Maoris, Moors and Migrants: A history lesson for civilized humans facing an Ork invasion

The essay below by Matthew Bracken serves as a follow-up or companion piece to “The Alienork Way”.

Maoris, Moors and Migrants

A history lesson for civilized humans facing an Ork invasion

by Matthew Bracken

From ‘Moriori’, by Denise Davis and Māui Solomon, in Te Ara — the Encyclopedia of New Zealand:

Hundreds of years ago the Moriori, of the Chatham Islands, took a solemn vow of peace known as Nunuku’s Law. The decision to uphold this sacred law in the face of aggression in 1835 had tragic consequences. They were slaughtered, enslaved, and dispossessed of their lands. The Moriori lived on Chatham Island and Pitt Island, two islands in the Chatham Islands group, about 700 kilometers south-east of Wellington.

Nunuku’s Law: Isolated from mainland New Zealand, the Moriori developed a unique culture based on a law of peace. This was called Nunuku’s Law, after the ancestor Nunuku-whenua. After seeing bloody conflict between the Hamata people and later arrivals, he banned murder and the eating of human flesh forever. After 1791, when the British ship Chatham called at Rēkohu, Moriori came into contact with Europeans and Māori who came as crew on sealing and whaling vessels. Some settled on the islands and lived alongside the Moriori. This relative peace was shattered in 1835 when Maoris from two tribes, both from Taranaki, arrived in the Chatham Islands in search of new territories and resources.

In 1835, 24 generations after the Moriori chief Nunuku had forbidden war, the Moriori welcomed about 900 people from the two Māori tribes. Originally from Taranaki on New Zealand’s North Island, they had voyaged from Wellington on an overcrowded European vessel, the Rodney. They arrived severely weakened, but were nursed back to health by their Moriori hosts. However, they soon revealed hostile intentions and embarked on a reign of terror.

Stunned, the Moriori called a council of 1,000 men at Te Awapātiki to debate their response. The younger men were keen to repel the invaders, and argued that even though they had not fought for many centuries, they outnumbered the newcomers two-to-one and were a strong people. But the elders argued that Nunuku’s Law was a sacred covenant with their gods and could not be broken. The consequences for Moriori were devastating.

Although the total number of Moriori first slaughtered was said to be around 300, hundreds more were enslaved and later died. Some were killed by their captors. Others, horrified by the desecration of their beliefs, died of ‘kongenge’ or despair [often suicide by leaping from cliffs]. According to records made by their elders, 1,561 Moriori died between 1835 and 1863, when they were released from slavery. Many succumbed to diseases introduced by Europeans, but large numbers died at the hands of the Maoris. In 1862 only 101 remained. When the last known full-blooded Moriori died in 1933, many thought this marked the extinction of a race.

The Maori and the Chatham Islanders

On Chatham Island, 800 kilometers east of New Zealand, lived the Moriori, who were related to the Maori. They were hunters and gatherers, sparse in population and, perhaps because they were few in number and isolated, they were unpracticed at warfare. In late 1835 about 900 Maori from New Zealand landed on Chatham Island. The Maori were armed with guns, clubs and axes. They announced to the Moriori that they were their slaves. Moriori chiefs conferred with each other and drew from their religious heritage. [Nunuku’s Law.] They offered the Maori friendship and a share of the island’s resources. The attempt to appease the Maori failed. The Maori began killing the Moriori, including women and children. The Maori put people in pens and feasted on the tender meat of Moriori children. A Maori conqueror described it:

We took possession, in accordance with our customs and we caught all the people. Not one escaped. Some ran away from us. These we killed, and others we killed – but what of that? It was in accordance with our custom.

The lesson of Chatham Island is that people who live in comfortable circumstances for enough generations to forget the horrors of anarchy and total war, will often let down their guard to a fatal degree. The examples I will compare are Chatham Island in 1835, the Island of Plenty from my Alienork Way allegory, and Europe today. It is my observation that, in a well-calculated series of defined steps and expected responses, alien Orks (taken from “The Alienork Way”) can overcome and subdue even an outwardly more affluent, powerful and successful society.

By the time the native people on Chatham Island (or on The Island of Plenty, or in Europe today) realize what mortal peril they are in, they have let in so many vicious Orks that the invaders automatically present a grave threat to the native population at large. I would point to the widespread sex attacks in Cologne and across Europe on New Year’s Eve, as just one recent example of the threat posed by the Orks.

At the early and emerging point of danger in my Alienork allegory, the Orks can still be confronted, but the will of the public officials cannot be raised sufficiently high for them to order their forcible ejection. Politicians are natural delayers and compromisers, and the invading Orks exploit both weaknesses. When the peaceful islanders realize that three more young Ork males have arrived without asking permission, the islanders accept their presence as a fait accompli. The Orks simply show up, declare themselves to be refugees, and demand to be fed, parasites cynically exploiting the islanders’ own laws concerning the sharing of their bounty with anyone who has a need.

At that juncture, the Ork elder Amok and his three “nephews” could still have been defeated by the peaceful islanders, but only with an acceptance of the fact that doing battle would incur injuries and even deaths on both sides. But in the story of The Alienork Way, after the next moon, thirty more armed male Orks have arrived unbidden, and they are not long in giving the orders to the native islanders. Their code, defined as The Alienork Way, is enforced at sword point. The least sign of defiance or resistance is answered with beheadings and the taking of native women. Thus the larger and more affluent and outwardly more successful society of peaceful islanders can be subdued and enslaved by a smaller number of savagely vicious Ork invaders via a carefully plotted series of incremental steps.

Europe is now at the point in The Alienork Way when everybody agrees that the three “nephews” of Amok are a serious problem, and it looks like at least thirty more armed male Orks are on the way. With each fresh arrival of refugee “reinforcements,” local defensive measures will require even greater levels of violence to be successful. The difficult decision to forcibly eject the invaders is continually delayed. The “peaceful islanders,” today being played by the Europeans, keep putting off the inevitable, as thousands and thousands of male Orks arrive every day from the failed states comprising Orkistan.

Today, the European secular religion of Multiculturalism acts like Nunuku’s Law did on Chatham Island in 1835, disallowing a realistic appraisal of different cultures, and forbidding the adequate defense of Europe until it’s too late. The European version of Nunuku’s Law also prohibits ordinary citizens from owning suitable means of self-defense in the form of personally owned firearms, rendering them virtually helpless against Ork attacks.

At this writing in January of 2016, anyone who speaks of mass deportations of the Orks from Europe simply cannot be taken seriously. It’s far too late for that. Just watch the January 24 videos of the Calais migrant mobs sending the French police running in disorder. Multiply that street riot by a thousand when migrant violence breaks out simultaneously in dozens of Europeans cities in the form of a mass “Ork Rising.”

To see another infamous Ork Rising, you could watch the many security camera videos taken on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, directly in front of the train station and cathedral, but the German police erased all of them. Just like on Chatham Island, it’s much easier to ignore painful reality than it is to effectively confront it. Keep in mind that New Year’s Eve was only a warm-up and a pep rally for the Great Jihad of 2016. [Tet, Take Two] Like hive insects exuding chemical pheromone attack signals, these preparatory Ork Risings act as mass social signals, reinforcing the common Ork feeling of their own invincibility when massed in groups, as well as the complete inadequacy and inability of their European prey to stop them.

