Asylum Seekers Enrich the Swimming Pools of Saxony

Culture-enrichers in the city of Zwickau in Saxony routinely enrich the water of the local swimming pool with their bodily secretions. Evidently the pool’s managers have yet to post the appropriate signage instructing the New Germans not to go poo-poo in the pool.

The following article on the pool-enrichment crisis in Saxony was published in Bild. This translation by Nash Montana was originally posted at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form:

Internal report tells of feces in pool and attempts to storm the women’s locker rooms

Outrageous accusations coming from the Zwickau Town Hall: According to Bäder GmbH, [Baths Inc.] refugees are masturbating and defecating into the water. And they also harass women in the sauna and have tried to storm the women’s changing rooms.

All this and more is written in a report from January 19th. Rainer Kallweit, the head of the regulations office for Bäder GmbH, wrote the report for the safety-related services of Bäder GmbH. The city administration has confirmed the authenticity of the report.

Kallweit writes of a memo from Johannisbad Swimming Pool. Its text says, among other things: One asylum seeker masturbated in the whirlpool and ejaculated into the water. It is recorded on surveillance camera.” And, “The swimming pool supervisor threw him out. The asylum seeker came back with comrades to get his cell phone. Together the ‘visitors’, hooting and jeering, took a selfie in the whirlpool.”

The day before “eight foreign men… were in the Sauna,” “The local people felt harassed. When women are in the sauna, asylum seekers are now told that the sauna is closed.”

In general refugees only have free access to the swimming pool. They would have to pay for the use of the sauna. But they won’t do that, according to Bäder GmbH: “When they were prompted to pay up at the register, they turned around, laughed and left.”

A similar account can be read in a memo of “Glück-Auf-Schwimmhalle”, Halle, in Kallweit’s report. A group of “youths, single men and children with guardians” visited said pool in Halle on January 9th. Since none of them could swim, “they used the kids’ pool.”

“The users contaminated the pool by emptying their intestines in it. Local guests immediately left the pool.”

The report continues: “Furthermore the pool supervisors have to protect women and girls from the asylum seekers. Young men try to force their way into women’s and girls’ changing rooms. Those acts so far have been deterred.”

Regulations office head Kallweit wrote that the Glück-Auf-Schwimmhalle will not let any asylum seekers inside in the future.

First, “they have to be told about user regulations and what is appropriate behavior towards women and girls in swim suits.”

59 thoughts on “Asylum Seekers Enrich the Swimming Pools of Saxony

    • Angela Merkel and other progressives consider these “refugees” to be like children. They must be cared for, nourished, taught acceptable manners, and soothed as one might a newly-budding flower. Yes, there will be trying times and some handwringing. But in the end these tiny rosebuds will grow and flourish and be welcoming additions to the family.

      Which is absolute garbage. These tiny rosebuds need a dose of their own medicine. The Old Testament has its own ancient version of Koran: Eye for an eye. You’ve yet to see the real world, baby buds.

      • But- but I thought these nice people “refugees” were doctors, engineers, academics and very learned people,
        (Just being a teeny bit facetious……)

  1. For God sake just Impeach Merkel for treason and jail the stupid woman.
    TWO senior German Constitutional Judges have already ruled that her open border policy, without consulting her own party, without consulting her oxwn parliament, let alone her European partners was ILLEGAL! The last blatantly personal power grab in Germany on this scale was by a certain Mr Adolf Hitler! Meanwhile she is still free to spew her inane platitudes such as “we can do this” in DAVOS to her equally inept European partners where the porcine, Bullingdon Club bully boy, call me DAVE Cameron is supposedly negotiating a better deal, including less migration on behalf of the UK. You have to a heart of stone not to laugh.

    • That would actually require a non treasonous judiciary .
      Just like in the US.

      Masons are everywhere, like flies.

  2. What did Frau Merkel-Quisling expect when she invited in millions of savage Orks?
    Orks are Orks.
    You might as well attempt to make a rabid starving hyena into a house-broken lapdog.

