Provocateurs in Cologne, Part 3: Making an Example of PEGIDA

Below is a third report (previously: Part 1, Part 2) on the apparent police provocation that forced a premature shutdown of last Saturday’s PEGIDA demonstration in Cologne. It was published previously at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Here’s the video again. It was posted with Part 2, but is also referred to in this new account.

Below is the translated post from Facebook. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation:

Here we have prepared a video recording which clearly shows that the police let the firecracker thrower, who in part provoked the collision between police and Pegida, escape through the barrier despite my request to hold him in order to check his identity.

The excuse from the police that they did not know is wrong, because shortly before the video started I had alerted them to his presence by shouting it out to them, loudly. When he realized that he had been recognized, he pulled out a green card in check card format, which means it was a police badge. Their assertion that he was from the press is therefore just a protective claim.

All the other videos have shown that the demonstration provided absolutely no reason to cancel it and pursue the citizens with batons, to beat us up with batons, to bomb us from behind with the water cannons while we were retreating and to injure the citizens with tear gas.

The police indulged in an incredible orgy of violence and stopped the event even though all videos prove that from the part of the demonstrators there was not even a hint of violence which would have justified these police actions.

Mr. Jäger, the Interior Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia and a very great Nazi-hunter, had already allowed in advance that an event is shut down, to suit the media.

One thing has become very clear to me: The politicians wanted to make an example of Pegida to prevent more citizens from joining it in the future, and produce the “news” that Pegida events are violent. They also wanted a distraction from their failures on New Year’s Eve in Cologne.

We will ensure that Mr. Jäger will be held to account and will answer question about this.

100 thoughts on “Provocateurs in Cologne, Part 3: Making an Example of PEGIDA

  1. I watched several videos from various points and I NEVER saw one demonstrator FIGHT with any police !

    RT has some good video showing the VIOLENT policy of the POLICE!!

    • Give it time. Give it time. At the rate this political treachery is going I will not be at all surprised if the police themselves start to break ranks and join the the anti Merkel Arab, African in psrticulsr and Muslim rapists in general protestors.

  2. At the siege of Vienna in 1683 Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe. That time, they failed. The next time they made sure the German police were on their side.

      • You know Monty, I have been listening to Europhiles for my entire life blaming the US for your ill conceived problems. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the US protecting you through our taxpayer dollars so that you and yours could careen your culture off a cliff.
        My only hope is that you and yours grow some fortitude and stop blaming your plight on external forces.
        You sound like the Islamic world because… you have the same feeble excuses.

        • Exactly Babs! The US spent incredible amounts of treasure and blood to save Europe in WWII. After the war, we spent more treasure helping to rebuild Europe. We never took a thing for our troubles, we are not imperial – we asked only for enough land to bury our dead. For our trouble we have self righteous Euros who spit in our face and France (cheese eating surrender monkeys) running off to ally with the arabs in order to try to become a super power. Can anyone still recall that half of France was on the wrong side in that war (Vichy collaboration)?

          • > we are not imperial

            The effect of the KoolAid lingers. I wonder which federal state has bases in practically all other countries around the globe? If that is not an empire, I wonder what is.

          • The US didn’t act for Europe. It acted for itself, to undermine European power and to extend its own. I am talking about the US state here, not the American people.

          • It has been alleged, that when France was leaving NATO, de Gaulle told President Johnson he wanted all US troops off French soil by a particular date. LBJ responded, “Does that include the ones who are buried there?”

        • The US isn’t America, nor is it the American people. My guess is Monty would concur.

        • If the Germans were to expell the Muslims, the US would kill many Germans.

          I [disturbed your composure] there.

          • I’m American, and I don’t see ANY political support in America for a war against Germany in defense of Muslim immigrants to Germany. Don’t blame Germany’s failure to stand up for herself on the USA.

        • Yes….It is Obama and Co, not the American People that should be blamed for this! The majority will never forget what you did for us twice in Europe. May I apologise on behalf of the Silent Majority-at least those over 55 years! The modern generations are a load of wimp and pant messers.

          • hes an apostate. he WAS a muslim. Whats the penalty for leaving islam? i forget… hhmm

            by the way the video s no longer available. Why?