Now please imagine flash-mobs of hundreds or even thousands of male Orks, even if they are initially armed only with iron bars and knives. Each mob action seen on television sparks an even greater street turnout among the Orks as the wireless pheromone signals are transmitted among the collective Ork hive-mind. Jean Raspail wrote of this dynamic in The Camp of the Saints, and he asked: When will the European leaders give the order to open fire in defense of their culture? The answer is: Never. And Europe is overrun by savages.

Like Nunuku’s Law on Chatham Island, the Law of Multi-Kulti-Über-Alles will spell Europe’s doom.

My guess is that Europe will be lost to the Ork invaders, or at the very least, Europe will suffer a prolonged civil war on the measure of Lebanon, the Balkans and Syria at the height of those wars. Some cities will look like Sarajevo or Grozny in their very worst moments before this is all sorted out — that is, if the Orks are going to be defeated. The Moors invaded Spain in 711 and controlled the entire Iberian Peninsula by 788. It then took 700 years, (let that sink in, seven hundred years), for the Spanish Reconquista to eject the Moors from Iberia. And the Spanish did it under the banner of the Christian cross, which was then a socially potent European rallying symbol.

Today, secular and virtually atheist Europeans will not have that rallying banner out in front to unite them in a common cause and to spur their desire for Reconquista. The Europeans will lose badly when modern Middle-Eastern urban warfare tactics are employed against them with increasing frequency. These tactics will include car bombs, human bombs, IEDs, random sniper and even knife attacks, with some Mumbai, Beslan or Paris attacks thrown in.

Even today, very few Europeans have any idea of the total [excrement]-storm directly ahead of them. In this type of vicious war, the Orks will exploit even temporary tactical victories to maximize the immediate slaughter. For example: If a squad of Orks takes over an office building for even a few hours, they will kill every male prisoner out of hand. (Sometimes giving quarter to those among the captured who can recite the Shahada prayer in Arabic.) Then they will rape the women, even if they have only a few hours left to live. By doing so, they are gloriously living out their sick fantasy of holy jihad. If they die, they are vaulted straight into their promised perpetual orgy with seventy-two virgins in Ork heaven. If they survive, they will attack again and again, until they are put down like rabid hyenas.

When these types of attacks become a weekly or a daily event, and when even the life-saving first responders are massacred with delayed-action bombs, will the first responders stop responding? The police and the military will suffer high attrition, and personnel burnout will come fast. Who will respond to bomb scenes when another bomb might go off in fifteen minutes or two hours?

I am only relating the standard tactics now in use across the Middle East, the home of many of Europe’s so-called “refugees”.

The absence of rapid police or military response means that every European in any type of structure must be ready for local self-defense without expecting outside help or rescue. Europeans in isolated buildings and homes will be susceptible to what may be thought of as savage Comanche Indian raids launched anytime, anywhere, against anybody. Consider that a typical encounter will consist of ten Orks armed with (at least) knives and iron bars attempting to force a home invasion against a barricaded French or German family. Can the family keep them out? Even if they can, for a while, what about follow-up arson attacks, such as the one used against the Benghazi consulate’s “safe room?”.

This dreadfully unhappy picture is Europe’s future, due to the unbelievably misguided European policy of inviting millions of savage and barbaric Orks to live among them. History will regard the once-avoidable Great Jihad of 2016 as the predictable result of one of the most colossally stupid series of decisions ever taken by any group of leaders, anywhere, ever. At least the peaceful Chatham Islanders did not actively seek to invite the bloodthirsty Maoris to invade their homeland. Today’s European political leaders have invited this great catastrophe upon their own people. History will not forgive them for launching the unnecessary slaughter that lies ahead for Europe.

Matthew Bracken was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1957, and attended the University of Virginia, where he received a BA in Russian Studies and was commissioned as a naval officer in 1979. Later in that year he graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, and in 1983 he led a Naval Special Warfare detachment to Beirut, Lebanon. Since then he’s been a welder, boat builder, charter captain, ocean sailor, essayist and novelist. He lives in Florida. Links to his short stories and essays may be found at

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103 thoughts on “Maoris, Moors and Migrants: A history lesson for civilized humans facing an Ork invasion

  1. Thank you for the summary re. the Moriori. Until today, it seemed that I and a few historical researchers were the *only* persons alive who even remembered that the Moriori had been in the South Islands before the now-aggrandized Maori appeared (cf. the Maori-derived “haka” dance performed by the New Zealand national football/soccer team before its matches).

    The natural defenders of the Moriori, its young men, were voted down by the elders (wow, sounds like Merkel vs. ordinary citizens). Although young men *sometimes* act impulsively and rashly, their innermost motives are often true and correct, and worthy of at least further discussion (a la Moriori) or even follow-through (a la PEGIDA). They need to know that they’ll be supported and honored–something still up in the air in some countries.

    24 generations w/o war and violence…that’s a record of perhaps 600 or more years. Too bad such a clash eliminated this people’s culture, one of no doubt robust mediation and other person-to-person reconciliation efforts. But *cultural annihilation,* as should’ve been clear after the first Maori killings of the Moriori, is Something Else….

    • Yes, the parallel to the cautious elders is clear in both cases.
      And it must be considered that the often wealthy and powerful elders are cutting side deals behind their people’s backs, in an attempt to preserve their position through the regime change. Even if they are later slaughtered, they will still try to cut deals while they can, dooming the people’s efforts to hold off against the Ork invasion.

      • Matt, I’ve read and responded to The Alienork way and just finished reading this post. How can any sane person not see what the government has in store for WE THE PEOPLE? I read about the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan and it scares the [ordure] out of me. Could there be a civil war so severe that the governments of the whole world would participate in it to cull the population? This is getting real serious and the way Trump talks he might just be the one to stop the insanity. What say you?

      • And thanks to this entrenched elite “…public problems and issues that are debated in pluralist arena do not emerge “naturally” but are monitored by ruling elites that control the political agenda. Thus, problems, issues, and groups may be kept off the political agenda if they appear to threaten the dominance of established power groups. And in the same way, other problems, issues, and groups may be given undue attention.” This example from a book in political sociology highlights the problem. The elite want to continue to be the elite, at whatever cost. Many of them will ally with the orks agianst us. And our democratic system does not make the problem any simpler, does it?

    • “Until today, it seemed that I and a few historical researchers were the *only* persons alive who even remembered that the Moriori had been in the South Islands before the now-aggrandized Maori appeared ”

      You must be referring to fellow Americans. But as a New Zealander I can assure you the story of the Moriori of the Chatham Islands are well know in New Zealand. As you might expect NZ Maori often deny that there were ever people called the Moriori. The apparent genocide of a people is a skeleton no one wants in their closet.
      The last person who could claim full Moriori blood was a man called Tommy Solomon, if my memory is correct and he died around the 1980’s. The fact is the Maori and Moriori were related. They both migrated from the South Pacific Islands around the 13th century. The difference was at the Chathams they were effectively one tribe with no enemies. On the NZ mainland different tribes of Maori developed and due to a scarity of food resources intertribal war and cannibalism developed. European setttlers traded firearms to the Maori and so the fate of the Moriori was inevitable once they came into contact with the Maori.
      The story makes an interesting parallel with events in Europe today, though I suspect Europeans are less of the pacifists and better armed than the Moriori ever were.

