Ban Sharia “Justice” in the UK!

A reader in Britain just sent us the following message:

There’s a petition in the UK to ban Sharia law. I became aware of this yesterday and splashed it about, injecting it into various ongoing discussions, where unfortunately it will disappear rapidly. You could do a much better job than I, by providing some sort of article with a reminder that the deadline is the 11th of March. Below is what I wrote or injected into some postings, including the link to the petition itself; I believe it’s self-explanatory.

We need to drum up as many signatures as possible. Please, think about it: At 100,000 signatures Sharia will be discussed in the National Assembly of a major Western nation…

Any support, distribution, awareness you can drum up would be of immense help. I thank you in advance for your kind support and remain yours with.

The UK Parliamentary Petition: All UK Residents

A petition has been launched: “Sharia Law and the use of Sharia courts within the UK should be prohibited”. So far less than 20,000 signatures have been attracted. 100,000 are required to discuss the matter in The House of Commons. The deadline is 11 March 2016, that means we have a bit more than a month left.

I trust, and hope, that all UK resident participants who read GoV are keen to sign this petition (

Sharia Law and the use of Sharia courts within the UK should be prohibited.

Prohibit the Islamic legal system derived from the religious precepts of Islam particularly the Quran and the Hadith from being practised or implemented within the United Kingdom to protect and maintain the supremacy of the UK’s current constitution along with its legal and judicial systems.

Get this link to as many sympathetic people as possible (email friends, have the link on a sheet of paper, and if opportunity arises, say in a pub, pass it on). If we can stop or at least curtail Sharia we will be able to do a lot more. Further, we can prime some of the media, Daily Express for instance, with quotes from the Quran and Hadith, plus Sira and point out how they fit together.

Note this well: With 100,000 signatures it will be discussed on the floor of Parliament, in a proper session, in public. To hammer this point home: We’d be the first Western country in which the elected representatives have to discuss Sharia publicly in the National Assembly. (Though, ‘they’ and their voluntary Dhimmis may still find a way to high-jack or derail the discussion, they’ll certainly try. Think George Galloway…)

That also means copy this to other forums where English speakers, and thus some Brits, participate.

31 thoughts on “Ban Sharia “Justice” in the UK!

    • I hate to say it, but yes, there is justice under sharia for muslims only. Rare cases infidels. There is a lot of justice for muslims by muslims and for muslims by atheist Britain for muslims. That’s why they are thriving and in a few weeks the mayor of London, who is endorsed by every Traitor, is going to be elected. What a wonderful empire, on which the sun never sets.

      There is no justice for Christians, Jews and ordinary native people by muslims and Traitors.

      • Let me fix that for you, “I hate to say it, but yes, there is justice under sharia, but only for muslim MEN.”

      • In Sharia Courts, women are not treated as equal to men. In total defiance of British Law.

        • And yes, the silly Brits are letting it happen, aiding and abetting it, and punishing any Brits who oppose their transition to an islamic state.

          Just ask Tommy Robinson and hundreds of other patriots.

    • The gravamen of what the sharia courts do is that they are established in the United Kingdom in contempt of the Queen. By that, I mean that they claim jurisdiction from God without making the same claim for the constituted civil authorities. Banning them is the ideal measure to stop the Islamisation of the UK.

      • Having said this, I disagree with the wording of the petition. If implemented, it would ban the Jewish Batei Din and the Tribunals of the Roman Catholic Church. Both the Jewish and the Christian communities maintain tribunals and claim that their jurisdiction comes from the Pope (who has diplomatic relations with the UK) or immediately from God, and they also claim that the civil authorities are ordained by God.

  1. Thanks for this, as the House of Commons went ahead and debated banning the Donald this week, we need to get this to over 100,000 to get it talked about. So many people are completely ignorant of the fact we already have sharia law operating in parts of the UK.

    • There has to be sense of resignation as to what’s coming. The deadline is March (end of March, I assume), and with only 20,000 signatures that says much about what the people want. Do they want Sharia law? Are the people so dumbed down and apathetic that they even give a damn? What is the psychological mindset behind this? Banning Donald Trump is an inane issue yet it’s being hotly debated. A diversionary tactic? Something is cruelly out of whack here. But, in the end the people decide. Or do they?

