No Mandatory Quotas in Slovakia!

The only way… to minimize the risk of events like those in Paris or in Germany is to prevent the formation of a unified Islamic community in Slovakia.

— Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico

The following speech by the prime minister of Slovakia is startling to anyone who was born and raised west of the Elbe.

The statements that Robert Fico makes to his fellow Slovaks are normal and commonsensical, and they would be commonplace in the West if Westerners had not been frightened and brainwashed into rejecting common sense. Not only does Mr. Fico describe the threat to European culture posed by the migrant “New Europeans”, who are mostly young men, he identifies the source of that threat as the Islamic ideology that the new arrivals bring with them.

Horrors! How dare he utter such “racist” and “xenophobic” sentiments?

The vigor of Mr. Fico’s stance may in part be credited to the history of Slovakia, which was a longtime province in the northeastern corner of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Slovakia did not gain independence after the dissolution of the empire in the wake of the Great War. Instead, under the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 it was assigned to a composite state with the Czechs (and Ruthenians) by the power brokers who thought they knew what was best for the Slavs. Then came the Nazi occupation, and after World War Two forty years of Soviet domination as part of a Czechoslovak vassal state in the East Bloc.

Slovakia did not become an independent sovereign nation until 1993, less than a quarter-century ago. That sovereignty was hard-won, and is now prized by the Slovaks, which is why the prime minister returns again and again to the word: Slovakia has the sovereign right to control its borders, a sovereign state can refuse mandatory quotas of migrants for resettlement, and a sovereign nation has the right and right and responsibility to defend itself.

If only we could hear commonsensical words such as these west of the Elbe! Or the Atlantic, for that matter.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (times from the original program on CNTV):