        • Turkey, the second largest land army in N.A.T.O., (& largest in Europe) was at the forefront ready to defend Western Europe from Soviet Russian-led Communist tank invasion across the plains.

      • All Germany would have to do is build their own military bases and raise enough of an army to defend themselves without relying on the US. But the Germans would rather have that money to spend on free stuff for themselves while denouncing the US as “selfish” for not having so many social welfare programs, just as the US is effectively paying for the German welfare programs through fungibility of defense funding.

        Sounds like an awfully good deal for an “occupation”. One which Germans seem to have no interest in rejecting at any point.

        • Sure!

          Your tolerate an independent German state with an assertive foreign policy?

          Sure you would.

          • I don’t know what you imagine we’d do to an independent German state with an assertive foreign policy. A war to conquer Germany would be a major war, on the order at least of our participation in World War One, and if we didn’t conquer Germany, we’d just have started a war with one of the three strongest Powers in Europe outside of Russia — and Russia, of course, would be arming and supporting Germany in that case. Oh, and we’d break NATO, and turn the whole EU against us. And what exactly would we gain by this folly?

        • Germany already has security forces. Under the leadership of a sly old Soviet era East German hanger on. Other western countries have their own confused.

      • Happy to cut American involvement in NATO to zero. Absolutely no military support for Europe. Enjoy!

    • “The police” is a collective noun for a number of human individuals with names and faces. They have emotions, thoughts and prejudices. Those cannot all be unanimous or homogeneous. Fault lines will appear in their ranks. It is the duty of all moral (not to be confused with “law-abiding”) individuals to befriend cops . . . and to widen the fault lines in their minds and in their ranks. Cops are not the enemy of liberty; their handlers are.

      • “I wonder which federal state has bases in practically all other countries around the globe? If that is not an empire, I wonder what is.”

        Do you think the people of South Korea wish to have our troops removed? How about the troops in Japan? Do you think they wish us all to go home?
        I recall recently the US closed a military base in GERMANY and the locals squealed like pigs to keep the base open… They claimed the closing of the base would depress the local economy. HA!!!
        The people of Poland were terribly disappointed when Obama nixed the defense initiative on the boards for Eastern ‘Europe. And they are crying out now for American intervention, as are the Ukrainians.Funny how they are not asking the EU for same…
        And yet, you Monty call the US an “Imperialistic Nation.”
        What I see is countries that are not able to defend themselves due to their poor planning, poverty or inability to get their priorities straight. It is much easier to placate the electorate with goodies than to provide for the national defense.

        • Sweden has now made noise about wanting to join NATO. Why do you think that is? Because they have spent untold treasure on being the immigrant capitol of Europe to the point that they are absolutely unable to defend themselves. Hey! Let’s get under the NATO umbrella so the US can defend us!
          As a United States citizen, I’d rather not…
          Let Sweden figure their problem out. If they want to stop the Russian incursion into their air space and waters then I guess they need to cut their welfare payments to provide for territorial integrity and not call on “Imperialistic” US to provide that for them.

          • I’m with you completely.

            I’m tired of people complaining about how the US provides them with free military defense and is thus evil while they are so righteous because they refuse to adequately defend themselves.

          • You’d seriously prefer it if Germany initiated an independent foreign and military policy?

            (((((You don’t want that)))))

        • Thanks babs. Pay no attention to euros whining about “U.S. imperialism”, they are hypocrites.

  3. The events of the past week or so in Germany and Europe were not as spontaneous as some would like us to believe. The co-ordination was a little too precise to be co-incidence. Who is the stage manager? Did he/she/it read Alinsky?

    Bionic Mosquito sums it up nicely under the heading:

    “The Real Action is in the Reaction of the Opposition”

    You can read the article here:

  4. The EDL was ((((compromised)))) just as PEGIDA is.

    When Europeans start marching around with armbands again, don’t act surprised, don’t clutch your pearls.

  5. A suggestion for the future from this website:

    “… But I wouldn’t fight with the cops if it can be avoided.

