Selina’s Story, Round Two

One of the first-hand accounts of the New Year’s Eve Groping Jihad in Cologne was given by a young woman named Selina, who told her story to a German television outlet. Last week we featured a translated version of the TV report (in which her name was spelled “Selena”).

Muslim zealots in Germany took advantage of that interview, selectively editing the video and making stuff up in order to turn Selina into a “racist” and a “fascist”. After that they outed her on Facebook. But this courageous young woman is not backing off, and has made another television appearance to give an account of what happened to her.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is the accompanying article from Südwestrundfunk:

Online Bullying Campaign Against Selina

Abused, harassed and molested: 26-year-old Selina from Koblenz had talked about the attacks last week against herself to which she was exposed. And now she is met with open internet hostility.

Selina is shocked and extremely angry, when she thinks about the video that a complete stranger put on the Internet. In the video are excerpts from her television interview, in which she says that the men who molested her, were southern-looking and spoke Arabic. For saying this, the 26-year-old is now attacked as being a racist and a right-wing radical.

“I supposedly said they were Muslims,” she told the SWR in a second interview. “But I never said that anywhere, and I wouldn’t say it either, because based on how someone looks you can’t nail down what kind of religion they have.” The makers of the video also researched her thoroughly and they published her full name on the internet. “That has put the fear in me,” the young woman says.

The inflammatory video spread like wildfire across the Internet and it even landed on the site of the Islamist preacher Pierre Vogel. “As I saw that, I had to swallow hard and I was afraid. I wasn’t sure what would happen if someone actually stood at my front door,” she says. “What if someone sees that that, immediately believes it, and has a radical background?”

Instrumentalized for a Salafist Purpose

The campaign of incitement against her went so far that she received threatening phone calls at her place of work. But Selina will not let this rest, and she is defending herself on her Facebook page against the accusations. Eventually the man who made the video got in contact with her. He asked her if what he said wasn’t true. “I explained to him that nothing was correct and I told him I would get a lawyer and sue him for defamation of character and business damage,” Selina says. It was a statement that had an impact: The video was taken down.

Selina has not notified the authorities. The 26-year-old did not expect such reactions to her public appearance. But she would do it all over again: “I will not let myself be brought down, and that is exactly the reason I am talking about this”, she says.

Video transcript:

0:00   Selina from Koblenz. She experienced sexual attacks against herself on Silvester night.
0:05   But now she is also exposed to an online attack,
0:08   when all she wanted was to talk with us at SWR about how afraid she was.
0:14   They all looked at us like we were free meat at the supermarket, fair game,
0:17   meat, checking to see if it’s still fresh…
0:20   There were hands that touched us, our butts, and other parts on our bodies
0:24   it is simply indescribable.
0:27   Never before in my life was I so afraid, you know…
0:30   She bravely contributed to shedding light on this, but her statements were
0:34   deliberately falsified on the internet.
0:37   They took parts of the interview, then just cut pieces together,
0:42   which then portrayed me as a fascist.
0:46   It was said that I was a rightwing radical, and they supposedly researched this,
0:51   they had my complete name and they published it on Facebook.
0:55   [Onscreen text: “And now for a change, a “victim”]
0:58   The incendiary movie against Selina was shared multiple times,
1:03   and viewed 263,000 times, it even landed on the page of radicals,
1:08   such as the Islamist preacher Pierre Vogel’s page.
1:13   I was afraid. I wasn’t sure what would happen if someone would just
1:16   suddenly be standing at my front door. You just don’t know the full scope of such things.
1:20   All she did was describe who attacked and molested her on Silvester night [New Year’s Eve] in Cologne.
1:25   Well, I can tell you that they were southern-looking, southern type, darker skin, they spoke Arabic overwhelmingly.
1:32   With German, if you spoke German you didn’t get anywhere.
1:35   In the pieced-together video, they became “definitely North African and Arab sex monsters”
1:39   “…that they were Muslim foreigners…” It was turned into an attack on foreigners.
1:44   Exactly, I supposedly said that there were Muslims. I never said that anywhere.
1:48   I didn’t even say that once, and I wouldn’t say that because
1:53   just by looking at someone you just can’t just nail down their religion.
1:56   They really just strung together lies. Completely.
1:59   Selina figured out the person who made the video, discussed this with him for a whole night,
2:04   and threatened him with legal action.
2:07   The main thing for me is that as a victim, that you’re pushed into a corner,
2:12   simply because you say how it was, and you’re afraid of then being called a racist
2:15   when you talk about it openly, I mean I experienced this on my own person.
2:19   In the end the maker of the incendiary online campaign regretted his actions
2:22   and he deleted the video. He even apologized to Selina. But as for her,
2:27   she has had enough of social networking.
2:32   I think I’m gonna try this ‘arm’s length distance’ thing for now.

