Provocateurs in Cologne, Part 1

Last Saturday’s PEGIDA demo in Cologne was broken up early by police using water cannons and tear gas, ostensibly because some of the demonstrators wore face masks (against the rules) and set off fireworks (against the rules). However, PEGIDA supporters were convinced at the time that the incidents prompting the shutdown were staged by provocateurs, and not any of the legitimate participants in the demo.

Since then evidence has surfaced supporting these assertions. The following material was originally posted at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form. First, a note from Oz-Rita, who translated the brief article:

I just came across this article and video regarding last night’s PEGIDA demo in Cologne, which asserts that the demo was manipulated. I did a quick translation of their text, and you will also find the video there which they say is the proof that journalists provoked police with firecrackers that had been banned. I cannot see on the video, however, WHO ignited the firecrackers, but you might.

Now watch the video. I see a guy with a camera who is almost certainly the one who lit the firecracker and threw it. Watch him stroll across the frame from right to left, do something you can’t quite see, and then turn to take pictures of the effects of his action as the firecracker goes off:

The translated article from Press Censorship:

SENSATION: In the demo in Cologne on 01.09.2016 the police, after repeated notice, used tear gas and water cannons, as requests from the police to ignite no firecrackers were ignored!

The firecrackers were not fired by the demonstrators, but by a person with a press pass and a camera, so probably a journalist. Due to this action, police used tear gas and water cannons and the demonstration escalated and was disbanded later! Here in slow motion the proof: (Unmistakably “press people” who lit firecrackers).

There’s much more to come on this in Part 2. Stay tuned.

33 thoughts on “Provocateurs in Cologne, Part 1

  1. I don’t see it.
    On the other hand, of course such events will be sabotaged.

    Cui bono? Not the demonstrators.

  2. It’s a bit more complex. According to an eyewitness report on, there appears to have been at least one agent provocateur trying to stir up trouble.

    But the majority of the troublemakers (themselves a small minority of demonstrators) were not paid, or ideologically motivated, provocateurs, but instead Hogesa people who had inserted themselves at the head of the demonstration. Hogesa (Hooligans against Salafists) are battle-hardened soccer fans who do most of their fighting against fans from opposing soccer teams, however, they recently expanded their enemies list to include islamists.

    Hogesa threw firecrackers at police and refused to remove scarves, hoodies, and sunglasses obscuring their faces. In Germany, there is a law against participating in demonstrations if you are wearing apparel that obscures your face, although this law is never enforced against the antifa.

    The Pi-news report concludes that Pegida needs to do a better job enforcing discipline and removing both provocateurs and Hogesa people from its ranks. It’s a tough order. Outside of Dresden — where there is a critical mass of normal, law-abiding middle-class people in Pegida to crowd out troublemakers — demonstrations face a chicken-and-egg problem.

    A normal person is hesitant to join a Pegida demo elsewhere in Germany because of (1) fears that he or she will be attacked and gravely injured by antifa (2) revulsion of demonstrating side-by-side with Nazis (Pegida Dresden is good at making people identifiable as Nazis leave immediately, but in Cologne Pegida and elsewhere, you saw numerous Reichskriegsflagge banners being waved — the Reich War Flag is how Nazis get around the prohibition against display of the swastika) and (3) fear of losing your job or getting your home firebombed if your picture gets in the paper and someone identifies you on social media.

    All three points could be remedied as soon as there are enough normal people in a Pegida demonstration, but getting the numbers up is difficult because of those well-founded fears. And of course, the authorities and the media are doing their damnedest to make sure this does not happen.

    • Maybe y’all need to take a number from the other side’s playbook and decentralize. Organize flash mobs that disperse as soon as the police show up but are well covered by social media. Let the local people pick names and slogans. Acephalic is where it’s at.

      • Pegida prides itself on being a large, usually very safe, Buergerbewegung: middle the the road, concerned citizens. No violence, no extremists, no racists. Pegida’s rules need to be clear and strongly enforced at the events. What you are suggesting seems too dangerous to me: too many people with extreme views, agents provocateurs infiltrating and trying to take control of events (as they did in Cologne, it seems).

        • Easier to shut down after member list is compiled.

          One wonders when the average European will realize they’re not subject to execution any more.

        • Guest, you compile your list for tweets from the bottom up. Start with people you know and trust and go from there. And if people show up who behave badly, you remove them from the list. What if pegidaish groups just sprung up here and there and everywhere? The govt could not control it, much less bring water canons and provocateurs. It would be localized, by neighborhoods and small places where people more or less know one another. Ergo, safer.

          You also announce the rules publicly, Pegida could do it. You say, if they are racist, if they are masked or create violence, they are not part of us. People self-select into the ever shifting organization, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to play by the rules.