    Instead I would establish multiple potential scare sites, like refugee centers, refugee hangouts, town hall, left wing headquarters, etc, and flash mob them using social media. You want a crowd of a thousand showing up at the local leftist political office all of a sudden, chanting, breaking bottles, setting off firecrackers, and banging on doors. You want the sense inside that nobody could stop the crowd if it went crazy. It is that hanging at the knife’s edge of chaos that will make for the amygdala activation and development which will turn the nation’s will.

    Then, just before the police arrive, the crowd evaporates, so the police roll up on nothing after the whole protest is over.”

    A favorite tactic of leftists that can be re-purposed for good instead of evil. Leftist sit back and revel in patriotic policemen banging heads with patriotic Germans. Go after the real enemies instead of future allies.

    • Do you know what you are saying? I have been reading this site for over a decade and, a decade ago what you say would have been totally out of control.
      When El Englais published his writings on this site, more than 5 years ago they were met with total derision by main stream types even CJ people as being so out of the norm as to be ridiculous and certainly inflammatory.
      We now sit on tenterhooks for what will be the latest atrocity in the western world and how our culture will absorb these
      demands by Islam.
      Certainly, the women in Germany have been sent a very powerful message.

      • I second the tactics, Babs, though not anonymous’ content. Imagine, if instead of firecrackers and broken bottles people came to sing. Or to clap, as in Belorussia. Or simply for silent witness. Or to have one sign, and many people put flowers next to it in agreement. And you build and build these impromptu flash mobs until one day the whole country is out in the streets and you have a general strike. Then governments fall.

      • I agree, Babs. Anon’s suggestions are, thank goodness, the opposite of Pegida’s policy. The only way for Pegida to look unstoppable is by sheer numbers, non-violent, calm but determined people in large numbers.

        • The only way for a heavily outnumbered/overpowered force to win is by guerrilla strategies. Look up Napoleon’s Spanish ulcer. 🙂

        • I would have to disagree. Flowers, teddy bears, and hymns have the impact of watching children at a social gathering. I have seen this many times with protesters smiling and aimlessly milling about uncertain on what to do next. This does not instill fear. And the state must feel fear before it either takes action or is dismantled.

          If the three videos and the accompanying articles are verified to be accurate then this is truly chilling. Only third world regimes corral protesters and herd them into position for a final solution punishment. I agree with Anonymous. The smoking gun is there — it must be found.

          • Some background on the suggestion above to stop fighting with a natural ally (police) and start fighting with a natural enemy (liberals)

            If you refer to the linked website and poke around for a minute, you will find that the modern liberal/leftist/progressive/SJW/etc have in fact an actual brain disorder. The part of their brain that assesses and responds to physical threats is underdeveloped compared to a normal/conservative person. This means that they genuinely can’t understand that when a muslim supremacist threatens to invade and behead them, that the muslim actually means that they will behead them. They literally can’t understand that the danger is real. When someone (conservative) with a normal brain development points out that there is a real danger of being beheaded, the liberal is genuinely confused at the entire notion and responds by attacking the accuser.

            The evolutionary bias that infects the liberal mind is referred to as an “r” strategy. This refers to a strategy that is optimized for an unlimited resources situation where there is more than enough for everyone so why fight when you can just move somewhere else?

            Defn: “The five psychological traits inherent to the r-strategy are docility/conflict-avoidance, promiscuity/non-monogamy, single-mom’ing, early sexualization of young, and no loyalty to a competitive in-group.” So when Merkel says that “We can”, she is working from this unlimited resource bias.

            The conservative mind is much different in orientation. It has been shaped by constant competition throughout the maturation to adulthood causing the part of the brain that recognizes physical danger to be normally developed. It is referred to as a “K” strategy.

            Defn: “The five traits of a K-strategist are competitiveness/ aggressiveness/protectiveness, competitive mate monopolization/ monogamy, high-investment two-parent rearing, only mating when mature, and high loyalty to one’s competitive in-group.” The normal mind rebuttal to Merkel is thus “No we can’t – we don’t have the resources to take in a million barbarians and besides, they’re dangerous.”

