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Authorities in the German town of Rheinberg, near Cologne, have banned next month’s Carnival festivities. Police are concerned because they cannot guarantee that “refugees” will not invade the Carnival and molest women, as they did in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

In other news, the Swedish government is giving sniper training to recently arrived “refugees” as a way of helping them learn new skills.

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Financial Crisis
» A Recession Worse Than 2008 is Coming
» Ex-Secret Service Agent: Hillary Used Private Email Knowing it Was Hacked
» NASA Jupiter Probe Sets Distance Record for Solar-Powered Spacecraft
» Obama Administration Blocked Visa Waiver Reforms to Avoid Upsetting Iran
» Trump and Benghazi: The Real Story of What Happened in Libya Will Take Down Hillary Clinton
» Upstate NY Police Seize $8.5 Million in Assets a Year Without Having to Prove a Crime
» We’ve Found the Brightest Ever Supernova But Can’t Explain it
» A Muslim Migrant Raped More Teen Girls Than Paul Bernardo — And Canadian Media is Silent
» Vancouver Police Seek Three Men Seen Filming Inside Pacific Centre
Europe and the EU
» Belgium: Jihadi’s Solicitor Now Also a Suspect
» Civilian Defense Groups on the Rise in Germany
» Parents: 15-Year-Old Was Murdered Because He Protected a Swedish Girl From Sexual Harassment From an Arab Student
» Sweden: State-Funded Muslim Sniper Training
» Terrorist Identified: He Grew Up in Brussels
Israel and the Palestinians
» Caroline Glick: The Obama Administration’s Most Covert War
» Israel PM Netanyahu Slams Swedish Foreign Minister Wallstrom Over Extrajudicial Killings Accusations
South Asia
» Baliati Ramkrishna Mission Chief and 3 Others Get Death Threat From Ansarullah Bangla in Manikganj, Bangladesh.
» “Migrants Smuggled Into UK as Ferry Company Staff”
» Belgium: Turkish Asylum Seeker Detained on Rape Allegation
» Germany: Why Rejected Asylum Seekers Are Seldom Deported
» Germany: Street Carnival Cancelled Over Fears of Cologne-Style Migrant Sex Attacks
» Migrant Sex Attacks: Refugees as Young as Twelve Arrested Over Assaults on Women
» The Cover-Up Unravels: Yet Another Migrant Sex Attack Exposed by Brave Schoolgirl Victims
» The Migrants Angela Merkel Did Turn Away: Syrians Sent to German Leader’s Offices by ‘Desperate’ Bavarian Governor Are Put on a Coach Straight Back the Next Day
» When “Underage’ Refugees Look Anything But

A Recession Worse Than 2008 is Coming

Therefore, the ability of government to save the markets and the economy this time around will be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Look for chaos in currency, bond and equity markets on an international scale throughout 2016. Indeed, it already has begun.

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Ex-Secret Service Agent: Hillary Used Private Email Knowing it Was Hacked

“Not only was the email server hacked… but the Clintons knew it was hacked and they kept using it”

Dan Bongino, a 12-year veteran of the agency who served under presidents Bush and Obama, stated during the nearly hour-long interview that a high-level source had revealed that the former secretary of state knowingly exposed national secrets.

“A source fed to me… and by the way Alex, an unimpeachable source by any measure… This is an unimpeachable source who said, ‘Not only was the email server hacked,’ which is breaking news… but not only was it hacked Alex, but the Clintons knew it was hacked and they kept using it,” he said.

Bongino, who published the account in his latest book, “The Fight: A Secret Service Agent’s Inside Account of Security Failings and the Political Machine,” said subsequent investigation into the claim backed up the source’s statement.

“You have a woman running for president of the United States who traded our deepest national security secrets over a private server she knew wasn’t secured and that nefarious actors were looking at the emails and she did it anyway,” he said.

“When I heard the story I couldn’t believe it. I had to make sure I double and triple checked just to be sure because I don’t write stuff in my book otherwise.”