29 thoughts on “Selina’s Story, Round Two

  1. Well true, you can’t tell someone’s religion from the colour of their skin. But from their behaviour… Wish her well and no more dangerous incidents on the road to discovering the real world.

    • Islam is not a religion.
      Islam is not a religion.
      Islam is not a religion…etc, ad infinitum.

      Islam wants us to believe it’s a religion – thus the thousands of rules about prayer and obedience to a fake deity. This busy work -memorization since Mohammed was illiterate and never wanted any book about his beliefs. He knew only too well how many times he’d contradicted himself – I mean, contradicted the “angel” – to ever want it down in writing. The flimsy gauze of “abrogation” took care of the inconsistencies, though.

      “Prayer” in Islam is rote memorization: endless veneer to keep the conquered busy and distracted – and fearful of hell.

      Islam is an aggressive supremacist, racist and utopian ideology – no, change that: idelogical pathology.

      Islamonazism? Islamarxism?

      There is no love, no authentic gratitude, no service to others, no right path unless you consider mass murder a “path”.

      There is an alignment with leftism: both have an overweening sense of entitlement.

      • You’re preaching to the choir. Selina ought to discover that is what what I meant to express. One step at a time… She still thinks it’s a religion and that all religions are of equal value. Like an onion, layer after layer of lies and deception are to be removed. She’ll still freak out if someone were to ask her if she wasn’t glad we’re rid of the “religion” of, say, the Aztecs. She hasn’t a clue what evil belief systems are still out there daring to call themselves a religion. It takes seeing a lot of bad things to start questioning your own premises. We’re all getting to see them from very close.

        • Whenever I see you can’t tell someone’s religion from the colour of their skin, then the mantra kicks in.

          Of course I preach to the choir. Except for a few trolls like “muslim”, that taqiyyah artist, only the choir shows up…

          I do have a portable soapbox and could stand on the road, I guess, but then I’d only be preaching to the cows across the fence, munching on uncut hay. Come to think of it, they’re probably going to be haram cattle.

          The local fellows who process family steers, cows, and/or deer (which then becomes beef and venison, in that old Norman vs. Anglo Saxon cultural history) butcher them just the same way their daddies did before them. So maybe I could give those animals a nice sermon as a send-off?

          We’re just foreigners here anyway so the neighbors won’t find my preaching any more strange than the things I do already – e.g., asking for the (otherwise unused) marrow bones and the (ox)tails for soup and broth. They’re still recovering from my request for any chicken feet they might have lying around once they’ve done with everything else.

          • 🙂

            Mmh, marrow dumpling soup… I have similar experiences of strangeness, just from the other side, from my encounters with Chinese culture. If you see a person you came to like very much for the first time eating the eyes of a fish and saying it’s the best of the whole meal, you know you’re in a very foreign place. In turn they didn’t like the sausages and some other delicatessen I brought. “We’re not used to such things” is about the utmost form of disapproval they are able to express directly. If such were the only differences we ever had with other cultures, everything would be hunky dory…

            There I tried to still tread carefully not to kick off a certain mantra by deliberately misquoting her “looks” argument. Just found it worthy to point out the key telltale sign of her ignorance (or shall we call it innocence), that she still refused to name her attackers what they were, Muslims. Which they put into her mouth for the smear campaign, because they know exactly the effect of that.

            It is this environment of enforced ignorance, which is going to cost a lot more people their health, valuables, freedom, and ultimately their lives. Until the breakpoint is reached, and then the pendulum might swing over to the other side as happened before. Such is human nature.

        • I don’t think she stated that “all religions are of equal value”, just that she couldn’t know what their religion was.

          • She didn’t. It is the official “line” which everybody here gets educated to be the good, correct, and most importantly only way of thinking. If this girl was ahead of the curve and knew what we know and discuss, she wouldn’t dare to say it on mainstream TV, or TV would cut and never let it slip into the public, or she would be branded as a right-wing extremist there, too, if it served their purpose. Hence the probably safe assumption, that she has yet to discover the true nature of that which has happened to her.

      • It’s a religion of plunder and rapine.

        It has in a sense a lot of appeal. The Venerable historian John Keegan saw it as a martial religion.

        • It is not a religion. Just because they tell you it’s a religion doesn’t mean that it *is* one. That’s Alice-in-Wonderland thinking.

          Try reading some Mircea Eliade to understand the nature (the phenomenology) of religion.

          The Sacred and The Profane: The Nature of Religion

          A little dated, but still first rate. The world has become wholly profane, which is the only reason a Westerner could be hoodwinked into calling Islam a religion.

          If it were a religion, then all the other 20th century butcheries were too. The only reason this one is still around is because of its utter sadistic barbarity.

          • It’s not Christianity. I get that.

            It’s not a religion with salvation.

            Come to think of it though Liberalism is a religion without salvation too.

            White-y is always guilty for the original sin…

          • John Keegan was a very gifted historian.

            He wrote the Face of Battle and Six Armies In Normandy among other classics.