            The r-strategist avoids direct competition at all costs as they are poorly evolved to compete and succeed in competition and instead rely on subterfuge, manipulation and infiltration of successful organizations to get ahead. This is why so many leftists wind up in government, academia, the media or crony capitalism. They are manipulators who actively pit the differing groups of aggressive conservatives who wish to protect the organization or society against each other even to the point of weakening their societies and causing them to be conquered. After all, they are manipulators who expect to set themselves up as collaborators who will be appointed to prominent and powerful positions by the conquerors due to the assistance they rendered to the conquers and their willingness to adopt their beliefs.

            However, the liberal brain can be “trained” or changed by exposing it to danger, threat or competition. When this happens, the underdeveloped section of their brain is forced to respond and, just like exercise, begins to “grow”. That is, they begin to learn, at great mental pain, to recognize what physical danger looks like. As this happens, they will begin to see that a muslim invasion is actually an invasion that has the potential to physically harm them and they will begin to accept the need to defend society from the invaders. In other words, they can be taught.

            But hugging teddy bears, holding flowers and silent vigils presents absolutely no personal physical danger to liberals/leftists/etc so it leaves them unchanged and unmoved. In fact, the liberal will use these non-violent demonstrations as a cudgel against conservatives by demonizing physical actions such as vigilante justice inflicted as retribution by conservatives looking to protect themselves and their society.

            Pitting conservative police against conservative (racist/nativist/etc) protesters both doesn’t present any physical danger to them and is a divide and conquer strategy that the liberal excels at.

            Instead, directing the threat of physical violence directly at the liberal in a manner that leaves them exposed to the imminent prospect of personal physical harm and then having it disappear before the police arrive to protect them is a searing and fundamentally transforming experience for the liberal. They will be overwhelmed by the realization that they couldn’t run, couldn’t protect themselves and no one was protecting them. The atrophied part of their brain that recognizes physical danger will get a massive stimulus that will not go away. Their brain will start to change and begin to be able to recognize the signs of physical danger. This is exactly the reaction that needs to happen to move society in the direction of protecting itself instead of being invaded and taken over by it’s enemies.

            The linked site is run by the author of the book: The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics.

            Here’s a link to a description of the book:


            It is truly eye opening as it explains the reason that liberals/leftists/progressives/SJWs side with the enemies of their society and attack it’s defenders instead of supporting the warriors who are defending them and society: a actual brain defect.

            In summary, more violence is coming to the Western countries. Either the violence of the muslim invaders going all ISIS on the West or the violence of the West expelling the invaders. The fewer back-stabbing traitors in the West, the quicker the muslims can be expelled and the lower the level of violence necessary to achieve the expulsion. Threatening to physically attack the Quislings in our midst can train their brains to recognize the physical threat posed by islamics and make them willing to act to protect society. Hence the suggestion to adopt tactics that will improve the ability of society to resist the muslim invaders, not waste time, energy and effort on ineffective protests or fighting with natural allies.

          • To anonymous,

            I can see some huge potential problems in your analysis and solution. I have not read the book, but I can see at least two areas for unjustified conclusions. Perhaps you can provide some enlightenment.

            1. You assert there is biological evidence for different species adopting either a K or r strategy for survival, and that this strategy is correlated with the brain structure of the species.

            This is not too difficult to determine, and I won’t challenge you on that.

            But, you assert that the different strategies of leftist liberals versus conservatives are associated with brain differences.

            I’m not willing to accept this on face value unless there is solid research on humans to back that up. Are there MRI, EEG or other actual studies where a blind, independent determination of left-liberal and conservative leaning was made, and an independent finding of verifiable brain differences made?

            This would be the minimum factual basis for your assertion.

            2) You assert that subjecting people to certain experiences, such as non-fatal terror attacks, will cause structural changes in the brains of adults. I find this assertion to be very questionable, and would need to have experimental evidence to accept it. This is akin to claiming that giving children early stimulation will cause their brains to develop more intelligence, which has had a very faint, at best, success.

            Anyway, you’re basing a prescription – implement fluid gangs to terrorize the population – based on these assertions. I need to see more evidence.

            I think a more realistic approach will be to assume that brain structure in adults is pretty fixed, and that separation of different populations may be necessary, somewhat like the breakup of the US into red states and blue states.

      • Drink-fuelled behaviour is not encouraged by the tenets of Islamic faith.
        These savages make me furious.

        • Then why were so many of the attackers liquored up? As well as many Muslim men who attack en masse in, say, India?