      • @ Baucent: Thank you for the opportunity to refine my comment. Yes, I was referring to North American (US and Canada) sources.

        I looked into the story of Tommy Solomon and the current attempted revival of as much Moriori culture as can be salvaged by those with Moriori ancestry.

        My first awakening to the awful genocide was in the first printing of Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs, and Steel” (orig. pub. date 1997). On pp. 53-57, Prof. Diamond opens Chapter 2, “A Natural Experiment of History,” with the terrible history.

  2. Ya see the video of the Frenchman of Calais who for ONE SECOND or so grabbed an air rifle when threatened by the [redacted] invaders of his property yesterday?

    Guess who got arrested by the Frogpolice?

    REMEMBER: We must first fight our way THROUGH our own police forces if we want to fight or actual enemy.

    Disgusting. But there it is.

    • We seem to have 3 enemies: Leftism, our own authorities, and Islam. Many innocents will have to be harmed or worse before the second one comes around kicking and screaming. The first enemy has been with us in one name or another for 200 years. Finally, Islam is Islam.

      • We certainly can have no hope of fighting islam or saving our civilization unless we also fight leftism. Some lines from Daniel Greenfields piece in on the matter:

        “Having learned nothing from the Hitler-Stalin pact, the left has replayed the same betrayal with the Mohammed-Stalin pact in the Middle East and now in the West. But the end of the Mohammed-Stalin pact will not be a Socialist totalitarian utopia, but an Islamic theocracy of slaves, terror and death.

        On September 11, I saw with my own eyes how eager and willing leftists were to rush to the aid of Islamic terrorists even while their fellow Americans were dying. Nothing has changed. Every Islamic act of brutality is met with lies and spin, with mass distraction and deception by the treasonous left. Every effort to fight Islamic terrorists is sabotaged, undermined and protested by the enemy within.

        Since September 11, the left has trashed the FBI’s counterterrorism and has now succeeded in destroying the NYPD’s counterrorism while transforming the FDNY into an affirmative action project. What the September 11 hijackers could never accomplish on their own, the leftists did for them by defeating the three forces that had stood against Islamic terrorists on that day. And it would not surprise me at all if some of the “No War” scribblers have gone on to play an influential role in that treason.

        The left has crippled domestic and international counterterrorism. American soldiers are not allowed to shoot terrorists and the FBI and NYPD can’t monitor mosques or even be taught what to look for. Islamic terrorism has achieved unprecedented influence and power under Obama. ISIS has created the first functioning caliphate and Iran marches toward the first Jihadist nuclear bomb. The mass Muslim migration is beginning a process that will Islamize Europe far more rapidly than anyone expects.

        The Jihad would not be a significant threat without the collaboration of the left. Without the left standing in the way, it’s a problem that could be solved in a matter of years. With the aid of the left, it threatens human civilization with a dark age that will erase our culture, our future and our freedom.

        We cannot defeat Islam without defeating the left. That is the lesson I learned on September 11. It is a lesson that appears truer every single year as the left finds new ways to endanger us all.

        • We just have to contain them in the cities. It will take of itself to some degree. What is needed is the outlaying groups that are supporting the Islamists. Without a refuge they will not last long. This is the routine used in Iraq and Afghanistan by the Islamists there.

          Camps and communities that are Islamic based are the obvious places but it could be governmental areas since the Liar in Chief has inserted Islamic characters into the Administration. Their access to DHS and the Justice Department may be a obstacle to intell gathering.

          It would be a good thing to have a accessible site to post to in order to keep track of this information. Obviously this will be met with considerable resistance from the Administration.

          I saw a quote from the Liar in Chief last night saying he could not allow political speakers to insult Muslims. The audacity of such a anarchistic personality to utter such words is ample proof of their intent.

          Don’t forget the GOP is hand in glove. Both want an obedient servant class to bow to their elite status and will destroy the American Spirit by attrition to the demographics of the population. This is done for the corporate entities as well as the socialistic types. It served both their aims equally.

          If any of you doubt it I am sorry for your delusion.

          Remember, there are none so blind as those whop will not see. The key is will or willing, immersed in denial. In happened to the Jews in Germany……

    • Color me supremely unsurprised.
      Over here the main problem too is actually AVOIDING arrest when exercising your basic human right of self-defense.

      Just like these guys here
      would´ve been arrested in seconds while the Orks would scream and holler.

      • @hans. That’s a pretty amazing video. What’s stunning is that numerous individual Muslims are saying “we’re taking over”, while you can see their community leaders alternately trying to keep them quiet in front of the cameras, and asking the police to remove the protesters.
        I have a lot of problems with the English right wing, because it bleeds quite easily into neo-nazism like what was on display in Newcastle last week, where they burned Israeli flags. It ought to be clear to everyone that if Christians march through a Jewish neighborhood, Jews mostly stay indoors or if they’re angry about it, they will explain they have an equal right to exist and go about their lives. Not to “take over the country.” That’s just insane. The hubris of an immigrant to say that is unthinkable, and bestial.

  3. Pretty much, as you say. It sure is shaping that way.

    The “grooming” of people into non-resisting begins long before any violence is committed. Like in any abusive relationship, the early days are a-ok, with only small, barely perceptible power plays and demeanings. As the person with weak boundaries shows their defenselessness, things escalate tiny bit by tiny bit, false compromise by false compromise, each new agreement only serving as a starting point for a new, slightly bolder assault.

    I’ve been thinking about an interview published on Vlad on the 24th. It shows an Arab reporter talking to one of the young women who had been assaulted along with her friend. Then the interview shifts to the home and the mother is interviewed.

    Reporter: If you could look these two men in the eye, what would you say?

    Mom: I couldn’t say anything. I would attack them.

    Reporter [solicits feelings]: What is hurting you the most in this?

    Mom [more forcefully]: That one now has the feeling, for oneself and others, that one can’t walk the street alone anymore!

    Reporter [barely waits till she is finished, invites her to feel ashamed of herself]: Aren’t you afraid that you may be racist toward many others?

    Mom [obediently retreats, falls back in line]: Yes, sure, sometimes I catch myself as my anger is boiling up, but then I tell myself it can’t be. I mean, they are all humans, no matter where they come from.

    The daughter gets abused on the street with impunity.
    The mother is then subtly intimidated while her acute concern, women’s safety, remains unaddressed. Don’t think this one-two punch isn’t noticed by those watching. Those who are in the know. For the mother, she probably feels that something went wrong in that interview, but tells herself that she must not let her anger get the best of her.

    Sly insult added to obvious injury, in full public view, while the reporter hides behind “solicitude.”