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NASA Jupiter Probe Sets Distance Record for Solar-Powered Spacecraft

A NASA spacecraft in the home stretch of its five-year journey to Jupiter has just become the farthest-flung solar-powered probe in history.

On Wednesday (Jan. 13), NASA’s Juno spacecraft zoomed past the previous record of 492 million miles (792 million kilometers) from the sun, which was held by the European Space Agency’s comet-chasing Rosetta mission, NASA officials said.

Juno is scheduled to enter orbit around Jupiter on July 4, and shortly thereafter begin mapping out the gas giant’s powerful gravitational and magnetic fields in precise detail. These observations should reveal a great deal about the planet’s structure, formation and evolution, including whether or not it has a solid core, mission team members have said.

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Obama Administration Blocked Visa Waiver Reforms to Avoid Upsetting Iran

“Recent congressional efforts to tighten gaps in the U.S. visa waiver program were blocked by the Obama administration out of fear the counter-terror effort would upset Iran.” The Iranians, meanwhile, seem to be going out of their way to do things that would upset the United States. They know who has the upper hand.

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Trump and Benghazi: The Real Story of What Happened in Libya Will Take Down Hillary Clinton

Trump rents theater to show Benghazi movie, hands out free tickets to Iowans

Iowans will be able to see “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” for free, thanks to Donald Trump.

Trump has rented a screen at the Carmike Cobblestone 9 Theatre in Urbandale to show the film.

“Mr. Trump would like all Americans to know the truth about what happened at Benghazi,” the GOP presidential candidate’s Iowa co-chair Tana Goertz said Thursday night. The Real Benghazi

Unfortunately, the film does not mention Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. It avoids politics and, most significantly, steps around the real reason for the CIA mission in Benghazi—the delivery of weapons used by the US-supported Libyan rebels to their counterparts in Syria.

It’s too bad director Michael Bay didn’t consult Aaron Klein’s book, “The REAL Benghazi Story: What the White House and Hillary Don’t Want You to Know,” prior to shooting the action-adventure movie.

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Upstate NY Police Seize $8.5 Million in Assets a Year Without Having to Prove a Crime

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Justin Lucas gathered up $50,000 in cash in 2011 to bail his brother out of jail on a drug charge.

But when Lucas brought the money to the Otsego County jail in a brown paper bag, sheriff’s deputies seized the cash without releasing his brother. They told him the money was the subject of a drug investigation.

Lucas’ brother eventually pleaded guilty to a felony marijuana possession charge. But even with the case over, Lucas couldn’t get his money back. The sheriff’s office had already used a federal law to force him to forfeit the money to the government.

Investigators cited the fact that their drug-sniffing dog picked up the scent of marijuana on the cash, and Lucas’ admission that $10,000 of it had come from his brother’s co-defendant.

The federal civil asset forfeiture law allows local police to get up to 80 percent of money or property seized, with the rest going to the federal government for their role in the investigations and for administering the program.

Lucas’ case was among 117 in the 32-county Northern District of New York over the past five years in which the federal government used the law to seize $43 million in assets without having to charge the owners with a crime.

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We’ve Found the Brightest Ever Supernova But Can’t Explain it

The brightest supernova ever seen has been confirmed, but it still has astronomers puzzling over what unknown type of star could have been responsible.

Supernovas mark the violent deaths of stars that collapse on themselves and blow up. They are some of the brightest and most energetic objects in the universe.

This one, called ASASSN-15lh, is about 3.8 billion light years away, 200 times more powerful than most supernovas, and twice as bright as the previous record holder. It shines 20 times brighter than the combined output of the Milky Way’s 100 billion stars, and in the last six months, it has spewed as much energy as the sun would in 10 lifetimes, says Krzysztof Stanek of the Ohio State University, co-principal investigator of the All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN) network that spotted the explosion.

