“Be Irate at the Muslim Women!”

Zana Ramadani is an ex-Muslim from Macedonia who now lives in Germany. Referring to incidents such as the Groping Jihad on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Ms. Ramadani is emphatic that Muslim women bear the responsibility for inculcating misogyny in their male children, and the habit of subjugation in their female children.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this interview from Die Welt:

“Be Irate at the Muslim Women!”

The former Femen activist Zana Ramadani believes that incidents such as Cologne are possible everywhere where Muslims live. Islamic values are to blame — and mothers who raise their children in accordance with them.

by Kathrin Spoerr

As an activist in the Femen movement, the feminist Zana Ramadani fought for equal rights. The 32-year-old was born in Macedonia and grew up in her Muslim family in Siegerland [North Rhine-Westphalia]. She is now living in Berlin.

Die Welt: After the excesses of New Year’s Eve — who should we be mad at? Arabs? Muslims? Men in general?
Zana Ramadani: Clearly, Muslims. Not just the Muslim men, but also Muslim women, especially Muslim mothers. The perception of women that confronted us on New Year’s Eve is one that is lived everywhere in the Islamic world. Exactly the same thing could have happened where I came from, in Macedonia. And in Pakistan or Bangladesh. It could have happened in every Islamic country, and does, daily. Because the values are to blame for these events. These are the values of Islam.
Die Welt: What values are those?
Zana Ramadani: As follows: Women are attendants. Women are slaves. We are merchandise. It is up to us to behave demurely. If we look a man in the eye for too long, our intention is to tease and excite him. All that we do, and all that we are, is pure provocation. So we must cover ourselves. At the same time, this impugns men as impulse-driven rapists.
Die Welt: Many people had that impression after the events in Cologne.
Zana Ramadani: Yes, but of course that is nonsense. I do not believe that Arab men are more compulsive or have more testosterone than European, Christian men. But Muslim men are raised from childhood with a despicable image of women. These men learn that women who wear short skirts or tight pants are available. They learn that they have the right to treat us with disrespect. What many Muslims and many imams fail to understand is that they have not only a bad picture of women, but also of men. In fact, the veiling law presumes that every man is a compulsive rapist. So Islamic values are inimical to both men and women.
Die Welt: How are these values inculcated in men?
Zana Ramadani: In Islamic culture, it is almost always the women who do the nurturing and training. Women have so internalized the values under which they themselves have often suffered, that they pass them on to their sons as well as their daughters. From childhood, the boys are pampered and treated as little princes. Girls are guided before all else to virtue. From the start, they must do housework and help their mothers to spoil the men of the family.
Die Welt: Was that your experience in your Muslim family?
Zana Ramadani: Yes, in fact it was very extreme. I have a brother. My mother spoiled him and overlooked whatever he did. As a girl, I was raised with incredible severity. I had no liberty, and whenever I played outside with my friends anyway, she scolded me as filth or as a whore — long before I even knew what a whore was. It was a long and bitter battle to emancipate myself from my family. My brother is happily continuing to live the values of my Muslim family.
Die Welt: Are all Muslim mothers that extreme?
Zana Ramadani: Naturally, all mothers do not call their daughters whores just because they were playing in the sandbox with a boy. The older generation is stricter than the younger one. But the idea that a girl may not do certain things, or this is for a girl to do and that is for a boy — that is deep in Islamic culture.
Die Welt: How does a good Muslim girl behave?
Zana Ramadani: She does not contradict. She must always be at home. She must always live within the family. And then, of course, there is this virginity mania. The family’s honor resides between their daughters’ legs.
Die Welt: So is the mother also to blame for the sexual repression?
Zana Ramadani: Yes. Every Islamic mother teaches her daughter that she is only of worth if she enters marriage as a virgin. You stay in the marriage, you do not divorce, you accept your fate.
Die Welt: Is this mania new, or was it always like that?

