Groped and Molested in the Hauptbahnhof

Last Thursday night — New Year’s Eve — a large crowd of “refugees” gathered in the Hauptbahnhof, the main train station of Cologne, and took advantage of the loud revelry and fireworks to avail themselves the “uncovered meat” they saw in front of them heading for the platform or alighting from the trains. A wave of harassment, groping, molestation, theft, and reportedly even rape descended upon native German women unfortunate enough to be passing through the station at that time.

The crimes committed that evening in Cologne were so blatant, and so uniformly committed by the newly-arrived enrichers of German culture, that even the city authorities were forced to acknowledge the ethnic component of what had just occurred. To be cynical about it, maybe a councilor’s daughter or a relative of the mayor were among those molested, prompting a breaking of the taboo against the discussion of immigrant crime.

It is dispiriting and horrifying to hear about these events in the center of Cologne, just across the square from the iconic cathedral that dominates the city’s downtown.

The following TV editorial was broadcast on RTL, a German television network. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are brief excerpts from several articles about the events at the Hauptbahnhof on New Year’s Eve in Cologne. First, from Deutsche Welle:

String of New Year’s Eve Sexual Assaults Outrages Cologne

Some 1,000 men are alleged to have carried out dozens of sexual crimes on New Year’s Eve in the city of Cologne. That these crimes occurred in the city’s most famous square has left local authorities reeling.

Police in the western German city of Cologne responded on Monday to outrage over a string of sexual crimes over New Year’s Eve. According to police, the series of assaults in one of the city’s busiest thoroughfares represented a “completely new dimension of crime.”

Some 60 criminal complaints, including one allegation of rape, have been brought to the Cologne police department after women said they were molested by a crowd of men who had gathered in the city’s famous square between its central train station and towering Gothic cathedral. Authorities expect more victims to come forward in the next few days.

City police chief Wolfgang Albers said the crowd was composed of up to 1,000 heavily intoxicated men who gave the appearance of being “Arab or North African” in background.

The police chief told German news agency dpa that the incidents represented “an intolerable situation” for Cologne. His department has already assembled a task force to deal with the matter.

Mayor calls crisis summit

Mayor Henriette Reker, who made international headlines in October when she was stabbed on the campaign trail, has called a crisis meeting, which will include local and federal police, for Tuesday to address the crimes.

Reker told the local press she found the men’s actions “monstrous.”

“We cannot tolerate this development of lawlessness,” Reker told the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” newspaper.

From The Local:

Cover-Up Claim Over NYE Mass Sexual Assaults

Men of ‘Arab background’ were likely responsible for sexual assaults on dozens of women in central Cologne over the New Year, police said on Monday – as a social media storm accused police and media of a cover-up.

Around 60 complaints have been made to the police in Cologne after a group of around 1,000 men attacked revellers in the city centre in a brutal and “completely unheard of” way, Wolfgang Albers, Chief of Police in the Rhineland city said at a press conference on Monday afternoon.

Around a third of the complaints were of sexual assault, regional paper Express reported.

“There was a very large number of sexual assaults there – and in a massive way. Women were grabbed and attacked,” said Albers, adding that in one case the alleged crime fitted the legal definition of rape.

“The crimes were committed by a group of people who from appearance were largely from the north African or Arab world,” the police chief added.

From The New York Times:

Cologne Police Chief Condemns Sex Assaults on New Year’s Eve

German police has described a series of sexual assaults against women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve as “a completely new dimension of crime.”

Officers received numerous complaints from women who said they had been assaulted around Cologne’s main train station next to the western German city’s famous cathedral on the night from Thursday to Friday.

Cologne police chief Wolfgang Albers says witnesses described the assaults as coming from a group of up to 1,000 men whose appearance indicated they were of “Arab or North African origin.”