    • Most women appear to believe that moralizing and scolding is sufficient to defend them against harm or anything they don’t like. The younger they are, the worse this belief is.

      I remember being in a cafe once and some teenagers were in there. As they were leaving, this teenage girl said to the teenage guy she was with “I can get you to do anything!”

      My immediate thought in response to hearing this profound delusion was “Yea, we’ll see how well that works once you’re around someone who doesn’t care what you think or say.” Perhaps the guy she was talking to was that person and she was just oblivious.

      We seem to have an entire European population thinking and acting like teenage girls, and the results are going to be significantly worse than date rape.

    • Yes, look up “Learned Helplessness” in any psych text. It’s related to the Stockholm Syndrome. The “beaten wife” learns to be grateful for the tiniest mercy from her perpetual abuser.

      And so is Europa learning to lick the hand that beats her.

      • Well said and articulated Matt..Same goes for your essay..Thank you..”(licking the hand that beats her”)..Perfect observation..

  4. “To see another infamous Ork Rising, you could watch the many security camera videos taken on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, directly in front of the train station and cathedral, but the German police erased all of them.”

    Does this purport to be fact, or fiction? What is the source of the information that “the German police” (which German police?) erase all of “the many security camera videos taken on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, directly in front of the train station and cathedral”. Citations, please.

    • It was published here. It was on a Polish TV panel, if I recall correctly, but there are German-language sources; I’ve seen the translations. We posted about it here when it happened. The Cologne police said that some sort of a malfunction erased the CCTV files for that night. Or something similar; it’s been a couple of weeks since we posted it.

      Mr. Bracken probably read it right here at GoV. As you may have, too, and just forgotten it. Cruise back through the posts between January 5 and January 20 or so; you’ll find it.


      German admin ordered CCTV of Cologne attack, erased

      The discussion was on Polish state TV’s TVP Info channel- in the “Po przecinku” (“After the comma”) program, shown on 9 January 2016.

      The guests were Dr Magdalena El Ghamari, an expert on terrorism from Białystok university and Dr Ryszard Żółtaniecki, a sociologist and former diplomat.

      PS Polish state TV has been the subject of some discussion recently. After the Polish elections last October, won by the right-wing, Eurosceptic “Law and Justice” party, the new government have proposed large changes to the state television, which would see government ministers directly nominating TV chiefs. Previously, the board which nominating the heads of TV was largely composed of liberals, now in opposition. As a result of the proposals, there have been some protests by the opposition, also on the streets, by the “Committee for the defence of democracy”.


  5. “History will regard the once-avoidable Great Jihad of 2016 as the predictable result of one of the most colossally stupid series of decisions ever taken by any group of leaders, anywhere, ever.”

    Great essay!

    There are some of us who already think/know that our “leaders” are the dumbest pieces of you-know-what on the face of the Earth. How anyone can know even a little about the history of the middle east and then observe the events since 9/11 — and yet not “know” that these people have no place in civilized society, other than something of their own making, in their own hell-holes (created by them)? What does it take to achieve moderately low-to-average intelligence and not understand this?

    Sorry — got carried away there! I thank God every day for this site where the truth is told by the brave and the few. God help us. And thank you for providing more reading material by this writer.

    • Sorry, Mariadee. As much as I respect your comments here at GoV, this time I feel I must disagree.

      You state, “There are some of us who already think/know that our ‘leaders’ are the dumbest pieces of…on the face of the Earth.”

      I believe that these “leaders” aren’t stupid: they’re following a completely different agenda. George W. Bush said he was going to “get Saddam Hussein for what he did to my dad”; there was nothing in that original statement (heard my myself on live radio) about WMD, yellow-cake Uranium, or anything else. No awareness of Sunni/Shiite/Druze/Kurd tensions purposely contained within the boundaries of “Iraq” as designed by the British a while back.

      Nope. Bush Jr. had his own agenda.

      Same with Obama. Hope, Change, Blah, Blah: nice slogans for a campaign. But then what happened? Down-grading Christianity at breakfast talks, honoring/reminiscing about the “beautiful chant of the muezzin” in Indonesia??? Being “above the fray” for normal Americans, when we can even get a statement from his press flak? Never gut-engaged but always intellectually removed from the essence of whatever topic is under discussion.

      Always playing chess of some kind, that man.

      I won’t even start on the EU “leaders”; I think everyone here at GoV knows they have their own, anti-European agenda.

      No, not stupid. That’s the problem, right there: slithery self-interested snakes who have to look *up* to a worm’s belly.

      • Yes, exactly. It is time for people to stop calling them stupid as if they don’t know what they’re doing.

        People at this level know exactly what they’re doing. They may miscalculate and fail their objectives, but they fully realize that they are causing serious problems for the average person.

        • There are many different ways of being stupid. Someone like Frau Merkel is obviously not stupid in the traditional sense, but marxist ideology has messed up her head and made her stupid in other areas. It is, in my opinion, stupid to think that the socialist, multicultural utopia ever can be a reality, and it is stupid not tvoc on humankind. But perhaps people like her just doesn’t care anyway. Unfortunately, even being smart provides no guarantee that you will not also be EVIL.

          • It may well be that the #b0-n-krew have ‘sensitive’ material on Mrs Merkel, and are pressing her to comply without a whimper,; recall the hushed-up NSA spying, both domestic and international.

      • YES! YES!
        Free yourself of the belief in their incompetence!

        These “leaders” are everything BUT incompetent, just plain treacherous.

        • Actually, they have a combination of these traits. They’re not stupid, but they’re not as smart as they think they are. And their competence is only for the short term — over the long term, they are far less competent.

          And they make mistakes. The 2015 migrant flood was such a mistake. Yes, the migrants were supposed to come to Europe and supplant the native population. But it was supposed to happen MUCH more slowly — five to fifteen years, not just a year.

          Recep Tayyip Erdogan threw a spanner into the works. He went off-script last summer when he ordered his coast guard and police to stand down from interdicting the smugglers’ boats. That put a huge new pressure on the EU via the Greek islands.

          At that point Angela Merkel and Claude Juncker were in a bind. They could order the boats turned back, even though that might cause some loss of life in rough seas. It would have had the effect of deterring most of the rest.

          But such actions are unthinkable in the PC atmosphere which has absolute dominance over the EU. So Frau Merkel decided to make the best of a bad deal, and tell them “Come on in!” After all, they were supposed to come to Europe anyway — why not let them in a little early?

          Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s working out the way she planned. The premature flood has woken up a lot of people who would have otherwise stayed asleep until the immigrant population was too large to successfully resist. It’s still too early to tell how all this is going to shake out, but it’s obviously not going according to the original plan.

          • Someone turned up the heat too quickly, the frog realized that it was being boiled, and it has started jumping out of the pot.

          • The plan must is adjusted to circumstances (unexpected things can and do happen), but the goals are fixed. I think the fact that the elites often are forced to respond to occurences, and sometimes even have to deviate from the plan, makes it more difficult to spot what the goals actually are.