Zana Ramadani: It was always like that, but no one was interested. The media passed right over it while the contempt for women applied. Now, our attention is being called to a phenomenon by the events in Cologne — the phenomenon that women count for nothing. Anyone like me, who has grown up with Islam, knows nothing different.
Die Welt: The Koran is considered the root of the evil. The commandment to cover up, the superiority of the man, are derived from it. On the other hand, there is homage to women in the Koran. Being a mother confers sacred status. How do honoring women and despising woman comport?
Zana Ramadani: In some Surahs and some Hadiths, the woman is the saintly one. In others, she is the opposite — the shameless one, the seed receptacle for the man, who may satisfy his sexual needs on her. The way it is, is that the woman is good as long as she remains pure and biddable, subordinates herself and obeys and functions. She is honored and treated well, if she submits. Everyday Muslim life is also perverse , as seen in this Surah: “Your women are your field for sowing. Go to that field whenever you like.” Women as a field for sowing, as a sex object at the man’s disposal — if that is taught to sons and daughters, then what happened in Cologne and happens everywhere in Muslim cultural circles is no surprise. It is clear to me that these attacks have to do with Islam.
Die Welt: Do women in Islamic cultures perhaps feel comfortable in their roles anyway?
Zana Ramadani: To be sure, women vary. Most keep still, accept everything — their role and also their inferiority. They voluntarily wear the veil from childhood on, for example in Berlin on the school grounds; and even as young pupils, they despise the girls who do not. These girls often exert a crazy kind of group pressure. And there are others, like me, who rebel against their parents. I was punished for that for years, with beatings that were so hard I could not sit down for days. And it was always my mother who beat me, never my father. It is almost always that way. The mother does the hitting. The mother humiliates and mistreats the disobedient daughter. After a while, I had learned, from fear of blows and injuries, to hold my tongue.
Die Welt: What is it like for a Muslim immigrant child to be surrounded by a free society?
Zana Ramadani: Well, many are not even aware of the free society. They just go on living their Muslim lives, speak their own language and live their own culture. They don’t confront anything — most of all Western values, that is the values of the country they are living in. They have contempt for the values of their host country. This is widespread. Contempt for the culture they are enjoying the advantages of. Then there are women (and men) like me. The Western values I saw in school, on the street, with my friends, had an incredible attraction for me. For us, life in the family becomes hell.
Die Welt: What can be done in Germany, to avoid bringing this medievalism in with the immigration movement?
Zana Ramadani: Much can be done. We must stop believing that all this has nothing to do with Islam. It has a lot to do with Islam. We must require a great deal from the immigrants. Above all from the women.
Die Welt: What?
Zana Ramadani: Language courses are not enough. We must begin the changing of values in their minds. We must make the women strong against their men. Today, this is how it is: A Muslim family comes to the agency. The women is silent and the man talks some incomprehensible nonsense. If the women had more skills, the men would be dependent on them.
Die Welt: How would that work in reality?
Zana Ramadani: Citizenship courses. Obligatory for every woman. Refusal to attend would mean no money. The woman is the key to the family. We women need more courage to defend our values. We must compel the men. It won’t work without compulsion. We must stop the false tolerance for Islam. Islam is destroying our values, and we must prevent that.

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  1. “These men learn that women who wear short skirts or tight pants are available. They learn that they have the right to treat us with disrespect.”
    Yes. Some Westerners, though, imagine that these ideas grow by a sort of osmosis, and morph into a “belief”. The reality is that they are INSTRUCTED.
    “Their women are yours to take, legitimately. Allah made them yours. Why don’t you enslave them?”
    Sheik Saad al Beraik.
    “Any woman wthout a headscarf is asking to be raped”
    Iman Shahid Mehdi, Copenhagen
    “Uncovered meat”
    Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, Australia
    This is not “rural”, or “traditional”, or “tribal” tradition. This is Islam.

  2. “Change the values in their minds.” So far, 1,400 years have not done the trick. Perhaps television will provide more of a window out to freedom than they enjoyed before. Every Muslim house used to function as a prison for the women, with a door man literally to lock and unlock on behalf of the master. He could simply disallow the women even a radio. As such, they were as cut off from the world as North Koreans, and therefore, it was easy to brainwash them in any preferred direction.