    • I watched the RT coverage and other films. I saw young men REMOVE their scarves… before the entire group walked toward the street. I saw people telling them to that and they did.

      I saw the police open fire with pepper spray on people WITH NO MASKS and no scarves. MEN and WOMEN…not just young men. I saw people peacefully go back where they came from and NOT fight the STACI/police agents when being fired upon.

      I do not care what creepy STASI type laws you Germans and Merkle have…. those people were NOT violent. YOU people are trying to discredit PEDITA because they are a threat to you creepy COMMIE LEFTISTS and your precious power structure!

      I have seen violence in Selma and just like Selma the violence was started by the POLICE!! I saw what happened in Chicago during the Democrat Convention and I saw what happened in Watts. THAT WAS VIOLENCE. Those demonstrators fought the authorities. PEGIDA DID NO SUCH THING!

      Some of loud noises definitely were NOT fireworks …. as there WAS NO SMOKE anywhere in the police lines or in back. THEY were SOUND effects like THX uses in the movies, there was NO pop , just a boom.

      I know sound effect explosions, because for 30 years as I used to set up mock explosions for Historical War films.

      The provocateurs tossed the ONLY real fireworks! And, only then was there a POP , BOOM and SMOKE.

      DOWN with Merkle and her personal STASI!


    • Centralizing the resistance just means that it’s easier to roll up.

      The cops, pols, press ought to have their addresses and whatnot out there. just saying. They can’t hide behind authority any longer.

      • Cops have names, faces and addresses. They also have to sleep. These facts should be considered by each individual.

  3. I see a young guy on the left mostly hidden by those nearest the camera, (including the man with the red backpack). The perpetrator(?), short fairish hair and dressed in dark clothes then hurries across to the right with one other young person, both slightly bent as they go. It looks to me as if a lot of the people in the video were not journalists but bystanders.

    • Yes, the balding man dressed in black definitely threw the firecracker. It’s easier to see it in the normal speed section: you can see the guy’s arms still moving in a fashion that matches a throwing gesture. Besides, he’s the first one to move from the explosion.
      But it’s hard to see if he’s a journalist. Was this area reserved for the press?

  4. The Freikorps will soon be reconstituted, I am guessing. The police are now provoking the citizenry from one side, while Islam provokes them from the other. How long before the police become targets themselves? This is how things end up when the police position themselves as the enemies of the citizenry, rather than confidantes and protectors…

    • When the Europeans start walking around with armbands again, as they will, the cowards in the political world cannot be allowed to feign ignorance as to why.

    • I bet there is much discontent among the police. They are between the rock and the hard place. Capitalize on that.

      • A recent poll showed that in France, the Front National gained a significant proportion of support form the police staff. My bet is the police will de facto be on the people’s side.

        • Who wants to be employed in the vile disgusting act of defending those who would see them all converted, enslaved or dead.

  5. Until recently I really wanted not to accept the eventuality of a civil-war type situation. Something in the air has changed with the turn of the year. The tone of the press has changed. People seem more preoccupied than ever.

  6. The way that you can tell that the police are COMPLICIT is the fact that they KNEW the explosion was coming. NONE of them moved because it was expected. That was a large
    explosion that moved ALL except those who knew it was coming. It’s right there in front of all our eyes and plain as day.

  7. It is becoming more and more apparent that Frau Merkel, either by accident or design, has created an elite and favoured group who are male, Arabic and North African (preferably of the Islamic faith.) Should you be of Germanic Caucasian stock you are to be subdued and taught your place in the NWO. I stand to be corrected but has this odious, pompous leader yet to visit any of the victims of the recent mass sexual assaults which took place on NYE or the districts in which they occurred? Still plenty of time for the odd “selfie” with young smiling refugees or to kow tow to Turkey though from whence the next tidal wave of humanity to swamp Europe will come!

    • > an elite and favoured group who are male, Arabic and North African (preferably of the Islamic faith.)

      No, those are not the elite. They are the bashi-bazouks [ ] of the ruling elites who want to eliminate all resistance to their pursuit of greed and power . . . all the while living in the New Elysium behind high walls guarded by armed thugs . . . paid for by you.

      You are probably not a “Fortunate Son” :

        • Muslim, for all I know, you may be standing guard right outside it, while living in the guard house 24/7. 🙂

          Do you trust all who post here? You shouldn’t. Always post as if “the Stasi” is listening . . . because they are.

  8. Seems to me I can see a reflection of the lit firework in the side of the Police vehicle quite a while before it was thrown back fron the row near the police. Not from the journalist at all.

  9. I think that it would be usefull to video these demonstrations from both sides from above and analyze them.
    There is probably a pattern to them, a predictability. There then is a possibility of co-ordinated response and direction.

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