Jihad Attack on French Soldiers

That’s not how the English-language media described yesterday’s car-ramming incident in the French town of Valence. In fact, the MSM made sure to leave the impression that the attack was most likely Islamophobic in nature, and the soldiers guarding the mosque got in the driver’s way before he could damage the mosque or hurt any Muslims. (See articles: The Daily Mail, Fox News, the BBC, France24.)

However, the following news report from French TV tells a different story. The driver is not only identified as a “North African”, but he is said to have been screaming… well, take a wild guess as to what he screamed… as he rammed the soldiers.

Many thanks to Sassy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:01   The nature of the attack and the intended target raise serious questions.
0:05   This afternoon, in Valence, a man rammed his car into soldiers
0:09   stationed in front of the city’s great mosque. The soldiers opened fire,
0:13   critically injuring him. Our reporters tell the story.
0:17   The scene was captured on a mobile phone camera.
0:26   The soldiers attempt to stop the car and its driver.
0:30   The man tries to escape but ends up in a ditch.
0:37   ”Is he dead? Yes, yes, he is dead.”
0:45   Just before 3:00 p.m., the man barreled this red car
0:49   toward four soldiers guarding the mosque
0:53   during ‘Operation Sentinel’. In front of them
0:57   a North-African man in his thirties rushes them
1:00   twice with his car. According to many witnesses,
1:04   he was screeching ALLAHU AKHBAR.
1:08   One of the soldiers fired his weapon during the second assault,
1:12   after warning and ordering the man to stop his vehicle.
1:16   He aimed first at the man’s arm, then his leg, taking
1:20   care not to hit his vital parts and thus, disabling the man.
1:24   One soldier is slightly wounded in the leg, and
1:28   a 72-year old retiree was hit in the calf by a stray bullet.
1:32   The assailant’s condition is not life-threatening.
1:36   Investigators have not spoken with him but are looking
1:40   for a prior psychiatric history. No weapon was found in the car.
1:44   The Department of the Interior and Defense issued a statement
1:48   expressing full support for the 10,000 soldiers on protection
1:52   duty at all sensitive sites.

15 thoughts on “Jihad Attack on French Soldiers

  1. This is very offensive to all muslims in the world.
    To put several gunshots to a muslim who is praising his God with his ‘AA’ is a utterly blasphemous action from infidel soldiers.
    Must the burn in hell!

    /sarc off.

  2. Why on earth is the French government devoting scarce military resources to guard a mos[que]. Just another respect in which governments in the West are either utterly clueless about how to deal with the muslim threat (Hollande probably belongs in this category) or openly colluding with muslims to destroy Judeo-Christian civilization (unquestionably obama).

  3. At 1:43, what appears to be the license plate on the back (front?) of the car reads “CA-142-FG”, but reversed as in a mirror image. What explains this? Do some cars in France have mirror-reversed license places, like the word AMBULANCE that appears in reverse on the front of ambulances, so as to be easily identified by drivers seeing an emergency vehicle in their rear-view mirror?

    • Curious. At 1.32 in the video you get a pretty clear shot of the rear number plate, this time the right way round. The “CA” is however slightly obscured.
      Wonder if the French TV decided to reverse the images when the licence plate was easily readable for fear of a … gulp! …..backlash?
      Don’cha just love conspiracy theories?

      • Many years ago, when working for my college newspaper, I learned some of the rules for page layout. One of the general rules was that on the front page, a photo of person should be arranged with its back to the margin and its face towards the center of the page. On the inner pages, they should face inwards towards the fold. This was to draw the reader’s eye towards the center of the texts. If required, photos were “flopped” — mirrored horizontally — even if it meant the mole was on the wrong cheek and the hair was parted on the wrong side — in order to achieve the desired effect.

        Maybe TV video editors have some sort of similar rule for combining their clips.

        • Possibly, but it still looks more likely a ridiculously inept and lazy attempt by French TV to obscure the licence plate. I think there is info in the number which denotes the vehicle’s town and even locality, something like that. Maybe the video editor didn’t have time to do a pixelation job on it, so hit the flip-screen button instead.
          Vlad the video-impaler would probably know.

        • In France, you can’t show brands of private companies on TV shows, it would be considered as commercial messages.
          So they flop the videos.

          They did it here because the brand “Peugeot”, and the logo (a lion) can be easily seen on the back of the car.

      • In general, I think, French TV has this habit of using this technique where they reverse pictures so as to obscure and make unrecognizable, commercial logos, for instance.

  4. “Police Checking to see if there is any history of mental illness..”

    Of course there was. He’s a muslim isn’t he!

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