Austria, Your Future Has Arrived

From a source in Austria:

Fascinating, revealing information from one of the highest-ranking Austrian police officers. He told me the police force has given up. There is no way for them to do anything meaningful. This sentiment runs from the top down and the bottom up.

He also told me that all the scenarios cover some kind of violence. Civil war, in other words. There is no peaceful solution at all!

He said that people should have listened to those who warned them over and over again. Now there is no way out, nothing to be done. The tsunami is rolling. There’s no stopping it.

A chilling conversation. Oh, and he also told me to rifle up…

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  1. That will be the major problem for Europeans. In Germany and Austria you can buy mace. It won’t do much, but it’s something. In Holland mace is illegal. At best you can buy ‘Smurf Spray’; this is a similar sized spray can with blue paint (hence the nickname). Women can (try to) spray their attackers blue. Who will no doubt be extremely grateful for the free facial make up.

      • The Blue Man group??

        When the Celts came swarming into Rome from the Alps many of them painted themselves blue to scare the indigenous populations. It worked.

        Here is a page discussing the differing accounts of these “Gaulish” warriors. Scroll down to see the statue of the dying Celtic warrior.

        The picture isn’t high quality; it would be worth searching for a better one. I first ran across it in an old book about the Celts which I currently can’t locate. The author had the same fascination with that sculpture that I do – he had a number of different perspectives of that one statute, as if it summed up what we could know of this strange race used as mercenaries by a number of warring armies.

    • Wasp and Hornet spray is a much better weaponized.Pressurized,it has a range of about 20 feet.

    • No one *wants* to leave. That’s a wrenching decision.

      The Daily Mail has a recent report on the exodus of Jews from Europe:

      Of course it’s been going on for a long time now. I can’t find the post I wrote about some Jewish young men in Malmo who were leaving Sweden to join the IDF because being in the Israeli army felt safer than living in their ‘home’ country. IIRC, they were being attacked and the local police wouldn’t help. So the synagogue had to hire its own security guards. Nor were they given permits by the city to build a bomb/vehicle barrier near the front. The authorities told them they’d be ‘safe’ if they didn’t call attention to themselves by wearing religious paraphernalia.

      A young secular Jewish leftist talks about the problems being caused by Netanyahu:

      Netanyahu, who has made Israel a very unsafe place for years, has a nerve to call on Jews to leave Europe because it’s unsafe – that’s pure manipulation. Once I was concerned about my parents because missiles were nearing Tel Aviv, and someone said: “Tell them to vote for another government”, assuming that because they and I are Israeli we’re responsible for its politics. I get this again and again.…(this is from the Gruniad, of course).

    • Why would I want to leave? This is my country, and I will never leave, I will never run away. I’m armed, being ex-military I have extensive training, I have a set of skills that will be useful in the upcoming war. How would abandoning everything and running away be helpful in any way? And where would you run to? They are everywhere already… If, and when, it comes to a fight, I’d rather fight for family, home and country, than just some random place somewhere…

      • . . . until you are arrested and incarcerated by “your own” state for being who or what you are.

        I often get despondent when faced with the clueless sheeple who have been programmed to call me a racist or Islamophobe . . . or – very ironically – even a “right wing neo-Nazi” for questioning the official, silencing “wisdom” delivered unto us from those who know what is good for us.

  2. This is chilling, Baron, but not unexpected and I wish you would elaborate. Have you considered YouTube as another source of communicating? I wouldn’t hesitate to subscribe. Is it true that the Germans have now closed their borders trapping migrants on the other side? Too much has been happening all at once. Has Merkel trusted the devil and been played for a fool?

  3. Local, national, military to counter the invasion forces..?
    No? No longer exists? Oh…(…)
    So the EU doesn’t have any military to fight invasions? No. Oh…(…)

  4. A perfect storm. We spent the last spent the last forty years of the last seventy years becoming the vacuous wasteland we are today. No faith. No fight. No defence. No future. Know nothing. We got ripened for conquest and now are being eaten alive by ISIS worms and many other truly undesirable life forms. Barak, Bush and Blair bar b qued us good. And these are still the good ol’ Facebook Google Muslims days.