    But can that closed system remain closed in the internet and cable tv era? If it presumably cannot, then it would seem to me that a thaw can take place, and as our first priority, we should try to carve off the victimized women who know they are slaves and hate it from the rest of the society where possible.

    Even today, every Muslim woman at every age is the virtual slave to her father, brother, husband. Then she becomes a sex slave in a “marriage” ritual where she is ritually raped by her “husband” that she just met that day. She has had no input at all, the groom can be over 50, or already have 2 wives, the new bride has zero say. Basically, she is sold like a goat or a sheep. Her father or husband may be a gem of a man, a prince who treats her like a princess. Or, he may be a boorish lout who forbids her even to learn to read, and keeps her locked up most hours of every day.

    Millions of Muslim women who have been exposed to the West do consider themselves unlucky and forgotten slaves, who became slaves through no fault of their own. That is a big chunk of people, if we bring them over to the freedom side, it helps to change the dynamic. They are a group we can help. We can promote safe hiding places and rescue shelters, which also emphasize the cruel practices of Muslim men toward their women who refuse to be slaves.

    • Matt, these women are not only suffering as vicitms as to what is known as Stockholm Syndrome but they are vicitms of a cult. Deprogramming can take years. There are two similiar cults in the US. Scientology and Mormonism. There are some women that have been born into fundamentalist LDS families that experience a similar type of terror at the hands of their families. The same can be said about Scientology.

      • Yes, I agree. And it means that while we can attempt to reach out to those who want to escape from the clutches of Islam, we must also be prepared to shoot them as brainwashed killer zombies if they are approaching a security point etc, as they can be hiding a bomb or a knife meant for a sneak attack.

  3. FrontpageMag (Daniel Greenfield) is carrying an article about honour killings in Syria. In one case a girl who had been raped was hacked to death by her brother with the full approval of her parents. Then the family held a party. There is no way that this wicked perversity can produce anything other than very damaged people. Only the most exceptional will be able to integrate into western society.

  4. There is absolutely no changing them. They must be expelled. The Muslims must be expelled. Yes, it is futile to call for that now. But maybe after not the first massacre, maybe after the tenth massacre there will be the will to override our Marxist Monster Masters and expel the Muslims from the West.

  5. Very interesting. I’d like to see it over on the BBC news site where they are forever running stories by muslim women who claim their are free under Islam.

  6. Looks like Muslim mothers have something in common with Italian and Jewish mothers, they also tend to worship the ground their sons walk on.
    Based on what I’ve seen, White/European and East Asian cultures are the only ones in which mothers almost castrate their own flesh and blood by raising them to be chivalrous NiceGuy™ gentlemen, while everyone else encourages them to be the most reckless, aggressive Alpha Dog they can possibly be.

    Guess which one young women will find more appealing.

    • Wolfie, you’re sadly turning into Johnny One-Note. I am an American mother of sons and I don’t fit your description. This is anecdotal bile and most unbecoming to your own character. Please stop.

  7. I believe it is incumbent upon all Muslims to investigate and read up on their belief system and it’s founder. This applies to the women most especially, who as we are told are ‘victims’, ‘moderate’, ‘just like us’…… What normal, decent mother can follow the fiats of a god who permits slavery, rape and all the other atrocities carried out in order to please Allah? Forced marriages to strangers & old men, fathers murdering their daughters who displease Allah, raping a female child or a woman who is due to be executed because it’s displeasing to Allah to execute a virgin! Good grief, and we are expected to accept these people into our midst and turn a blind eye to this, as they do?

    As for the men? The Islam appeals to their most base instincts; lots of sex, lots of wives, power over women and children, violence and mayhem condoned, virgins in heaven, power over the Kafir, justified homicide, all to please their rotten allah.

    • You’re asking people from third world economies and tribal social systems to think like first worlders. Aside from wanting the beneifts from the first world, they’re not interested.

      Yes, indeed, you ARE expected to accept this into your midst. If you loudly object, Tommy Robinson can tell you what will happen to you and to your family.