          Although many Muslims *claim* that drinking alcohol is haram, they seem to have no problem getting their hands on it whenever they want some and going blotto.

          “Savages”? Well, we can agree on that at least! But the Salafist fundamentalists want to take the world back to the Prophet-enhanced 7th century–before human rights, before good medical care, before clean running water, before electricity, sewage treatment, and other necessities of good sanitation and healthy living were available. They also want to destroy the evidence of civilizations before the 7th century: see the cultural monuments destroyed by explosives by the Taliban, ISIS, and similar.

  6. What goes around comes around.

    When I first became affiliated with GoV–before HoGeSa ever happened and long before PEGIDA was a thought in Lutz Bachmann’s mind–Cologne was the home of Pro-Köln, and the city administration and the police were already quite skilled at frustrating and punishing the movement and its leaders. If anything prevented them from being as ruthless as British authorities against EDL and Tommy Robinson, it was not so much lack of desire as lack of competence. I salute the spirit of Pro-Köln which has lived on and brought PEGIDA into the hornet’s nest of the Wessis.

    German Wikipedia, by the way, informs us that Pro-Köln is a “rightist-extreme, anti-constitutional” voter group represented on the city council, which presents itself as a citizens’ movement, and makes use of ”rightist populist themes,” particularly against immigration and an “alleged Islamization.”

    Well thank goodness for the objectivity of the internet reference source!

    • And for the “objectivity” of other news sites, as well:

      “The attacks on hundreds of women in Cologne are horrifying, and it would be shameful if the authorities in any way downplayed what happened to the victims in order to protect the government’s political priorities. But as the anti-refugee backlash in Germany and other countries is bolstered and governments, under pressure from public anger, increasingly shut the borders, thousands of desperate people fleeing war, stranded on Europe’s periphery, will also suffer.”

      Note how this writer, Joshua Keating, refuses to acknowledge that most of the “desperate people” who’ve recently entered Germany are anything but “refugees…fleeing war.” They’ve come to *wage war.*

      Read the entirety of this article, which is quick to describe any organized resistance to the mass rapists as “right-wing groups and publications,” at

      • For some reason, my comment posted as “Anonymous.” It was from Cynthia in California (re. an article at


    • Thank you for the pointer to the German wikipedia article on Pro Köln. I read it and it seems pretty clear to me that a significant number of their representatives are Nazis (having rotated in from NPD or out to NPD as well as other Nazi splinter groups).

      Choosing between Nazis and salafists is like “choosing between the plague and cholera”, as people say in Germany.

  7. Given how determined and coordinated the effort is amongst Europe’s “elites” to suppress Islamic crimes and to crush natives, is anything short of a coup (which would have to be conducted by somebody of the rank of Colonel or lower; generals are politically reliable cronies) going to stop them?

    • A military coup in Germany? The chances of that are exactly zero (0) percent. It’s almost two years until the next general elections, by which time another two million immivaders will have arrived. Probability of a robust, stop-the-immivasion government being elected then is not zero percent… more like 0.1 percent. However, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) will get some candidates elected to parliament, and they will be able use their parliamentary prerogatives to extract truthful answers from the executive branch and share them with the public. Authorities will find it harder to brazenly lie in the way they do today, but don’t hold your breath for a big turnaround in policy — there won’t be one.

      • And the “New Germans” may provide the victory margin for whichever party wins. No, I don’t see any shift to the “right” in the next election. In fact, the culturally enriched vote might help put the socialists in power, and keep them there for good.

          • It parallels Obama’s goal. We will begin seeing this same [offensive material] in America after July, if not sooner. The police will be told “Get on board, or don’t eat.” The American military has been hand selected over the last 7 years,; early retirement for those who refuse to kiss the ring.

            Nobody wants to fight – we didn’t ask for this, but if we delay much longer, it will be too late. It may already be.

            Read “Tet II” on this site by Matt Bracken. Inaction is death.

        • And I wonder where islam would fit into that socialist government, as I don’t think they invaded Germany to be ruled by the socialists.

          For all that we are in effect watching a swaying cobra, we do live in interesting times, Baron!

