Geert Wilders: Lock up the Testosterone Bombs!

Today Geert Wilders released a videotaped statement addressing the situation in The Netherlands in the wake of the Groping Jihad in Cologne. Below is an announcement from the PVV, followed by the video:

Video message Geert Wilders: Male asylum seekers to be locked up in asylum centers

The Party of Freedom (PVV) demands that male asylum seekers be locked up in asylum centers, as long as the Dutch cabinet fails to close the Dutch borders for all asylum seekers and for all immigrants from Islamic countries. PVV leader Geert Wilders says this in a video message which was released today.

Geert Wilders: “The Party for Freedom is very clear: We have to close our borders for all asylum seekers and all immigrants from Islamic countries. But as long as this does not happen, as long as our women are endangered by the Islamic testosterone bombs, I propose that we lock the male asylum seekers up in the asylum centers. For them the asylum centers have to be closed institutions, so that not a single male asylum seeker can still go on the streets and our women are protected.”

17 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: Lock up the Testosterone Bombs!

  1. I don’t like this avenue of argument.

    Just unleash the more Hooligan type Dutch, English, Irish, German etc and turn a blind eye for 6 months. There’s plenty of Testosterone in the blood of Europeans Geert.

    The problem will be solved if we allow our rough young men to sort this out while we “disavow” them officially.

    • I hope they blab a lot about the citizen patrols being blah blah incompatible with the police, but do nothing.

  2. Geert should take up weight lifting.

    He could do with 15 extra pounds.

    He’s a handsome man but he looks a little puny.

    I did like the idea of jailing the lot of the Fugeees.

  3. I read today on the BBC there are now 883 people who have filed criminal complaints about attacks at Cologne during NYE including 497 women alleging sexual assaults.
    The good news is the efficient German Police has now arrested one Algerian man, who is a “refugee”, for some reason.

    • Algiers is completely quiet, other than daily traffic jams. It is not possible to be a refugee from this location.

  4. “Anyone who looks away is guilty” absolutely true, if the state is determined not to protect its own women then God looks after those who look after themselves. Merkel, Hollande, Soros, Sutherland, Juncker and others of their twisted ilk, are not just going to go quietly into the night. They will not rest until Europe is transformed into one big third world, Arabic, North African hell hole. Obama follows the same perverse ideology in the USA too. The left wing politicos are having it all their own way at the moment, people have got to get behind people like Wilder’s, Le Pen, Farage and be prepared to demonstrate, strike, cause civil unrest because the ballot box doesn’t seem to reflect what people actually vote for anymore. Here in the UK we have the porcine Cameron and the equally useless Theresa May making endlessly tough speeches about stemming immigration but we learn that Goa issues Portuguese passports to Indians to legally enter the UK! You’d need a heart of stone not to laugh if it were not so serious.

  5. One would have liked to see the “plenty of European Testosterone” on New Years’ Eve in Cologne and other towns and venues where the migrants practised tarrush with such zeal! Surely there were European men around? Geert Wilders has a point and I, for one, like it!

    • It’s there. It’s just that the cops have suppressed white football hooligans for decades.
      The cops efficiently break up and monitor the firms and ultras.

      All that’s needed is for the Hoolies to have the cops give them the blind eye.

  6. Wilders, under continuing death threats from the religion of peace continues his fight to preserve Holland and Dutch Western values against the Islamic savages. Stand with Wilders and do your part. In the US, support Trump and fight this planned Islamic immigration jihad bemt on conquering the West.

  7. Agreed.
    This line of non-attack signals to the female of the species that the invaders have more testosterone than the native men.
    Maybe there’s too much 1980’s ‘Softie’ (remember those?) in Mr. Wilders and someone should tell him that positioning himself as the defensive Beta Male NiceGuy Gentleman isn’t going to win the battle.

    • Wilders a beta male? I think he’d ROTFL at that one. Wilders has carefully worked to position himself as the “best chance”e of anyone who is fighting back against a continent-wide destruction. That is, if the House of Orange doesn’t arrange his untimely demise first.

      A beta male doesn’t keep being dragged to court by those in power in the attempt to break him.

      Wolfie, sometimes you are so dead-on right; other times you miss by a country mile.

    • Having been married to someone with an excess of testosterone, I can tell you it’s over-rated when it’s in excess. Just as it is in the rest of life, excess of anything brings trouble. I was never attracted to either the ‘bad boys’ or the tortured James-Dean types. Just wanted a potential mate who saw the value of building a family together with -gasp – traditional roles. Yeah, I like men. NORMAL men, not the he-man narcissists who have to get drunk and beat the heck out of anyone in sight, including their own children.

      Nor do I believe that men need to be emasculated. But those rapefugees being dumped on Europe are caricatures of men. Scary, dangerous caricatures whose own culture has denied them access to marriage and a normal life.

      • Well, I don’t know Mr. Wilders – just started his book – but portraying someone else as being more testosterone-charged than yourself is seldom a good idea.
        Also, testosterone and hatred (of oneself or others) are 2 different things, I’m inclined to believe many of our turbaned friends might fall into the second category.

        Sadly, the Real World has taught me that the more abusive the Ex (boyfriend, husband,etc.), the faster and more eagerly she’ll be running back to him, very much in contrast to what she’ll tell you at the bar, over coffee or online.

        • Having worked with/counseled over 3,000 battered women, I must disagree. I remember having this conversation with a psychiatrist once, when he was discharging a patient to my care, so I could bring her back to the shelter. He opined that such women “look for these kinds of men”. My answer to him is the same thing I would say to you: just look at the pool of men she has to choose from. For the most part they come from dysfunctional families where there is too much alcohol-fueled behaviors, from generation to generation. Her choices are (1) mating with one of them, or (2) not marrying at all. Most normal women want companionship and a mate. So they choose from what’s available and hope for the best.

          These women often develop superior negotiation skills – they can often talk their lout into a less violent form of behavior…but it takes cunning and patience.

          The women’s movement today is a caricature of what its founders – abolitionist women – hoped for. But its origins lay in their realization, their lived experience, of the injustice perpetrated against them by man-made laws and customs. In frontier America their was more often a rough equity since men could perceive the value for themselves of a capable woman. Urban women didn’t fare so well.

          For sure I didn’t go running back. I was 35, traded in for a younger model and left without money or assets to feed our children. I was stuck – my bad for believing him and failing to develop “marketable skills” bec I was too busy managing a home and children – and writing his papers for him while he went to college. I couldn’t off myself bec he’d have harmed the kids even more. Didn’t know about the world of welfare and govt housing…

          Your judgments are one-sided.

          • I am wondering if talking about testosterone is not giving these abusive men unwitting compliments. Power (and addiction to it, and other things) is hugely about dopamine, as far as I can see from recent neurotransmitter studies.

          • I think Wilders is harking back to an expression he used quite some time ago, so what he’s doing by using that expression now is making a political point – and saying ‘I told you so.’

            Because the powers-that-be gave him a hard time for using the expression first time around. So perhaps he is deliberately using the same expression again simply so the Dutch people can see him use it & think to themselves, ‘Yeah, Wilders was right all along, & those people who have done this to our society & who have been attacking him were wrong from the start …’

          • And politically, I would say that he is proposing doing something so that the next time there is a sex jihad attack, he can point to the authorities not having done anything to prevent it.

            Because they are never going to do anything to stop this, nothing meaningful anyway. And politically, he needs to be seen as an alternative who will at least try to protect Dutch women & stop them from being attacked on the street.

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