13:55   Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico
13:59   Dear Ladies and Gentleman — If it were not Paris, then it would be Germany and the events
14:04   from the end of this year which should open the eyes
14:08   of some people in Slovakia, but primarily it should be the answer to
14:13   the people who intentionally belittle safety risks.
14:17   I am taking about Mr. President. I am talking about the media. I am talking about opposition politicians.
14:21   Simply, that what had happened in Germany must open people’s eyes
14:25   and must be the answer to all in Slovakia that safety risks
14:30   are, simply, huge. Permit me to inform you that
14:34   a while ago, the German Secret Service announced the highest
14:39   threat to the West from the Islamists, higher than at the time of the attack on the
14:43   twin [towers]. This is not some nonsense from us; we are relying on news reports,
14:47   and we speak of them in a timely fashion, very clearly,
14:51   and first of all, preventively. I do not agree with the views that
14:56   governments should not share with the citizens of their own lands information regarding safety,
15:01   on safety issues. I repeat, the German Secret Service came out with this information.
15:05   Secondly, I think that the events in Germany and Paris
15:09   should be an answer to all those who insist that migrants with a different
15:13   religion, different traditions, will let themselves be integrated easily. They will not let
15:18   themselves be integrated easily. It is simply not possible. And this truth
15:23   we must speak. We see what ghettos arose in many countries.
15:27   In France, Belgium: the police will not even enter these areas.
15:32   An alternate lifestyle, a high level of criminality: simply,
15:36   it shows that the idea of a multicultural Europe has failed,
15:40   and that it is not possible to have a natural integration of people who have a different way of life
15:45   different thinking, different cultural background and, most of all,
15:49   a different religion. Further, that events in Germany and in Paris
15:54   should be the clear answer to those who say that mandatory quotas must be enacted.
15:58   We have heard it from some, in Slovakia: since it has been decided for them [the quotas], it is
16:02   necessary to put them in place. No. I answer: no mandatory quotas will not be enacted in Slovakia!
16:07   So it is the answer to those, who, till now,
16:11   have refused [to acknowledge] the fact that the vast majority of migrants are men from
16:16   25 to 35 years of age. In connection with the events in Germany, information has surfaced
16:20   that 80% of the migrants to Germany are men, and of these 80%, 80% are
16:24   are men 25 to 35 years of age.
16:29   Not to mention that these events in Germany and in Paris should be
16:33   the answer even to those in Slovakia who question safety measures
16:37   enacted in Slovakia: either the increase in the number of police, perhaps
16:41   anti-terror structures. We have set aside funds, increased the number of people
16:46   we deploy for the safety of the Slovak Republic in the fight against terrorism
16:50   and against the commission of criminal acts. We do accept this responsibility and we will,
16:54   in this spirit, take specific steps.
16:58   Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Slovakia must be safeguarded
17:03   from the threats that unregulated migration brings with itself.
17:07   Nobody can accuse us of [denying] the security
17:12   threats and the connections between migration and terrorism
17:16   we spoke of even before Paris. We, very clearly,
17:20   several months prior, said: watch out, terrorist cells may infiltrate
17:24   through this uncontrolled wave of migrants into Europe, and they can commit serious
17:29   crimes. At least four of the attackers in Paris were people who took advantage
17:33   of this Balkan route. The only way, Ladies and Gentlemen,
17:37   to minimize the risk of events
17:42   like those in Paris or in Germany is to prevent the formation of a unified
17:47   Islamic community in Slovakia. This would arise
17:51   through the fulfillment of mandatory quotas. And those who say that they want to respect the mandatory quotas
17:55   are talking about the creation of a unified Muslim community in Slovakia.
18:00   Yes, the mandatory quota may be two thousand people, but, should the so-called permanent
18:04   mandatory quotas be accepted, we are talking about up to 50,000 migrants
18:08   of a different religion, different traditions, different culture, who
18:13   would automatically form in Slovakia one unified
18:18   Muslim community, with all the risks which we today see in Paris, Germany
18:22   Belgium and other countries where such communities arose.
18:26   Ladies and Gentlemen, what had happened in Germany could, of course, happen in other countries
18:30   which have a diametrically different policy on migrants.
18:35   There are countries which had opened their arms – and today, they are closing their borders.
18:39   They speak of limiting the access of peoples into their countries. It is curious that
18:43   when you travel from Austria into Germany, you have to go through travel checks, border checks.
18:48   The same is true today for Denmark; it is also true for Sweden.
18:52   We do not want – and I will say it very clearly, directly
18:56   as I say it, that in Slovakia, there should happen something similar to what had happened in Germany
19:01   that someone who does not belong to the territory of Slovakia, who lives totally differently, does things totally differently,
19:05   should bother our women in public spaces. And I consider it
19:10   strange that someone should recommend to German women to avoid foreigners, that they
19:14   should walk in groups; there is even supposed to be some code of behaviour these women should keep to
19:19   in order for these situations not to occur. This is our home.
19:23   Are we to adjust? Or should the ones to adjust to the laws and the conditions in these lands be the people who
19:28   who have come here thanks to unregulated migration? For these reasons, permit me to
19:33   announce two major shifts in the policies of the government of the Slovak Republic.
19:37   The first fundamental shift concerns
19:41   the financial aid which we allocate to the migration crisis, which
19:45   we will very clearly direct primarily to the defense of our external borders.
19:50   So, if they will want money from us, we will say OK
19:55   we will give money, but we want this money to not end up in some funds,
19:59   food or otherwise. We want this money to end up in defense structures, and
20:04   that it will be used to defend the outer borders of Schengen, because
20:08   the only way to solve the problem in Europe is to stop the unregulated
20:12   migration streams. Ladies and Gentlemen, firstly, there now arrive
20:16   between 1,000 and 4,000 migrants per day into Europe, despite its being winter.
20:21   What will happen in the spring, when the UN speaks about three million people?
20:25   How will we stop these people? What will we do after another three million people enter
20:30   the lands of the European Union and more incidents such as we have seen
20:34   in recent times happen? We want to concentrate funds and use them to create
20:39   various security measures which will stop the various migration streams into Europe
20:43   because, if we continue to let people in, the situation will become completely unmanageable.
20:48   That is the first change: we want to refocus financial streams toward the defense
20:52   of the Schengen borders. The second fundamental change is, Ladies and Gentlemen,
20:56   we have always said that we reject being dictated to; we reject mandatory quotas.
21:00   We have always said that it is the sovereign right of the State to decide whom it will permit to enter its territory
21:05   or not, whom it will provide help to. It has been our
21:10   sovereign right and our good will when we have offered to the Austrians
21:14   our cooperation, and, for some time, to guarantee accommodations for Austrian seekers
21:18   of political asylum, with the understanding that, gradually, these people will leave.
21:23   We have always promoted the idea of free will, but not out of duty or some diktat.
21:27   Now comes a change. I want to note
21:31   not only that we refuse, and will continue to refuse, all attempts [to enforce] mandatory quotas.
21:36   Not only will we refuse all attempts for re-settling of permanent
21:40   quotas, on the basis of which up to 50,000 people could be resettled to Slovakia,
21:44   but we announce, that even on a good-will
21:49   basis, not even on a sovereign good-will basis,
21:53   will we make decision which could give rise to a potential
21:57   united Muslim community in Slovakia, with all the risks which we today see
22:02   in some European countries. This is the only way to prevent
22:06   the events which had happened in Paris or to eliminate the risks which are connected with
22:10   the settling of these peoples on the territory of the member states of the European Union.
22:14   That is why, neither on the basis of mandates, nor on the basis of good will, will we make any decisions which
22:19   would lead to the rise of a unified Muslim community, because this brings
22:23   very different cultural traditions, perhaps even conscious motivation
22:28   of these people to bring to Europe huge safety…