          • Islam supports socialism because they have figured out that socialists are too stupid and ignorant to realize that “jihad” does NOT mean “Marxist class struggle”.

            Like a virus infecting white blood cells, Islamic jihad has been infecting the socialist Marxist class struggle. The Islamic hope is that the kufr of Marxism is so weak (since it does not come from Allah) that eventually the Marxist host will be destroyed and the “class struggle” will die out and be entirely replaced by the Islamic struggle (Arabic translation: jihad). Obviously Islam is just so “common sense” that everyone will convert to Islam. And if not, once threatened with death it will become “common sense” to avoid death by converting to Islam.

            The Marxists, on the other hand, believe that Marxism is so “scientific”, “educated”, and obviously true that the Muslims will convert to (neo-)Marxism eventually just like Christians have. It’s the usual neo-Marxist academic arrogance. They expect to achieve “synthesis” with Islam.

            The neo-Marxists are about to run afoul of the failure to understand that underlying cultural assumptions about how to determine what is true are not universal. Sadly, the Muslim assumption that people will convert to Islam due to fear is probably more grounded in reality.

          • Who are the useful idiots now?

            [The term “useful idiot” is thought to have been coined by communist mass murderer Vladimir Lenin. It describes naive communist sympathizers in the West (liberals). While Lenin and the Soviets held these stupid liberals in utter contempt, they also saw them as useful tools for dispensing propaganda.]

        • Are you seriously suggesting that Socialism will exist in.a state that is dominated by Muslims?

          [insult redacted]

          This is essentially the. Morganthau Plan writ large.

          All Germany will be good for after the influx of Arabs is goat herding.

          • Cool your jets, Cosmo.

            The “New Germans” will vote for socialists strategically, because:

            (1) The socialists pay more jizyah, i.e. welfare benefits, and
            (2) the socialists are more likely to implement policies that bring in more Muslims, and faster.

            When there are sufficient Muslims in Germany, both voting and socialism will be cast onto the camel dungheap of history, and violent jihad will go into overdrive.

          • I’m well aware of Muslim tactical votes.

            Although it’s pretty clear that Gerhart Shroder never pandered to Muslims like the ((((Conservative)))) Merkel.

    • The German state is God? Sounds like some things haven’t changed much since Nazi Germany.

      • Then why do you feign concern for the final biological destruction of a people you detest (envy might be a better word)?

        • You know Monty, I do not envy or detest the German people. In fact, I rather like them. What I don’t like is the brainwashing that has taken place over the last 30 years that Germans have something to atone for. No one alive today had anything to do with WWII,
          What I do not like is the destruction of the good things of German society; an exemplary work ethic, a concern for a cohesive society, and equal rights for all. These are being torn away in Germany and it is not pretty and will get worse.

          What I don’t understand Monty is where you are coming from. I haven’t seen your name on this site before. Are you an agent provocateur or just someone that decided to pop in?

          • I’ve posted here now and again for years. Light.

            I do not get the feeling that you really do care about the 70 odd years of brainwashing (really more humiliation to be frank) that Germany has been subjected to.

            You had a pop at the Swedes up thread. All gratuitous.

          • I checked, Monty. You’ve got almost 200 comments and they fit the guidelines: civil, on-topic, and relatively brief. Thanks for your participation.

          • As with any fair assessment, there is good & bad in all groups. Western civilisation has achieved a great deal for humanity, but also has its faults. Germany is one of the leaders, but it also fell for pseudo-scientific racist supremacism based upon Social Darwinism. This led to the Shoa, & other holocausts, an irony for a civilised state.

            As humans, we have to learn why this paradoxical situation came about in one of the leading civilisations on our planet! On a critical thinking level, as opposed to an emotional reaction “Never again” is not enough. Tribal humanity, no matter the face value technology, is prone to manipulation e.g. Yugoslavia & Rwanda. Dehumanising the other in power grabs, with justifying rhetoric is commonplace.

            What you call “brainwashing”, perhaps others may call education, rather than re-education?

            Do we really want to repeat WW2 on a bigger scale? Our daily attitudes & words make or break that vicious cycle.

            Peace be upon you.

          • What I don’t like is the brainwashing that has taken place over the last 30 years that Germans have something to atone for. No one alive today had anything to do with WWII.