    • “What did Frau Merkel-Quisling expect …”

      The problem is not so much in Merkel, who is clearly beyond the bounds of any rational appeal.

      The question is, how is it that Western leaders are so uniformly accepting of foreign invasions, and the corollary question of why there are no realistic mechanisms to impeach and remove from office leaders who are clearly traitors or even just eminently unsuitable? Thinking about it, we’ve had the situation a long time, as when Woodrow Wilson was completely incapacitated by a stroke, or Franklin Roosevelt was completely unable to conduct Presidential business due to his deterioration.

      Asking why the Germans don’t throw Merkel out of office is, to my mind, somewhat like asking why the Iraqis didn’t throw Saddam Hussein out of office: there’s no way other than taking up arms, and your chances of success are minuscule.

    • They can keep acting like rabid starving hyenas as long as they act as new proletarians needed to reestablish the German Democratic Republic, either by voting block inflation or causing a crisis needed to declare a state of emergency and authorization of emergency powers. The rapes and such will just help with the process.

      • I’m expecting a caliphate will be announced any day now. These so called orks are demonic savages for sure. Reason citizens don’t throw their traitor leaders out is because the people just don’t care and don’t understand history. Each generation used to pass down values, not anymore.

  3. The well-meaning pool management will find that muslims will scoff at their rules, and make a point of ignoring them. Islam teaches that Sharia law overrides man-made law. After all, ignoring man-made law is a means of imposing Sharia.
    “If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land,”
    Mustafa Carroll, of Dallas CAIR
    “Allah is the legislator. Allah makes the laws.”
    Fouad Belkacem
    “be part of the project of forbidding man-made law … and calling for the Sharia.”
    Anjem Choudary

    • This public defecation isn’t because of ignorance. There appears to be some kind of prime directive to be as filthy and disgusting as possible. Contempt for dhimmi sensibilities.

      They’re right about the dhimmi part.

      Somewhere as we speak some moron is thinking through some ridiculous explanation of this.

    • Given that Allah/Mohammed tells Muslims how to wipe their bum the right way, there’s probably a Hadith about crapping in pools.
      But knowing Muslims, if you quizzed them about it, it would be a “weak Hadith”, as any of the Hadith that paint Islam in all its foul glory seem to be, according to them.

  4. Rather symbolic of what they’ve done to Europe as a whole.

    Nice job, leftists. Hell awaits you.

    • But much less so than [left]ism: for leftism wishes to annihilate oneself, instead of others.

      • Agreed. If one thinks about Islam as a strategy for conquest, it’s not a disorder. Its doctrine, along with all its “fruits” we are witnessing, all make perfect sense…

  5. They are showing what they think of the Germans when they do this and that is why they are doing it. Merkel you blithering idiot. These sub human escapees from Z Nation hate you and all Germans. You blithering idiot!

  6. Hopefully a German will take a big, steaming dump in a big pot of their halal food.
    This is war.

  7. But is she a blithering idiot? Is our dear prezzie? How about other European “leaders” — are they really idiots?

    Every once in a while I think of some science fiction I read years ago and wonder what are they really up to? It can’t be coincidence that these things are happening kind of all at once, can it?

    OTOH, the Eastern Europeans seem to have their heads on straight: Orban, the Polish leader, etc.

      • VERY much so!

        I´ve long since stopped believing the incompetence and lately even the corruption excuse.
        There is actually almost NO incompetence or corruption at work here. It´s all ruthless planning executed by willing accomplices.

        When you finally allow yourself such thinking, then this whole “mess” suddenly makes perfect sense.

        The “leaders” aren´t the actual problem.

        WE ARE.
        For not daring to see neither the Elephant in the room nor the naked Emperor.

        Which then makes it all actually OUR fault, for we are many and they are just a cowardly few.

        • I agree with you about westerners not seeing the elephant or the naked emperor, but about the last line; surely we are the cowardly many!

