How to Become a Syrian Refugee in Four Easy Lessons!

Just burn your passport… or eat it… and learn to say “I am Syrian” in German and English!

Moroccan “youths” know a good scam when they see one, and becoming Syrian refugees is their ticket to a prosperous future.

I don’t know the original provenance of this instructional video, but Nash Montana did the translation from the German subtitles, and Vlad Tepes did the subtitling in English:


0:00   Refugee wave of North Africans into Germany
0:05   Mostly disguised as Syrians
0:11   To all those from Morocco who are entering Germany illegally through Turkey and file for asylum there:
0:18   You have to consider one thing…
0:21   Do not show your passport in any case, hide it, just let it disappear…
0:29   TEAR IT UP… EAT IT…
0:33   or leave it with the smuggler until you have reached your final destination.
0:37   You came here illegally in any way.
0:41   We are Syrians… How are you, Germany? How is Syria?
0:45   Something from the Koran, out of the Koran…
0:48   That ye may mount upon their backs, and may remember your Lord’s favor when ye mount thereon, and may say:
0:52   ”Glorified be He Who hath subdued these unto us, and we were not capable” [translator: of subduing them, Sura 43]
0:56   Those Turks, those sons of bitches, those greedy…
0:59   Long live Syria…
1:03   We will arrive, as god wills it…
1:06   Mother, do not be afraid, I am disguised as a Syrian, I am from Aleppo, mother…
1:10   Come on, Germany is calling…, we all want to go to Germany.
1:15   I want to go there by way of Turkey… I am now a Syrian refugee.

6 thoughts on “How to Become a Syrian Refugee in Four Easy Lessons!

  1. Vot big noses they haf? Hein? Almost cartoonish. The point I am making is that Syrians tend to have smaller facial features…

  2. They sexually assault and rape your women, they masturbate and empty their bowels in your swimming pools, they rob and fare dodge, they are illiterate and violently anti Christian, your leader has been cited by senior judges as having illegally thrown open your borders to this rabble and a respected psychoanalyst declared her as mentally unstable and yet your deluded left wing self-loathing feminists hand out roses to new arrivals!
    Why isn’t the whole of Germany in the streets demanding the removal of the odious Merkel creature?

    • The same reason that America isn’t in the streets demanding the removal of the odious Obama creature.

      If you can figure out the etiology of the one ailment, it will be the same as for the other.

      • Baron, as we have regular elections in the US, the situation does differ.

        In addition, what are Trump rallies if not the removal of Obamism?

        • Germany has regular elections, too. It may even be a four-year cycle; I can’t remember.

          We had a chance to remove Obama in 2012, and we didn’t, despite the mountain of evidence that was (and is) publicly available about who he is and what he is doing. Millions and millions of ordinary well-meaning white Americans voted for him again, presumably so they could feel good about themselves for keeping a black man in office, thereby proving their lack of racism.

          The PEGIDA rallies are the rough equivalent of the Trump phenomenon.

  3. There are plenty of Syrian Christians suffering horribly as a result of the US-supported civil war, and they are being abandoned. Bring them in first, and hire some of them as screeners. They can tell by accents and local knowledge who is Syrian immediately.

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