            Indeed. Consider this. A 14-year-old Volksgrenadier in 1945 would today be 85 years old. And 14-year-old Volksgrenadiers were hardly high in the councils of the Third Reich.

            What Merkel is doing is punishing the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those Volksgrenadiers for the sins of their grand-parents and great-grandparents’ leaders. The actual Nazi leadership is long in their graves.

        • Personally I have as much concern for the Germans as they do for Americans, which isn’t much. Germany nearly ruined the Anglo world in the past century and they’re at it again. But I do envy their engineering and enjoy their food.

          • You must be joking about the food.

            As for the collective terms “Germans” and “Americans” . . . they make little sense in the real, complex world. America is a vast, diverse place – currently under the imperial occupation of a bunch of interest groups [“cabal”] based in Washington, D.C. The cabal is at war with its subject people, most of whom are too brainwashed and docile to realize how they are being exploited an robbed. Fortunately, there are many who no longer buy into the farce . . . but they remain a minority, as the Germans and Western Europeans will soon be in their own heritage lands. It is the Morgenthau Plan writ large.

          • “The German people must not be allowed to escape a personal sense of guilt.. Germany’s war-making power should be eliminated.. Certain groups should be specifically punished.. The German General Staff should be utterly eliminated. All records destroyed and individuals scattered and rendered powerless to operate as body.” —Dwight D. Eisenhower.

            This directive has not been rescinded. In fact, it has been expanded beyond Germany, to become a global strategy.

          • No DeriKuk – I’m not joking about the food. I really do like it (except the red cabbage). What’s your beef with their chow?

          • Yeah, I like German food, too – even the red cabbage. Northern European cuisine tends to be heavy, though.

            That reminds me of an old joke: When you eat German and Chinese food together, the meal tastes fine going down. But an hour later you’re hungry for power…

    • You are asserting something without backing it up.

      In what ways do “today’s Germans [view] the state as their god”?

      Please give me three examples of this belief.

  8. My congratulations to the well-behaved citizens of Cologne who took their cause to the streets because those who are charged with the stewardship of the State were derelict. Your march was dispersed with tear gas and water cannon. You still held your composure and did not answer the violence of the police with violence of your own. You are now members of a very elite group of citizenry. You are in the company of such notables as Martin Luther King Jr. and Ralph Bunche to name a few. This is your Selma. May the Lord continue to be with you as you show the world the truth of what the government is about and the good and goodwill you desire that everyone partake of.
    Those who are of Dar-al-Salaam would be well-advised to appreciate the high moral standards of your conduct as something worth attaining to and forsake the wanton debauchery that they had engaged in on Saint Silvester’s Day against good German people whose only crime was to have a bit of enjoyment while minding their business.

      • Sowing discord here serves no one. Unless, like babs said, you are here to sow discord. Are you?

        • Asking that question in itself generates discord. It takes at least two participants for discord to be created.

          I request that you and everyone else simply refrain from rising to take the bait from anyone who appears to want discord.

      • Monty, you’re conflating bad economic policy brought about by socialists like FDR and LBJ with what the original leaders of the fight for racial equality wanted.
        That strain of the Democrat Party has been wiped out, sometimes literally. It has been captured by the professional Racial Grievance Mongers who now show up to stir trouble, and who have indoctrinated their young with the same sick virus.

        Our son chose as his Eagle Scout project to interview the remaining World War II vets in our county to ask them about their experiences. He had a set of questions he used for the interviews and filmed their answers. Then he transcribed the material and compiled it into a book.

        The surviving black veterans were willing to discuss -limitedly – the discrimination they encountered from fellow American troops. At least one fellow said those experiences decided him against making a career in the Seabees, though he would have liked to be able to continue.

        You are conflating urban black ghettoes with suburban and rural black people. The former are descendants of people who went north looking for work, thinking economics was the answer. They found themselves herded into distinct areas and often unable to leave. Which is why many successful black people are moving back to the South – to rural and suburban areas.

        Racial conflict is deliberately pushed by cynical ‘leaders’, of whom our current president is one of the most cynical. He has used black people to gain power and then to push policies that divide people further. He’s a rabble rouser – another name for a “community organizer”.

