Russian Reactions to the Rape by Migrants of 13-Year-Old Russian-German Girl

As a follow-up to the previous post, below are excerpts from a statement by the Russian foreign minister about the 13-year-old ethnic Russian girl in Germany who says she was abducted and raped by migrants. According to the notes accompanying the video:

Russia’s Foreign Minister: It is absolutely certain that Lisa did not disappear for 30 hours of her own volition.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke at a press conference about the case of the 13-year-old Lisa, who according to her relatives was kidnapped by several migrants and raped for 30 hours, while the police on the other hand dispute that it ever happened.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:02   In Germany, according to statements of relatives, 13-year-old Lisa was
0:05   a victim of sexual violence. Presumably she was abducted by migrants from the Middle East.
0:09   In a number of German cities demonstrations were held in support of the aggrieved girl.
0:13   I hope that this problem will not be swept under the rug, and that there
0:17   will not be a repeat of more cases like the one of the girl Lisa.
0:23   In her case, the news that the girl disappeared held under wraps for a long time…
0:30   …for whatever reasons…
0:34   Now we work together with the girl’s lawyer; he works with the family and our embassy.
0:41   It is clear that the girl absolutely did not disappear voluntarily for thirty hours.
0:46   I hope very much that this migration problem will not lead to the temptation
0:50   to whitewash reality because of political correctness.
0:54   …simply for any internal political goals…
0:57   That would not be right.
1:00   The problems should be shown realistically and be honestly admitted to the citizenry.
1:05   And transparent and understandable solutions should be offered for these problems.

10 thoughts on “Russian Reactions to the Rape by Migrants of 13-Year-Old Russian-German Girl

  1. Germany’s officials reacted very angrily to Lavrov’s words.

    It is really sad to see that those who rule Germany are more concerned with this crime being used ‘for Russian propaganda’ than with the fate of the victim. This is an example of ideology being more important than suffering of an individual. Just like in the USSR under Stalin where the official line was: we are building paradise on earth and if a few people die or get crippled in the process, it is worth it.

    In modern Europe, the ideological fiction of a humane multicultural paradise on earth also seems more important than the fate of some obscure Russian girl. Especially, in the present political climate when Muslim migrants are portrayed as innocent victims and therefore nice and vulnerable, and Russians – as ogres who hate everything that Europe stands for.

    • I followed the link. What was most disturbing was the comments that followed. I have never witnessed such a concentration of jew-hating holocaust deniers anywhere.

      • Oh that site allows public comments? Why would anyone read public comments on the Internet, twaddle unless you are on a highly technical or specialized site? Fortruss is one of a handful of sites that gives you English translations of articles published in Eastern Europe.

        Sometimes I post a comment to bring something to the attention of a moderator. In this case I’m hoping to get confirmation of that story from a Western European source before I pass it along and this site has good sources. If true the story is instructive.

  2. Good on the Russians for shining a torch on the craven German police and politicians who will sacrifice anyone, even a thirteen year old girl, on the altar of political correctness. Heaven forbid that anyone challenges the newly created Merkel’s social elite in Germany, namely illiterate, Christian hating “testosterone bombs” from the middle East and North Africa. Can anyone tell me if the currently elusive mutti Merkel has had the moral fibre to visit any of the victims of the wave of sexual assaults and rapes in Germany or is she to busy taking “selfies” with her new Muslim friends, which frankly is odd and unbecoming behaviour in a middle aged women.

  3. Because that is not politically correct. We are supposed to ignore the fact that the invaders are Muslims. Amazing when you look at history (which few do) and see that in 1683 they (Muslims) were stopped at the Gates of Vienna. Which means they had rampaged through a large-ish portion of Europe.

    Thanks, Baron for your very intelligent naming of this site. Those of us who worry about a world-wide domination by Muslims certainly appreciate you and Dymphna’s hard work here. I keep hoping that America will not lie down and take it, as Germany seems to have done, but with current US government policies it looks pretty bad, at least for another year.

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