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A Muslim Migrant Raped More Teen Girls Than Paul Bernardo — And Canadian Media is Silent

[WARNING: * Distrubing Content *]

Yesterday a 33-year-old Muslim migrant to Canada, Walid Mustafa Chalhoub, was convicted of 24 charges of sexual assault and extortion against ten teenaged girls in Montreal. He pled guilty yesterday, part-way through his trial.

Chalhoub would find teenaged white girls, get them drunk and high, have sex with them and film it. Then he’d threaten to expose them, unless they paid him money, or had more sex with him.

One 16-year-old victim testified: “He said he could set my house on fire, to think of my family, that he was part of the Mafia.”

Chalhoub raped more women than Paul Bernardo did. Convicted, 11 year sentence. But of course, under our laws, he’ll be out on day parole in less than two years.

This is Rotherham style rape slavery, and it’s now in Canada.

Did you hear about it in the news? On the CBC’s National? On CTV? The Globe and Mail, the National Post, the Toronto Star?

This is the most shocking crime I have read about in Canada in a year. And yet there’s a media blackout about it.

And 50,000 more Syrian migrants are being fast-tracked into Canada, without a single question about their views of women, or infidels, or violence or sharia law…

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Vancouver Police Seek Three Men Seen Filming Inside Pacific Centre

Vancouver police are asking the public not to jump to conclusions about a trio of men who were filming inside Pacific Centre mall Tuesday evening.

Police chief Adam Palmer says the VPD received information on Tuesday at around 6:30 p.m. from mall staff about three suspicious men described as looking Middle Eastern.

Palmer says they were seen taking photographs of the entrances and exits. He stressed that there is no information to suggest that these men have committed a crime or that the public is at risk.

The incident gained attention after it was posted online Thursday by a local blogger from a leaked internal Vancouver police memo, according to police. The VPD had no plans to release that information, said Palmer.

“It’s a pretty serious thing if we are going to be releasing photographs to the public, when someone’s job could be affected, when their neighbours may think they are up to something they are not, when people jump to conclusions when in fact there may be perfectly reasonable explanations for what these people were up to,” said Palmer.

He said police routinely receive calls about suspicious activity, and an internal memo would have gone out no matter the race of the people engaged in suspicious activity…

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Belgium: Jihadi’s Solicitor Now Also a Suspect

The investigation into the renowned Islam academic and jihadism expert Montasser AlDe’emeh has taken a new turn. Now a solicitor is also suspected of having provided a document falsely stating that a jihadi had taken a deradicalisation course. The solicitor in question is counsel to the man who Mr AlDe’meh allegedly provided a document to stating that he had followed a deradicalisation course.

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Civilian Defense Groups on the Rise in Germany

In the wake of the New Year’s Eve attacks on women in Cologne, small groups of civilian vigilantes have emerged. But some security experts warn that, in some cases, they’re a cover for right-wing extremism.

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Parents: 15-Year-Old Was Murdered Because He Protected a Swedish Girl From Sexual Harassment From an Arab Student

The Lithuanian boy Arminas Pileckas, 15, was stabbed to death on Monday by a student from the Arab world after protecting a girl who the killer had harassed. Now the victim’s parents speak out about the murder — and harshly criticize the Swedish media for portraying the murderer as a victim.

— In Lithuania, we are talking openly about the refugee problem. In Sweden, everyone is silent, he says.

— The Swedish press writes that Arminas assaulted [the Arab student]. But that is not the case, according to an interview with father in the Lithuanian newspaper lrytas.

According to the father, the real background to the assassination at Göinge School in Broby, Skåne, is that Arminas had been in a minor brawl with the Syrian student in December. The Syrian had sexually harassed a girl and Arminas came to her defense.

— A week later, we went to the school for a meeting. The boy swore he would take revenge on him, and that is what he did, says the father.

On Monday, the first day of spring semester, the 14-year-old Syrian put his plans into action. He took a kitchen knife to school, snuck up behind Arminas and stabbed him in the back. The knife pierced Arminas’ heart and he later died of his injuries. According to media reports, the 14-year-old planned the murder during the Christmas break by searching online for information about killing with a knife…

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Sweden: State-Funded Muslim Sniper Training

The Swedish state is funding a sniper training course for recently-arrived Third World “refugees” as part of their “integration program”—despite the ever-growing refugee-terrorist attacks across Europe.