Video transcript:

0:06   That’s how it is here, I myself have experienced it already, we from RTL have also reported about it.
0:12   Young men, in groups, all around the Dome of Cologne [Cathedral], hitting on people, trying to start fights,
0:16   trying to grab women, offering drugs, stealing cell phones and wallets.
0:20   And now, everything has intensified. On New Year’s eve a mob literally hunted down young women
0:25   in the middle of the city, in front of the main train station.
0:28   They were being harassed, touched, on their breasts, their behinds, between their legs,
0:32   Pictures show a drooling mob, an extralegal space, in the middle of Cologne.
0:35   Police presence? Think again. Not a topic to profile. At least not in oh-so-tolerant Cologne,
0:41   because all were from other cultures. That’s what the witnesses say, unanimously, even the politically correct.
0:47   It can’t become a theme, it’s too dangerous, it’s racist, it’s discriminatory.
0:51   But we need consequences. Finally. Safety in public spaces is of highest importance, and it has to be protected.
0:57   That’s what the police are for, and judges. And here they have to be hard, together, fast, and consequential.
1:04   The laws are present. Finally apply them. I totally do not care where these people come from,
1:08   but I care what happens to them.
1:11   The law is for everybody, and before the law, everybody is equal. And that’s how it is here.

Hat tips for the articles: Fjordman and DV.

51 thoughts on “Groped and Molested in the Hauptbahnhof

  1. And now reality begins. What will be the reaction of German women as they attempt to avail themselves of heretofore relatively safe public spaces?

    At what point does “public” come to equal “men only”??

    Will there be a new niche business: cordons of security personnel hired by individual women to get from one place to another?

    Thanks to Angela Merkel.

    • This is obviously what the German gov’t wants. Please don’t tell me that they didn’t see this coming.

      • and I wonder how the talk hosts will handle this next week.When two years ago a elderly liberal politician who had drunken one too much made an inappropiate remark about the cleavage of a young journalist in a bar, there was an uproar in the media about increasing sexual violence. And now? Total silence on behalf of the usual suspects, aka feminists and genderists.Lo and behold! The hard core genderists might be in trouble if the incriminated north africans claim their social gender ad being female( sarc off).

    • One observation I’ve heard from people who’ve spent some time in Dar al-Islam (Pakistan and Egypt) is the near-absence of women in public spaces – unless they’re covered up and/or with a man. Could events like this be why? And could this prompt even infidel German girls to start wearing hijab or burqas to avoid being harassed? This already happened a few years ago in a town in Britain.

        • In England, I can’t remember the town but it was in the North. A Daily Mail article around 10 years ago, about how white British infidel teenage girls resorted to wearing hijabs to avoid harassment. May have been Bradford or Sheffield.

          About Pakistan – a couple of people I know who went travelling there who said there weren’t many women to be seen. Also Muslim areas in India, especially Kanpur. (I myself saw less women in more Muslim areas, in southern India)

          And I’ve read in comments that it’s the same in Egypt.

      • I’ve spent three years in the “moderate” country of Algeria, and I can tell you that women vanish from the streets here after the sun goes down.

        I’ve had multiple women tell me that any woman out alone after sundown is considered a prostitute. In these circumstances, she can expect lots of negative attention from men, and police harassment is not unusual.

  2. [0:55] Aber wir brauchen Konsequenzen. = But we need consequences.
    [1:00] … schnell und konsequent. = fast and consequential.
    I wonder whether “konsequent” here means “consequential” (= strong enough to make a difference), or “consistent” (= applying to the imported cultural enrichers as well as to the indigenous enrichees).

  3. In Czechia, the wits are saying… the people of Germany work so hard. They managed to plow under all of Europe with one cow.

    Sorry. Don’t mean to negate the seriousness of the situation.
    But I think… it’s too late.
    Remember post war Germany? It’s over.

    • Yep. The post-war Germany was one of tidy towns, well-behaved, citizens and a very high standard of living. Sad to see it go…

      But then, Merkel knew about all of this. She said that “we must admit, that among the young men who are coming to our country, there is a very high rate of criminality” – before she gave her “invitation”, for vastly higher numbers of such young men to come to Germany. And then she opened “refugee” reception centres all around the country, so that almost every town and village could be blessed with the joys of such cultural enrichment.

      In short, such a transformation of Germany was entirely deliberate – and Frau Merkel likely knew exactly what the results would be…

    • If a pilot was taken ill, or showed signs of insanity in the cockpit of an aeroplane, or a captain of a ship on the bridge, or a bus driver at the wheel of his double decker vehicle, someone or several people would intervene. How can it be that Frau Merkel is blithely permitted to destroy the once great German Nation, and by definition as de facto Emperess of the EU, the rest of Europe too, with barely a whimper from it’s long suffering citizens?