  5. I hear the Czech Republic has more liberal weapons laws… but as for “given up” – c’mon, are we going to hand over a whole continent without a fight? That would make us bigger pushovers than the Lebanese Christiams – who faced even worse odds.

    Sure – thanks to the efforts of the big chiefs in Berlin and Brussels, things a going to get ugly. But that doesn’t mean that we’re destined to lose…

    • Parts of Europe will become a wasteland, but there will eventually be pushback.

      The guy may be right that it’ll eventually turn ugly, but I suspect that it’ll start elsewhere. My money is on Sweden.

      A smart, politically incorrect European country will try to favour the in-migration of escaping Swedes (with right-wing views only, SD party membership card dated 2015 or earlier being the preferred evidence!), to bolster their “native” population.

      My guess is that what will happen is that in 10-20 years, population growth among the dysfunctional refugee population will have been so extreme that it’ll be 30+% of the population, causing taxes to be crippling. This will lead to the productive class leaving, compounding the problem very quickly. It may even happen in less time, if there is an economic downturn.

      The differences between native Europeans generally pale in comparison to these new arrivals, and are generally just funny jokes in light of this.

    • The Israelis are also holding out against bad odds, proving that it can be done.

      I never thought I’d feel this way, but if I had to pick between living in Sweden or Israel these days, I’d pick Israel. The long-term future is brighter.

      I’m glad that I’m far from both places!

      • The one thing that will disturb the balance of power in the Middles East is muslim nations gaining nuclear weapons.

        Once they have these Israel will have nothing to hold the hordes back; admirable as their bravery, military capability and technology is.

        The belief system of Islamic nations is so retrograde they would use these nuclear weapons that the West etc only hold as deterrence to warfare.

        The defeat of Israel would be one of these tipping points that would pull more Europeans and nations into civilisation “conflict” with Islam.

        As a general point whatever way we analyse Islam on the world stage we reach the same point; civilizational disturbance / conflict. Given that logic and historical precedent point to conflict between politically opposite civilisations do we really need to sit around waiting for Islam to insinuate itself within our societies and militarily and politically strengthen itself?

        Are our so called leaders refusing to take their heads out of the sand so as to make Islam’s take over of our Western nations less painful? Are they really going to idly sit by as the progress humanity has made over the last few centuries is reversed by Islam becoming dominant over the entire planet?

        • I agree that if Israel were defeated, it would be a tipping point. I think that Islamists would be very much emboldened, for one thing.

          To a good extent, the existence of Israel has held them back, by focussing the Islamists on that.

          Israel has been working on anti-ballistic missile defence. Hopefully they are successful with it, as I’m afraid that they’ll need it some day.

  6. I know Austrians can buy shotguns with minimal paperwork, and bolt action hunting rifles with some sort of background check. I don’t think they can own semi-automatic magazine fed military style rifles like the Swiss, the Czechs and those of us in most US states. Bolt action rifles would be useful for sniping obviously but for use against mobs you would need to have riflemen in platoon sized groups who could do volley fire one group to cover while another are cycling their bolts to reload.

    • My opinion is that once fairly serious blood is shed, whether by bolt-action rifles or knives, the enemy will be given a reason for having at least second thoughts on continuing his predations.
      Rinse and repeat will reinforce this situation.
      The problem to date has been the utter lack of consequences brought upon us by the politicization of Law Enforcement. The rule of Law no longer exists as it was intended.

    • Are you describing a defensive game?
      Because it’s too late for that.
      The people need to *make* their government ban Islam and deport all Muslims.
      Whichever way it goes, it boggles the mind how brutal it’s going to be.

      • I totaly agree give these people an inch and they take a mile,you can now understand why they need ruling with a rod of iron, otherwise they are an uncontrollable rabble

      • A letter to the daily mail a couple of days ago asks the question “Do Muslims really know anything about European history and what we are capable of once we finally go off. When it comes to final solutions the so called jehadis are completely useless amateurs.”

    • IIRC, buying any type of firearm in Austria involves a rather serious amount of paperwork, including a psychological evaluation. Hard to imagine laws would have become laxer since the 80’s.
      And I don’t think you can take the gun home with you, it has to be kept at a rifle range or similar facility, where it is yours – no one else can use it – but cannot leave the premises.
      I think you need to be a certified hunter or something to actually have permission to keep a rifle in the home.
      Forget handguns.
      I hope my info is outdated.