The almost unbelievable plunge into insanity—started two years ago already—was reported—in a positive pro-refugee light—by the Allehanda newspaper in Sweden, under the title “Fired up for Sniping,” (Laddade för prickskytte, literally “Charged up for Sniping”) and shows a large number of Third Worlders being taught how to target shoot with sniper rifles on a formal shooting ground in Sollefteå, central Sweden…

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Terrorist Identified: He Grew Up in Brussels

The Judicial Authorities in France have identified the third terrorist that died in a police raid on a flat in the centre of Saint-Denis north of Paris in November. The dead man is Chakib Akrouh, he had duel Belgian/Moroccan nationality. He was born in 1990, making him 25 when he was killed.

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Caroline Glick: The Obama Administration’s Most Covert War

Over the past several weeks, we have learned that the Obama administration believes it is at war with Israel. The war is not a shooting war, but a political war. Its goal is to bring the government to its knees to the point where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu loses power or begs Obama and his advisers to shepherd Israel through a “peace process” in which Israel will renounce its rights to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.

One component of this war is espionage. Last month The Wall Street Journal reported that Israel is a top target for American espionage.

The other component of the administration’s war against Israel is political subversion. Over the past week, the administration has campaigned against the NGO bill sponsored by Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked. If the bill, which was approved by the government, becomes law, it will require political NGOs that are principally financed by foreign governments to identify as foreign agents in their official communications and interactions.

Last week, State Department spokesman James Kirby lambasted the bill at an official briefing. Among other things, Kirby rejected Shaked’s claim that her bill is less restrictive than the US’s own Foreign Agents Registration Act. Kirby offered no substantiation of his claim.

Earlier this week, US Ambassador Dan Shapiro met with Shaked. Following their meeting, the US Embassy published two statements attacking the NGO law. In one of them, the embassy sought to substantiate Kirby’s claim regarding FARA. By the embassy’s telling, FARA relates only to agents whose action are directly guided by foreign governments, while Shaked’s NGO bill relates to entities that receive financing from foreign governments whether or not their actions are directed by the government financiers.

The embassy’s claim is deeply misleading…

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Israel PM Netanyahu Slams Swedish Foreign Minister Wallstrom Over Extrajudicial Killings Accusations

When the Social Democrats swept into power in Sweden in 2014 led by Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, a prominent member of his cabinet was a self-styled ‘feminist’ Foreign Minister, Margot Wallstrom. Both Lofven and King Carl Gustav XVI got more than they bargained for the new Foreign Minister. Wallstrom is currently the center of approbation given her controversial accusations that Israel has engaged in “extrajudicial killings” of Palestinians and Israel Arabs in response to the daily toll of knifings, car rammings and shootings. Wallstrom said in Swedish parliamentary debates on January 12th, “It is vital that there is a thorough, credible investigation into these deaths in order to clarify and bring about possible accountability.” Reuters noted that Wallstrom “earlier described the Palestinians’ plight as a factor leading to Islamist radicalization — comments seen in Israel as linking it to the November gun and bomb rampage in Paris.”

These latest comments by Wallstrom triggered actions by Israel’s Foreign Ministry capped by remarls, January 14th by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in an Arutz Sheva article calling her accusations, “scandalous”, “immoral” and “foolish “. Sweden Ambassador to Israel Carl Magnus Nesser was called in by Israeli Foreign Ministry Deputy Director General Aviva Shir-On for a reprimand…

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Baliati Ramkrishna Mission Chief and 3 Others Get Death Threat From Ansarullah Bangla in Manikganj, Bangladesh.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Dhaka | January 13, 2016:: Now the internationally renowned Vedanta Monk order of Ramakrishna Mission under the Jihadi scanner and threatened to be hacked by Ansarullah Bahini in Bangladesh. Ramakrishna Mission is famous for their activities related to preach Indian philosophy, culture and heritage in a very secular way. Even they worship Christ and Muhammad along with the deity of other God & Goddesses with the Great men of other faiths. But, this policy is now being questioned by the Ansarullah Bangla Teal and they want to stop worshiping Allah or Muhammad in non Muslim temple treating them equivalent to other concept of God and faith.

