Lisa M’s Story: “There Were Thousands of Hands Everywhere”

Below is another first-hand account of what happened in the Hauptbahnhof in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this interview from FOCUS Online:

“As my best friend fell to the ground, immediately four men pounced on top of her”

The outrage is huge after the attacks in Hamburg and Cologne. Young men surrounded, robbed and molested women during the night. FOCUS Online spoke to one victim about what happened.

FOCUS Online: How did you experience the Silvester night?

Lisa M (name changed): As we arrived at the main train station, we immediately noticed the huge mass of men, but nothing had yet happened. But as we got onto the escalator, it started. My friend who was walking in front of me lost it and started to wildly flail with her arms and hands kick with her feet. My other friend behind me was crying and screaming. The men just poked their fingers into everything.

We tried to get out of that mass as quick as possible, and went to a platoon of cops who were standing there around the corner. We just wanted to leave. The cops then walked through the station, but of course we couldn’t remember what the men even looked like that touched us everywhere. There were so many. And it wasn’t just one hand here and there; no, there were thousands of hands everywhere.

FOCUS Online: There are many reports that the perpetrators were mostly foreigners. What do you think?

Lisa M.: As we got back on the train around 4am, the whole train was packed with foreigners. And even before at 12:30 am, all the men who attacked us looked like foreigners.

FOCUS Online: What do you think those men wanted from you?

Lisa M.: Obviously, theft wasn’t the main thing on their minds. Nobody tried to get at our bags. They specifically aimed to touched us. And not just one hand on your butt or something; they stuck fingers into everything they could. There was absolutely no possibility to escape the train station without going through this.

FOCUS Online: What happened to you then?

Lisa M.: One of my friends, the one that cried and screamed, wanted to get back home right away. She ended up sitting on the ground next to a doorman at the party where we went. She wanted to get a taxi, but there wasn’t a taxi that dared to come that close to the train station. Finally the doorman summoned her to the taxi.

FOCUS Online: How was the situation at the main train station in the meantime?

Lisa M.: As we went to the train station, the escalator was completely full of men. My best friend fell down and immediately four men pounced on top of her. I was able to pull her out of the pile with the help of a security man who just happened to come by when his shift ended, and we got on the train really fast. But only after the doors closed, I realized: Even in here it was packed with men. The security man guarded us in the train, but I still got harassed and molested, my arm was grabbed, my hair got touched.

FOCUS Online: What do you think of how the police acted?

Lisa M.: The police were standing really close by and they immediately formed a group to help us after we stood in front of them crying. And I believe that we were the first ones who reported these attacks.

As we got back to the train station around 4am, there was not a single cop left in sight. Between the Dome [cathedral] and the waiting room there stood one cop car, but right in front of the main train station there was nobody.

The masses of men were simply infinitely frightening, even hours afterwards on the train home. There wouldn’t even have been enough police to handle this. I felt like I was in a foreign country: totally alien and extremely unsafe.

FOCUS Online: The Spring Festival is coming up. What will you do? Will you do the same you did on Silvester?

Lisa M.: We will never go to the main train station again on such days. If I can avoid it, I will simply not go to Cologne anymore altogether, and especially not in the evenings. I am avoiding masses of people and gatherings and I won’t go to any more parties or events here.

FOCUS Online: Has there been a change in your daily routine now? How do you deal with what happened?

Lisa M.: Well, for instance, if back home I got to go to the supermarket, I first look around at who-all’s inside to see who’s there and whatnot. There are smaller groups of men that have gathered there too in the past. So now I am more mindful and I check out my surroundings carefully. I’d rather leave and go back home, when there are too many men standing around together.

FOCUS Online: What do you think of increased video surveillance in Cologne?

Lisa M.: Basically I think that’s a good thing, more surveillance, but I will under no circumstances go to the Spring festival. I don’t believe any of us will. And that despite the fact that we really would have liked to, and have done so in the past.

I believe that against these masses even the police didn’t have a chance. They simply didn’t have enough personnel.

FOCUS Online: Mayor Reker suggested the publishing of a code of behavioral conduct for young women. What do you think?

