Cologne, New Year’s Eve: A Firing Range on a Busy Street

Ordinary Germans may find it difficult to obtain handguns, but these exuberant culture-enrichers in downtown Cologne didn’t seem to have any problems. It’s not just fireworks you see them shooting off in this Silvester night footage, but actual firearms.

Nash Montana has confirmed that these scenes are definitely from Cologne, based on the subway sign at 1:22. She also identified the make and model of some of the guns being used, but I don’t want to spoil our readers’ fun — see which ones you can pick out:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

46 thoughts on “Cologne, New Year’s Eve: A Firing Range on a Busy Street

  1. So, guns CAN be obtained. Seems like civilly disobedient purchasing of them would be in order. I hear the Czechs make some inexpensive but excellent handguns, like, say, the CZ SP01. Just hypothetically, mind you.

    • How difficult would it be to get a gun in the Czech republic?
      I mean if I moved there would I be allowed to own a hand gun?

      I live in the UK and I know this government will never help the people defend themselves – you cant even legally buy pepper spray in this country.

      • Exactly. You can’t LEGALLY protect yourself. At what point do we say that the right to protect oneself is inalienable, and government cannot deny it to us?

  2. Thanks for posting this – it confirms what intel analysts have been stating for quite some time – that unlimited and unknown quantities of firearms and other weapons have been smuggled into Europe and are already in place. In the sandbox, the mosques were repositories of munitions, as the French have recently discovered in their post-attack investigations and arrests.

    The flashing of gang signs is a disturbing development. Encouragement of the myth of ghetto “gang-banger” alpha male by unseen forces is adding more instability to an already unstable situation. Young males of any background all seem to feel they are invincible and willing to take extraordinary risks because of that belief.

    • It’s obvious that mosques are used to run cash, drugs, guns, stolen property and traffick humans as well.

      I would also recommend avoiding any Ummah-owned businesses like restaurants and laundries. These types of cash businesses are perfect fronts for laundering profits made selling drugs to vulnerable youth.

      • No, it is not obvious.

        In civic society, as opposed to the Wild West Posse, there is a free and fair transparent investigation, the due process of law, along with all the checks and balances.

        What empirical facts have you got to substantiate such a gross generalisation, as opposed to emotive hearsay and anecdotes?

  3. Wow, those scenes look like… the Syrian civil war.

    That is insane. Detroit doesn’t get that crazy.

    • “Cap gun” or not, the effect is the same. This was a calculated effort to intimidate and cow. It is the same methodology as high altitude saturation bombing before the ground force assault to soften up and weaken resolve. And waving a “cap gun” around will let you practice suicide by cop just as effectively as a real gun will.

      • I saw what appeared to be the silhouette of two guns that were a bit recognizable. There were two instances of possible 9mm Walther P38s–possibly of WWII vintage, though lightweight versions came later and were sold in the early ’70’s for $67.50 in the US Army rod and gun clubs.
        The other was the Browning P 35–again a 9mm WWII design, though made up to the present day and is copied all over. Turkey makes a double-action version as well.

        It would be easy to find the empty cases and determine the facts.
        For instance–where is the ammo coming from?

        In the ’70’s–Germany was swimming with WWII weaponry and available to anybody with “connections”. I doubt that much of it has evaporated, and whatever happened to all the Communist small arms stuff that survived the breakup?? I bet it’s pretty cheap, too.

    • I found this video on my own before it was put here on Gates…but of course now it has been removed…it suggested in the title that they were shooting blank guns…

  4. It’s almost amusing to watch the tv journalist; she’s probably never heard a gun being fired or been in a dangerous environment. Otherwise she would’ve been hot footing it out of that square. This confirms that sites such as LiveLeak won’t run out of new material this year.

  5. Who had the dog? Remember that angels will not enter a house in which there are pictures or a dog.

    • I remember that brief glimpse of a dog – a Doberman? – and wondered if the acquisition of dogs is going to be a big business. Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, etc. No, they’re not bullet proof, but that’s another niche business: bullet proof dog gear.

