Jihad in Philadelphia

Update 4:30pm: The name of the suspect is Edward Archer, and according to Philly.com, his mother says he has been a devout Muslim for a long time. She also says that he is mentally ill, but the two conditions are not mutually exclusive. After all, Mohammed heard voices, too.

I wonder what his other name is? The media will never tell us. Since this is Philly, he may be associated with the Nation of Islam or one of its offshoots, in which case he is probably Jamal Abu Malik Shabazz or some such.

Update 1:50pm: According to the WaPo, the perp had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State. Still no name given.

When I first saw this news story this morning, I thought it must be a “Black Lives Matter” spinoff — Philadelphia, white cop, late at night, attempted execution. But now it seems to be something else. According to the latest reports, the suspect (who was shot by the cop and is now in custody while being medically treated), did it in the name of Islam.

No name has been given yet, so I can’t calculate the Mohammed Coefficient of the case.

Here’s the latest from The New York Daily News:

Man Suspected in Philly Cop Shooting Says “Islam’ Was Motive

The gunman suspected of shooting a Philadelphia cop through the window of his squad car admitted to the attempted “execution” and claimed he did it in the name of Islam, according to local media.

Police have not released an official motive in the Thursday night attack and have not said if they are investigating it as terrorism.

Officer Jesse Hartnett suffered a broken arm and nerve damage during the harrowing ambush, but was able to fire back at his assailant. The attack was caught on surveillance video, which showed the shooter fire more than a dozen times as he advanced toward the cop’s car until he was next to the driver’s side window.

Hartnett was shot three times. The 33-year-old has served on the police force for about five years, his aunt Cynthia Hartnett told the Daily News Friday. He is expected to make a full recovery.

“He’s OK. He’s going to be OK,” she said.

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20 thoughts on “Jihad in Philadelphia

  1. As usual the MSM (the government media complex) leaves out or omits ‘important’ or ‘relevant’ factors and information. Thus we can be assured that Islam in any form had absolutely nothing to do with this assault on the police officer. The Mayor is already blaming the ‘gun’, not the perpetrator.

    • Yahoo has it on their top stories. Mentioning ISIS. They never did a story on Cologne at all, or buried it waay back down.

    • Since just about any crime( MURDER) done by muslims always has a story from SOME relative of the perp , saying HOW mentally ill they are.

      WELL…… JUST maybe the mentally ill muslims will be turned over to the FBI by their health care professional so they cannot LEGALLY PURCHASE a gun.

      Will NOT stop them from buying guns, however!

  2. Weeeell a squad car is a policeman’s workplace so this can easily be classified as workplace violence.

  3. The mother

    “She said her son is devout Muslim who has practiced the faith “for a long time.”

    The jihadi himself
    “Capt. James Clark, homicide unit commander, said suspect Edward Archer, told detectives: “I follow Allah. I pledge my allegiance to the Islamic state. That is why I did what I did.”
    “He confessed to committing this act in the name of Islam,” Ross said at a news conference Friday afternoon.”

    But the Philadelphia Mayor says
    It has nothing to do with islam.
    “Philadelphia Mayor: Shooting of cop in name of Islam had “nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith””

    • It has nothing to do with islam, Really, and what planet does this mayor live in. Or is he just another chicken to call Islamic for what it is.

      • He lives on a planet where lobbying organizations like Al Aqsa can buy loyalty pledges from politicians. He signed one.

    • We always hear how ‘devout ‘ and ‘pious’ these Muslim perpetrators are, is this a measure of how radical they are?

    • Whew, thank heaven for such a mayor. At least the democratic residents of Philly feel safer now…

  4. All Democrats after an attack of any kind by a Muslim

    “Islam has nothing to do with Islam”.

    “Muslims have nothing to do with Islam”.

  5. How long can the authorities withstand this ridicule? They are becoming the butt of late night comedy shows. They are becoming first class fools. They are being laughed-at around water coolers. Cartoons. Graffiti, Funnies…are all spoofing these morons. Do the progressives simply insist for a hundred years and on their gravestones that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam?

    Maybe we are all wrong. The rest of us should insist on modifications in the Koran so that it is congruent with these elitist views. “We want to help our liberal friends get their views accepted.”

    We should therefore release a modified “Progressive Koran” and see how the bonafide Muslims accept it. Take out all the stuff about jews and pigs and apes and looking behind the tree and smiting the necks. Attribute it to some of our friends on the left. Everyone will be happy, n’est ce-pas?

  6. The mayor Kenney standing in front of reporters declared the attack “was nothing to do with islam” after a police official had just said the shooter had declared himself to be a muslim and a supporter of Islamic State. People like Kenney are living in a fantasy world of denial. As the body count rises from killers inspired by the teachings found in Islam’s holy book, they cling to the ludicrous notion that when a muslim says they were inspired by their religion, they weren’t. Apparently Kenney and other liberals knows better.

    • While the mayor is obviously either a liar or an idiot in denial, I was struck by how upfront the police officials were in stating in no uncertain terms that the perp declared that his crime was committed because of Islam and in the name of Islam. At least on the part of police officials there was absolutely no wobbling or BSing on this issue. I get the feeling that those on the front lines, or close to it, are rapidly losing their patience with the nonsense from the press and politicians.

      How people can believe that someone who is so orthodox and obsessed with Islam that he attempts to dress like Mohammad originally did based on scriptural descriptions and otherwise attempts to emulate the behavior of Mohammad, the founder of Islam, in every way would somehow fail to understand the “true Islam” is just beyond all credibility. But when idiots and liars keep claiming that Abu bakr al Baghdadi, with his multiple degrees in Islamic studies, somehow fails to understand the “true Islam”, the standard dialogue has become as absurd as claiming that Stephen Hawking doesn’t understand the “true physics”.

    • And of course CAIR is rushing forward to ensure the fantasy survives until they have secured enough power to enforce their goal: “Jacob Bender, the executive director of the Philadelphia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an advocacy group, said he contacted about five inner-city mosques and found no one who knew of Archer. He said at this point, the motive still appears to be conjecture. “I think the important point is not to lay the blame for this on the entire Islamic community,” he said.“
      Taquiyah anyone…………

  7. I’m very glad the officer survived and I pray for his full recovery. Donald Trump must be very, very grateful because the headlines from Europe and the US are chock full of strong evidence to support his call for a moratorium on Muslim immigration; Obama, Hillary Clinton and the rest of their craven ilk must be mutter curses that the chickens have come home to roost a bit ahead of schedule.

    • While I would never wish a terror attack on anyone, I think it is true to say any further Islamic terror attacks on the homeland during 2016 will sink Hilary Clinton’s chances for the presidency.

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