      • Petitions like this one are hidden away so the people don’t sign up. The trendy petition to ban Donald Trump was advertised in every MSM outlet.

    • A question for those in the UK. Reading Tommy’s book has been painful in some ways: Y’all live under such severe repression if you step out of line. How is this petition not a big line-stepper? Are there some who would be too afraid of the consequences for going public??

      • The e-petitions are so well known that even people with differing opinions would defend the right to sign up to them. That said – It makes things very easy for our Secret Service Oxbridge boys to get a list of enemies of the state (patriots). The shameful treatment of Tommy Robinson just highlights the state of play.

  2. This issue should be taken very seriously because sharia law is another aspect of jihad. The tactic used by Muslims to enable its implementation in a secular, democratic environment is again Deception .

    It begins by claiming that sharia is only applicable to Muslim society and that it is restricted to matters of Family Law at the local level, so apparently it is no threat to our established legal system. Hence the demand for the setup of municipal sharia courts to serve the muslim residents even though their rulings and judgements are ultra vires the national laws and Constitution ( why demand sharia otherwise ).

    Politicians and councilors who legalize the establishment of such courts out of populist considerations do not appreciate that these institutions form the beachheads by which jihadists infiltrate the entire secular democracy by undermining its legal structure. Muslim lawyers assiduously study the legal details of the Constitution to discover loopholes even as their Islamic judges pass rulings that contravene the nation’s laws, basing their judgements on Islamic historical precedents – and the assumption that the prophet’s excesses are exemplary of human behavior. These deviant decisions will be empowered due to the exceptions granted to these courts – in effect ISIS judgements in your own backyard.

    Since the enforcement of sharia laws cannot be dependent on the nation’s Police who are bound to follow constitutional instruments, the consequent request or demand from muslims would be the formation of Religious Enforcers that morph into paramilitary vigilantes. At this point they will demand the establishment of legal institutions at the provincial and national levels to ‘streamline’ the administration of sharia law as the Islamic Bureaucracy enlarges and increases its power. Eventually they will challenge the Constitution itself because our secular Democracy is ultra vires sharia law – and THEY DO NOT grant exemptions to others .

  3. Meanwhile, the Queen is twiddling her thumbs between cups of tea, trying to decide which ugly hat to wear or which oddball fringe weirdo to knight next.

  4. This same parliament who spent time debating to ban Trump? Good luck with that – Islam is in Britain forever.

  5. I have signed it for all the good it will do. What will happen is what happened in Bristol where Judicial authorities permitted what was actually a Sharia Court to be designated as a ‘Muslim Arbitration Tribunal’ and actually appointed a (Muslim) Crown Court Judge to pass judgements.

    The whole of the Legislative and Executive branches of our government have gone over to the dark side and nothing will change until they are either removed from office or simply ex………. Hmm, I think I’ll leave it there because speaking truth to tyranny is a very risky business in the British Caliphate these days.

    • Cultural and Education branches, too.

      Visit any Britsh art gallery, and enjoy results of cultural inclusion.

      Square miles of exhibition space are already filled with a nonsense “conceptual art”, – whereas Classicists, Impressionists, Symbolists and pre-Raphaelites are locked in basements, likely forever, probably waiting to be eventually declassified as art, or/and declared Nazi art, or/and sold out, or destroyed.
      as I was told by museum worker, – there is no space to show them.

      so, the garbage declared as “art” by the relativist conmen in “art colleges”, is purchased from conmen “artists”, to be put into museums run by else other conmen, to replace real art, – all payed by British taxpayer.

      another trick is to put some small painting of say Corot or Sisley or Manet, – near to the ELEPHANTINE, often contrast-coloured piece of “conceptual” crap. sort of, it is up to you to decide, what impresses you more.

      the goal is quite clear – to destroy and wash out each and every bit of art reminding of history, heritage, achievement, compassion, religion, – the whole ethos of the non-islamc West.
      then, when the old culture is compromised, obscured and eventually forgotten, one can easily come and say – God what is that, you are degenerates. you need islam to lead you out of this shameful mediocrity. 🙂

      and certainly other exhibits have clear islamic character – glass-covered tables with pieces of paper with arabic slogans, open arabic books, vials, towels, carpets with inscriptions, and stuff alike inside.
      but – these are sacred objects, the Name of God is written there.
      Michelangelo is crap in comparison.
      and you can’t remove it from library or from a museum – all 1.2 zillions will riot.

      this is all real – one can start from Tate Britain.
      there is new nice exhibition room there, devoted to the ills and vice of alcohol.