  8. Dymphna, I agree. Please stop alreaday, Wolfie! I’m sorry you had a bad experience in your own life, but don’t transfer that to everyone else.

    American women are not some mass of one-mindedness. I raised my son to respect women and he saw it every day of his life within our own marriage where my husband respected and respects me. My husband also raised his son to respect women. Jeeze, some people really do not have a clue. Maybe you need to get out more.

  9. Makes perfect sense. Even in the U.S. mothers have participated in the honor-killing of their own daughters.

  10. Years ago an American woman who had worked in Saudi told me she saw a mother sooth her fussing toddler by rubbing his little penis. Revolting and terribly sad.

  11. I have no idea why it is the women who have to be reeducated. Why is it not the men who must go to classes? That women need to be brave and face their primitive husbands is so far out of wack that we must ask why that is the standard recommendation. Require the men to appear for classes and group psychotherapy.

    • Her point is that Muslim women serve as the transmission belt for Islamic misogyny, implanting it in their male children.

  12. Welcome to the New World Order the Elites are creating, Intentionally. These young men understand exactly what their doing, their follow the Quran to rape, pillage and enter the land of the Infidels.

    The Elites are using Islam to control and enslave the World. During the second world war Germany worked closely with Persia and even renamed them Iran. The Elites
    Commies and Islam go great together. History show us Islam doesn’t Integrate nor assimilate with Western values.

    Thank God for the Second Amendment!

  13. I find it ludicrous that people want to educate the Muslins by having them attend ” civilization classes 101″. This is like “climate change”. Basically mission impossible. If they haven’t figured it out in 1400 years, they aren’t going to. They should not be allowed into western countries. Leave them to their own devices.

  14. At you are saying
    “And it was always my mother who beat me, never my father. It is almost always that way. The mother does the hitting. The mother humiliates and mistreats the disobedient daughter. After a while, I had learned, from fear of blows and injuries, to hold my tongue.”

    And then go on to say
    “We must make the women strong against their men. Today, this is how it is: A Muslim family comes to the agency. The women is silent and the man talks some incomprehensible nonsense. If the women had more skills, the men would be dependent on them.”

    My question is that if you make these women have more power how will that change the balance? I am sure it will have an affect it may not be 100% positive. Most of the problems I see is with the mother (and the father). You need to teach them how to be better parent and help the kids of the ones that will not learn. Now I might be wrong but I don’t think for a second that her brother (and many other boys in Islam) really had a great childhood (a least not compare to western standards). Things always look better when you are being mistreated worst to compare to others in your family.

    I know girls get treated poorly in Islam (and this doesn’t execute this) and the society reflects it. Boys are often gang up on and beaten up for speaking their mind and the lack of connection and love with their mothers is horrible. Girls of course get it worst in these societies often getting rape at young ages but so do some boys. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3417669/Police-flee-lives-Swedish-migrant-camp-surrounded-screaming-mob-try-relocate-ten-year-old-boy-raped-multiple-times.html
    One only needs to know that there is no such thing as free speech in a major Muslim country and death for speaking ill and being an apostasy is real in some places.
    A lot of these suicide bombers blow themselves in part due to lack of love that they get from their mothers. Killing themselves in the hope that they will be loved by Allah in the next life.

    All I am saying is it is a horrible place to be brought up in for all.

    Also not to mention and I agree with the horror of what they do to girls genitals in these places. One should know that it is often the mothers that preform this on their girls.

    Male circumcision a subject not talk much in the west and happens more in the USA. A least in Islam it is done on 10 years old’s instead of baby boys but I would still say this is wrong. A sad fact is that in German it had one of the lowest rates in the world until recently.

    I hope this explains where I disagree. It is not that I think women should not get rights in the Muslim world but it is that I think the thing that the west should be putting it’s focus on the better rising of children (both girls and boys) in both the west and the spreading it to the east.

    I put this link for better information on the effects of child abuse

  15. As these islamic animals begin to migrate into Americas and then proceed to conduct themselves as the new barnyard animals of the American cities they may find out that Americas are more than willing to pull out a Glock and end their deviant misery in a really hard way.

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