Lisa M.: That isn’t so wrong, but it wouldn’t have helped one bit at Silvester night. To flail your arms and try to hit around you was the best alternative, because we could see that the men didn’t expect these kinds of reactions from us. We also couldn’t get any help from strangers, there was nobody that could have helped us, there was no one. Everything went way too fast, and they were way too many. If we hadn’t have hit out with our arms and defended ourselves, then probably worse would have happened.

FOCUS Online: Did you file a police report?

Lisa M.: No, because in my opinion it’s useless. I can’t identify the perpetrators ,anyway; there were simply too many. And also it really would be too hard for me to go through it all again and live through all the details again.

6 thoughts on “Lisa M’s Story: “There Were Thousands of Hands Everywhere”

  1. What is new about this is the scale of the events.Immigration has produced disorder and the corruption of civil society for years now.This is especially so in Nord Rhein-Westfalen, in the towns of the Ruhr.Over a year ago Soren Lock,the young socialist Mayor of Duisburg,was warning of the social disorder his town faced.
    The whistle was blown recently by Tania Kambouri,a police Inspector (the rank of Lieutenant in the USA),who is of ethnic Greek descent.She patrols Bochum near Essen and reports what are effectively no go areas.She says male immigrants have no respect,especially for women.She blames it on `social romanticism and uncritical multiculturalism`.
    (Search out *Tania Kambouri Bochum* on the web and youtube.)
    See:”The Outcry of a Young Police Woman” : Die Welt:-

  2. Were they just “men”? I would assume that on a Saturday, after FC Koln or Bayer Leverkusen play a home game, the trains are also full of “men” – do they also behave like this? As for them being “foreigners” – Were they Poles? Chinese? Maybe Japanese?

    Even after an incident on this scale, it seems that people are reluctant to address the true nature of the problem – and in doing so, throw suspicion on even bigger groups of people. Ironically, while wanting to avoid being seen as “stereotyping”.

    • They were Muslim men. As green infideal says, let’s be super clear about that one indisputable fact.

  3. It’s incredible that the German Police have evolved into [milquetoasts] – they could see 100-over German women being assaulted and they just stood by. Where was the army that night – cowering in the bunkers too ? This is a NATO army that’s supposed to stop the Russians ?
    The mongrels should start their probe-fest in Shanghai and Moscow as well : that would be fun.

    No wonder Americans are buying up to 3 million guns a month – the civil and national defense organizations have been compromised, as evident during the recruitment centre shootings. Europeans also need to realize that citizens are on their own – their governments have been infiltrated by Traitors.

    • The West has become morally and spiritually weak, if not impotent. It is richer than ever, it has lots of weapons and lots of everything. But its men have become weak neurotics incapable of defending their women, their country and even themselves. Its women have also become neurotic and though they try to feel “strong” and “independent”, they can intimidate only their Western menfolk, but are helpless when they encounter aggression from Muslims or some other hardy people from the Third World. (Not just men. I do not think any German lady can win in a slanging match a spirited Chechen housewife.)

      This is the direct result of the deChristianisation of the West. Christian faith was the source of life and force Christian peoples, Christian morality made society safer and more comfortable for women and children than any other traditional society. Christian asceticism preserved people’s vigour, fortitude and courage.

      The modern West lost this source of life. It lost its spiritual purpose and wasted all its energy on creating a materialistic “paradise”. It managed to amass unprecedented wealth and provide unprecedented comfort for its population, but its core is rotten and it all begins to crumble.

      Islam is a crude and cruel religion. Compared to Christianity, it is almost savage. But it is alive and it gives enough force and purpose to its adepts for a victory over the decaying hedonistic West.

  4. Lisa MUST file a report. Every abused woman must. The police needs to be absolutely flooded with the truth, and then Germany can flood Merkel right out of power with it! Precise identification of the perps is probably impossible, but identification of the groups, as many women already have, will help change the crazy immigration policy.

    Instead, Lisa has restricted her lifestyle, as many women now will. And the worst of that is that in the future the police can then say ‘it all went well and was quiet’, not mentioning the lack of women at the festivals.

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