“Italy Doesn’t Want Them Any More” — But the Parish Priest Disagrees

Below is a video report about a recent culture-enriching incident in Italy. A Pakistani molested a 14-year-old girl in a neighborhood of Salerno. The angry locals tried to lynch the perpetrator, who holed up in the asylum center until the police arrived.

The parish priest, however, is more tolerant and inclusive about the “outsiders”. He hopes for better “integration”. He even believes that “by their presence they enrich us”.

Many thanks to par0 for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

See the news article from Corriere del Mezzogiorno (in Italian) for more.


0:34   Do they live here? — Yes, they do.
0:37   They don’t make trouble do they? Do they bother you?
0:41   Until today, no. The neighbourhood doesn’t want them any more.
0:47   This is the third or fourth time that this has happened, and yesterday…?
0:53   No, yesterday I was working when I saw that one in front of me.
0:59   but the area (??) because there are many young girls, many little girls, and it’s continuous,
1:06   in the bus, from the balcony.
1:10   Have there been other episodes that worried you?
1:14   Yes, they took photos of the young girls on the bus.
1:18   One girl saw her photo on a telephone,
1:21   and a guy on the bus, let’s say, accosted her on the bus,
1:30   and told the young girls, “Let’s meet up later.”
1:35   (incomprehensible)
1:40   Are these old stories or have they happened other times?
1:44   As far as I know this is the third or fourth time. We have already been up there before
1:49   to discuss this with them. — The neighbourhood says “enough, we don’t want you here any more”?
1:53   No we don’t — but not just the neighbourhood — Italy doesn’t want them any more.
2:00   They must go.
2:05   They must do something about those upstairs, send them away.
2:10   Yes, following other episodes, at this moment
2:17   surely everything tells us that we must try to pay more attention to local sensibilities of the area.
2:28   Surely the events that have happened have to be condemned,
2:35   and are not excusable in a civilization like ours.
2:40   Our area is a difficult one.
2:43   It’s a neighbourhood that lives with many difficulties, an area in which integration is difficult.
2:48   Obviously this makes me think that our efforts should redouble.
3:01   and I wait to hear all the details about this event,
3:06   of what happened yesterday evening,
3:09   to see what assistance I can offer on behalf of my parish.
3:15   It seems to me that it is mainly the young who show this level of intolerance towards these refugees?
3:22   Yes, certainly I noticed that, speaking to them, meeting up with them.
3:29   At times this is evident in the young, but I believe it also derives from the family situation they come from,
3:37   that doesn’t educate them to welcome or tolerate strangers.
3:41   It seems that the “other” is always a threat,
3:46   and it is true that there are difficult situations.
3:50   It’s true that sometimes, hearing the young peoples’ comments,
3:54   it seems that whoever comes from outside wants to steal, but they don’t steal anything.
4:04   I am of the opinion that instead they give us something; even by their presence they enrich us.
4:11   Possibly this incident has something to do with what happened in Cologne on New Year’s Eve,
4:17   and that they thought something similar would happen here.
4:20   Do you think this might have influenced the people of Matiemo?
4:23   Sometimes yes, sometimes the news reports are blown out of proportion,
4:29   but I don’t think we are at those levels.
4:32   But I must say that at a parish level we are trying to move forward to better integrate these outsiders.
4:41   Yesterday, indeed — I am upset that this incident happened on the same day
4:45   that we were offering lunch to people who were on their own,
4:48   people whom nobody welcomes.
4:51   We offered a lunch in the church of San Giovanni a Capelle,
4:58   where volunteers served people in the parish prepared food,
5:01   for people on their own. They chatted with them and made them feel welcome after Christmas,
5:08   because at Christmas everyone does something.
5:11   Yes, indeed, because with our parish “Caritas” we attempt to welcome, integrate and then
5:22   as an educating community, because we want to be close to the families.
5:27   We try to intercept these young people, to get them interested in something,
5:30   get them involved in healthy activities.

36 thoughts on ““Italy Doesn’t Want Them Any More” — But the Parish Priest Disagrees

  1. Speaking as a Bishop, I think this “Priest” is a disgrace…..
    Who would want to go to his Church?

  2. Every country has it’s lunatics, and this is proof.
    “By their presence, they enrich us…” Mother of Christ!

  3. p.s. “We try to get them interested in something…”
    I don’t believe this idiot! They ARE interested in something–your little girls–and boys, no doubt!