16 thoughts on “No Mandatory Quotas in Slovakia!

  1. Penn in France; Orban in Hungary; Wilders in Holland; Fico in Slovakia.
    Little by little more promanent people are comming over to our way of thinking. Let’s hope it’s not to late.

    • The difference between the former East Bloc and France (and other Western countries) is that the people who say these things in the East are prime ministers and heads of state.

      The oligarchy that controls France will not permit Marine Le Pen to be elected president, if they can possibly stop it (and I assume they can). The same is true of the anti-immigration parties other Western European nations. The elites may well decide to choose the Samson option and pull the whole EU temple down on themselves rather than let any heretics come to power.

  2. The difference between Eastern European nations, like Slovakia, and the Western EU is that the former do not have Welfare Entitlement programs because they can’t afford them.

    The Welfare Entitlements sector is what keeps the Left in power all around the West! Yet, as Murky Merkel has pointed out, it is not growing fast enough to keep the slime-buckets in power, or to give them the further excuse to take over everyone’s life from cradle to grave – but an influx of hostile, impoverished barbarians will do just that! Merkel doesn’t lack common sense. She has an abundance of Machiavellian cunning!

    First of all, Muslims breed like rabbits, so the Entitlement Sector will only grow. Secondly, their Muslim religion guarantees that they will get up everyone’s noses and cause mayhem and havoc and so the growing EU police state will have an excuse to step in and CONTROL the mess they deliberately created.

    Naturally, those citizens who protest will be dealt with like Enemies of the State for getting in the EU’s WAY on the road to dictatorship. You can expect Merkel to fight tooth and nail to smear and destroy any anti-Muslim movement, because that would threaten her continuing basis of power. She may agree to get rid of some of the worst of the Muslim offenders, but her political existence absolutely depends on them now.

    What she has overlooked in her grand scheming greed is that Welfare Economics has gutted the Middle Class of small business entrepreneurs, which creates the most jobs for her to tax, in order to support the Entitlement class of inter-generation poverty that the Entitlement programs have created. Not only that, but the rapacious global financiers have made their profits on the back of our debt and their whole flimsy structure is about to collapse when central banks can no longer print more Monopoly money.

    Then we will have a dysfunctional government, like after the break-up of the Soviet Union and criminal cartels will step into the vacuum.

    Mad Max is on the horizon unless the PC elites can be got rid of and the MC revived, the Welfare payments stopped, in which case the invaders, after trying theft and having their heads blown off by angry citizens, will disappear into the night of their ME and African hell-holes – or face mass deportation – or death – which ever comes first after the count of three.

  3. This is an awe-inspiring speech by Prime Minister Fico.

    I think one reason the former USSR Eastern bloc countries are putting up a resistance to Islamic migration and the idiotic EU diktats is simply that they have a homogeneous population, which enables the government to take steps that actually have to support of the majority of the population. El Ingles, in these pages,
    showed graphically that as the values and political views of a population diverge, the tolerable range for government action shrinks. In other words, the more diverse your community, the more careful a government has to be to only take actions that would not alienate a significant part of the population.

    The happy fact is, when the Eastern European governments were under the rule of communists, they were poor, somewhat oppressive, and nobody in his right mind wanted to immigrate there when the rich Western European countries were available.

    So, the leaders of Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, etc are now able to thumb their noses at EU mandates with the support of the majority of their populations.

    Their biggest danger, in this stance, is the possible intervention of the armed forces of NATO or the other EU countries. This is illustrated by the totally unjustified and destructive intervention of NATO forces in the Bosnian and Kosovo civil wars on the side of the Muslim armies.

    Since then, Western forces have intervened in Syria, Libya, Iraq, all against secular rulers hostile to the Islamist movement.