        • I don’t like pit bulls, they appear to be inherently dangerous. But I hadn’t realized they were a favorite in the gangster culture. Do you have a link for that? I’d like to read more about it.

          I have noticed that the word “pitbull” can be used either negatively or positively to describe someone who is particularly tenacious about a problem.

          • No link.
            Live in a so-called “undocumented migrant”
            area in Southern California and pitbulls are
            the gang(ster) dog.
            Intimidating and dangerous.
            Used in backyard pitbulls fighting rings,
            not legal, as well as in organized crime
            big-betting events, not legal.

          • It all depends on now they are raised and trained. I had one in college, got her as a puppy and she was a wonderful dog, loved being around people and was a horrible watchdog to boot! Did *not* like other dogs, though.

            And I even got her from a breeder who trained fighting dogs, so the genes were there.

            Bottom line: upbringing matters more than linage.

  6. Sorry this is again fake video-[redacted] idiots!!!

    Pamela Geller has uploaded a longer video of it-and its says its from Berlin.Looks like a little bit older.Im from germany and i think its true.

    Also to be true the most will be so called gaspistols-only for signal munition etc and self denfece with cs gas.

    But ofcourse many muslims had real illegal guns(you know they shoot sometimes there daughters).

    • After watching the video, I failed to see any evidence in the video that would support your claim that the firearms shown were “gaspistols”. The firearms shown in the video were firearms. Flare pistols look nothing like the firearms being used in the video. Is it possible they were shooting blanks? Sure. Drunken Islamic thugs always shoot blanks so the kuffars don’t get hurt.
      Your claims that the video was not shot in Berlin and that it was “older” appear to be based on your fervent hope that Berlin is not well on it’s way to morphing into Beirut. Face the reality. Stand or submit.

      • I write from within Germany. I cannot tell if the weapons in the video are gas semi-automatics or gas revolvers or, conversely, real weapons firing lethal bullets. This is because I have not witnessed use of gas semis/revolvers.

        But I do not know if the mainly US readers of this blog know about this type of weapon made in Germany anyway, or have ever even seen or handled one. I have. They are indeed faithful imitations of real weapons eg. .38 Special, etc.

        I can buy any such imitation once I am 18 and keep it at home but if I want to carry it regularly I need a govt. permit called kleiner Waffenschein. It may be that the invaders firing the imitation weapons in the video just bought them from gun dealers and carry them illegally

        These gas weapons fire cartridges with CS gas or mace or signal munition for festivities and have a short gas spray range of only ca. 3-4 meters.

        So RM’s reference to flare pistols seems to mean that he is equating them with “gas pistols”. However, flare pistols not only look different, as RM says, but are treated differently and more severely under German Federal Weapons Law, Bundeswaffengesetz.

    • I think by what you are calling ‘gaspistols’ you may be referring to what in the US are typically called air guns, powered by a 12 gram CO2 charge, called a powerlet. Airguns that are handguns typically shoot either a .177 caliber lead pellet or steel bb’s, which are also .177. Some shoot both. I have both real firearms and airguns. An airgun that is a faithful replica of an actual firearm can be quite realistic looking. Umarex of Germany makes some of the most realistic looking replicas, they also make real firearms.

      I have very, very realistic looking CO2 replicas of my Sig P226, S&W 586, Berretta FS92, and Colt 1911. On the CO2 Sig, the slide even cycles to cock the hammer. Airsoft, which shoot plastic bb’s, are also known to be very exacting replicas and have lead to a number of juveniles being shot by cops who had no way of knowing the gun they wouldn’t put down was not a firearm.

      Having stated all that, I really doubt that these Muslims are fooling around with pellet guns.

  7. It is safe to assume that these guns have been supplied by the same sources as the expensive fireworks and rockets. Ordinary Germans do not have that kind of money to blow anymore.

    • Real weapons or not it is evident that these third world young men are delirious with excitement that they are so easily able to trample on the last shreds of German dignity. Absolutely no respect for authority and no fear of any consequences either. Frau Merkel must surely see this as a challenge to Germany’s authority if not her own (let’s face it she probably thinks she is Germany anyway) and react immediately. Arrest, convict and DEPORT or is she more concerned with losing political face?