  4. Good to see priests fulfilling the role they were ordained for. Umm, “including”, “embracing” and defending those of faiths implacably hostile to the Catholic Church is the core business of the church isn’t it?

    • Perhaps he is above petty tribalism & more in tune with the spirit of Pope Francis & the church under his guidance, protecting the weak sinner from the rough justice of his parishioners?

      In times of tribulation, the spirit of humanity by its lonely presence shines ever brighter, although the natural instinct is brute violence.

      Who knows, the way of the Samaritan, rather than the Pharisee, may see a soul going over to St Peter.

  5. Priest: “It seems to me that it is mainly the young who show this level of intolerance towards these refugees?
    Interviewer: “Yes, certainly I noticed that, speaking to them, meeting up with them.”
    Priest: “At times this is evident in the young, but I believe it also derives from the family situation they come from, that doesn’t educate them to welcome or tolerate strangers. [Ahh, the families of the Sicilian intolerants are to blame: for not properly “educating” their young!]

    3:41 It seems that the “other” is always a threat [Boilerplate rubbish straight out of the Said/Tariq Ramadan playbook]
    3:46 and it is true that there are difficult situations.
    3:50 It’s true that sometimes, hearing the young peoples’ comments, it seems that whoever comes from outside wants to steal, but they don’t steal anything. [Oh really? You know this? How?]

    • “The Other” used in this way is a worn-out notion that was pushed by the Frankfurt School (though its philosophical roots go back to Hegel) and was trendy in academese decades ago. Those who use it today no doubt think it conveys intellectual sophistication and deep thoughtfulness, but it’s really just in intellectually lazy and pretentious way of saying “I’m more tolerant than you — and I went to college!”

    • If the kids have more of a clue than the parents/grandparents, there is hope.
      This is a trend I’ve also noticed often in real life.

  6. The world will implode — quite possibly into WWIII — because we cannot agree. The gap between liberals and conservatives, and all the nuances in between, is so huge that it will take a supernatural being to bring the two sides together and restore peace. I’m sorry for the child, but there will be many, many more casualties as fear and anger overwhelms all of us. As the Polish interview noted, “This is just the tip of the spear.”

    • Unfortunately, some are intent on stoking the fires & pouring more fuel on to the pyres of WW3, as if they are on a demented cause of righteousness.
      There are plenty of misguided seekers of rough justice on all sides, creeds, colours & ideological codes.

  7. God save us from muddle-headed clerics. Pope Leo XIII said it’s a perfectly natural thing to love your own people, but that voice of sanity has been lost in political correctness.

    • Loving your neighbour, as yourself, is probably more edifying, though reserved for the elect of humanity.

  8. This superficial, patronising nonsense about rejecting “the Other” is really starting to get on my wick (that’s a polite English expression Baron, Mum used to use it). It is mostly the young who have the problem with these migrants because it is the young who deal regularly with them when they are not on their best behaviour in front of Italian grownups.

    I love what Dr Habib Malik (A Christian Professor from Lebanon) said about “the Other”:~ “Yes we must be open to learning from the Other, but this includes times when we find that at the moment the Other has nothing helpful to teach us.”

    • The young have had political correctness imposed upon them and they bear the brunt of the impact. Right thinking older people have a duty to help them by taking on and defeating the rabid Marxist usurpers.

    • At one time “Other” had a specific resonance…and it was a “versus” context – making of your interlocutor an “Other” rather than an “It”. Buber used the term in “I and Thou”…iirc.

      You can find pdf versions of the book online.

    • Parents were once young, they too faced the harshness of youth, though their children like to think that they are the first ones to ever experience real life.

      Many carry on their juvenile impulsiveness into a stage of life where they should know better, the savage “kidults” being the latest manifestation.
      A more balanced “older & wiser.”

      With regard to the “the Other has nothing to teach us” – on one level it is easy to agree & become frustrated. However, I think that we can learn all our lives, & perhaps our frustration “of nothing to learn” diminishes ourselves further into the mire.

      I think that ALL humans, even my foes on the “Other” side, bar a tiny sociopathic minority, have a spark of potential creative goodness, ready for effulgence. Naturally all of us can & do revert to the base “Caveman” occasionally.

      • “…Naturally all of us can & do revert to the base “Caveman” occasionally…”

        Some groups in particular, notably in the Middle East, make a habit of it , so much so that non-paleolithic behaviours and attitudes become an exception rather than the rule.

  9. Pakistani men have a history in Britain of targeting and grooming young girls.
    So nothing here is surprising or unexpected.