    The governments of England, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, are using the powers of the government to not only suppress any anti-Islamic political movement, but even any principled discussion of Islam and its danger.

    There is no reason to view any Western government as being interested in defending their peoples against an Islamic takeover, and many reasons to view Western governments as being a danger to any attempt by indigenous people to maintain their own existence.

    I would like to see the creation of organizations possibly modeled after aspects of the Muslim Brotherhood, which burrows itself into positions of influence in governments, and encourages decisions catastrophic to the existence of Western civilization. Why not have a covert, persistent movement, not totally open to scrutiny, dedicated to the peaceful existence of indigenous people and the resulting possibility of real, democratic governments that serve their peoples?

    • Very insightful comments. Can you explain Why western governments, primarily the United States, have attacked those Mideast nations that are secular and opposed to radical Islam? What is the motive?

  4. It’s all so beautifully said. Nothing that any reasonable person ought to construe as xenophobia–just a clinical observation that these uncontrolled influxes of particular types of persons give rise to security issues. AND he prefers the rights of Slovakian women to go about unmolested over the rights of their potential molesters to a home in Slovakia.

  5. SlovakSpectator: Fico: Complaint over Muslim statements is nonsense
    PRIME Minister Robert Fico responded to the anonymous criminal complaint filed against him over his statements regarding the Muslim community saying that he will not sugarcoat his statements.
    “In ancient Greece, bearers of bad news were thrown into a well,” Fico said, as quoted by the TASR newswire on January 14. “In Europe, people were regularly strung up for speaking the truth and I view this nonsense in a similar light. I’ve never sugarcoated my statements and won’t lie to the people of Slovakia. Just imagine if the public TV channels in Slovakia had withheld information about sexual assaults against women for a few days in the way that it happened in Germany.”

    At a press conference on January 7, Prime Minister Fico claimed that Slovakia must be protected from security threats and one of the ways to minimalise risks is to prevent the formation of a compact Muslim community in Slovakia, as this could be created as the result of a mandatory migrant resettlement quota.

    Fico said this in response to recent events in Cologne, where mass sexual harassment of females occurred during New Year’s Eve celebrations.

    The complaint relating to Fico’s statement about the need to prevent the formation of a compact Muslim community in Slovakia is being dealt with by the Prosecutor-General’s Office. It was delivered by e-mail on Sunday, January 10, and makes accusations of inciting racial, national and ethnic hatred against Fico, a felony punishable by three years in jail, according to spokesperson Andrea Predajňová.

    The Prime Minister reiterated on January 14 that he will continue to speak his mind based on the quality intelligence information he has at his disposal.

    “We were proven right on terrorist attacks, which we warned about in advance,” Fico said, as quoted by TASR. “We also spoke in advance about the linkage between the migration crisis and sexual assaults in Cologne. We’re six weeks away from the election and that’s the context in which various initiatives of this kind, such as criminal complaints, must be perceived.”

    14. Jan 2016 at 23:10

    • It is utterly refreshing to hear a leader speak forthrightly and with concern for the people that he purports to lead.

      Well done Mr. Fico!

  6. Are you listening Mutti Merkel? A true leader with the welfare and safety of his OWN people at heart has spoken! You stand accused by one of Germany’s senior judges of breaking your own constitution in throwing your borders open to the dregs of the third world. A day of reckoning is at hand, forget your dreams for integration, open borders, a political legacy as the scales are falling from peoples eyes throughout the continent. You and your mad left wing acolytes will be forever branded as quislings who betrayed their country.

  7. His remarks show he gets it, completely. Nothing matters other than Muslim demographics. Everything else is secondary, temporary, changable, reversible. Including terrorism. And he gets it. Outstanding.
    Let’s all start buying Slovak products. Let’s all go on holiday to Slovakia. What a breath of fresh air.

  8. It’s great also that he doesn’t try to differentiate between ‘islamists’ and ‘muslims’ like western politicians always bend over backwards to do, even when surveys show huge number of ordinary muslims wanting sharia law etc.

  9. I suspect many people planning vacations to Western Europe are going to cancel those plans and reschedule their vacations in Eastern Europe now.

    • Count me as someone that is going to be spending several thousand tourist dollars in Central and Eastern Europe over the next few years.

      • I have been vacationing in Eastern Europe for 15 yrs. Slovakia (where I stay with friends) Poland, Czech Republic, Eastern part of Germany, Hungary,Serbia, and others, I have never had a bad experience. I find most of the locals most welcoming, polite and cordial.

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