  6. I wish the petition luck.

    However without Media attention to his petition I fail to see how it will reach 100,000 when it only gained 20,000 in the first 3 months, and there is no way the MSM are going to even mention this petition. They would rather look away to the Aegean Sea as it requires very little journalistic skill and critical discussion to broadcast children drowning.

    The everyday person does not regularly visit a parliamentary website to see if there are any petitions worth signing, and despite the recent Trump petition, I’m not sure how many people are even aware that petitions can force a parliamentary debate.

    Finally, should this petition succeed, and sincerely hope it does, most MP’s are far too Politically Correct to speak out against Sharia Law and any debate will either be a no-show or a stage of Islamic apologists, and again will get little or no media coverage.

    The Brits like to complain, but generally only after the horse has bolted.

    Having said that, I will do my best to encourage friends and family to sign up.

    • The media can be bypassed via social media — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. More than one issue that the media would rather have avoided has been catapulted into prominence via Facebook. Mind you, the new, improved “hate”-hating Facebook might take the page down. But there are other channels into which the information can flow. Be creative; put it out there in all the ways you can think of.

  7. Well, this is one thing. But what about the unofficial sharia patrols that muslims have set up in parts of London? You can see them on youtube. They go and harass anyone not behaving “Islamically.” They insult women who are not “covered” and men who are drinking beer etc.

    Why are there no men left in Britain who can take these hoods on? I guess British manhood has died. Spend all their time in pubs and watching football while muslims impose sharia and do Rotterhams on their daughters.

    • The moment any true man left in Britain tries to take these ‘hoods’ on they will just laugh, sit back and wait for the common purposed scum once known as our Constabulary to turn up with amazing alacrity, beat the excrement out of the patriots and then charge them with a ‘hate crime’.

      Can’t upset these Moderate Muslims** you know old chap, that would be terribly racist.

      **’Moderate (British!) Muslim’ is now defined as someone who at that particular point in time is not actually mass raping white children, honour killing, feminine genetically mutilating, or openly beheading Brits on our streets and also has nothing to do with Islam anyway.

      • Seneca, why even let it get to the point where they can call for help? Surely the job can be finished before then.

  8. A US politician’s simple assertion that the way to stop the muslim problem is to stop the muslims is greeted with vicious worldwide media excoriation leading to a baying mob of half-a-million witless morons screaming for him to banned forever from entering the UK.

    How does one compete with that? It is hard to know which is the more brainwashed – the screeching lefties or the screeching muslims.

    Although clearly the more the issue is raised, even just among the few with the gumption to read outside the MSM, the terrifying danger that Islam poses to the EU, and thence the rest of the world, will never be solved by arguing complex minutiae; if only because the left and the muslims are both so very clever at it themselves.

    The only solution I can see is for a hardman to take Germany, and its EU, by the scruff of the neck, and implement the following measures:

    1 – ban all muslims from entering the EU
    2 – ban all mosques from the EU, and destroy all existing ones
    3 – ban the worship of Islam in the EU

    No attempt need be made to throw out muslims already there. They can just be left to die off, and hopefully then the next generation will not grow up with 24/7 brainwashing from birth, and will observe the horrors of Islam with clearer minds. They then may be able to genuinely integrate with the Western civilisation that they grow up in.

    The only discussion that should take place is the simple, unequivocal statement that: “Islam is destroying us, so we must remove it, totally”; much as a surgeon would remove a cancer. Shuffling the deckchairs about did nothing for the Titanic, and it will not do anything for what is possibly the greatest danger to face Europe since the Black Death.

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