            In his History of War he points out that Islam is war “elevated” into religion.

            His Catholic Soul didn’t like the idea but he argues his case well.

          • In that sense, Paul Tillich – a German Christian theologian (and unfortunately suffering from satyriasis) – said that whatever your ultimate concern was, that was your “god”

          • Trouble is, Islam makes promises (and threats) about the hereafter, so has the same appeal as “proper” religions to thse concerned about their immortal souls.

          • The only reason it’s still around is the punishment for apostasy (death). Without that, islam would have died in 632, nothing more than a mere footnote in history books.

      • ‘Islam is not a religion”, said Yusuf al Qaradawi, advisor to the Muslim Brotherhood, “in the common, distorted meaning of the word …. It is a complete way of life, individual and social, material and moral, economic and political, legal and cultural, national and international.”“Islam+is+not+a+religion”&source=bl&ots=jaEerKfsOn&sig=PtrXcvW2YBx8p8eosvxF

      • I am convinced that the constant negative reinforcement and self-policing via peer pressure is why the elites love Islam so much.

        They envision it as the perfect control mechanism for a planet filled with downtrodden slaves while they flit between debauched parties on their private jets and superyachts.

  2. Yes, my bad, I spelled her name accidentally Selena in the first video.

    Selina has a lot of class. And she is very, very german. Very literal. She KNEW what she said. And what she didn’t say. And it was very deliberate.

    What a beautiful, brave young woman. I am actually jealous of her perfect complexion and beautiful eyes. Not that I…. just sayin’…

  3. It shows you how cynical anti-racism and anti-fascism actually is.

    Also reveals that feminism shuts up when the perp is not white.

    Conclusion: all these ideologies are essentialist anti-white.

  4. How did the nazis get into power? People like the man who made the video is how, people who put ideology and hearsay beyond their own ability to reason and research independently.
    I can only hope that this woman now treats such accusations against others with caution and not to assume someone is something because some “far left” apparatchik says so.

    • The spectre of collectived farming a la Ukraine in the late 1920s.

      The Spectre of a domestic Communist party that controlled the Ruhr, Hamburg and Berlin.

      A pseudo-defeat in ww1 that left open the idea that Germany could prevail against Anglo power.

      A god Aweful financial crisis.

      Most Germans did not take Hitler seriously for a decade +, even then most pols did not take his Anti-Semitism as a serious core ideology.

      We’d still have had Germany invading France and the Soviet Union with or without Hitler IMHO.

    • The Nazis got into power because they portrayed themselves as the only bulwark against Communism, which had gripped much of the population due to the extreme poverty at the time, in part caused by the Reparations Germany was supposed to pay after WW1.

      This demonstrates that democracy can be used for nefarious ends – as we have seen in Palestine, as well.

      Of course, if the majority are idiots – an idiot is who gets elected – witness the USA today. The people get the government the electoral system allows!

      The problem in the West is that the Left has lost its traditional basis of power in the decline of the Working Class due to outsourcing and the deregulation of labor, which both began decades ago, but since the recent exponential growth of globalization, has reached a tipping point.

      Therefore, the Left has needed to find another power base – and they found one, ready-made, in the Welfare-Entitlement-Victim sector which would exchange their votes for the guarantee of never having to work and being eternally supported by Middle Class taxpayers. The Muslims are just an addition to that group, to bolster its ranks. (An additional benefit to the Left is that in order to administer this exponentially growing dependent sector, the power and reach of the government would have to be increased dramatically, making it harder to dislodge them through their control of the purse and of the media.)

      In order for the Left to justify such an outrage of creating a permanent population of parasites living on the Body Politic, it has had to indoctrinate us all with their Social Justice Dogmatics – hence Political Correctness and the censoring of free speech. Hence the victimization this woman experienced because, by definition, being white and probably having a job – she is NOT ALLOWED to be a victim!

  5. I hope Selina reconsiders and reports this to police. Get it on the record.

    When someone is setup to a point where they receive threatening phone calls at work and feel vulnerable in their own home then those behind the setup probably should be on police radar.

    Some of them might even be part of a larger picture.

  6. The only people likely to turn up and knock on her door in the middle of the night are the Merkelite Stasi…

  7. For the sake of Christ stop being intimidated by these Islamic-Progressive creeps!
    Stand up to them……

    Let them begin to fear you! They hate and fear people that stand up to them..

    Trust me!

  8. She is a brave women who fought a second attempt to victimize her with a nasty video. This is the lengths to which the apologists for Islam will go to defend the indefensible; slander and character assassination. The are enemies of the truth.

  9. She tries the arm’s length thing she’s lost. Better to put all her energy towards putting the med between her and them.

  10. It is sad and disgrace… that victim now just needs to white-wash and make apologies to the religion and nationality of ones who attacked her. And who is absolutely not punished for their crimes.
    And yeah looks like in most parts of world if you speak truth – that count as “racist”.
    Its horrible.

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