The age old Baliati Ramkrishna Mission Sevashram’s principal (head monk) Swami Parimuktananda and three others have been received death threats from a Jihad outfit in Manikganj district of Bangladesh.

The three others who received threat letters are : Saturia Upazila Puja Udjapan Parishad president Samarendu Saha, Baliati Udichi president Abul Hossain and Baliati union Awami League president M Ruhul Amin.

Officer in Charge of Saturia Police Station, Mr Habibulla confirmed that the letters were posted by Ansarullah Team, Bangladesh…

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“Migrants Smuggled Into UK as Ferry Company Staff”

The West Flemish public prosecutor’s office is to investigate claims migrants are being smuggled into Britain dressed as ferry company staff. Broadcaster ITV has carried a report claiming to show a people trafficker selling a migrant a waitress’s uniform for 8,000 euros allowing her to enter the UK unnoticed. This clip shows an ITV reporter speaking with a migrant on the train from Antwerp.

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Belgium: Turkish Asylum Seeker Detained on Rape Allegation

A Turkish man has been detained in connection with the suspected rape of a Syrian woman in the closed centre for asylum seekers in the Limburg town of Leopoldsburg. The Turkish national, who is of Kurdish extraction, and the Syrian woman are both being housed in the emergency accommodation for asylum seekers in Leopoldsburg. The 41-year old Turkish asylum seeker has meanwhile been moved to a second closed centre for asylum seekers in Vottem near Liege.

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Germany: Why Rejected Asylum Seekers Are Seldom Deported

In no other industrialized nation have so many people applied for asylum in the past year than in Germany. Around half of the applications are rejected, but that seldom has consequences for the applicant.

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Germany: Street Carnival Cancelled Over Fears of Cologne-Style Migrant Sex Attacks

A CARNIVAL scheduled for next month has been cancelled because of fears of copycat Cologne-style sex assaults.

The authorities in the German town of Rheinberg, which is near the Rhine metropolis, said it “cannot rule out” the possibility of drunken refugees coming into town to prey on women.

Cologne police are dealing with more than 500 complaints of sexual assault and robbery against young women by gangs of marauding asylum seekers and other immigrants in and around the main station area on New Year’s Eve.

Other similar attacks also took place on a smaller scale in several other German cities, including Hamburg and Bielefeld.

Rheinberg has, like most German municipalities, absorbed some of the million-plus migrants allowed into the country in the past year: it has around 300 housed in the Orsoy district of town.

[Why can they not rule a sex jihad attack out? Aren’t they making a judgement on all Muslims based on the actions of a few? Isnt’ that ‘racist’? Shouldn’t these policement be arresting themselves for a racially aggravated ‘hate crime’?]

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Migrant Sex Attacks: Refugees as Young as Twelve Arrested Over Assaults on Women

An investigation has been launched after refugees as young as 12 YEARS OLD were arrested in connection with sexual assaults against women on a train.

At least three young victims have come forward so far about attacks on a train from Brussels to Tournai, Belgian police confirmed.

The alarm was raised by a woman who reported sexual assault to the police after her screams were heard by fellow passengers.

The victim was sitting alone on the Belgian train when three boys surrounded her and “threw themselves” at her before groping her on January 10.

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The Cover-Up Unravels: Yet Another Migrant Sex Attack Exposed by Brave Schoolgirl Victims

POLICE are tonight probing yet more claims of migrant sex attacks amid growing anger about an apparent cover-up of such crimes by politically correct authorities.