  4. Maybe I’ve seen too many zombie shows, but to me this almost sounds like the scenes in zombie shows/movies were a huge crowd of people is suddenly shocked to find that seemingly normal people are suddenly attacking, biting, and eating the brains of other people for no apparent reason. It all totally defies the realm of possibility to such a degree that confusion exists for a significant time before panic and finally after some time a more organized rational response sets in. Usually in the movies though this organized response comes way too late and the zombies take over the world with a few isolated groups of uninflected survivors trying to get by.

    All you really have to do is replace the infected humans turning into zombies with innocent refugees who suddenly turn into barbarian raiders raping and pillaging. But the shock, total lack of preparedness, and total inability to respond is almost exactly the same.

    With one million “innocent refugees” and a disarmed population, the chance of Germany being able to mount an effective response seems very low if enough of them “turn” quickly enough.

    • That’s funny, and accurate too. Europe is way beyond the point of no return. The nukes must be removed from Europe or they’ll end up in the wrong hands before long.

        • Leaving them in place is a huge risk; the US has plenty of advanced strategic weapons already, as does Russia and China. Europe no longer needs these weapons for self defense under the NATO umbrella. These nations have barely functioning conventional militaries so I assume their nuclear weapons are in shambles as well. More to the point, since the EU acceded to the Islamic invasion there’s no point in carrying on with this NATO charade any longer.

        • What’s so sad is the crying over the little white kids, then some statement like “oh yea and by the way the little black kids in the ghetto get shot to death pretty much every day and have been for decades, But I didn’t give a [darn] about that until a bunch of little white kids in some white town got shot.” And this sort of attitude coming from a president that’s supposed to be black and is assumed to be concerned about black people.

  5. Young German men will have to form vigilante groups. Shock, horror from the State at the very idea, naturally.

    Last year Cameron’s regime invited a group of Libyan soldiers to England for training. They ran amok, stealing from the local village shops, mauling women, and raped some unfortunate Englishman.

    It’s what they do and how they are. How could any politician NOT have seen this coming – and after the disclosure of the mass prostitution of underage English girls at the hands of Moslems?

  6. abandon hope all ye (females) who enter here……

    (The feminists are never there when you need them)

    • Hey! So unfair! I hear they are handing out pamphlets in Scandiavia to the refugees about how to treat women!

      That’ll do the trick! /sarc off

      This is patriarchy at it’s endearing best. Assault women until they hide and shut up. I just never thought the feminists would be aiding and abetting this state of affairs. They are just too damn busy celebrating Bruce Jenner as the woman of the year.

      • “This is patriarchy at it’s endearing best. Assault women until they hide and shut up. I just never thought the feminists would be aiding and abetting this state of affairs.

        [Redacted for incivility] As a commentator above pointed out, there is no way Merkel or the liberal establishment could not have foreseen this coming. Feminists will be too busy celebrating this rather than doing anything about it. This is all part of the plan – to have millions of savages imported into the continent knowing they will rape and pillage. Young women will wear less revealing clothing and even be reluctant to go out alone. New sex crime laws will be introduced and existing ones punished ever more harshly. Of course, no mention of race will be allowed, and meanwhile dead white men will be dug up from their graves and accused of paedophilia and Satanism, as has been the case in the UK for several years already (Rotherham/Yewtree). This allows the white man to continue to be presented as the real problem and the cause of the inevitable return to a sexual conservatism that will soon be indistinguishable from Sharia, if not officially so.

        Feminism is not about female autonomy but about ugly old women taking sexual power from attractive young women. The way women are treated in Islam is as much about older women colluding with men to control young women with sexual power as it is men treating women like chattel.

        Western feminism and Islam are two sides of the same coin. Feminism is certainly the parasite that lets in the Islamic virus.

  7. Once again, Pat Condell’s predictions in his September video about the “Invasion of Europe” come true…

    He already predicted the “serious bloodshed” that happened in Paris (4:38 to 5:18) – but the bulk of the video was about how Europe was about to get more dangerous, especially for women.