      • Yes, Mr. Straw’s antics. Regrettable isn’t it?

        However it’s statistically insignificant. (Number of non-muslim males committing sex offences / number of non-muslim males ) is significantly LESS than (number of muslim males committing sex offences/ number of muslim males) in the 18-50 y.o. cohort..

        This is true not just for the UK but Sweden, Norway, Denmark etc. Quite a reurring theme.

  10. I’d just like to leave a quote for this very intelligent and select community to ponder:

    “Jesus did not command us to love ‘mankind’. There is no such reductive abstraction in true Christian morality. Jesus commanded us to love God with all our heart and soul and mind and strength, and to love our neighbor as ouselves. The neighbor is not someone conveniently on the other side of the world. The neighbor is inconveniently here now. He is the man who never mows his lawn and who drinks too much. She is the woman escaping from her troubled home to meddle in the lives of the victims of her benevolence. He is the man fallen among thieves, right there in the ditch, bleeding his life away.

    ” This love of neighbor extends to a perfectly proper love of country …” – Reclaiming Catholic Social Teaching: a Defense of the Church’s true Teachings on Marriage, Family, and the State – Anthony Esolen, 2014.

    Yes that was phrase I tried to recall: that the love of country is “perfectly proper”.

    • So was Ante Pavelic correct in his tribal view, just as his Croatian German countryman?
      No love for the stranger?
      The New Testament is surely a more catholic church, since Saul preached to the pagan Gentiles of Rome?

  11. I`ve noticed something about these “apologists”… When ever they spout a complete untruth they give a sort of facial tic, which is really a wince and a forced smile as they try to convince the viewers of their absurd and self destructive thinking. That Barbara Spectre lady did it also in the exact same fashion as this priest….

  12. In that part of Italy, when they say the neighbourhood doesn’t want them any more, the next step is anonymous death threats.

  13. This priest should be removed from his parish and relocated to a third world hell – hole (preferably a Muslim one) And preach his nonsense there.
    In God’s name, how on earth does he think these young Italian girls lives have been enriched by being sexually harassed by these neanderthals from the third world?

  14. If the Muslims can run around acting with impunity, how long before the rest of society decides to do the same? The arms dealers and runners of any kind of ordnance must be licking their chops right now. Selfie sod Merkel and her ilk delude themselves. The gates to Hell on earth have been well and truly opened to ill prepared banjaxed societies. The savages seem more “educated” about what they are dealing with. Unless seriously radicalized western leadership shows up yesterday very bright Christmas lights will be going back on.

    • I do hope that it is not the dark world of “ordo ab chao”.

      More security, more business.

  15. Sorry Padre, The ‘newcomer’s culture , or actually lack of any , cannot be changed with ‘good will’ and’ understanding’. The gap is too wide. BTW in certain parts of Italy the perpetrators of such acts would have been dealt with in a much more severe manner.

  16. To the priest – an assault is a crime in Italy, is it not? Therefore, let the police do their job, and let the government prosecute the criminal. Consider your butting out of this normal government response to a crime to be a part of Jesus’ teaching to “render unto Caesar that what is Caesar’s”. Console the victim!

    • I tend to agree, though I struggle to avoid the wish for rough justice for this poor innocent. The Priest is in my understanding aiming for a higher aim, humanity when the sinner is cornered.

  17. It is incredible and disgraceful how so many civilized Europeans forgive Eastern invading criminals. Especially Priests !!! If this idiocy continues before too long most of the world will be run by uncivilized people who will torture, rob, rape and hate normal people. May be it is already too late to stop this disgraceful situation.!

    • Please do not underestimate the power of faith. Countless times across human history & faiths, even in the face of powerful evil with its overbearing miserable darkness of hopelessness, kindled goodness has blazed across the tinder of savagery.

  18. The rapes, molestations, robberies and other crimes are nothing in comparison to what is coming. The Islamic extremists have an agenda to establish their Caliphate in the West between 2016 and 2020 and they are well on their way to reaching their goal (A. Merkel and the church have given them the red carpet treatment!). Since Syria & Iraq are too dangerous for them, they have found a safe haven to organize their operations from inside of Europe.

  19. To further elaborate on the point I was trying to make, we can either continue to allow ourselves to be distracted by these criminals (rapists, robbers, etc.) as we cuddle them and hope they will change their ways, or we kick them out and allow ourselves to focus on the bigger threat (which is coming!). If we do not kick them out now, we will not have the capacity to fight on all fronts later.

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