Canadian Media Ignore Muslim Sex Slavery in Quebec

The following report by Ezra Levant of discusses the case of a culture-enriching young man named Walid Mustapha Chalhoub, who groomed underage girls in Quebec and turned them into his sex slaves. Mr. Chalhoub — who has now pleaded guilty to the charges against him — was a predator whose modus operandi was remarkably like that of the grooming gang in Rotherham, even though the scope of the operation in Quebec was more modest.

Most major Canadian media outlets ignored this story. I wouldn’t have known anything about it if Vlad hadn’t kept me informed:

Below are excerpts from two news articles on the same topic. First, from The Montreal Gazette:

Trial: Chalhoub Claimed He Was a Murderer to Extort Sex From Teenagers

Walid Mustapha Chalhoub is accused of sexually abusing 12 young girls, 10 of whom were minors, between 2011 and 2013. Montreal police

A Montreal man charged with sexually assaulting several teenagers after convincing them they were contractually obligated to have sex with him, claimed he was in the Mafia and a murderer in order to intimidate his victims, a court heard Wednesday.

Walid Mustapha Chalhoub, 33, a resident of the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough, is charged with sexual assault on eight minors and an 18-year-old woman he had previously dated. He faces 48 charges in all in a trial at the Montreal courthouse. That includes ten counts of sexual assault, two counts of armed sexual assault and 11 counts of extortion.

Quebec Court Judge Serge Boisvert heard testimony from two young women who were close friends when they decided to go to Chalhoub’s apartment in the borough because a schoolmate had told one of them Chalhoub had a way for them to make easy money. The women were 16 and 17 when they went to Chalhoub’s home in August 2013. Both gave the Montreal police videotaped statements, last February, in which they said Chalhoub was vague about the contracts he offered them. The statements were played for Boisvert before each witness testified.

The young women said they were given alcohol and offered marijuana when they arrived and found a small party in progress in Chalhoub’s apartment. As the night progressed people gradually left and Chalhoub talked of being a chauffeur for escorts, claimed he was part of the Mafia and boasted that he had killed people.

And from the CBC:

Trial Begins for Man Facing Charges of Sexual Assault, Pimping and Kidnapping

The trial of a man accused of assaulting 10 minors began yesterday at a courthouse in Montreal.

Walid Mustapha Chalhoub faces 48 charges, including sexual assault, pimping, extortion and kidnapping.

According to police testimony, Chalhoub allegedly attracted victims to his home by promising them jobs and cash.

Police allege Chalhoub then engaged in blackmail to extort money and force the teenagers to film sex tapes.

He is also alleged to have threatened to upload the sex tapes to the internet to extort more money.

A detective working on the case told the court the investigation began after a father called 911 to report his daughter’s disappearance.

That report led police to other alleged victims.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

20 thoughts on “Canadian Media Ignore Muslim Sex Slavery in Quebec

  1. To most of the world Canada is a cliché – Pierre Berton’s 1975 book ‘Hollywood’s Canada’ was an excellent study of that – but the truth is that Canada has been a country of corruption and scandal -in government and the media. The province of Quebec has been the worst – where the mafia practically owned Montreal during the 30s to the 60s and the cops often looked the other way . With the muslim immigrant threat in the 21st century , the mafia days will come across ,in another 10 years,sadly,as “the good old days”. The western provinces (basically politically conservative ) are so fed up with the garbage from the East (Ontario,Quebec and the Maritimes) and their support of Justin Trudeau that there is a growing movement for a call of separation from Canada. Vancouver (on the West or “Left” coast) is viewed as being quite brain dead to any reality. Canada, far from it’s image of being composed of nice little polite “Canuckies” living in little log cabins eating back bacon ,is on the verge of much internal strife and conflict in the coming years. If Trudeau tries to grab guns in Alberta and Saskatchewan there will be “civil war”. Tough times ahead for the whole world and Canada is not exempt from it.Not by a long shot.