More young girls and women have revealed the horrifying sexual harassment they have been subjected to at the hands of refugees after being encouraged to come forward by the furore surrounding the mass rapes in Cologne.

Officials in Austria are investigating claims that young asylum seekers were allowed to spend months sexually assaulting girls at their school because teachers did not want to report them to police.

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The Migrants Angela Merkel Did Turn Away: Syrians Sent to German Leader’s Offices by ‘Desperate’ Bavarian Governor Are Put on a Coach Straight Back the Next Day

The busload of migrants sent on a seven-hour journey to Angela Merkel’s office by a Bavarian governor in protest over the influx of refugees have been sent straight back.

The Syrian refugees were put on a coach yesterday in the southeastern town of Landshut and transported 340 miles to the German capital in an ‘act of desperation’ by Peter Dreier who warned the Chancellor: ‘We can’t manage’.

The bus, carrying 31 migrants, arrived shortly after 6pm (5pm GMT) in front of Merkel’s chancellery in the centre of Berlin.

Several police officers shielded the refugees from reporters as officials asked them to board another bus waiting nearby that was to take them to local shelters.

However, the refugees refused to leave the bus and after a two-hour wait in front of the chancellery, the coach left for an overnight accommodation…

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When “Underage’ Refugees Look Anything But

Under strain from an influx of asylum-seekers claiming to be children, Sweden is now considering instituting mandatory age tests.

MALMÖ, Sweden — For years, Sweden has been the favorite destination for unaccompanied children seeking asylum in Europe. Its reputation as both a comfortable place to wait out the application process and a generous granter of asylum approval has spread far and wide. Last year it received almost twice as many underage asylum-seekers as the No. 2 destination, Germany; at the end of the year in particular, the number of children arriving alone in Sweden skyrocketed. But lately, some of these recent arrivals have appeared — at least according to their fellow asylum-seekers and Swedish officials — well, mature for their ages.

“In my [home for unaccompanied minors], there are so many people who look like 32 but say they’re 16,” reports Jamal Hawilo, a 17-year-old Palestinian whose slender frame and not-quite-settled bass voice suggest that he is indeed an adolescent. “There’s one guy I’m absolutely 100 percent convinced he’s 35.”

Jamal, who arrived in Sweden in August with his 16-year-old brother, isn’t the only one who noticed some rather seasoned-looking men among the 1,000-2,000 unaccompanied minors who were arriving in Sweden each week over the summer and fall. Now, in the midst of a fierce debate over asylum policy that saw Sweden backtrack on its generous open-door position late last year, Swedes are also weighing how to treat migrants who claim to be children but lack identification.

“The problem is not the volume, but the fact that people” are claiming to be children, said Mats Johansson, chair of the Stockholm Free World Forum, a right-leaning think tank and a former member of parliament from Sweden’s center-right Moderate Party. “Adult Afghans are not children in need of protection.”

The government and the country’s Migration Agency have long been reluctant to medically test unaccompanied minors’ ages as a standard procedure. “The government has been hoping that silence about age cheating will solve the issue,” said Johansson. But now as part of the recent reversal of its open-door asylum policy, the government is considering making age-determination tests standard practice for unaccompanied minors. The test, which involves dental and wrist-bone X-rays, can usually determine a young person’s age within a one-year margin. A Justice Ministry spokesman told Foreign Policy that a proposal is expected within the next six months…

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  1. muslim sniper training in Sweden.I thought the Swedes had reached the limit of human stupidity–that was last year, then along came Angela Merkel with a really assertive bid for the title, and she looked to ‘have it in the bag’, but no, this latest stunt has the Swedes back in complete command!
    NO other nation could possibly achieve this nadir of human stupidity, Sweden, we salute you!

    • Yeah but….please don’t not notice all the [Muslims] in all the ever more compromised armies and police forces on the rest of the Western European lunatic fringe. Swedes have to be the most inane God forsaken edge of civilization dwellers so far. Followed closely by others.