      • These Muslim thugs are her allies, providing her with with all the pretense she needs to crack down on her political enemies, censor the media, imprison dissidents, etc.

        She is certainly not going to get rid of them or do anything to stop them. The pattern will always be 1) Muslims cause civil disorder, 2) pegida, etc, protest, 3) the crackdown will be on pegida and Muslims will be ignored, 4) Muslims were (intentionally) not dealt with thus return to step one and the process repeats.

        After many cycles of this, step 3 will get progressively more totalitarian with new authoritarian laws being passed and such. Only after certain legal and political goals are attained will the Muslims be dealt with, if it is not too late.

  8. The commentary seems to suggest that these were mostly rival groups who were firing at each other.

  9. I’ve no idea where that was filmed but it sure doesn’t look “family friendly.”
    Mrs Merkel what have you done?

  10. This video reminds me of the many cultural-enrichers we have here in the United States. Of course it doesn’t have to be New Years Eve, it can be any given day or night 365 days a year.

    Of course, this really did not happen and it has nothing to do with the ‘migrants’.

  11. Western leader God-haters have been waging WAR Against Christians for many years. When the U.S. first entered Iraq, they removed all the guns – weapons of defence from the Christian militias rendering Christians defenceless prey for barbaric enemies.

    British and European leaders have done the exact same thing to our people – removed guns – weapons of defence, maliciously rendering our people defenceless prey for barbaric Muslim enemies….and the coming HUGE, planned Jihad against our people.

    Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan explained the purpose of mosques-Military Command Centres:
    The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.

    Our leaders know that mosques (and Muslim homes) in Europe, America and all Western countries will be filled with guns and every kind of weapon.

    British and European leaders are the biggest traitors that ever walked on God’s earth. They colonised our Europe with 50 million Muslims; recently invited the Huge Muslim Third World to invade our little Europe and TOOK AWAY OUR GUNS.

    • “Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan explained the purpose of mosques-Military Command Centres:
      The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”

      So, the purpose of the domes is helmets?
      So, the purpose of the minarets is bayonets?

      No wonder paranoid Russians thought they have a case against the “Salvation Army?”

  12. The “refugees” swarming in from Syria via Turkey, Greece and so on are in most cases never searched. The officials at each border at best merely look at their false papers and pass them along. Why wouldn’t they bring pistols along with them in their baggage, knowing the European officials are too afraid of them to demand to search them?

    And of course I’m reminded of the truckload of 800 assault-style combat shotguns found by luck in northern Italy in November. How many truckloads of weapons have NOT been found?

    • Sounds like not so many years ago the French navy intercepted a shipment of weapons on the way from Libya to Ireland. Interrogators discovered that several shipments had already been delivered and dispersed successfully. Shock and horror. The games up! Time to negotiate and negotiate they did. With open borders it should be no problem for the almost completely out of control muslim surge to overwhelm whatever security does exist today. Easy now to imagine mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers and the pc that made it all possible. Lets hope with weeping boy Barak, Mama Merkel and the rest of the western shower this doesn’t turn into a perfect storm for the Muslim suicide of life and death.

  13. After being accosted by a muslim in the street in München I decided to carry a knife with me in my pocket or handbag. Muslims are acting more and more aggresive since they know they enjoy protection from the German state, my neighbohood used to be a peaceful place but now most houses have fenced gardens, barred windows and rottweilers and pitbulls are becoming the most common pets. Some areas in München are so infested with Muslims and other third world people that not even the police dares to venture into those places. I am russian and married to a german man, we are considering moving to Saint Petersburg next year, at least we won’t have to deal with hordes of primitive muslims there.

    • A very old story now. Have enough attack pigs been trained yet? Or bacon spray? Hows about mini flame throwers?

  14. “Nash Montana has confirmed”
    So, “Nash Montana” has confirmed? Pff.


    The quarter ever had problems. Now it is in segregation-transformation:

    I won’t talk about these toy-guns. You’re making me more sad than any of these poor lost kids with ever could.

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