    • Yeah so many think that the leaders are the dumbest things walking around on two feet, makes you wonder if people think that why are those leaders still in power? I think the people are so brainwashed that they can not think for them selves at all, and are too afraid to say anything, because the stupid left will shoot them down and call them all kinds of names.
      If anyone would look at the middle east and Islam and still proclaim that Islam is peace they need their head examined. Hard to believe that our leaders are still trying to tell us that fairy tail.

  6. “The lesson of Chatham Island is that people who live in comfortable circumstances for enough generations to forget the horrors of anarchy and total war, will often let down their guard to a fatal degree.”

    Western Civilization must relearn the wisdom of its elders. It is an arrogant, and usually fatal, mistake to project your mores onto the Other.

    “What do you expect; after all I am a scorpion.” Aesop

    • I think the last escape exit has already passed for Europe.
      Now, her fate will be a total Ork victory, or a terrible civil war that could stretch for generations. Watch the first two 12-minute segments of the forgotten masterpiece “The Last Valley” to see what is ahead for Europe. Just give the marauders AK-47s, and the picture is complete.
      This movie features Michael Caine and Omar Shariff in the starring roles. Watch it right on your computer screen, at least the first 24 minutes. This is Europe’s fate, only worse, for the alien Ork invaders will have even less mercy in them than the film’s raiders.
      The Last Valley, part one

      • Quite frankly, it wouldn´t hurt if some of the Bolshevik riff-raff gets taken out by the Orks.
        The overwhelming majority of women are also in dire need of a reality check.
        Especially in regard to their own competence when having to deal with a truly archaic male instead of the oh so subservient western male specimen.

        • In fact, modern Feminists who consider themselves strong and independent are much weaker and much more helpless when dealing with real life difficulties (and not imaginary ‘issues’ and ‘challenges’) than quite a lot of women brought up in traditional patriarchal societies that I have known.

      • Thanks for video link. Yes I believe the invaders will soon be supplied with rifles and then comes the total take down. Mass chaos killing and destruction, incl burning of churches, monuments and historical sites, erasing all Western civilization. Invaders will occupy the empty houses of the EU infidels who refused to stand up against these savages. They get what they deserve or is this what they really wanted when the people welcomed the invaders in?

        • “…when the people welcomed the invaders in.” No, “the people” did not welcome the invaders. Some left-wing lunatics and some naive individuals did, but not “the people”. We had no saying in the matter. What I hear people say privately is the very opposite of what you hear from the media. I know that many have already realized the we are heading for disaster, but people are afraid to say anything in public. In several european countries you can now loose your job for saying something critical about islam or muslims or left-wing politicans. And if you have a family to feed, speaking your mind in public is an almost irresponsible thing these days. Just a few days ago I overheard two old men speaking about the situation. I heard one of them say: “it’s all over now”. The other responded: “yes, this the end.” So many do understand what is going on, but we are essentially powerless to do anything about it. The elites who wants this to happen are in TOTAL control.

          • Powerless? I don’t reckon anyone is going to hand you the power to respond to this crisis; you’re likely going to have to stick your hand into the fire and grasp that sword, and it will burn with the anger of the dead soldiers who repelled the Ork Horde the last time around.

            I’m an American in the Pacific Northwest, and I’m watching the chain of events surrounding the Malheur Refuge standoff in Oregon, and I am only seeing this Federalism vs Citizen conflict going over the cliff at this point.

            Nothing for it, straight up the middle, friend. Make your good luck.

      • “I think the last escape exit has already passed for Europe.” So do I, and I’m not looking forward to having to live in this Hell. My question is whether it is too late for USA too? It looks to me like this horrible development is taking place all over the Western World. White, western people have been targeted for extincte in need of “diversity” and “multiculturalism”. Western Civilization are the main obstacle for creating a socialist, multicultural utopia run by a global elite, therefore Western Civilization are to be “deconstructed”. It is apparent that Islam now has emerged as a contender to the future global hegemony, and socialist/islamist agendas are converging for a while. But how are USA to escape from the coming disaster?

        • The poor Morioris, like most of the kids in my class at primary school in NZ, my sympathies were with them–they needed a Te Rauparaha but got Nunuku.
          They were surely not the first, and today’s situation where the western world needs Churchills but only Ghandis are to be found will certainly not be the last.

        • It is not yet illegal in the U.S. for private citizens to purchase and own firearms with which to protect themselves. This is a major difference (I hope!) between us and the majority of European countries, where hunting rifles *only* are permitted to lawful citizens.

  7. The difference between the peaceful upholders of Nanuku’s Law and the present EU elite is that Merkel has no such reservations about being peaceful. She is using the Orks as a weapon against the EU member states in order to overwhelm them so that the national governments will beg Brussels to take the lead and a manage the problem – the problem Brussels deliberately created for the purpose of aggrandizement!

    There is no way the member states will give up their national power (Merkel reasoned) unless they are confronted with a catastrophe whose magnitude is beyond their reckoning to manage.

    Like all those whose reasoning is confined within an endless revolving circle, she didn’t have the imagination to predict a ‘NO’ from the Eastern Europeans, and being apparently sexless herself, she could not imagine what hundreds of thousands of young aggressive men were supposed to do with their sexual drives, added to their view of Western women as whores and easy meat.

    Ir is perhaps not a bad thing that politically correct Westerners are being forcefully shown that there is more to life than sophisticated ennui. There is the real possibility of HELL, to the edge of which they have now blundered.

    • The peaceful upholders of Nanuku’s Law had the excuse of not knowing much history. I suppose that Frau Merkel has learned enough of it at school not to be as naive as a Moriori housewife.

  8. Outstanding job by Mr. Bracken and the Baron for posting. I feel like my veins are replenished with oxygen now.

    • Another invasive pest species in New Zealand:

      Not related to the opossum of North America, the brushtail possum is now hunted as a fur and meat animal as well as being trapped, poisoned, etc. My BFF has travelled to NZ two or three times and come back with bushels of knitting yarn with “possum” content. It feels like cashmere.

      Help eliminate at least one invasive species: buy New Zealand-made yarn with “possum” content. 🙂

      (Note: Firearms are integral these days to the control of the brushtail possum…. ’nuff said?)

    • I grew up in Central Otago, NZ, and spent several school holidays working for the Rabbit Board, gassing and killing rabbits all day, and sometimes stoats which might crawl gasping out of the warren, only to be dispatched with a shovel or the dogs.

      Stoats are typical weasels, cute little killers, and it would be OK if they would just restrict themselves to rabbits, but of course no…. As you say Lady D. they are indeed decimating NZ’s unique bird life, particularly the flightless ones of course. Some of the islands off the North Island have been cleared of all stoats and rats, and are the last hope for many NZ birds.

      Many of NZ’s native birds seem to be holding their own for the time being, but the outlook is not good with predation by not only rats and stoats but also by opossums, and it will be a desperately sad day when the NZ native bush falls silent of the beautiful calls of the tui and bellbird.

  9. I remember reading something about the invasion of the Chathams. As I recall, the Maori had lost the ability to navigate open sea which is why the Moriori were able to live in peace in the first place.
    They became aware of the Chathams, likely due to Maori serving as crew on whaling ships and were immediately interested in these people who they’d destroyed on the mainland.
    They petitioned a captain to transport them to the islands though I don’t recall if they were honest about their intentions or not and then violently took the place once they reached it.