  2. Raymondson,
    Your analysis is quite correct on some accounts. The Canadian media has been held by the far left Fabians for decades now – so much so, that my DH still remains shocked when he reads the “conservative” papers of record, as they are far to the left of anything published in the US as “right-wing”. (As an aside, the Vietnam draft dodgers upon arrival actively sought out ways to control the media and academia – they were successful, and that poisoned fruit has yet to be extirpated from the Canadian polity). So it does not surprise me that the media would choose to ignore this story as it does not fit the “United Colors of Benetton” rubric they all swear allegiance to. They did a great job of not really covering the Shafia family “honor killings” in 2009 and the outrage really only found a home in the alternative US press through the efforts of Ezra Levant and then percolated up through the conservative grassroots back in Canada.

    As for the “secession” rumblings – this is pretty much the status quo. Quebec uses secessionist threats to wring more concessions and funding from the Feds; they play the aggrieved minority card far more skillfully than the blacktivists in the US. The ideological schism between the Western prarie provinces and the “Axis of Evil” of Upper and Lower Canada is long-standing. That being said, now that the oil industry has “bust” yet again, and Alberta has gone from a “have” state making transfer payments into the commons, to a “have-not” state expecting to withdraw, “secessionism” advocates will be few and far between. Canada, like the US, is a large land mass, with very disparate regions, artificially held together by nominal federalism and mutual economic destruction fatalism.

  3. Despite the fact that there was “radio silence” on this case right across the Canadian media, I tried several times to get this story past the CBC comments moderators today, because this is what I do. I put the link to the Rebel Media story (Ezra Levant) under another loosely related Muslim story headline, (The Muslim guys taking pictures in the mall), but they are obviously determined to suppress this one. “E” for Effort I guess. Even putting spaces between the WWW part of the link, so it didn’t show as a blue hyperlink did not not work.

    • I think the gropers response to the world is a resounding..MAKE US! Canada doesn’t have the self preservation bug to do much to save their selves, Canadians, like the english will quietly accept their fate.

  4. The video was excellent. Of course nothing is being said in the US or Canada about this in the MSM. It is stunning that this criminal had the girls sign contracts. If this were to be on CNN or the CBC people would rise up against Muslim immigration policies being forced on citizens in Canada, the US, and Europe.

  5. From “Quebec Libre” to “Islamize me”. That’s quite a leap. The confusion is showing up in the central african and muddle eastern type planning and response thought density. Mad Merkel, daft Dave and crocodile tears can do this.

  6. Terrible incident. He deserve punishment. But exactly why do you identify him by his assumed religion? Do white criminals recieve similar treatment?

    • Can you point out anything that he did that contradicts the teachings of the Koran / Mohammad?
      That’s why.

      • Kafir women are legitimate “maal-e-ghanimah” (spoils of war) and Mohammed encourages his followers in some Hadith to opt for little girls rather than grown women, as they are “more fun.” So, not only was this criminal not contradicting Mohammed, he was actually following him!

  7. Ibn Ziyad,

    Because Islam. The rules are different in your religion and many of us are aware of it now. “White” criminals are simply criminals.

  8. Beautiful country, but way too cold most of the year.
    If any of them want to secede, integration into the US would be a piece of cake.

  9. People from the desert culture are good in two things – plundering and rape. Politicians from the western culture are good in two things – lying and turning a blind eye.

  10. We know for a fact that ALL the perpetrators in the Rotherham child-rape ring were Muslim (south Asian = Pakistanis, perhaps also a few Afghans and Indians). Do we know that Mr. Chalhoub is Muslim?

    • Yes, he is. His name is “Walid Mustapha” which is always muslim.

      Separately, to the best of my knowledge, no Indian muslim was part of the Rotherham child-rape gangs. They were pakistanis and some arab-north-africans.

  11. The worst thing about cases like this is that it turns us into people we don’t want to be. As I was watching the video clip I would have enjoyed being able to reach into the film and yank that mongrel out and kill him with my own bare hands. Were I one of the families whose daughters were molested I would be there at every parole hearing urging the court not to release him and then when he comes out …… do you remember the American movie ‘Death Wish’?

  12. According to the name on the ‘contract’ he pretended to be Italian.
    Warn your daughters.

  13. If you want the media to cover this story you will have to get a dental college student to make a joke about it on Facebook.

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