most likely because Hebrew words read as numbers much more easily than other languages due to the numerical overloading of letters as numerals.

      • The Jews are chosen, not favourites.

        God loves every creature, but there are favourites. No, it’s not unjust. Heady theology can enlighten just as much as it can confuse, so in this particular example the best way to understand favourites is to simply reflect on the person of Mary, the mother of Jesus (especially understanding the Roman Catholic doctrine of the Immaculate Conception).

        God loving everyone equally without discernment is a hop-scotch skip into a socialist understanding of God. On the flipside, God favouring those through their own personal merits and glory alone leads to pride and arrogance.

        It might sound trivial, but I think enough people here know that a certain understanding of God (or even lack of God, for those who think it’s only applicable to religious fanatics) can lead to incredible destruction of civilisation. A good understanding of God leads to the flourishing of civilisation.

        Anyway, first post, long time lurker here. Kudos to Baron and all the writers and commenters here over the years, you’ve convinced at least another person to join the fight.

  2. There are also variants in the story too.

    In European history the presence of Jews was also connected to the whims of Kings.

    For example in 1066 Jews were first introduced into England (apparently Anglo-Saxon kings did not let them reside in the realm) when William the conqueror arrived and exterminated the Anglo-Saxon aristocracy.

    The 2,000-3,000 Jews he brought over from wore distinctive clothing marking them out as the King’s men.

    Any English Peasant or Norman lord who messed with them had to answer to the Duke and his descendants. A yellow triangle was introduced at some point as a sort of heraldric symbol.

    Of course Edward I ended up expelling them all a couple of centuries later and assumed their debts.

    • Sorry. Edward I expelled the Jews because he could *not* pay what he had borrowed from them. So, rather than behave honorably (in our eyes), he simply defaulted and threw his creditors out of the kingdom.

      • No.

        That’s not what happened.

        He taxed them on the money they made from the aristocrats who borrowed beyond their means.

        Thus he assumed their debts.

        Kings like Edward don’t borrow from anyone like that. They tax and fine their subjects. The Jews were his personal property to be disposed with as he saw fit.

        Check your sources.

      • He didn’t borrow a penny from them.

        What had happened is that many Nobles, Merchants, Farmers were in debt to Jewish lenders.

        Kings from that era don’t borrow: they tax and fine.

        The records from that era still exist in the National Archives. Edward kept excellent records. He had no debts to Jewish lenders. His subjects otoh did.

  3. Chasing down Sunny I saw a clip of Obama’s speech saying, and I quote: “the world respects us for respecting everything.” Wow. I am running out of words. “Crazy” seems to have lost its punch. Heeeelp!

  4. Come on, that too?
    Who said there were not a creative people? Only their focus is slightly shifted with regards to the West’s one… by approximately 180 degrees.

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