        • Point of history.

          The civil rights leaders of the 1940’s – 1960’s were, of course, Republicans. The Democratic Party was the party of white supremacy and racial segregation in the South, just as it had, previously, been the party of slavery.

          The Democrats held back black voting rights as long as they could, then pretended that they’d been in favor of black civil rights all along. And the amazing thing?

          The US blacks were dumb enough to BELIEVE them!

      • Yes, and No. I grew up with the Watts riots and the causes. Bill Parker was a Nazi in cheap clothing with his program of proactive policing. He can be single-handedly credited for the white flight to the suburbs that left the minorities under the heal of his SS goons. DTLA was destroyed and remained a no-mans land until the price of fuel and the commute turned things around.
        The lesson that I have learned is that you treat everyone with respect and equality going forward and avoid all stereotypes. I have felt the cruel lash of racism on the construction site so I have the right to speak to this. If you treat people well and they respond by behaving badly, they have indicted and condemned themselves. Where is Bull Connor? Where is the Woolworths? or the company for that matter? Where is Bill Parker, and Sam Yorty?
        Conversely, where is Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez? So, Where are the youths who ruined New Year’s Eve and where are the police who rioted? They are in the public dock for their poor behaviour. Court is about ready to convene.

  9. The cause of all these problems is not multi culturalism but far left liberalism. There are many migrants who are christians, law abidding, work hard and speak the local languages. Hope the germans know who to vote next round.

  10. Merkel’s grand humanitarian gesture looked for a brief moment to have succeeded. Germans cheered as migrants spilled over the border in October. But the ugly reality of who they have invited in, has hit Germans square in the face with the New Years Eve abuse at Cologne. A backlash protest was inevitable, but Merkel and the ruling classes need to be careful. Police action against the PERGIDA protestors seems like overkill in contrast to their absence at NYE. Suggestions that dirty tricks were at play with the firecracker provocation are disturbing and if true a foolish tactic that could badly backfire. If protests against the muslim immigration continue it could split the country into factions. All that fuzzy talk of unity could evaporate quickly. The political classes then have a choice, allow protest to continue and potentially grow (which any local terror attack will surely cause) or suppress the protest movement. If they go down that road, to force community cohesion, they are on the road back to an East German style state.

    • “in that future world there would be no such thing as open borders, because there is no state in libertarian theory. And the borders of private property are not open – they are managed”

      The EU state opens the borders around its subject peoples to thieves and murderers, and then they criminalize self-defence. Can you not see how socialism is a war on private property? The tenth commandment has been revoked. The EU and its minions are enemies of liberty.

      • I believe there *is* a state in libertarian theory. According to the theory, the proper functions of a government are to protect the citizenry from criminals and foreign aggression, and to prosecute fraud.

        “Protecting from foreign aggression” necessarily involves national borders.

        What is the source of your quote? My understanding of the theory comes from approx. 10 years (late ’70s to late ’80s) as a member of the California Libertarian Party and associated reading.

      • “No state” is called anarchy, not libertarianism. Libertarians normally get accused of being anarchists by statists who just want to set up a false dichotomy: either you’re a statist or you’re an anarchist.

      • Let’s leave the “thin” vs. “thick” libertarian debate for another forum. It is enough that we know who the enemy is . . . someone who despises and disrespects private property.

        • @ DeriKuk: So you want to throw in an inflammatory, non-sourced quotation (“in that future world there would be no such thing as open borders, because there is no state in libertarian theory”) and then, when others question your statement, decide that it’s an irrelevant ” ‘thin’ vs. ‘thick’ libertarian debate”?

          This is the kind of slippery definition and redefinition that the Left has made use of for decades, eventually leading us to where we are now. Think of terms such as…

          –progressive, progressivism
          –feminist, feminism (esp. w/regard to women’s rights rather than hatred of men; that one had escaped me until recently)
          –respect for other cultures

          ..all of which now mean something quite different from what they meant in the ’70s, much less the ’60s. Please don’t start another redefinition “struggle” here at GoV.

          Although I don’t have ownership rights at this site, I do feel that my knowledge on this particular point is correct and supported by decades of libertarian theory and writing and that, for some reason, you want to obfuscate the discussion.


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