          I wait, and wait, for Europe to explode….. but nothing happens. Just a sort of mumbling and fuming. Paris and Cologne? Nah, it’ll take a lot more……unfortunately.

          • Peter35: The EU will explode any time now as cold weather is set in. Invaders will push people out of their houses and occupy them to keep warm and have shelter. Tents and other shoddy shelters have little or no heat. Maybe the Europeans pushed out won’t react. Either way, Eurostan will be a reality and the EU leaders that enabled the invaders, will be on their way to S. America where they will live out their lives after trashing Europe into a third world dump site. Most the Europeans won’t realize the difference overall until the women are forced to wear those silly uniforms representing the moon god allah. Most the men will be killed and women taken as house slaves and breeders.

    • The same can’t be said about the Eastern European media. It’s more pro-EU, pro-“refugee” and propagandist than in most other places. The recent election results in Poland, and peoples’ views on immigrants, came DESPITE the media, not because of it…

  8. My tiny violin is playing a sad tune; Germans voted in a known GDR operative and if they somehow survive another few years they’ll do it again.

    • You’d think that after living under both National Socialist and International Socialist (Communist GDR) regimes that Germans would have figured out that the problem is SOCIALISM.

      It looks like they will need to live under an Islamic regime now because they failed to determine the real cause of prior catastrophe.

      Poor Germany, where the only options are national socialism, communism, and Islamic caliphate.

    • Jeff: if they survive till end of this year it will be a miracle. If invaders see any resistance forming, they will rise up and start killing and mass destruction. This will spread throughout the EU. I see things deteriorating and a slim chance of any organized resistance.

      • Hi Laura – my January guess is that DE will survive the year, they’ll just modified their behavior to mollify their new “guests”. This new behavior will likely be forced upon the tax payers until 100% compliance is gained. No more Oktoberfest or un-Islamic carnivals. The German men don’t have the guts to stave off their own runaway government not to mention the “orks”. Thank goodness they don’t have nuclear weapons…The EU is playing this invasion to their advantage, all planned by Brussels, Merkel, Turkey, Russia and the USA. The EU expansion cannot be stopped now, save some unlikely uprising. That’s my guess right now subject to change!

        • Jeff: Now that the EU is turning to snow and icy cold, the invaders may try to push into houses and pushing out the residents so they can keep warm The authorities will do nothing to stop it. Will turn into complete lawlessness and chaos. That will complete the invaders victory and the killing will start.

          • If the invaders were to foist themselves upon homeowners the elected German leaders would consider their ouster as inhumane, and perhaps even cajole the homeowners to comply with a tax relief of sorts. In that scenario I imagine a large percentage of Germans would comply thus completing the integration effort. Anyhow – the Germans are screwed again.

  9. Most animals have a natural aversion to their poo. I showed my husband the “no pooing in the shower” sign and his first reaction was “they know exactly what they are doing.”
    Even little children will tell you “poo is icky.”
    Poo invites disease. No culture, no matter how barbaric, isn’t aware of this by now. Some cultures that are so poor that their sewers are open trenches in the streets recognize that human waste is deadly. Some do not have the financial means to change it.
    No, the pooing in the showers and the public pools is a political statement, as are the other excretions the males let loose into the public pools.

    • Babs, Your husband is absolutely right. Many years ago, I read Jerry Rubin’s book “Do It!” and at one stage, he was advising his Yippee (Youth International Party) followers to go into banks and Insurance offices, demand to use their toilet facilities and when they are refused, to “[defecate] on the floor.”

    • babs-

      After seeing average North African sanitary practices for the past 3 years, I’m not sure I can agree with your comments that recognize “human waste is deadly.” The typical restroom at my work site is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and microbes, especially during the summer months.

      • Simple test. Would those same “refugees” dare to act that way in a mosque, or in the house of a rich, pious Sheikh? If not – then why do they act like that in a German swimming pool, or department store? Is it purely that they don’t know much about hygiene – or could it also be a gesture of disrespect?