    Another example of pacifism gone wrong by the elders is from ancient Spain. A group of young men from a city wanted to take up arms and go help a neighbouring people against the Romans. The elders, fearful of what may happened betrayed their own young men and told the Romans of the plan.
    The Romans then cut off the hands of the young men creating an entire generation of cripples. I’ve always wondered what happened to the elders who betrayed them.

      • Don’t I know it! Without boring you with the background, I am haunted by events where my brothers in arms and I were sold out in a cheap political deal. At times I still have to catch my anger and haul it back in. It’s a slow, low-level trauma . . . and it does me no good, except that I draw on it to caution young people against the pied pipers of “easy” wars.

  10. Cynthia, you may be right. I find it hard to believe what I’ve read here today, although it certainly hangs together and makes logical sense, so I do pretty much believe it. But I’ve always had that darn idealist streak in me and it’s hard to shove it away — but I’m learning.

    • It *is* a difficult day when one’s natural idealism and optimism must be set aside in the interest of reality.

      It took me from 11 September 2001 through a constant search for WHY? with Puerta de Atocha (Spain), Mumbai/Bombay, Bali, Chechnya, Boston Marathon, you name ’em, until Charlie Hebdo.

      That was the Very. Last. Straw.

      Truth and Reality are strong, non-slippery values. I lament my lost idealism; I still look for it in kids, but mine is kaput. Killed. Dead dead dead by Islamic violence.

      So sorry for us all, but a right understanding of the opposition is essential to our survival, whether as individuals or a civilization.

  11. The situation is bad and deteriorating quickly, but I think a turning point is coming. The only question is how bad it gets before the turn happens. I think the turn will happen before the point of no return.

    First, the media can no longer ignore this. In fact, stung by the mishandling of Cologne, the media is now reporting all kinds of stuff that wouldn’t have seen the light of day. Now we are seeing the media write about trivial problems – the pepper spray girl, the Spandau baths, etc. – that would have been swept under the rug. Publicity strengthens the hand of those who would defend Europe.

    Next, virtually every at-risk European country has a viable nationalist party. Even in Germany, AfD is already polling in the double digits and current events are not all that bad. If Bracken’s forecasts come true – e.g., riots, pillaging, Comanche-style raids, etc – and the establishment political parties don’t get a grip, expect the AfDs of Europe to sweep in the elections. At that point, the EU will be swept aside.

    Finally, once the political leadership changes, then the weight of the numbers and resources comes into play. The rules of engagement can change in ways that truncate the restraints of civil society and level the playing field. Expect tertiary players who have a vested interest in Western Europe’s survival to step up to the plate: Eastern Europe, Russia. If European nationalist governments do not permit the rearming of their citizens, then expect clandestine arms shipments from Russia.

    For example, each European country has a nationalist party. AfD is already polling pretty strong and the situation isn’t nearly as bad as what Bracken suggests is to come.

    • Nothing above will stop a single car bomb, human bomb, or knife attacker from striking. Europe no longer has the initiative. The ball is now in the Islamist court. We all await the first wave of simultaneous detonations. The British Army and intelligence services were not able to stop the IRA in 25 years, we are talking about a few 100 “active IRA.”

      Europe is now facing an army of suicide bombers and shooters. Something worse and harder to eradicate than the IRA, which was never eradicated at all. The young muslim population is centered in key urban areas. Rooting them out will turn European cities into Sarajevo or Grozny.

      I doubt the Europeans have the stomach for it. They will capitulate to Sharia in a series of compromises. Only a great leader can save them now by rallying European fear and pride, and such a person is a double minus ungood in the secular European mind. I could be wrong, but I don’t see a Charles Martel arising in Europe. They are too afraid of Hitler’s shadow.

      • The IRA is not comparable. Towards the end they targeted property not civilians. They wanted autonomy not hegemony.

      • “The British Army and intelligence services were not able to stop the IRA in 25 years, we are talking about a few 100 “active IRA.””

        Only because the powers-that-be were not really opposed to the IRA – had there been the will the IRA could have been wiped out in a week – send in the SAS, no hold barred.

        I don’t know how it will end, who does? But what I do know is that opposition to the elites is growing – reality is waking people up. I have even more confidence in Europeans than you appear to have in the invaders.

      • Given that Germans think that banning the Nazi salute and the words ‘Sieg Heil’ will prevent the repeat of authoritarianism, racism and genocide; they’ve completely missed the boat that one cannot legislate thought, and still have a free society. By trying to create a Pollyannic Socialist Utopia, Germany (and other countries in Europe) have gelded themselves. Leftist Political Correctness vs the Muslim Horde is the whistling, unarmed British bobby vs the IRA’s AR-18s.

      • Those tactics are more effective when it comes to resisting an occupation. To defeat the islamists, do as the Mongols did, and use superior tech and tactics to destroy them all.

        Nobody could deal with the hashasin until they pissed off the Mongols, who promptly sieged their stronghold and killed every last one of them.

        The only trick for Europeans is to summon the will the left has stolen, but I think that will be there.

  12. I hope the EU citizens read this essay and it goes viral. When lawlessness escalates to a certain point, the EU leaders will be given a signal to leave their posts . These former leaders that have handed over their countries to invader leadership establishing sharia law with a caliphate, will hop a jet to S. America to live out their lives. The citizens and the police will be killed off except those that convert by saying a short prayer. The few people I talked to who recently traveled to several countries over there said Europe has deteriorated into a third world slum, London, Brussels with Muslims everywhere.
    Europe has been conquered, and the decadent lazy EU citizens can’t see it happening and don’t seem to care as they see the evidence of crime, rapes, etc. This will change the course of history forever. Will America fall likewise? Canada definitely will fall, with the neo Marxist leader bringing in invaders to the max. How can we stop this invasion as citizens? Problem: Congressmen refuse to listen. They are bought.

  13. Reading through the comments, it seems that people are missing some concepts. Most, if not all, politicians are globalists. They, and their elite masters, believe that they’ll be ok. They’re just importing the replacement labor force for the future. It wouldn’t shock me if some were closet converts already or at least able to “talk the talk.” Lord Rothschild said,roughly, “give me control of the purse strings and I do not care who writes the laws.” The elites selling us out know they won’t be suffering. A little baksheesh goes a long way…

    Personally I am of the belief that masculinity is not dead in Europe. Yes the msm gets to write the narrative right now and use shaming to keep people in line but things are simmering beneath the surface. Look at the emergence of pegida and the Sons of Odin. Who knows what will be the breaking point? Europeans are not disarmed. They may not have ARs and AKs but they do have shotguns and hunting rifles. When the conflagration sets off, it will be ugly, bloody, and protracted. This war has been raging since Mohammed took Medina. Iberia is mentioned in the essay. The brutality of that 700 year conflict is foreshadowing of what lies ahead. Unfortunately the us won’t be there to save Europe this time. We’ll have our own problems to deal with this time. The sellouts have invited in the vipers.