  2. Swedes…I wasn’t aware they were clinically insane until I read they are training the invaders how to kill.

  3. Good news.
    Within 6 months or so, they’ll know if the guy with the wrinkles and the neckbeard who has raped 17 Swedish girls and killed a few grandmothers for pocket money really is 13, like he claims.

    • I wrote months ago that MAYBE the EU nations was actually recruiting these muslims as cannon fodder for their attacks on Russia… now they will be snipers trained in Sweden… GOOD FREEKING GRIEF!

  4. I was told that muslims here in Germany are posting in social networks that they be will molesting women in the the carnival celebrations. I have bought a pocketknife and a can of russian anti-bear spray, I am ready to disembowel and blind any muhammad who tries to touch me.

    • right on ,Franca!
      I, male, have been carrying spray, knife and an occasional carpenters hammer at night times,here in Aachen. Unfortunately, nobody ever challenged me.

    • You’ll be violating the state’s monopoly on violence, which will brand you as a criminal. It’s far better to be raped and then file a report with the police bureaucracy at a later date.

      • Perhaps a block of ice in a baggie can be a weapon too if you are outdoors and the weather is freezing.

        Since I live in a warm climate, I prefer large stone in my front over- coat pocket. The idea is to deflect their attention to their OWN injuries while YOU run away !

        And to have other personal defense products also available if you cannot immediately get away.

        I still love my sturdy hatpins!!

      • Good luck with that. Did you notice Muslims typically are cowards who only hunt in scavenging packs?

      • what’s your suggestion? What should I do? I can’t buy a fire gun here, this is Germany not Texas (unfortunately!)

        • Suggestion No. 1, don’t go alone.
          If an attack happens, there are likely to be at least 3 of them, they are basically the same as school yard bullies, only much worse.
          They feel strong in groups and are looking for easy prey, not a fight to the finish.
          I remember some stores around the train stations in Germany where you could buy some interesting items you wouldn’t find elsewhere – assuming those areas haven’t become ‘no-go’ zones by now.
          A roll of coins or similar can add some convincing power to a friendly tap in a soft spot. Learn where the soft spots are by finding your own.
          Got a husky boyfriend or a big lesbian friend who knows Kung Fu? Might help.
          Supposedly, they are afraid of dogs – you don’t see many Muslims with pets – but that might be a double-edged sword, since they might just knife the dog, then go for you.
          If all else fails, surely you have kitchen knives.
          Unless they’ve outlawed those also by now…….

          • Thanks for the tips! for now I have the anti-bear spray and my pocket knife, I heard of stun guns but not all types are legal here in Germany. I am considering to buy a dog a Malinois or a Rodhesian Ridgeback. As for a husky boyfriend.. there is a huge irish rugby player I like in college I think he would do the trick 🙂

        • For your own survival – yes think. Avoid Muslims wherever and whenever possible – until you receive your orders. Unfortunately NOBODY is safe where Muslims roam.

    • Be sure to wear a nice hat and add some lovely 8 to 10 inch hat pins for added “local color” needs and attempts at castration of an attacker are needed.

      Even a 5 inch hat pin will do nicely when an EYE of a “cultural enricher) needs SERIOUS attention. STOP LEARING AT ME, greaser!

  5. They are better than nothing, CCW is generally impossible in Europe.

    I’d recommend a stout walking cane along with a can of mace for most men. Not the cheap kind collapsible kind, but one made out of a hardwood that is suitable for beating people with.

    Also practice strikes with the cane until they are second nature. I suggest finding a martial arts school that teaches Filipino stick work to learn the basics. Or a school that teaches traditional European sword work, they could probably point you in the right direction for learning stick work.

    Collapsible batons work well, but I suspect they are illegal, same with Blackjacks and Saps all of which will drop a opponent fast and hard. Saps are quite concealable and when used just look like you lightly slapped some thug with your hand. They don’t see the lead shot filled leather sack hitting the bad guy.

    They all can obtained over the internet.

    Also walk with a friend or two. Numbers matter.

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