      • Hi!

        I’m an austrian citizen and the current weapon law is the following:
        Weapons are categorized in categories A-D.
        A: Weapons for war. this category mainly includes fully automatic guns. – totally forbidden for people.
        B: Semi automatic rifles and pistols. You need a Weapon ownage card ( waffenbesitzkarte ) or a weapon pass ( Waffenpass ). latter allows carrying the weapon with you whereas the first one only allows purchasing and transport to a shooting range.
        C+D: single shot rifles. can be baught freely if you’re 18+.

        all weapons are registered in a central weapons registry (zentralles waffenregister).

        i got a “waffenbesitzkarte” so i can buy up to 2 seminautomatic guns currently. ( can be extended to up to 9.. but i have to wait for 5 years to extend by 2 slots)

        requirements for this card:
        no criminal actions in live
        police visit you
        psychological test (238 euro)
        shooting course (50 euro)
        the costs for the card itself (77 euro)

        weapons of category B have to be stored in a locked weapon box.
        and you get visits from the police…

        currenty weapon sales as well as registrations for the cards mentioned above skyrocket in austria.
        (4 times more registratins). i got no numbers for weapon sales but currently for cat c+b weapons you have to wait 2 months and about a week for a glock. (and thise gums are manufacturered in this country…)

        people are nervous and refugee thematics are all over the place….

        i hope i could shed some light.


  7. This is disheartening but not “unexpected”. It echoes what the Cologne and other Westphalia police have said: that they are overwhelmed and afraid. The teutonic mind does have difficulty adjusting to those who refuse to accept the “rules” and social norms of German society. (And I speak from experience trying to resolve minor misunderstandings while coordinating for international athletes participating in events hosted by Germans, and our teutonic hosts almost evagelistic rigidity to their pro forma standards). IMO, it is easier to try and put the honest citizenry “back in the box” so to speak in an effort to contain the coming conflict, who are expected to comply without complaint, rather than deal with the source of the conflict – ie: treat the symptoms while ignoring the source of the disease.

    This is also something that I have long considered as “our” future should things get truly sporty in the US. It also harkens to the experiences of our military advisor teams in Iraq. PZ was the pointy tip of the spear setting up the first formal American-style boot camp and NCO school for the Iraqi army; the American advising team found never ending frustration because the average Iraqi soldier does not have an “enlistment contract” in the sense that is understood in NATO-aligned forces, and would often not return to their duty station after pay day leave, as their first priority was/is to protect their extended families and villages – I am sure that the same was experienced by those tasked with “training” the Iraqi Police forces. I highly suspect that LEO in high conflict urban areas will begin to go AWOL or invoke a semi-permanent “sick-out” – much like the experience post-Katrina, but magnified by another logarithmic factor. I should ask him if he would be so kind as to sketch out a theoretical scenario grounded in his first-hand experiences and some scenarios he has developed for training groups around this exact presumption.

    Anecdotally, the animosity towards the EU-mandated Open Borders diktaks has been simmering for quite some time, in spite of the mass media’s pronouncements otherwise. I heard average Austrian after average Austrian complain about the priorities given to non-Austrians for work and university school seats over native-born generational Austrians, as well as great animosity towards Islamic “guests” and “guests” from less-well-off EU states seeking economic opportunity in Austria.

    I am so grateful to all of you for continuing to work so hard on this most unpopular subject to keep us all apprised with honesty and integrity. I had a mini-panic when the blogspot website was taken down, but relieved to find you had managed to set up house again. You are a safe harbor of sanity from increasingly harrowing seas.

      • Mike,
        Thanks for the video share. I would have to say that the experiences of the advisors I knew never hesitated to state that their Iraqi counterparts were very brave but that there was definitely a yawning gulf in points of view. The advisors that could adjust to the significant paradigm shift saw success, those who couldn’t, didn’t. The advisor’s speech that you posted would only have served to further entrench already existing resentments, and I as a viewer was underwhelmed with his efforts at “leadership” and “motivation”. His statements about Iraqi demands for supplies, fuel, etc (which are then sold on the black market) echoes those I heard first-hand from advisors, as is the sentiment of Iraqis that they would simply hunker down and wait out the inevitable retreat/withdrawal of American forces while trying to figure out leverage to keep the funding slush fund in place.