    • We agree. At worst, Europe falls under Islam’s veil. At best, at best mind you, Europe faces an unimaginably brutal civil war, one that was entirely avoidable simply by not inviting in a million new rabid bloodthirsty Orks.

      In Tet, I do speak of the globalists and their long plan to crush the last vestiges of European nationalism and sovereignty. I encourage you to read it if you missed it last month.

      Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive

      • Indeed I have read it. The Tet post was how I found GoV. It’s an excellent summation of the trends that I had noticed but never really drew together.

        One thing in the Europeans’ favor is that Muslims are fairly easy to identify if one is willing to profile. This allows for a successful counterinsurgency but one must have the will to implement the strategy. A note for cautious optimism is the 40% showing for FN in France’s last election. That’s enough of the population to eventually sway things given time but is there enough time?

    • Have read them, and I agree with your predictions. I wish to thank you for these essays. Just a shame our politicians will never bother to read this kind of material.

    • “Europeans are not disarmed”. Not yet, but it is in progress. The UN Small Arms Treaty will take care of that (Obama has also signed the treaty, by the way). And the EU have already started work to implement some of it.

    • Sim: Muslims have hidden rifles and other types weapons in mosques, as the French police found some after the mass killings took place. Problem is they are well hidden and other EU countries haven’t raided the mosques to check for weapons. EU males will have to fight with knives and clubs whatever they can get, and over power them to get their rifles. This fighting could go on for years like past wars. Does the EU have enough alpha males left? Time will tell. I expect mayhem sometime this year. By then the leaders will go in hiding or hop a jet for S. Am.

      • Yes. It is rumoured that Merkel actually has bought a house in Paraguay. The Bush family is also rumoured to have bought land in Paraguay. If this is true, it is an indication that the elites have known a long time ago what’s about to happen. It seems they are going to let us be slaughtered while they live in safety and luxury and sip margaritas or whatever in some tropical hideout.

        • The world today is not the vast place it was even 70 odd years ago….

          Nor is it as safe.

    • “Unfortunately the us won’t be there to save Europe this time…”

      I actually think the situation is much worse than that.

      Recall that since the 1990’s, the US and NATO have consistently intervened on the side of the Islamists. The most prominent example was the bombing of the Serb territories, and the Serb forces during the Bosnian and Kosovo wars. The Serb militias were well on their way to beating the Muslims (and Croats) and creating areas free of Muslim rebels, when the US and NATO engaged in a massive bombing campaign, resulting in the surrender of the Serb forces.

      I have no doubt if indigenous European irregulars were succeeding in any way against the Muslim invaders, the governments involved, particularly Merkel, would call for military actions by other EU countries (Sweden, Holland, England) or NATO (particularly the US and Canada, maybe Turkey). Like in the 1990’s, the actual military actions would be preceded by massive MSM publicity on the sufferings of the Muslim civilians caught in the fighting.

      I actually think a Western militia would have a chance against Muslim invaders, even ones with experience fighting in the Islamic State
      but the largest danger by far is from the intervention of the US and NAT”O.

      • Thank you for the link to the essay; my reading time was vastly rewarded.

        Our military is indeed quite good, but reports to the Secretary of Defense. Our current Sec of Defense has some wild-hared ideas about women fighting on the front lines…. What a doofus! Wouldn’t Arab troops LOVE that?!

        • Yes and no. A bunch of them think they won’t go to heaven if killed by a woman, but on the other hand it provides more opportunities for rape.

      • It has been my conviction for over a decade that the greatest crisis in recent US foreign policy will be the coming civil war in Europe. It has been apparent to many that this war was coming; what will sunder the U.S. will be the decision to ” stand with the Muslims” in Europe, as opposed to the sons of the soil Europeans.

  14. Normally I think this is usually a pretty dumb TV show, but there was an episode or two once that touched on this very issue of population replacement.

    The Aschen are founders of the Aschen Confederation, an alliance of races of which little is known. This makes sense, however, as any race incorporated into the alliance is slowly erased from the face of the galaxy. The Confederation seems to be a collection of races that the Aschen have conquered, or are in the process of gradually conquering.

    The Aschen utilize a genetic weapon that gradually reduces a target species’ ability to reproduce, dropping the birthrate over a period of several years and effectively eliminating the race over a long period of time without their knowledge until the number of the population suitable to the Aschen’s goals is reached. After a society is sufficiently reduced, the Aschen have terraformed victim planets, burying the previous civilization beneath. This is done to create a world suitable for farming, to meet the requirements of the Aschen populace.

    This is not likely the first time that this concept has appeared in science fiction, but probably the first time it has appeared on a TV show. First episode with this aired in 2010.

    • I should add, this seems to be what the EU elites want to do to with ideological weapons to undermine member states while Islam is the opposite: the ideological weapon provides maximum birth rate to overwhelm everyone else.

      • Yes, it’s part of the Ork plan to outbreed the competitions. This allows them to overwhelm a healthy society through numbers, but being Orks, the place quickly becomes a hellhole of war, hunger and catastrophe. So the Orks need to morph into “refugees,” and move to the next valley or the next island, where they can, like the parasite culture they are, feed on a new host. They are a social process that mimics the life cycle of various parasitoid wasps.

          • 3rd time lucky!! SG-1 Season 4 Episode 16

            In an alternate timeline version of the year 2010, the Stargate program has been made public, and they formed an alliance with the Aschen, who helped wipe out the Goa’uld. Soon, Samantha Carter learns that she cannot conceive a child, and suspects the Aschen has something to do with it.

    • The leaders of Earth were promised untold wealth and technology in return for sterilising 30% (60?) of the population. All Doctors were considered obsolete as the Aschen took over all medical procedures meaning that no one competent was in the position to challenge what was going on.
      It turns out that the vaccine causes sterility in 90% of the population.
      By the time this is learned it’s too late to do anything about it. The military has been compromised and even if the invaders were thrown out the planet would still suffer crippling population loss so the invaders would be free to return in a generation or so and do what they want with the survivors.
      This is the agenda that many on on the left subscribe too. Not only promote childless couples but promote mixing with outside groups to compromise the existing cultural identity. To ensure that whatever happens the existing cultural identity cannot survive because of the mass of newcomers. This was stated clearly by the Labour Party in the UK a few years back as a kind of middle finger to the “right wing”. Ideology before culture, before commonsense.

      • The ruling elites want to build a New Elysium for themselves and their heirs. Much of the menial work will be done through AI and robotics. FOR THEM, a very large part of humanity will have become redundant; even undesirable. The environment – the pretty views from their picture windows – carries more weight with them than the lives of unneeded human consumers. They my be using the Islamic Bashi-bazouks ( to facilitate the process. The new sultans will keep things under control for themselves.

        • Sounds like…ah…”organized” units of berserkers given carte blanche; right?

      • I was surprised to see this sort of concept in an episode of a mainstream TV show. It makes me wonder what gave the writer the idea.