    Then again, it would hardly take a rocket scientist to predict what would happen, would it? Any lay person without PC blinkers on could have seen this coming.

    Unfortunately, the vast majority of Germans are still wearing their PC blinkers, as I found out a few days ago when a German I talked to in Poland insisted that the “Syrians” coming in are highly qualified, and may even rescue the Eastern regions from permanent decline.

    They certainly seem to be highly qualified – in groping, raping and theft, and they may “rescue” German women from their previous, un-enriched, un-groped existence, but I’m not sure how many are even actually Syrian. Not more than a small percentage, I’d imagine – and the physicians and professors among them would be highly sought-after by many countries. Would they therefore need to travel to Lesbos in dodgy dinghies, to escape their war-ridden homeland?

    • very well, green infidel!
      I can not say much about syrians, but among the rest of it, they are the most civilized.The real sc…..bags are lybians and algerians..Most despised by their own bretheren in faith.In other words: ” real” arabs look down on them as what they are. I know many persons who have travelled to Morocco and say that they will never again set a foot into that country.Over 30 years ago, I ran into road bandits in the Rif mountains who tried to block the way.They had a split second to escape my car b cause I floored the pedal, not the break at that.

      • it does not matter what country they came from. the problem is Islamist supremacism that teaches muslims that non-muslim women do not need to be respected

        and that if a woman is not in a hijab she is uncovered meat. Fair game.

        That has to change. Deport those attackers who have a passport, who can be deported, straight to syria and dump.

  8. It looks like this did not happen only in Cologne, but in Hamburg too.
    For it to happen in – at least – two cities on the same night, can we assume that it was organized in some way? It’s either that, or we are truly dealing with animals.
    Maybe German readers heard about similar stories elsewhere?

    • I’ve heard that Berlin’s pretty dangerous these days as well. Wouldn’t bet on this being organised though – not sure how well enriched gangs from Cologne and Hamburg know each other. Rather, could this have been a case of groups of “enrichers” meeting up to indulge in the type of behaviour they always do – except this time, in even bigger numbers, hence feeling even more powerful and making them impossible to be avoided by the media?

  9. This is the New Normal.
    Today’s youngsters will grow up not knowing any different.

    • yes indeed, both authorities and media are assessories.
      Only 3 days ago, a tabloid edited in Cologne( sic) presented the photo of an oriental thug with his alias name given as “Peter K.” Believe it or not. The week before , it was a ” Patrick” so and so, both visibly not of european descend, if my ethnological experience serves me well. The obscure thing is that the hacks never choose oriental alias names when the evildoers are Germans.Who would have thought that muslims christen their kids with names of christian saints? Is there hope? sarc off.

      • An Islamic named ‘Mohammed’ is always “MIKE” or a “MITCH” or closer to the mark, ” MO”.

  10. We could see from the many photos of row after row of military aged Muslim men
    marching in long, long lines that this situation did not bode well for the residents of
    these German towns on which they were descending.

    Obama & Hitler-y are just itching to import thousands of these same sorts to the U.S.
    in time for the Presidential election later this year. Hitler-y thinks it’s “her turn” after
    all she endured at the hands of Bill Clinton. Also, both are itching to disarm us.

    I agree with Heston on that subject. FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS!!!! –
    Husband has stated that they *may* take his guns, and they *may* kill him; but he’s
    for dam* sure taking some of them with him when he goes. – His aim is better than
    mine as he practices on shooting the squirrels that steal his pears off our trees before
    they can ripen. He has killed many squirrels in 30 years out here!

    • I am not a squirrel fan either. They tear up roofs and attics around here.

      Good shooting!

  11. So when does Merkel get the German version of impeachment? Or will she get the Peace Prize instead?

  12. Forget me my insolence, but what are the [epithet] Germans doing? Should we care about a victim who choses himself to be victimized?

    • For islamics you mean! They HOPE for better good times too…more [redacteds]!

      WITH no legal consequences either and all while living on the WHITE WORKERS’s DIME $$$$$$$$$, in the house he gave them and using the car provided.

      Life be grand for the muslim brotherhood RATS! Uh HUH!!

  13. Jihad – Mein Kampf

    And this comes in the minute of the re-release of Mein Kampf in Germany.

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