    • I’m thinking the same thing. No culture is dumb enough not to know the consequences of such an act – especially if it’s in a swimming pool, where others also swim. So perhaps it really is a statement, understood and highly-regarded by their fellow enrichers, about what they think of their hosts…

      • Rabbits – wonderful creatures that they are – produce 2 different kinds of poop, 1 of which they eat, as it supplies them with vital nutrients.

  10. An angry german woman here: this is simultanously disgusting and true! muslims poo in sidewalks, building entrances, parks, trains, buses.. some narrow streets here in Karlsruhe have been transformed into urinals by these beasts, they respect nothing.. A good friend of mine who works in a clothes store told me a muslim man defecated in the changing room! Muslims in Germany have always acted like this, I remember muslims doing these things here in the 80s and 90s when I lived in Hamburg but the problem now has been magnified by the increasing number of them living here. This is a nightmare and I think the damage inflicted on my country is beyond repair.

    • Places like Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice, Avignon, Brussels, Ghent, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and even Copenhagen were chock full to the rafters with German, British and Scandinavian tourists and backpackers in the 1980’s, and the problems those cities had with ME and NA immigrants were pretty visible even then.
      Guess they just HAD TO get some o’ that for themselves……

    • A question. For a long time, it seems that the fruits of “diversity” have been discussed on German TV and in magazines, etc. Some of the most honest commentary about multiculturalism I’ve seen comes from German TV. Therefore, I’m wondering why Germany seems so eager to want more of the same? (a LOT more). Does the average German still believe diversity is so wonderful, despite all the evidence? Do all Germans now know several Turks or Arabs, who they think are wonderful? Or are Germans still feeling guilt about the war, and want to make amends by proving how tolerant they are and not wanting to be accused of being racist/Nazi – and maybe even wanting to accept refugees even though they know that the refugees will do serious damage?

      • Going potty in the dressing room is kid stuff.
        The real fun starts when Ahmed’s family will want to stone her daughter (Kirsten ? Marlies ? Ursula ?) to death after discovering that she wasn’t a virgin when she became Ahmed’s 3rd wife – Mahomet, Ibrahim and M’dwenge (aka ‘François’) got to her first.
        WHO DA’ BABYDADDY !!??!!

        Good times.

    • Sorry Martina. During WW1 the British women handed white feathers to military aged British men encouraging them to join the military. This was a shame too great to bear for the men, so they joined Lord Kitchener calling. You girls need to do the same to your men.

  11. It is going to be a damn sight easier to remove excrement from swimming pools than it will be to remove the excrement that constitutes our governments.

    • You’re right, Seneca. The problem is, excrement tends to stick wherever it hits. A strong detergent is then needed to remove it. Maybe we ought to call in the cleaners?

  12. Desecration of “pre-Islamic” cultures is core to Islam. Where ever muslims go, they make sure to desecrate what existed before them. This is because Mohammed himself was the greatest desecrator of what existed before him in Arabia. Pooping in a pool, violating German women, laughing at their institutions etc. is all part of that desecration. It will only gain strength—violent strength—because of the foolish leftists who simply cannot see what is plainly written on the wall (and the Kuran/Hadith). These Million or so arab/muslim men who you have let into Europe will sow the seeds of chaos there. They will multiply much faster than you, they will put Hijab on your women, they will raise children who hate you. Eventually, they will do to Europe what Mohammed did to Medina.

    Europe may be a lost cause. I am hopeful that Trump will do the right thing and stop all muslim immigration into the US at least. There is no such thing as a “good muslim.” The so-called “moderates” actually provide some form of cover for the more practicing ones. A father may be “moderate” and the son becomes a “radical.” Because they both have one evil in common—Mohammed the paedophile mass murderer. Plus, in principle they don’t disagree with any of the statements of Islamic superiority. You are better off without ANY muslims.

  13. How about an escalation of the “Rapefugee” slogan? “You [excrete] in our pools, We spit on your prophet”. Together with an appropriate pictogram. It would be suicide to wear the T-shirt but that just goes to show the nature of the beast we are dealing with.

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