        On another note, this part sounds rather familiar:

        “The plan is agreed upon, and Sam travels to a small Minnesota cabin to enlist the aide of Jack O’Neill. The retired colonel is unwilling to help, though — he had opposed the Aschen alliance from the beginning, but everyone (including Carter) shut him down.”

    • If I can add my two cents, it seems to me that as long as a country or region maintains strong boundaries, it doesn’t need to engage in a birthrate contest. Israel is right next to a lot of the countries supplying “refugees” to Europe, and yet Israel has no problem with invasions of its territory. The migrants are perfectly aware that the Israelis will kill them before allowing them to enter, and they turn elsewhere.

      They tested the resolve of the Israelis a few years ago, a few civilians got killed testing the borders, and that was that. The death total was far below the number of drownings in any month.

  15. Secular progressivism is finished. Either Islam or some form of ethnonationalism will prevail.

  16. There is nothing wrong in wanting and promoting peace. Its part of what being civilised is. But…… when you are attacked, you MUST defend yourself. Even plants defend themselves, e.g. nettles, roses, poisonous plants. The humans who keep “turning the other cheek”, are doomed to defeat, and are less than vegetables.

  17. Of course “history” will forgive the current gaggle of European leaders. It will be written by the invaders.

    • If they convert, yeah. If they flee or die, they will be mocked in Islamic history as the stooges and/or traitors they are.

  18. “You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” Ayn Rand

  19. I am a day late for this discussion, yesterday must have been my day for political news. I do thank Matt Bracken for his excellent work. I would like to add a reference to Dr. Bill Warner’s 1400 year, dynamic 548 battle map. The series of progress maps very clearly shows an Islamic advance against societies far more advanced than their own; Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, north Africa, then eventually to Spain, Austria and India. It may be that more advanced peoples have more advanced moral codes, more individualism and too seldom recognize the threat of primitive tribalism. The 1400 year map series proves every bit of the Alienork story.

  20. Randers: We still have the guns and hopefully more alpha males than in the EU, which has almost none. Civil war could take place here, but not any time soon. Some US cities are settlements like in Dearborn MI, Nashville, Philadelphia, Wash. DC, Chicago, Dallas, S.F., etc. Some of these cities have experienced problems.

    • Among the cities you list, I can only speak to San Francisco. S.F. does *not* in fact harbor the highest % of Muslim-identified residents in the S.F. Bay Area. Nope, not even close.

      Every time something “anti-Islamic” happens in the Bay Area, we hear from CAIR in San Jose about how the horrible thing was a result of not understanding the beauty (or whatever…) of Islam.

      The Muslim population of Santa Clara County (San Jose) was est. at 10.6% in 2010 at

      The Muslim population of some other Bay Area counties (in the same study) was est. at:

      –San Mateo County, 6.2%
      –San Francisco (City & County), 8.3%
      –Marin County, 4.4%
      –Solano County, 8.1%
      –Contra Costa County, 9.5%
      –Alameda County (Oakland & Berkeley; also Fremont), 19.8%

      I’m sure the website can be used to learn (5-year-old) data about religious affiliation elsewhere in the U.S.

      (I note that adding up all the Eastern Orthodox affiliations in Alameda County gives less than 3%–amazing, since there are so many Russian-, Greek-, and other speakers at the U. of California Berkeley. Contra Costa County, right next door, totals approx. 2% Eastern Orthodox.)

  21. “Anarchy”

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    Mr Bracken:
    Surely you recognize that the earlier situation described above, and that of Europe and N America is due not to a lack of government (anarchy) but could and does only occur Because Of Government. The people who rightly recognize the peril Are Restrained From Acting By Government. In All Cases. Under Penalty Of Law.

    Thank you.

  22. Alex MacColl references Dr. Bill Warner’s dynamic battle map that comes from Dr. Warner’s website, “Political Islam”. Here’s the link to the YouTube video titled “Why We Are Afraid” – The video is about 45 minutes long. The battle maps start about 10 to 12 minutes into his lecture. It is very informative and was one of the early lectures I watched about the threat of Islam. It certainly got me hooked on the study of Islam and the counter-jihad and led to my on-going devotion to Gates of Vienna

  23. Yet another example of islanders being wiped by invaders are the Gaunches. Never heard of them? Me neither. The rumor? is they were tall blonde and blue eyed and lived on the Canary Islands in the Atlantic but the Spanish wiped them out in the early 1400s.

    They were genetically related to the Berbers and they theorize they came from North Africa with pigs and goats and wheat but surprisingly did not utilize the resources of the sea much.
    It was not a case of their pacifism and idealism allowing a smaller more aggressive tribe to exterminate them, it was simply the Spanish had more sophisticated weaponry.
    What is interesting, I am no geneticist, but it looks like only 6% of the male genes made it through, whereas 30% of the female genes made it thorough the Spanish conquest.

    This would confirm the idea that conquerors generally kill all the men and [have relations with] the women. So for women, a civilizational change is not THE END, it is just a different guy.

    • A book called “The Fates of Nations” from back in the 80s has an interesting take on all this, the author looks at things from what is today I guess a taboo, something like behavioral population genetics. He calls the Mongols “human lemmings”. The downplaying or even editing out entirely of the Mongol invasions I think is central to the construction of the insipid “PC” world view (Jared Diamond omits entirely the Mongols from “G,G,&Steel).

      Surveying birth rates around the world is another key indicator–among the highest are Palestine West Bank and Afghanistan.

  24. Two cents from a non-Muslim girl in India. When I first read about some European countries welcoming migrants I knew within a generation’s time they will be cursing their leaders. Looks like we won’t even have to wait for a generation to witness that.
    Firstly, no matter what country you are, you should never allow poor migrants in your country. Migrants can be good but only if they are of high quality, can adjust in the welcoming country, in small numbers and on a temporary basis. Arab countries allow migrant workers. But they never give them citizenship. Why? Because if they did, the national religion of UAE would be Hinduism and national language Hindi. It is common sense! Letting in migrants in large number who have a high fertility rate will eventually result in a change in demographics, a population shift towards the migrant community.
    Secondly, allowing Muslims in your country is not bad, bad decision. People can go on and on about “religion of peace” but point out 10 countries in world where significant Muslim population exists and there isn’t extremism. Congo, Japan, Russia etc. are countries you won’t associate with Islam but even these countries have faced extremism. The truth is that there exist schools of Islam that advocate annihilation of non-believers. There exists a strong link between Islam and these acts. It is not that people from other religions don’t do sick acts. It is just that they don’t find justifications for those acts in Bible, Gita,Tohra or teachings of Buddha.
    Thirdly, allowing economic migrants? Congratulations! You just made sure that generations of people will be plagued by high crime rates (I don’t think one needs to explain the link between crime and poverty), not even counting the terrorist attacks.
    In India, there is this woman Mamata Bannerjee who is allowing, nay encouraging Bangladeshi (Muslim) migration because they provide a secure vote bank. The result is increased crime rates, increased radicalization (Muslims in smaller population generally don’t radicalize) etc. A Catholic nun was gangraped by Bangladeshi Muslim men. Maybe you can research a bit about the effect of Muslim population in West Bengal where such foolishness has been replicated

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