        Iraq was never “fixable” unless the US was willing to commit to a long-term occupation and investment like they did for both Japan and Germany, and even then, it would be questionable, because of the intractable cultural differences. It would have taken generations and almost limitless resources. Look at the “dividends” realized (!) by 60 years of unprecedented “investing” in the most impoverished minority communities inside the US, and I would posit, the socio-economic fault lines between black/white in the US are less dramatic than the various historical tribal and sect rivalries that exist in Iraq.

  8. Arming oneself with effective weaponry is essential for defense. But how does one use it against suicide bombers, car and truck bombs, assassination with a bullet in the back of the head, stabbing in the back, being run over by a vehicle, and countless other stealthy ways the Mohammedans are well known to employ. Look at Iraq. They maintain some semblance of safety by segregation along sectarian lines, though not impervious.

    • The best defense against stuff like machine guns, suicide vests or bombs is always fully aware of one’s surroundings, not much else you can do.
      Most encounters the average European is likely to have with the ambassadors of the Religion of Peace will probably involve bad attitude, fists and maybe knives, preparing for stuff like that is more realistic.

      • Situational awareness should be primary for anyone who lives in or visits urban areas. In the U.S., I wouldn’t go to a “shopping mall” if you paid me.

        A book kick tonight: for women, primarily, but the nice, nice Swedes could use it too. This one I used to give women at the shelter. Since I couldn’t receive money for lectures, I’d ask groups to buy several books for our residents. This was one and I see it has morphed into lots of editions. EVERY WOMAN OUGHT TO READ IT:

        The Gift of Fear and Other Survival Signals that Protect Us From Violence

        Maybe even especially nice, nice Leftist women…

  9. No mace, no problem. There has got to be multiple commercial products that would work even better. How about a can of spray Oven cleaner (active ingredient Sodium Hydroxide, aka lye). Get some of that in your eyes and it will burn a little. No one can prove that you deliberately had it for self defense, you were just trying to clean your oven when you got attacked.

    • It would do more than that, but carburetor cleaner will leave bloody eyes, and no ability to see for a far more lengthy period of time, but a person using cans of spray had better duct tape their hands to the can.

  10. Spain, after defeating the Mohammedans and taking back her land, tried integration. After over a hundred years of failures in that project, the Spanish government finally acted and drove the Mohammedans out of the country. Are we going to have to wait that long also? Are we willing to endure a century or more of non-ending murders and violence inflicted by Mohammedans?

    • I keep trying to remind people that forced exile/expulsion of entire groups is not unheard of or unknown throughout history, so this throwing up of hands that it “can’t be done” is irritating.

      The Mohammedans from Spain, the Jews from Spain and England, the Acadians to Louisiana, Crimean Tatars to Central Asia …. I could go on, but the point is made.

      After 9/11, a simple pronouncement that males residing within the US but with a muslim country of origin would have to “register” and a forced compliance to, and enforcement of, existing US law for visitors and visa holders led to a voluntary expulsion of Pakistani nationals to Canada and elsewhere. The liberal press acknowledged that the majority of them were in the country illegally and unvetted, and fled rather than face formal deporation hearings, but cherry-picked a few “sob” stories to sketch out a tale of American xenophobia and bigotry.

      If it were known that existing US law was going to be implemented, many would voluntarily leave, and there is precedent for reversals of visas and even naturalization if secured under false pretenses.

      • The problem of visa overstayers in the US is a horrific joke, I believe National Review had an article about this recently. It turns out that at least two of the 9/11 hijackers were visa overstayers.

  11. Trouble is, as is the case in Spain, even if you drive them all out, great swathes of Europe will be forever considered by future Muslim populations as formerly-owned Muslim land, and like Al-Andalus, will require eventual war to restore them to Islam. The only long-term solution is the equivalent of de-Nazification after WWII. Complete eradication of Islamic ideology…

  12. The scale of the betrayal is hard to comprehend and the magnitude of the invasion is apparently equally so. People simply do not grasp the logistics or the implications, or took the MSM propaganda at face value. The fact is that in a few short months an invasion force of 1.5 million Islamic soldiers established itself in the heart of Europe with zero casualties. They are not here to work and pay taxes and become good Europeans, they are here for conquest and the spoils of war.

    They might stay the onslaught so long as reinforcements are arriving, but as soon as Europe closes it borders or makes overt preparations they will launch a co-ordinated, massive offensive and that will be game over for white, Christian Europe.

  13. So Europeans are not familiar with the word DEPORTATION? Ie, to deport undeseriables from your country?

    Do it before it’s even worse. I am still trying to figure out Angela Merkel. . . who/what is she? I’m guessing traitor.

  14. And last but not least,like the de-nazification after wwII , the complete eradication of the koran and hadiths which are the biggest hate speech books in our world. just gotta shake my head why so many follow it, like heroin you never want to even try it. they will eventualy have to make a choice, agree with the whole koran and hadiths or move forward with a modern revised one, only then can we see our enemy because as it stands now all we (the general public in the west ) see are the terrorists as the enemy. Well hmm some of those could pop up anywhere these days. It is becoming obvious that their attitude is supremist and their goal is to make all us westerners better people after we convert to islam , if they think they would succed, then what? They would fight among their sectarian divisions of which their are many.. Geert wilders is right on with a mass deportation of muslims . i need ot reread the conditions of ones who can stay. Europe only hope for a bright future is in those words from geert. I hope he stays safe. almost reminds me of the white rose in germany in WWII. So brave in the face of ridiculous odds. Also tommy robinson and others not caring for their own well being as much as others. They are the heroes of the future regardless how it plays out. A generation will have to arm and fight or we will lose everything decent and that goes for many muslims too who live in the west but are not keen on shariah laws, they should be free to convert to christian or aetheist or whatever then at that point droves will join the living and the rest we will see how many hate us enough to die.

  15. You can’t take WW2 history written by a Anglo seriously – even Sir Ian’s – It’s always colored with ideology. Comments about the Austrian/German situation is the same.

  16. I was born in Austria. I have most of my relatives in Austria. The Austrian governments elite, have for years now SEEDED, Muslims, into the small villages and towns of Austria, EVEN WHEN THERE IS NO WORK IN MANY OF THEM AND THE AUSTRIAN YOUTH HAVE LEFT IN ORDER TO FIND JOBS IN BIG CITIES. People who are alert and in their right minds, cannot claim that this stuff is not A CONSPIRACY. It is most definitely a conspiracy. As long as Austrians sleep, this almost 100 percent Catholic nation is DOOMED.

  17. You have to take in mind that currently Austrian (and German) society lives under a kind of inner terror. This means that any critics are inmediatly used as a weapon against you in the sense that you will be accused as xenophobe, rassist and nazi. This is how leftists and even government use arguments against their own population. I myself have never seen such a brain-washing situation in my whole life. Luckily, I am able to observe most of it from fare away. But it is horrible to see how history is used now. I have no proofs, and the similar situation in Sweden or Switzerland speaks against it, but I have the sensation that it is not casual that Germany and Austria are being overrun in this way now.

  18. @Kotkan. Yes, stay and fight. Although some places are safer than others there is truly nowhere left to run.

  19. Some more facts:

    The Migrant Handbook:

    Highly organized migrant influx, much money behind:
    Updates on borders:

    Complex texts about the background of these organizations behind, but only in German, so you will need Google translate:
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Kind of part 3:

    This editorial is already “under fire” in Germany.

    Another very good reflection an thesis about the backgrounds, again just in German, called “The refugee enigma”:

    I myself have already a hugh archive of screenshots and articles, but nearly everything is in German. Living in Spain mainly, I also observe that there is hardly any information outside of Central Europe (beside Eastern countries which are kind of extorted, especially by the Austrian Chancellor Faymann, to take in refugees (and fakefugees, as we start to call them), but refuse. Only the Cologne hype could not be neglected. I was suprised that many Spanish readers, nevertheless, seemed to be quite informed and critic with what is happening.

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